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So you need just one percent 0.01 in Order to make twenty two thousand and Five hundred dollars this is insane What's going on guys Ross here and if You're looking for ways to make money on ClickBank and you're just getting Started you're a complete beginner in Today's video I'm going to share with You a recent system that is still very Underground and untapped that will show You how to make quick money as an Affiliate on the ClickBank platform the System works worldwide you don't have to Have any experience and if you're new to The channel I've been an affiliate Marketer for the past 10 years and Probably I've been on ClickBank for the Past 10 11 years I've generated multiple Six and seven figures as an affiliate And before we start setting up the System you should know that this method Requires zero experience it also Requires zero upfront investment and it Works in a couple of clicks I know this Is kind of a strong claim but you're Going to see right now because we're Jumping onto my computer so this is the ClickBank dashboard and this is what You're going to see when you first sign Up if you don't have an account or with ClickBank just go to ClickBank dot com Fill out the survey you're going to see A button on the right top Corner that Says sign up sign up throughout the

Survey and soon you're going to have Your ClickBank ready to go your account And by the way this is going to be a Follow-up video from for my previous one That I uploaded last week and if you Want to see it the links are going to be Down in the description below now when You log in into your account go over to Marketplace right here at the top menu And from here go over to top offers Right here this button and you're going To see all the offers on the ClickBank Platform now if you're new to the Channel like I said affiliate now ClickBank is an affiliate Network that Connects you the affiliate with a vendor The vendor is the product owner because You don't own any products you don't Have to manufacture any products you Don't have to handle any customer Support and this is the beauty of Affiliate marketing and this is why I've Been doing affiliate marketing for the Past 10 years and how it works let me Just briefly show you if you're Completely beginner let's say this is an Affiliate offer I mean this is is an Affiliate offer RP lean and this offer Is about weight loss on the right side We can see how much money you're going To make per conversion that means once Someone clicks your affiliate links Which I'm going to show you how to Generate in just a second when someone

Clicks your links purchase the product You're going to get paid 138 dollars which is pretty sweet Commission how do you generate your Affiliate links you click promote this Button it's very easy by the way then You scroll down here and you click Create hop link basically ClickBank Calls this affiliate links hoplinks and Here is your affiliate unique affiliate Link and every time someone clicks this Link and purchase the product it means Converts you're gonna get paid 138 Dollars so your first job is to select An offer the offers like I said as you Can see here actually we have 2285 offers on the ClickBank platform a Lot on the left side we have a category This which you can see are its betting System business computers cooking Education games green products health And fitness now Just for your information the top three Niches or categories on the ClickBank Platform are health and fitness make Money online and DIY I've been using DIY Offers for maybe five years now and I'm Gonna show you one of the offers that We've been running uh in just a minute So there is a process on selecting the Best performing offer for which I have An entire dedicated video on how to Actually pick the best offer on ClickBank which I'm gonna link down in

The description below but for today's Example I'm gonna use an offer in the DIY category which is going to be Related to wood working so I'm gonna Just type here in the search woodworking I'm gonna hit enter and I am going to See all the offers related to Woodworking now this is one of the most Popular offers that woodworking this one And it pays me 55 dollars per conversion Then I have this one ultimate ultimate Small shop then we have woodworking 101 So let's see how it looks like this one Woodworking 101 I'm going to click this Title so and it the link will redirect Me to the sales page and this is the Sales page of this particular Woodworking offer and is dedicated for People who want to get woodworking plans To maybe make better woodworking Projects and that's about it discover 1000 hours of step-by-step woodworking Videos and here we can see some of the Plans right here they look pretty pretty Uh useful actually so now that we know How the page looks like I just wanted to Show it to you the most important things You have to remember from this video There are two things first you need an Offer that pays kind of decent money Like this one 43 bucks and then you need Traffic or audience and now that I Already have the offer and we're gonna Focus on how to attract people related

To woodworking because we need to Niche This down we need to find people who are Really related to woodworking not people Who want to let's say lose weight or People who want to play video games we Don't need that type of people we want To attract people who are specifically Interested in woodworking because they Are most likely to buy these woodworking Plants right so how do we do that well We do that by providing unique and Engaging content that people would Really really love and like and how do We do that well today this is the Purpose of this video we're going to go To a website called chat GPT or probably you've heard about This and I've used this in my previous Video and as last week we're going to Use this AI bot or robot to generate Content for us and that's why I told you In the beginning that we just need a Couple of clicks and all the content Will be generated for us but now we're Going to use it in a very specific way As you already know the web the internet Is turning into videos basically Nowadays all these social networks such As Facebook Tick Tock Snapchat Twitter Pinterest they all prefer or value Videos more than text so we want to Create some engaging videos but don't Freak out you don't have to be a video Editor you don't have to do anything

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Yourself trust me just stay tuned and You're going to see how powerful this is Now we're going to ask chat GPT to write A video script for us related to Woodworking so what I'm gonna type here In this search box I'm going to ask the Two hey write me write me A script Or a video script Script for YouTube shorts this is very Important as you know Tick Tock is one Of the most popular networks nowadays And YouTube and even Instagram is They're turning into short Um short time videos like 15 20 minutes Or 20 second video 60 second videos Short short format videos so that's why I'm going to ask the two to write me a Video script about YouTube shorts with Three tips about woodworking wood Working And the two should start typing pretty Pretty soon let's see what is going Write me a video script for YouTube Shorts yes there we go so as you can see The tool is very very powerful it Actually gives me an opening shot Basically the tool tells me opening shot Of woodworking workshop with a various Tools and wood pieces around basically It gives me an idea of how should my YouTube short start like with what Background what videos so tip number one Always use Sharp Tools this is good tip

Number two measure twice cut once these Are actually very useful tips if you're A woodworker these tips might help you And this is the goal for us like as Marketers we you and I as marketers our Goal is always always to provide value And to make people really appreciate us That's how they will trust us and that's How they're going to willing going to be Willing to click our links even more Okay I'm gonna click stop generating and Now that we have this text we want to Turn this into video but I I cannot Stress enough how powerful this charge GPT is uh for me it sometimes it's even Scary like look at this it it writes a Script like original Hollywood I don't Know like a masterpiece cut to the Second tip second tip number two measure Twice cut once cut to the third tip tip Tip number three sanding sanding is key Show the presenter sending a piece of Wood with sandpaper this is this is Absolutely mind-blowing okay so now that We have the script for our videos that Are short format and if you're wondering How we're going to use these short Videos don't worry I'm going to show you In just a second but now we want to Create them and what we're going to use Another artificial intelligent robot Which is called so from pictory AI the first Thing you need to do once you sign up

For a free account you go to this script To video section when you click proceed And this is what you're going to see now Go back to chat GPT select the entire Thing like that highlighted copy this Ctrl command C go back to your tool the Pictori Or Victory click paste and now what I'm Gonna do is I'm actually gonna edit this A little bit I want to delete uh these Sections where uh charge GPT tells me Cut to the first tip so I'm gonna Delete this one opening shot of a Woodworking Shop with a various tools And wood pieces around I'm going to Delete this one as well And I'm going to delete this one let me Just read it hey everyone welcome to my Woodworking shop today I'm going to Share with you tips Okay tip number one always use Sharp Tools so I'm going to delete slow Close-ups you see this chart GPT gives Us what actually we should do with our Cameras but we don't have cameras and We're not going to use camera so I'm Gonna delete that then I'm going to Delete this one cut to the second tip Delete this one enter measure twice cut Once And I'm going to delete uh the section Where the charge GPD tells me what shots Should I create and then this one you Know just a little bit of editing so

Once this is done and let me just delete This one real quick I'm gonna delete This one and finally I'm deleting this One and we should be good to go there we Go so now look at what's happening I'm Gonna click proceed Click that and now from here this Section we're going to select the first Template I'm going to click select and Now this is important I showed this in My last video you want always to select A 9×16 because this is the format of YouTube shorts of Instagram reels and of Tick tock videos like tall videos not Widescreen videos so select 9×16 click Continue And the two now look what we're going to Do for us it's very it's really Mind-blowing how easy it is nowadays to Create a very unique video And not having any experience like these Two charge GPT acts as a professional Copywriter for us and even scriptwriter And victory is acting as a videographer For us we don't even have to hire people No more to create these videos for us I Don't know if you guys can see the power But it is very very very powerful all Right so it says completed here let's See it takes some times it's taking some Time and boom look at this the two Actually created scenes basically on the Left side we have all of these scenes That the two created and here at the

Bottom we have all of these scenes right Here I don't know if you can see them These are the scenes scene one scene two Scene Three and basically the two create Scenes based on Um commas exclamation marks or spaces Whatever you have space or common Um exclamation mark The two is going to Um separate the scenes now let's just Click preview to see what the two Created without any edit whatsoever so I'm gonna click this button right here Click preview and let's see what the two Is going to give us like I said right Out of the bat Look at this hey everyone welcome to my Woodworking shop today I'm going to Share with you three tips that will help You improve your woodworking skills and The two gives us some tools from a word Working shop so let's get started you See this is insane Always use sharpness and look at this Sharp screwdrivers but anyways let me Stop this for a second As you can see it is very very powerful But you saw that the scene number three I can click the scene number three the Two The copyright says shut up twos and in Our case these screwdrivers are kind of Okay but I would say we put something Different I would say we put instead of

Screwdrivers we want to relate to Woodworking so let's Um let's put something for drilling Sharp Tools for drilling so how do we do That how do we change the scene we go to Visuals right here at the left sidebar And we already can see some of the Scenes here the two already gives us Some sceneries about woodworking so Actually either can pick one of these or I can type in the search box Sharp Tools Or sharp sharp woodworking tools hit Enter and let's let's see what the tool Is going to give us Oh chainsaw okay so how do we do that How do we change the scene we simply Click on scene number three right here It's already clicked and I just click This video and boom There we go and I click preview and we Can see the changes are going down all Right now that you have the video and The text I'm gonna show you another Special trick that not many people are Doing and I don't know why they're not Doing it but it's very very powerful go Over to audio right here at the top left Sidebar I'm middle sidebar from here as You can see we're at the background Music we can actually change the Background music but we're not gonna Focus on that now we're gonna go over to This section that says voice over from Voice over I'm going to select you see

You have many voices but for the sake of This video let's pick the first one Aiden Mayo we're going to click apply And now we should have a narrator that Talks over your video so let's check This out and this is pretty pretty Insanely cool so let's go and click uh Preview and see if it works click Preview let me bump up the volume Hey everyone welcome to my woodworking Workshop today I'm going to share did You guys see this is insane it is insane In just under like a minute two minutes We have the script we have a video and We have a voice over narrator that we Created a very professional video guys I Don't know if you can see but I didn't Do any editing whatsoever now if you Spend even more time to make the video Even better like create maybe more Sceneries moist more scenes uh use Different footages stock footages this Is going to be very professional video And you don't have to show your face you Don't have to steal other people's work You create your own content and like I Said this is how you attract more people To click your affiliate links and this Is how you make money by providing Unique content I have another final Trick that will help you to increase Your profits and your revenue and here Is the tip here is the trick open a new Tab type in the search bar

Type Ros minchev and hit enter once you Hit enter go over to the right site Where it says subscribe and hit Subscribe to my channel and this is Gonna make you more successful in the Future and by the way hit the like Button of this video If you enjoyed the Strategies I'm showing you here I would Really appreciate it now that you have Created your content there are a bunch Of ways you can distribute that to People so they can see and they can Click your affiliate links you can use Stick talk you can use Snapchat you can Use Instagram you can use YouTube shorts You can create accounts in all of these Social networks but what I recommend Right now of course I recommend to do All of that you do all of this just Create accounts everywhere this is at Least what I do and this is what my team Does we create accounts in Pinterest in Twitter and Tick Tock everywhere and we Distribute our content across all these Networks but I wanted to show you Something this is Facebook and this is a Facebook group related to woodworking That my business partner Brian 500 at The time created and this is maybe a Year two years ago I don't remember how Long it was but this is a group with 55 Thousand people 55 000 people group Related to only woodworking now imagine That if just one percent out of these 50

000 people who are related to Woodworking just one percent of them if They buy our product or our affiliate Link if they click and buy our affiliate Link from ClickBank this one With that we're going to get paid 43 Bucks we're going to make thousands of Dollars and actually let's calculate That let's let's say 50 000 people okay 50 000 people times one percent just one Percent out of this 0.01 or 50 000 People this is 500 people so 500 people Times 45 bucks This is I don't know this this is 45 Bucks this equals to how much 20 if I'm Not mistaken 22 500 dollars so you need Just one percent 0.01 in order to make Twenty two thousand and five hundred Dollars this is insane so what I Recommend is go over to Facebook click These dots and click create a group Create a group now we created this group Without any content and Brian started Posting in this group quite frequently He started posting every day even a Couple a couple times a day so what I Recommend is you go over to picture Chart now to pictory and open AI create As much content as you can and start Posting it in your group and what I Would not recommend is to copy me don't Copy this group just create your own not Even for woodworking just pick another Niche okay and because we're going to

Compete with one another it's not going To uh be synonym is not going to be Instant you have to start posting Content and in this group make sure the Group is public don't make it private as You can see my group is public anyone Can see uh this group now start posting Content and Facebook will organically Start pushing it to more and more and More people and this is going to be your Community this is going to be your group Now of course like I said create Different channels create a Facebook fan Page not only group create a tick tock Create Pinterest account Etc etc and they all should be related To your affiliate links and the best Part here is that I can go to edit this About section as you can see this is my About section this is what everyone will See when walking into the group everyone From this 55 000 people when they see The group they're going to see the about Section and what I can do with the about Section is here from the left side I can Go to group settings click group Settings at the top I can click where it Says name and description right here I Can click edit dispens you and guess What I can do I can go now go to ClickBank I can click promote this Button get my affiliate link Create hop link I can highlight Everything click copy go back to my

Facebook group and in here I can say Grab your wood working plants here Here and then I'm going to put a little Emoji let's say finger that finger let's See finger pointing there we go this one I like to put these fingers they're very Interactive Here and then I put boom my affiliate Link from ClickBank and I click save and Now when I click save guess what Everyone will see A community everyone will see my Affiliate link right here all of these 55 000 people Now I'm not doing it because we had Different Purpose with this group so we Have we had a different strategy back in The day but that's how it works you Create content guys you upload this Content to multiple channels and this is How I actually started even my YouTube Channel I started uploading content Because I wanted to show what I do in my Affiliate marketing campaigns and I Started it like two years ago when I Started uploading videos and I have a Bunch of books I have a bunch of other Profiles I have a team that works with Me right now that manages uh different Channels and different Pinterest Accounts and Twitter accounts I mean Tick Tock accounts we constantly post Content every single day so that's how It is it's not difficult uh of course

You have to wait be patient but you Don't have to like you saw you don't Have to have any experience you don't Have to be any anyone special you don't Have to hire any people you don't have To spend any money up front you just Have to spend some of your time creating The content with clicks you just make a Couple of clicks and the content will be Created for you so that's a that's about It for today guys I hope you enjoyed This video let me know in the comments Below if you like it what do you think About this strategy hit the like button Of this video and I'll see you in the Next one cheers

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