Affiliate Marketing 2023: How YOU Can Make $1,500 Daily While You Sleep!

So let me guess you want to make money Online with affiliate marketing just Like this but you're just not sure how To get started you see affiliate Marketing is all about making a lot of Money online with very little effort or At least that's what people will have You believe but like anything it's just A little bit more complex than that yes You can make a lot of money online with Affiliate marketing you can even do it While you are sleeping because it is Completely passive income and on this Video I'm going to walk you through and Show you two traffic sources that you Can get started with to make money with Affiliate marketing I'm going to show You several different niches that you Can use and products that you can Promote so as a beginner if you're Looking to start affiliate marketing you Can hit the ground running straight After watching this video let's get into It so before you get started with Affiliate marketing you first need to Know what is affiliate marketing and Affiliate marketing as you can see in This example over here is when a Retailer pays you a commission for a Sale generated from your referrals so The first thing that you need to do is You need to go out and find a product I'm going to show you a few websites Where you can go to get a range of

Different products from there what you Need to do is you recommend a product or A service to your followers through your Website your blog your email list and Even your YouTube channel from there Anytime somebody clicks onto that link They have the opportunity to purchase For those of them that purchase you're Going to make an affiliate marketing Commission and then from there the owner Of that product is going to give you a Revenue share that Revenue share can be Anything from 10 to 50 and sometimes Higher as an example if you're promoting A product that's a hundred dollars and Your Revenue share is 50 every time Somebody purchases you're going to make Fifty dollars for that sale so now that We know what affiliate marketing is now We need to think about what we need to Start affiliate marketing and what's Going to bring in that traffic so the First thing that you need is you need a Platform to bring in the free traffic I Recommend either starting a website or a Blog or a YouTube channel then you need To find a product the first thing I'm Going to show you is if you wanted to Start a website what you would need to Do so what I do with my current websites I run three websites is I use WordPress To create my websites they have an Amazing platform that allows you to Create as many different types of themes

For your website and the best part is it Also allows me to Outsource a lot of the Work what I mean by that is I can get People from upwork to write my content And all I need to do is set them up as a User on WordPress I can give them access And they do all the work for me if you Wanted to go over to WordPress and sign Up you absolutely can they have a Generous free plan or you can sign up For the basic personal plan that's going To cost you about nine dollars a month And energy as you move up you can very Easily start paying a lot more if you're Looking to set up an e-com Commerce type Of website so this is the website that I'm currently running at the moment and As you can see this is a travel website And with this particular website I can Promote a whole range of different types Of affiliate marketing products not to Mention making money from the ad Revenue The ads that run on these different Types of websites so we can promote Things like hiking boots bags we can do Travel accessories and Luggage Etc there Are a lot of affiliate marketing Commissions that can be made from these Types of websites which is why I run one Of these websites now when I first Started if you're looking to get started Creating a website on WordPress can be a Little bit more technical than using a Basic website created which is why when

I first started I used this site called I'll have a link For you this is a platform designed as You can see for a milli for affiliate Marketers of all different types of Levels and the thing that I love about Wealthy affiliate is that it allows you To create websites in minutes as you can See you can build beautiful profit-ready Websites and you can do this in a matter Of minutes you can actually sign up Absolutely for free with wealthy Affiliate they've got a ton of training That you can go through that's going to Show you everything that you need to Create these amazing websites and as you Can see proven strategies to attract Loads of traffic I learned a lot of my Stuff from me which has allowed me to Create successful websites and as you Can see your Revenue sources are Unlimited it's going to show you how to Sign up to all these different types of Affiliate marketing networks how to Create these different types of websites And the best part about wealthy Affiliate is that you can get a lot of Support they've got over 1 800 coaches On here and people like myself that Could potentially help you if you have Any questions okay and this works in Over 193 countries so why are websites so Powerful when it comes to affiliate

Marketing will well if once you come Over to a website like wealthy affiliate And you learn how to do your SEO and Your keyword research you can create Websites like this one over here as an Example this one's called wire cutter And this is in the consumer products Niche this website gets over 5 million Monthly visitors and was actually sold To the New York Times for 30 million Dollars in 2016. so I want to show you a Few examples of websites okay and this Is that website over here this is a Website you can very easily create this Theme is not that difficult at all and As you can see they promote a range of Different types of products from travel To health and fitness to baby stuff to Pets games and hobbies I mean look at How huge this website is you can only Imagine how much money they would be Making off affiliate marketing they're Just promoting a range of different Types of products with these software And offers and cars Etc the next website That I want to show you is this one over Here it's called This is why why I'm Broke this is in the gift and Novelty Items Niche and you can see here that They get over 2 million monthly visitors And their estimated revenue is about two Million dollars a year this is affiliate Commissions alone guys this is not them Generating money off the ads that run on

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These different types of websites again When you scroll down you can see that This is purely an affiliate marketing Websites with them promoting a range of Different types of products and again This is not that difficult to create on WordPress or utilizing wealthy affiliate And this is why these websites make a Lot of money with affiliate marketing The next website that I want to show you Is in the tech niche as you can see this Website gets about three million monthly Visitors and it generates over five Million dollars yearly in Revenue these Websites are huge and when you take a Look at this website this is another Website that's promoting a range of Different types of products as you can See on their website and they've got an Entire list overview of different types Of products that people can come over Here visit and potentially purchase and When you take a look at any one of these Different types of titles the SEO is Done really really well to make sure That these different types of articles Are ranking on Google and they're Getting a lot of traffic I want to show You one more website over here this is In the coffee Niche they get over a Hundred thousand monthly visitors and as You can see they're making about ten Thousand dollars every single month and This is the website over here so

Regardless of what Niche you want to go In you can still make a lot of money This is purely about coffee when you Scroll down you've got coffee Accessories coffee guides how to Espresso espresso machines beans Etc When you scroll down you can see these Are all different articles about coffee And they're absolutely crushing and when It comes to affiliate marketing just by Utilizing coffee now this is just an Example of a few different types of Niches that you can go going to but it's Very simple if you wanted to do more Research just going to Google and type In affiliate marketing websites and when You scroll down you will find a heap of Different types of websites that you can Use and get started with and find Something in your Niche and also find a Range of different products that you can Promote so once you've determined what Type of affiliate marketing website you Want to create it's then time to create Content that generates affiliate revenue And the only way you're going to be able To do that is by having a product to Promote which is why now I want to show You a few platforms that you can go to To sign up as an affiliate to make these Affiliate commissions one one of the Websites that I want to show you is this One over here called this is a huge

Marketplace they have a lot of different Types of products that you can promote As you can see you can monetize your Content with their trusted Network and When you scroll down you can see here That they have a over twenty one Thousand two hundred different types of Products that you can promote you can Scroll down and have a look at this site It'll even show you different types of Products that they are connected to so You can come over here and have a look For yourself and see whether or not this Site over here has the right products For yourself to promote on your website Another amazing platform that you can go To is this one over here called they also have a range of Different types of affiliate products That you can promote and you can earn a Range of different types of commissions As you can see they thrive in the World's largest and most established Affiliate marketing ecosystem that is Designed to help you achieve exactly What you want on your website by Promoting a range of their different Types of products as is an Amazing reputable Marketplace another One that you can use is Okay this is also rivaled with digistore 24 as well and with ClickBank as you Scroll down you can see that they have a Lot of different types of tools as well

That you can use that can help you Promote their different types of Products you can see that they're in Over 190 different countries they've Been established for over 20 years and I Have a range of different types of Products if you come over here and click Onto Affiliates in a variety of Different types of niches so all you Need to do is come over here and take a Look and see which Niche or category Your website is in and take a look at Their different types of products you Can even have a look at their highest Converting products as well to roughly Try and see how much money you can make Per sale so ClickBank is another amazing Platform you can even look for Independent type of affiliate marketing Networks that specify just in one Niche For example is one that I've Used for a very long time this is Probably the number one affiliate Marketing platform for health and Fitness when you scroll down you'll be Able to find a range of different types Of products that you can promote and This website has different products that You can earn as much as 75 commissions Okay and you can sign up very very Easily and when somebody comes over to Any one of these different types of Websites and clicks onto this website That click is crooked which means that

If they come back and purchase anything For the next three months you're going To earn a commission so this is a Fantastic way for you to continuously Make money with these different types of Products and a lot of these different Products guys are also reoccurring Commissions which means if they buy Something that's potentially consumable And they need to replenish that every Month or every two months you're going To continue to make even more money with Affiliate marketing now the next one I'm Sure a lot of you have heard of is Amazon Associates this is you link Linking up to Amazon and promoting Anything that they pretty much sell on Their platform as you can see all you Need to do is sign up recommend and earn This is something that I'm signed up to With my website and I can promote a Variety of different types of products In the niches that I am in another Really good platform guys is this one Over here called the azing the reason Why I like your Zing is you can very Easily sign up to this once you sign up To this you'll find a variety of Different types of products and all you Need to do quite simply is Click onto it To promote let's say you wanted to Promote Bluehost as an example on your Website all you would need to do once You sign up to using is scroll down here

And click on to promote to earn once you Do that it's going to give your give you Your affiliate link which then you can Incorporate in your website all you need To do is copy that and embed it and as You can see you can earn as much as 65 Dollars for every single successful sign Up this is why I absolutely love using And it's perfect for beginners and Another really good platform to sign up To or take a look at is captera now Captera is going to give you a whole Range of different types of software That you can find to promote on your Website so if you're going to be doing Reviews on different types of software This is where you can very easily come To sign up and take a look at these Different types of software so all you Do is Click onto software categories Scroll down and have a look at all the Different types of categories that they Have and any one of these different ones That you click onto you will be able to Review these different types of products And take a look and find whether or not They have an affiliate link as an Example if you were to type in editing Software and you hit enter you can see Here you're going to have Audio Photo Video if you click onto video editing Software it's going to give you a range Of different types of products or you'd Quite simply need to do is scroll down

View this product or you can also some Of them it's going to take you directly To their website site see if they have An affiliate link sign up to it and do a Very very simple review this is why I Love captera because you can find any Software that's currently out there Online now if you're looking for Something more on the lines of a CPA Affiliate marketing which is cost per Action affiliate marketing there's a lot Of CPA websites out there you can very Easily sign up to a platform like and you can find a range Of different types of products this is Where you can promote an affiliate Product where somebody doesn't need to Purchase anything all they need to do is Complete an action for example provide Their credit card details provide their Email address complete a survey or Complete any other action that they're Requiring like a video as an example or Go out and complete a different types of Actions there's a variety of different Types of things and you can get paid Anything from five cents up to 10 or 20 Dollars just for completing that action And you can promote these different Types of services on your website this Is why Max Bounty and CPA marketing is a Really good tool to use so you can use Any one of these different types of Platforms to promote a variety of

Products on your websites so now that You know how you can get started with Websites to make money with affiliate Marketing I want to show you a few Examples of how you can do this with YouTube because websites and YouTube are The two models most legitimate ways that You're going to get a lot of free Traffic and promote a variety of Different types of products this is the Two ways that I've done it that I've Been the most successful with so as you Can see YouTube has a range of different Types of channels that you can come over Here and take a look at every single Niche that I showed you just before with Websites you can apply the exact same Thing with YouTube channels as well now If you don't know how to start a YouTube Channel how to create videos or any of That I do have a channel called Smart Video Tactics that you can come over Here and subscribe to or I teach people You know different types of niches that They can get into to how to create Videos and also how to get views watch Time and subscribers so if you're not Subscribed to Smart Video Tactics I'll Leave a link in the description for you Make sure that you check out that Channel and if you're getting value out Of this video don't forget to smash that Like button in appreciation and make Sure you subscribe to this channel as

Well for more awesome content so for to Take a look at a few different examples Of YouTube niches the first one that you Can potentially take a look at and Create videos on as an example is Different types of tech tips okay people Promote a variety of different types of Technology from phones computers a whole Different a whole variety of different Types of things you can come over here And take a look at exactly what this guy Is doing over here if we click onto any One of his videos and you scroll down You can see immediately that there's Going to be affiliate links inside these Videos but with YouTube and even with Websites you can earn a lot of money Through ad Revenue as well and the Channel like this of this size it's Taken a few years to build it up but I Mean take a look at this anything from 34 000 to half a million dollars in ad Revenue when I take a look at how much Views they're getting I would suspect That this channel is making anything From 50 to 100 000 a month in ad revenue On top of all the affiliate marketing Commissions that they are making so if You wanted to do something in Tech Highly recommend that you check out this Channel also you could combine your Website what a lot of these people do is They combine their websites and their YouTube channel and they cross promote

Their traffic which is super powerful Allowing them to make even more money With affiliate marketing another is this One over here if you wanted to do Something in personal finance and Entrepreneurship this is an amazing Channel as well when you scroll down you Can see quality content on this channel And I highly recommend that if you're Going to do any of this that you're Always creating really good content and If you click onto any one of these Videos again you're going to find a Variety of affiliate marketing links as Well and this channel would be Absolutely crushing it and making a lot Of money with these different types of Affiliate marketing products that They Are promoting another channel that we Can take a look at for example if you're Looking to get into the makeup Niche if You're a female out there and you're Really good at this stuff you can take a Look at this channel over 2.65 million Subscribers and when you click onto any One of her videos you're gonna find a Variety of different types of affiliate Marketing products that They are Promoting a really good way to find Different types of products that you can Promote is to take a look at these Different types of websites and channels And see what they're promoting and then Go to that website and sign yourself up

As an affiliate as well and then you can Start promoting those products to make Money with affiliate marketing yourself Now if you want to learn how you can Potentially create a very simple Affiliate marketing website if you want To do YouTube and earn money with API Marketing check out any one of these two Videos over here right now for a full Detailed tutorial on how you can get Started highly recommend that you watch Them I'll see you on that video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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