AI Makes $1,000 Per Day With YouTube Shorts (STARTING FROM ZERO)

What's going on guys Chase strainer here And today we're going to be talking About AI that makes a thousand dollars Per day with YouTube shorts I'm going to Show you how to start from zero if You've never made a dollar online before And I'm going to show you how to scale This system if you want to put money Into it I'm spending thousands of Dollars a day on this system because it Makes so much money and I'll show you How that works in a second but before I Do Let me know in the comments if you like These types of videos automation AI Making money with YouTube shorts With yes in the comments just let me Know just say yes in the comments if You're interested in seeing more content Like this and you want me to update you With the results that I'm getting All right so the way this strategy is Going to work is we're going to be Starting out by promoting some tools That we can get paid to promote for free Okay so here you can see if you go to you'll get redirected To this opt-in you just enter your email And you'll get a free checklist like so When you're in the checklist you're Going to get a bunch of different Options of things that you can promote Now obviously if you want to promote Your own stuff you can do that the

Reason why I make these checklists for Free is so that you can have something To get started with Because most people when they start if They don't have any money obviously They're not going to be able to invest Money into building their own tools and So this checklist gives you the ability To promote any of these tools and get Paid a commission without having to Build the tool yourself So let's just say you went with a tool Like this one now you can promote any One of these tools but I'm going to show You this one as an example because it's One that I've promoted in the past and It's one that I've made money with if I Scroll to the bottom of the website I Can click on affiliate Partners here and Log in now if you've seen my previous Videos you might be thinking Chase I've Already seen this video before basically You're just going to be making a YouTube Short around the tool and then you're Going to be selling it but no there's Actually a really really cool thing you Can do right now that we've been testing That allows you to earn money without You having to do really any of the work You don't have to do the video you don't Have to worry about the traffic you Don't have to worry really about Anything because you can use Automation And AI to do it all for you

Now one thing I do want to mention Before we go too far into this as well Is that we have live classes that I Really recommend you get into because The price is going to be going up I'll Talk more about this later but if you go To you can watch the Live training on how all of this works But every Tuesday and Thursday we go Live on Zoom to our private group of People who have joined we already have Over 100 students in here who are Already seeing progress you can actually Go and enter your email and see all of The different students that are Succeeding and getting progress within The program But I'm not going to bore you with that Right now we'll get that we'll get to That at the end if you are interested in Doing this full time okay So we're going to grab a link right Again any tool you want let's just grab The link that Jasper gives us we're Going to copy this now anybody who goes To this link we're going to see a click Right so if I send this link to you Right now I send send you right here It's going to register as a click over Here obviously it's not going to track My own browser But it's going to say 25 498 and if you Buy something if you buy the tool it's Going to add to my earnings now check

This out just the payouts alone And the last few months two thousand Eight hundred two thousand eight hundred Two thousand seven hundred three Thousand eight hundred and again I'm not Really doing that much to promote this Tool anymore I started promoting this Tool way back here okay And I'm I was using a lot of the same Strategies I'm about to share with you Here to get all of these signups that Are now just paying on on reoccurring Without me ever having to show up okay So imagine how cool that would be to Have a few of these tools like this one This one this one you only need a few Making a couple thousand a month to be Making pretty much six figures online Per year on autopilot okay So let's talk about what you're going to Do in order to start getting some Traffic now the first thing I would Recommend is building some short form Content because what we're going to be Doing is we're going to actually be Building short form content And if you don't have any money you're Gonna have to manually do this yourself But if you have a few bucks again I'm Going to show you how to scale this So we're going to go to YouTube and We're going to take one of the tools That we want to make money with so let's Say it's this tool Jasper right we're

Going to go into the YouTube search type In Jasper AI We're going to go click on filters up Here under four minutes and we're going To get some videos you can see 1.9 000 Views 7 000 views these shorts do really Well 4.3 000 views so we want to Replicate one of these videos because if They're getting a good amount of views We can as well and again it doesn't Matter if this is a brand new account You can do this without having any Followers let me show you in a new Account that we're actually doing this With right now this one only has 70 Followers And these aren't even my videos I'm Outsourcing these videos 1.2 000 views 490 views 300 views 1.1 And a couple I did myself but again the Point is is I'm not doing the content Over here and it's still getting views Okay and you only need to get a few Hundred views to start getting some Sales coming in okay if you get 200 Views on a video and a couple of those People click on your link and then they End up buying you're already making Money okay and don't just take my word For it again there are people that are Utilizing these strategies with brand New accounts if you check out our group And if you're not in our group yet I'll

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Leave a link in the description because You really should be it's called AI Profits Course or AI profits Community that's What it is right here So if I scroll down we actually just saw Someone right here look at this William Kent thanks Chase finally got my bots up And running about a couple weeks ago Spent a week scraping and here's my First week's result it really works 297 Dollars in unpaid earnings okay and There are many people that are using These methods to earn money with what We're talking about now the best part About this too is it's not just use you You can use these robots for anything You can use them to sell Affiliates you Can use them to sell Services you can Use them to promote your videos you can Use them for anything that's why it's so Cool is because the possibilities are Pretty much endless okay So let's just say you're going to be Replicating some videos right so Ryan Here He's a guy that I work with he Replicated a video that somebody else Made that was working well and you can See 1.2 000 views okay and he just Happened to put the uh shine ranker Optic or shine ranker free trial at the End for the three controversial websites He created

Or that he basically replicated this Video from a guy named Paul James But at the end we're getting opt-ins We're getting people signing up for our Tool signing up for if we have an Affiliate right we can sign we can get People to sign up for anything and we Can either put the link in the Description here say hey sign up for Shine ranker now and if we add an Affiliate link we could put the Affiliate link there or we can use Something called a redirect link I'm not Going to go into detail with that Because again we cover that in the Classes But you don't have to make the videos You see what I'm saying here we can even Have other people replicate the trending Videos that you find on YouTube so let's Say you want to replicate this video Right here we can right click Copy the link We can head over to a place like Fiverr And we can type in Tick Tock video Creation have somebody replicate the Video for us For around 10 20 bucks right now one Thing we're actually doing by the way Inside of the fortunebot academy is We're actually building an exclusive Marketplace for those who are in the Academy to actually order Their own tick tocks through our

Marketplace and I can't leak that right Now because again if I show you the link Then you're going to see where it is and Again it's only for people in the Academy right now But it's really cool we're building all This stuff we're building not only just Done for you at Tick Tock videos but Done for you everything will set up your Bots we'll set up your virtual private Server we'll set up anything that you Need in order to get started with this Process okay So start making some videos now here's The thing you need to supercharge what You're doing right if you're just Starting to post and you have no Followers and you have no traffic you Want to do one of two things you either Want to a use AI or Bots to help you Warm up your accounts or you want to use B ads or both okay now I'm actually Spending money on both okay we're doing Experiments seeing if we can send Traffic we're basically Listing out these videos to other Websites that might be interested in What we're talking about with AI and if You're not familiar with what we're Doing with AI let me actually show you And again I can't go into too much Detail here because this would take Literally like weeks for me to explain That's why we're doing an eight-week

Boot camp in that's why There's 16 classes with replays that you Need to watch but once you're in there You're going to see how we're setting This up let me show you what this looks Like in real time here We're basically running messages like This two relevant business owners who Might be interested in watching the Videos right and it's able to get us More views and more reach and more Followers at an accelerated rate and it Really helps warm up your account to get More Traction on places like YouTube and you Could do this anywhere as well you could Do it on Tick Tock YouTube anywhere Right But you could also use ads and I'll show You what I'm doing with ads again I'm Running Tons and tons of ads right now to shorts Because they're so profitable And like I said I can't show you the Full setup right now it's going to take Me forever to show you everything we're Doing I mean this is something that We've been working on behind the scenes For years before we're able to do a lot Of what we're doing here but like look At this in the last few days ten Thousand dollars on ads but I'm getting A crazy crazy amount of email opt-ins From this and sales

And so at the end of the day If you can get people to opt into your Email list like look at this it's 10 am Already at I'm already at 432 email Opt-ins this morning and guess what Yesterday I was at over 2 000 new email Opt-ins and that alone look at this 2285 Think about if you had this many people Opting into your email list you could Sell them a bunch of these different Tools and have not have to worry about The Fulfillment and so all you have to Do is start get building something like Your email list okay But you can do that with AI you can do That with automation you can use the Sequencies we build for these different Products as well we have our own Products that you can promote and you Can just copy and paste our automations On the back end like we have uh let me Show you this one Um shine ranker we have a full sequence Built out so if somebody wants to try Out shine ranker and you're promoting it Look at this you get all the emails that Are proven to close people on this tool That's earning us thousands of dollars a Day like look at the Thrive cart right Now or my Thrive card account look at This 2100 today yesterday was five Thousand eight hundred dollars day Before two thousand one hundred day Before five thousand dollars every

Single day is about five thousand Dollars on average that I'm making and I'm not even really doing that much I'm Doing short form videos I'm reinvesting Back into the process and I and that's What I'm doing so I'm just I just keep As I earn money I keep reinvesting okay And so you can start out doing this Stuff manually make a few bucks or you Can just start invest now and if you Want to spend more money in the future You know it's up to you it's all up to You the the Results that you can get are really Dependent on how much you want to Put in you know you've got to either put In your time or you got to put in money Or you got to put in both I happen to Put in time and money but guess what I Could walk away from this for the next Six months and I would still be making Around three to five thousand dollars a Day that's crazy right And again if that's the power of Automation That's The Power of AI That's The Power of but now I'm just going to Say this one more time if you're not in Our classes okay so we have this boot Camp right we're going to be doing a Live class uh in the next couple days on Tuesday right starting again you don't Want to miss that you can start catching Up on the replays right now you can Watch how this works but this is what

Really helped me grow I mean shorts alone took me from let me Show you this and again I try to be as Transparent as possible Short YouTube shorts alone and tick Tocks took me from having a list of like 30 000 people to like 90 000 people and Literally just a Few Months and and I'd say probably about What six months And that might sound like a long time But like if you can get a list of even 20 000 people that list is worth about Twenty thousand dollars a month like let Me show you this so this was Back in June let's do January let's do The first of this year Right over Yeah so back over here look at I'm only Getting like 20 or 30 email subscribers Per day that's not that many but even Then that was pretty good look at what I'm doing now look at October 400 to 500 Days look at recently thousands a day It's insane what you can do right now With AI and Automation and all the stuff That I'm sharing with you but again you Have to put the effort in this isn't Going to be something that happens Overnight this isn't going to be like oh I put in 10 bucks and I'm making like a Thousand dollars a day no you have to Put in some effort you have to learn how

It works but there are students that are In here like read the testimonials watch What we're doing And that's why we say follow what I do Not what I say but look at this 324 Bucks it's a one-time fee you get in the Classes you get 16 classes Um you already missed two of them you're Still 14 classes left but you watch the Replays you get caught up and the price Is going to keep getting going up and up My if you're familiar with my products At all you'll know my prices go up Pretty much every single week so you Don't want to pay more for something you Could have gotten for Less so again head Over to don't wait I Will see you in the live classes and if You're going to be there please reply With the word RSVP inside of the Comments so I know that I'll see you There okay see in the next one until we Do happy money making see you guys bye

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