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Hey guys my name is Mike Nardi and on This channel we talk about freelancing Fiverr side hustles and making money Online in general this is a new Sunday News segment focused around the world of Freelancing and side hustles where I Fill you in on things that could Influence your ability to make money for Yourself online let's get into it Alright so this first story has to do With AI news and it seems that AI is Kind of trotting down the same path that It's been going down for the last couple Months a lot of people are trying to Figure out how to make money using AI a Lot of people are worried about it some People are not worried about it like me I'm not too worried but it's here and It's something that we all need to deal With this week Italy like the country Actually banned chat gbt over data Privacy concerns from what I've gathered It's a temporary band based on the Premise that chat GPT may have Incorrectly gathered a bunch of user Data this obviously if it hasn't already Has policy makers rushing to figure out A whole bunch of different rules for how AI tools like chat GPT are going to be Governed so what does this mean for us Freelancers well honestly like I've been Saying since the beginning I don't think This is a situation where we should be Freaking out saying oh my God AI is

Going to steal our jobs I just don't Think that's going to be the reality for Most of us I do think though that some People mainly Freelancers who offer very Low value above and beyond what AI Brings to the table are probably going To get bumped that I could see coming But for the rest of us I really think It's going to be about figuring out how We can incorporate AI into our existing Freelance workflows to find new ways to Add additional value using AI to our Clients and in the spirit of that if you Haven't already you should check out Fiverr's new AI Services catalog I Recently created a gig in AI content Editing space where I'm offering to take People's AI generated pieces of email Copy and edit them so that they sound Like they were written by a human Honestly very few people are offering Services in these categories lately that Could be because maybe businesses aren't Embracing AI with open arms as much as We're being made to think they are could Also just be based on how expensive These Services still are like in my case You know what I'm charging to rewrite AI Generated copy it might just be more Worthwhile for someone to hire me or Someone like me to write the copy from The from the get-go I don't really know What's going to happen but it's worth a Look the category is pretty new and it

Could be a great opportunity for you to Make some money in the vein of AI all Right so next up is fiverr's new Creator Economy guide so Fiverr put out it's Like a 44 page guide PDF guide like a Little pamphlet Um providing a lot of interesting Insights on the Creator economy it Starts out with a word from fiverr's CMO About the the broader role and the Importance uh that the Creator economy Has in the modern global economy it's It's a big thing nowadays it states that Over 50 million individuals and Communities are estimated to make up the Creator economy it's pretty huge and of Those 50 million two million of those Are professional content creators half Of which make their money from YouTube It's a million people in the Creator Economy associated with YouTube in some Way or another second to YouTube they Found that Instagram made up the biggest Group other than YouTube of professional Creators with about 500 000 people Making money from Instagram and then Twitch was third with about 300 000 Professional creators it also noted and This is kind of not really news but Brands nowadays prefer influencer Affiliate marketing as the number one Way way to Leverage The Creator economy For their campaigns like affiliate Marketing pretty big has been big is

Going to continue to be big based on This the guide also goes on to interview A bunch of these creators where it asks Them questions and provides their Feedback on what it was like for them Coming up as a Creator in the Creator Economy honestly very cool and Definitely worth a read for anyone Really so the reason I'm putting this Out is because the guide itself was Built it seems to help people who Themselves are interested in becoming Content creators kind of figure things Out gain some insights and go down the Path but I think it's actually a really Helpful resource and read for us Freelancers too the guide mentions Creators should focus on their skill Sets and Outsource the rest and I think That creates a very unique Gap that Freelancers can help fill so if you Haven't already read this Creator's Guide you should check it out I'll link To it in the description of this video Alright so next up 67 percent of gen Zier's freelance or are planning to Freelance at some point in the future so This is another stat that was pulled From one of fiverr's recent press Releases for those of you who don't know Jen's ears are basically people up until The age of about 26 like I think it's Like 11 to 26 years old people in that Category

Um it mentions that only or excuse me Over one in five of them site that Dissatisfaction that came from working Their full-time job was a big motivator That drove them to want to enter the Freelance economy see that's pretty Interesting because this happened during You know the last couple years people Were working from home people liked you Know incited liking flexible more you Know remote working arrangements and Being more motivated when they were Working on things that kind of directly Influence themselves but the fact that This is still happening in 2023 shows me That the gig economy and the Freelancers Economy is here to stay and it's only Going to keep growing 73 percent of gen Z in the US see Freelancing as a smart option amid Economic uncertainty I totally agree People mention that they they freelance To beat inflation and also to create a Safety net in the event that they get Laid off and I think this one is huge go Check LinkedIn or the news people are Getting laid off or companies are making Layoffs by the Thousand week over week So it does kind of make sense to kind of Pad the numbers in your favor a little Bit by picking up a freelance side Hustle could really help you pay the Bills if unfortunately you do find Yourself in a situation where you lose

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Your job and this one brings me to my Next point where I really don't think Enough people are taking advantage of Freelancing I think it's becoming more And more mainstream I think there's a Great opportunity for more people to Jump on the bandwagon because it's not Taboo anymore there's an opportunity to Work as a freelance are servicing Traditional you know B2B type businesses But there's also an opportunity to find A way to offer your services to other Freelancers with the freelance economy Growing so much there are Freelancers Out there who are probably Outsourcing Stuff that new Freelancers could pick up The workload for and that's an Opportunity to make money let me know in The comments of this video if you agree I see freelancing as continuing to grow Over the next couple years what do you Think all right and this is the last one This I saved the biggest one my the one I was most excited about for last big Budget buyers on Fiverr business can now Access a dedicated project manager so Here's a quote from a Business Wire Press release I saw this in With the launch of project partner Businesses have the option to be Connected with a trusted professional Who will manage complex complex projects End to end Can I just say I told you so like a

While ago in one of fiverr's earning Calls Micah Kaufman kind of started Alluding to this freelance as a service Model that Fiverr was going towards Where Fiverr would offer the ability for Large companies to have a project Manager to manage and Outsource and Delegate whole bunch of different Freelance tasks on the platform this Tells me that it's finally happening and That is amazing the net net is it's a Really good thing Fiverr doing this for Businesses opens the door for those Businesses to channel more of their work Onto the Fiverr platform because if the Business no longer needs to manage the Logistics of managing different Freelancers and project managing things Projects get done quicker and the Quicker projects get done and if the Results are satisfactory or you know Better than satisfactory more projects Are going to find themselves landing on Fiverr because you know people are Seeing good results with this this is Amazing so I feel this is going to be Great and I I myself have already Started experiencing this so I got a Message last month I think from a Fiverr Customer success manager who is Messaging me on behalf of a business Client so that I think is probably what It was right and that's amazing it's Great to see

Um seeing Fiverr kind of hand-holding Big businesses uh who want to bring Business on the platform is a great Thing and I think it's going to benefit Freelancers across the board anyways That's it for this Sunday segment just a Couple pieces of freelance side hustle Fiverr news to keep you going throughout The week keep you motivated I'll see you Next weekend with the next one thank you So much for watching until next time Cheers

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