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How to Stretch Your Association ">Marketing Budget

As the final quarter of the year approaches, it’s time to take a look at your association’s ">marketing budget. Are you on track to end 2014 as planned? Or are you trying to figure out how to make do for the remainder of the year? Here are three ways you can stretch your dollars while still getting fantastic ">marketing bang for your buck.

Online ">Marketing: Rise of Video Production Companies

With the rapid usage of internet and advancement in digital electronics, videos have transformed from being a mere entertainment to information and act as key players of every ">marketing plan today. Video production companies are in great demand and are the future of ">marketing. This article tries to explore the reasons behind this sudden rise of video production.

Online Versus Offline ">Marketing: Which One Is Better?

With the advancement of technology came the advancement of ">marketing. And the biggest question that has been running through the minds of thousands of marketers is, “Which one is better? Online or Offline ">Marketing?”

Reasons To Hire A Professional Video Company

In case you are a company on the move, then you simply cannot do without hiring a professional for your videos. Even though inbound ">marketing has its own benefits, but there are certain things to be kept in mind while doing video ">marketing. The fact remains that a lot of videos are being watched all around the world, thanks to the Internet. And a bad video can be worse than no video for your business.

Building Your Business With A Purpose

Building a Business on purpose, takes lot of planning, lots of energy and lots of focus. Most importantly, you must be willing to persevere… no matter what comes your way. Adversity seems to attach itself to every business with a purpose; however, you must stay focused and stay the ">course.

Research As a Road to Profit

Traditional thinking in the corporate world often places market research on the “expense” side of the ledger — or worse, research is seen as a costly, time-consuming barrier to program activation. “What any executive really wants to know is, ‘How is research going to make me money?”

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

When you take your family on a vacation, one of the most critical steps is planning the route to get to the destination right? Likewise, your business needs a digital strategy to chart a successful ">course in the online space.

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