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All right perfect Seems like things are much better this Time all right Wow Let's see Twitter Still a little slow But certainly much better than before That's great I'm glad to see that Maybe a little more this way yeah Okay Much better now guys Seems like the connectivity issue Has been For the most part resolved which is Really awesome Oh Is it time to buy Tesla stock that's the Real question Is this too loud by the way or is this Audio pretty good Foreign Yeah well hopefully we didn't just Completely wreck our reach through this The first failed live stream Yo yo How are you guys doing Yo can you hear me Is this live is this working I almost Feel like I'm not Live or something What do I do What do I do I'll I'll share in a second I'm just

Getting waiting for more people to join Here making sure that it all works We had some technical difficulties not Too long ago but seems like things are Back in order Which is great So I'm just waiting a little bit making Sure that things are continuing to go Swimmingly Foreign What do I do so What do I do I If you mean okay I'm gonna get way too Philosophical I'll answer this in one Sentence I Own a creative agency That's basically it And I also do YouTube that's about it That's all I do but then outside of that I Yeah honestly that's kind of it I have a Girlfriend who my love And we spent a lot of time together so That's another thing I do Um Yeah that's about it honestly it's Pretty simple Okay cool Nice How about you And yeah is the market too saturated for Drop Shipping no man definitely not Definitely not I think you have to think

Differently about how you approach Drop Shipping I think Drop Shipping is simply A business model that's all it is Nothing more So There's no way it could get saturated I Think it's only going to grow if Anything I think if anything it will only Continue to grow because More companies will realize that it's Actually pretty easy convenient to just Ship directly from your manufacturer So I definitely think that's gonna be a Big Um that's gonna Only continue to grow and actually Oh no it's um If we go to Google Trends we can see That Drop Shipping Oops It's only growing It doesn't seem to be stopping anytime Soon it's kind of unbelievable honestly When you look at this trend it's pretty Significant it's exponential really and I mean I think I think this is how a lot of online Industries are going to look to be Honest with you so I don't think I don't think it's just drop shipping I Think it's just like internet things in General are only growing It's like things were stagnant for a

While but now we're about to go Exponential on a lot of things I don't know that's just how I feel Right now In my past I with Drop Shipping shipping Times were bad do you have any content On this yeah bro you something like you Know hyper skew hyper sku's pretty cool I have a good relationship with them and They do a great job they make sure that You get your orders out fast and then You have some good suppliers You know it's pretty convenient so yeah Seven to twelve days shipping which is Still pretty slow but it's more Reasonable Good I followed you one year ago damn Let's go that's awesome bro yeah so now We're getting some more people in here That's good to see I'm glad that you liked the channel I I Really appreciate it so honestly I feel Very blessed to have this channel To be honest I have I feel very blessed To have this channel it's like a very Good outlet for me It's super fun and it does bring me A lot of business so it's like really Any everything you could want in like a Hobby but not even a hobby this is like A full-time thing for me I just love it What do I think about organic marketing So I mean I don't know if you've seen Any of my latest videos which you should

If you haven't you should check them out So my channel is right here How did I title this oh yeah Um you know I've been doing a lot of Videos lately in which I emphasize the Importance actually let me put myself Over here I think this is actually more This looks better In which I emphasize the importance of Organic content yes back again live and We actually fixed the connectivity Connectivity issue I don't know how to Say that word but I fixed the issue We're good to go now we're up and Rolling And you know I'm very happy about that Because I was very sad for a second that We just could not get good internet Connection that was not good What's the best place I can hire someone To build a website that will have Thousands of items and when can I hire Someone that works with apis that can Integrate suppliers to my store damn Okay well that's a fully loaded question Bro I mean there's no Simple way to answer that in full but I Will try to give you a simple answer Because You know that's just the best thing I Could do I think and so that we save Time but to answer your question briefly Fiverr and upwork bro upwork Is very un underrated like you can hire

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Anybody on upwork guys like you can Build an entire team off of upwork and It's pretty cool there's amazing people Out there that you may be overlooking Just because You don't want to put in the work to Actually make like a really good listing I have a listing right now for example I'm hiring right now Have I tried using Chad gbt to code Liquid I have been testing it to build My store yeah so I haven't used it for That in particular but I know that That's a big way in which you can use Chat GPT is to help with code So like Here let me log in on a separate see This is why it's cool to have two Monitors now because I can just log in Over here And Like not Foreign Like risk doxing myself which is nice But yeah that that's a big thing that People are using it for is to check Their code you know because a lot of Times your code might be broken Um But you can be like Explain Quantum Computing in simple Terms I love the I love having it Explained very complex ideas and simple Terms it's pretty fun

To see what it comes up with So Quantum Computing is a type of Computing that uses quantum mechanical Phenomena such as superposition and Entanglement to perform operations on Data it's based on the principles of Quantum mechanics of fundamental Theory And physics that describes the behavior Of matter and energy at the atomic and Subatomic level or scale Whoa That is intense That's a very long thing I'll say Foreign That's too long bro Quantum computers okay let's see how Short it actually makes it We'll wait for it over here by the way Something interesting I've been seeing This is a very interesting Trend and We'll probably be able to confirm it During stream There have been a significant amount of Drop Shipping ads that I've seen on Twitter so boom here's one like right Away 1.3 million views this is for sure A Drop Shipping ad let's take a look Foreign yeah like you know 100 this Store is actually Running a lot of different ads right now And yeah this is something very Interesting guys it's something that I've been preaching a lot about lately Because

Um I think that a lot of people Overthink their store design like look At this store this store is probably Converting pretty highly Yet it's so simple and weird looking It's like not even that good so one of The things that I've been saying a lot Is that you guys should not overthink Your store design too much and just make It simple and use the free themes don't Buy the themes a theme is like three Hundred dollars three four hundred Dollars That money could be used to order Samples it could be used to Run ads it could be used for so many Things and you guys are using it to buy A theme that's not the move anymore Yeah I did see how Twitter is turning Into Infinite scrolling it's kind of Interesting I'm like scrolling over and Over again but it's kind of nice for Content so you know that's one of the Good things about streaming is that it's An excuse to just browse Twitter Please Do you do cold email for your agency Not really I've tried it a little bit Like I'm not gonna lie to you I've Definitely tried it but it just doesn't Work bro cold email does not work that Well I'm sure it's like a numbers game I'm sure if I hit up like hundreds of People it would work but I just feel

Like that's not the best use of my time Right now I feel like the best use of my Time right now is leading my team I got My slack so this is why I'm so hyped Guys to have this new setup Sorry for cussing if that bothers you But I'm so hyped about it because I feel like now I can work while I Stream which is sick so I can actually Have my slack pulled up because that's Really somebody asked me what I do Really that's one of the main things That I do is just like Answer slack messages and make sure oh And make sure that my team is you know Motivated I'm coming up with ideas That's why I make so many YouTube videos Doing research and exploring Because it helps me come up with ideas For our clients and you know we always Just communicate on slack so that's why I'm really hyped about this I think this Will be a really good way for me to Almost like pretend like I'm in an Office with random people AKA you guys But you're not just random people Because you guys are my followers so you Know we have something in common right But yeah This is crazy 500k on open emails like That's insane I can't imagine that I'm At like 50k so I guess I could imagine That Um the volume copy and the follow-up

Yeah bro so exactly yeah you're right so When it comes to cold email I'm sure Following up is huge right there Wow looking at look at this guy How can you bet against them like he Understands the number one rule which is Customer experience is number one That's so cool I gotta buy some pudgy Penguins honestly Seems like a pretty good bet What's Elon talking about here That's all for now if you found this Word helpful blah blah Arc invest has been concerned the impact Of declining residual values on the one Trillion dollar auto loan Market most of These loans back gas powered vehicles Explain How this crush is underway the consumer Preference shift towards EVS will Exacerbate this crisis Oh whoa We're talking about huge financial Crisises That's not good We definitely don't want that Um So yeah anyways as I was saying lots of Twitter ads uh lately we've been trying To figure out Twitter ads as well at Akemi I think it's a good opportunity I Actually tweeted about this today I just Said Um

I said that I think Twitter is only Going to grow from here to be honest With you and I I truly believe that and It's most likely because Of Elon and now because of that I think Ads on Twitter are actually a pretty Worthwhile opportunity to test I'm a very big fan of yours ah thank you I really appreciate all the love guys I Can't stress that enough I know that You know oftentimes creators don't Express their thinks enough and I know It can be kind of corny maybe Disingenuous but I truly am very grateful for this Opportunity like this is so amazing this Is so fun like what I'm just talking to Random people like across the world Right now That follow my content that's so cool Do you take notes in physical notebooks Or virtually more Um both so I do a bit of both I have a Physical notebook but I have not been Using it as much lately since I got this New setup Honestly I've just been very busy lately And Haven't really been prioritizing taking Notes I've been listening to a lot of Podcasts as well and sort of taking Mental notes but I probably should take Some physical notes I actually think

Physical notes are a good idea Foreign What do you think about Tick Tock ads I think Tick-Tock ads are awesome I Think they're definitely a great Sort of I wouldn't say blue ocean Opportunity anymore for sure not but It's definitely I think every brand should run Tick Tock Ads that's basically the summary I think It's a really good ad platform or at Least it's a fast growing ad platform a More untapped app platform you get a lot Of good results on their cheap results But it doesn't the traffic doesn't Always translate as well as you would Want it to and I think the reason why Is because unlike meta for example Unlike meta I think Tick Tock is just so powerful at Gripping you and making you want to stay On the platform okay hold on this is Like too low Okay that's too high and because of that It doesn't serve like it's not the Perfect ad platform right because then Your ads are not going to convert as Well because people just don't want to Leave the platform so it's a little more Challenging to actually get somebody to First of all leave the platform but then To actually buy something you know That's

That's the next step but the thing that I feel is happening is that Oh Yodi gang in the chat I love fulcrum that guy's hilarious but Um as I was saying I think these ad platforms are going More and more towards like just making People just check out right on the ad Like if you see an ad you like it you Buy right there that's why Facebook has Facebook shops Twitter has Twitter shopping Um Facebook or I mean Google has Google Shopping it's not the same exactly but Yeah that's what I see a lot of these You know stores doing Pinterest does That as well I knew you'd know yeah of Course I know fulcrum Yodi gang in the building Uh do I hire yes so we're always hiring If you go to the chemi site by the way Shout out to akemi If you guys like the design let me know I personally really love the site I Think it came out really great and it's A free theme the reason I chose a free Theme for this site is to prove a point To prove that it's not about the store Design it's not about the theme it's About the content and the structure and The eye For design so this is literally the dawn

Theme straight up But yeah if you go to careers you'll see A little application form it's kind of Ugly it's not the best form Um you know it's obviously not a Priority to make it the prettiest form Ever but If you are interested in working with us You can hi you can go here I mean we're Hiring for a lot of different roles Right now really the main thing that I'm Hiring for is somebody that can help me Just manage everything so a manager that Can help me with Communications across Clients Um So I have a CEO he handles the data like Basically everything but I want somebody That can help reach out to people for Example like outbound lead generation Reaching out to Brands Um you know I make so many videos Already talking about Brands so somebody That could share those videos with the Brands maybe try to get them on on the Channel for like a podcast some of the CEOs I would love to do that I used to Do that a little more I'll show you real Quick If we go back even just a little bit Further on my channel Um on the podcast side it's you know The more popular podcasts that are Obviously like Luke Belmar Chad cantari

Sam Jacobs like these people that are Very trendy within Drop Shipping but if You look at some of the other people I've interviewed I've interviewed some Pretty crazy people like I interviewed Um Kevin Williams he's the CEO of So I'll show you that real quick Um so look this brand is sick this is Honestly okay there you know that's not Good to see but they're totally killing It in terms of branding and their social Media presence even if their traffic Isn't as high as it could be Um but I also interviewed so let me go To podcast I used to it used to be named The netsphere podcast but I'm just gonna Name it the Ari shearson podcast because Um I'm just I'm consolidating my Businesses at the time at the current Time but I also interviewed the CEO of Mod for example mod is a whatever brand They've raced over 10 million dollars And they're a sexual Wellness brand but Such a clean brand like look at The Branding on this store this is like a Beautiful store And again this is another great example Of where like content is way more Effective than the actual structure Or then the actual theme the theme Structure is really good but it's not The theme itself that makes it it's the Content and they're totally crushing it

So very happy to see that this was a Great interview she was great Eva that's The Ava actually that's the CEO she was Dope Harry I haven't watched you since Chris Waller do you remember him Yeah of course Um King calm Yeah bro rest in peace Chris was uh An amazing guy for sure he was super Cool and super driven very rare breed That's for sure But he made his mark Which is good Arya I made 100K doing swing trading but Don't enjoy it so I want to get into Econ maybe I want to do 500k profit a Month though possible Yes bro it is possible that's kind of What I'm aiming for too bro I'm trying To do some like crazy numbers but in Profit and I think you can do it it's just Obviously not gonna be easy It's gonna take a long time and a lot of Skills you gotta you gotta learn a lot Of stuff In order to get there obviously like I Don't know what it takes to get to 500k A month profit I know how to what it Takes to get to like 100k a month profit And yeah five times that right now I Can't really picture it too well but I Know that it would just be a lot more

People involved more than anything it Would just be a bigger team And that's it really so that's why I'm Hiring guys like I'm hiring people I Want to grow the team I want to grow the Company and see how far we can take it Did you hear about the potential Banning Of tick tock Let me see Um okay so if Senate passes legislation To ban Tick Tock from U.S government I Did hear a little about this but I Didn't know that it was actually real Let me look a little bit deeper into This what new source can you trust Nowadays that's what I'm wondering like Which one of these should I even read Right like What do you what can you trust I guess let's go CNN even though I know That this is probably biased in some way And probably not entirely true but let's See the Senate passed legislation Wednesday evening to ban Tick Tock from U.S government devices and he moved Designed to limit perceived information Security risks stemming from the social Media app the vote by unanimous consent Approved then no tick tock on government Devices act a bill authored by Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley the move Marks lawmakers latest step against the Short form video app that has become Popular with over a billion users

Worldwide U.S officials fear that Tick-Tock users Data could end up in the hands of the Chinese government due to that country's Influence over tick tock's parent bite Dance a companion bill was introduced in The house last year by Colorado Republican repkin Buck is yet to be Approved by members of the House Oversight committee okay let me see so Um So this is on government devices that's The caveat so of course that's not what You're going to see in the headlines and I'm glad that I read a little bit deeper Into it but No they're not talking about generally Banning Tick Tock I knew that that would Be a little too late for that right like I mean there's like a billion users on There uh but I don't think this is a bad Move you know Banning Tick-Tock on Government devices I could see that posing you know I could See having tick tock on a government Device posing as a National security threat You know I'm an American now you know I'm a US citizen I could see that being Detrimental to the us so I don't Disagree with that I think that's maybe Even a wise move But I do think they're I don't think Banning Tick Tock entirely

Would be necessarily wise I don't even Think it would be possible at this point It's kind of my viewpoint but yeah very Interesting look at guys we're getting We're getting targeted by some Pickleball Paddles right here pretty cool huh So yeah that's pretty much the news on Tick Tock getting banned I guess it's Not actually getting banned maybe let's Let me finish a little bit of this in The past two weeks at least seven states Have said they will bar public employees From using the app on government devices Including Alabama Maryland Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Utah and Texas Some U.S government agencies have Independently taken steps to limit Tick-Tock usage among their among their Employees So yeah I mean that makes sense and U.S Military as well they're restricting the App So this so Wednesday's bill would apply To the entire Federal Workforce Yup well yeah I don't really have a Problem with the feds not using Tick Tock so I'm cool with it hopefully that clears Up some of those news for some of you That were perhaps scared about the Potential ramifications Foreign

How does this look I think this actually Looks pretty sick I'm hyped with this Setup By the way I made both of these prints So Big Flex if you guys want to buy them I May make them available on a chemi again At some point What do you guys think about that I don't care about making a profit on Them I'll just Charge at cost Um okay Is it okay to apply it even if I come From France bro my CEO he's like my Right hand man He's French he's uh Australian my whole Entire team is remote so I don't care Where you're from bro as long as you Know how to speak English well as long As you're willing to learn Um as long as you're willing to get Grammarly it's a Chrome extension that Corrects your grammar And as long as you're just you know Committed and hard of working then I'm Super open to hiring you I don't care Where you're from Did you hear about the potential oh yeah Wait I just covered that yo what's up Ari watching from Dubai yo shout out to Dubai You guys are cool over there Dubai is Awesome I've never been there though so

I can't really speak from experience but Everybody says so so A lot of people I follow have said only Good things about Dubai Laura I'm struggling to search a niche And a product Oh okay well I got good news for you bro Check this out let me show you a life Hack So you go to my channel And then you go to playlist And then you click e-commerce case Studies And you just put that on in the Background while you do anything maybe While you work out while you study Whatever maybe while you sleep all right I actually that that's proven you do Retain some information when you listen To something while you sleep I'm not Capping I swear Let me double check that though [Applause] Under the right conditions it turns out The sleeping human brain is capable of Learning new vocabulary That's according to a study by Scientists from Switzerland's University Of Bern shout out Switzerland Which demonstrates that the human brain Can absorb information during Slumber Told you so yeah it is true so yeah bro Pull this up while you sleep literally And you'll wake up with tons of Niche

Ideas For free so yeah bro I have 217 videos In this 20K views a day Okay no that's not accurate that's on The playlist But soon enough this playlist alone will Be getting 20K views a day Um Let me see but yeah so this is probably The best way for you to just get some Ideas browse straight up like we are Building actually A product to help with this so the Camera research lab like I I do a ton of Research every single day Um and so does my team so we are Basically going to make that research Public and Make it nice and neat for a product and You know we'll charge like a monthly fee For it or something Um that'll be cool I'm excited to have Something like that it sounds uh like Totally up my alley But you know I'm still gonna keep Uploading YouTube videos every day and Streaming so you definitely don't need To buy that by any means I think if you Just watch every single one of these Videos you'll get so many Niche ideas But yeah shout out to all you guys Watching the video so it really does go A long way oh

You hate to see that Okay Um Oh yeah this chat gbt just explained Quantum Computing to me in simple terms And then I made it do it in shorter Terms so I said make it shorter Let me read you what it said quantum Computers are a type of computing that Use the principles of quantum mechanics To perform calculations faster than Classical computers these Quantum bits Qubits instead of classical bits and can Represent both zero and one Simultaneously That's crazy quantum computers have the Potential to solve certain problems much Faster than classical computers and are Used for research in various fields Wow How Um okay let me read some questions here How will drop shipping be in 2023 do you Think anything will change No I think it's only going to grow I Think it's just gonna continue to grow Exponentially just like A lot of other Industries online Generally speaking I think a lot of Things are going to continue to grow Exponentially when it comes to E-commerce And I think we're starting to see that So

Um I just looked up the Drop Shipping Search Trend and the one we were Streaming a bit before and look at you Can see this chart becoming exponential Right you can see that it was flatlined For a long time and now it's starting to Become exponential and let me look up E-commerce I feel like the same thing is going to Happen with e-commerce in general it's Just that Drop Shipping is like an Easier barrier to entry like at lower Barrier to entry it's easier to get into It so therefore more people are in it But e-commerce as a whole I think this Is going to start going like this as Well only exponential Um Let me see So yeah I don't think many things are Going to change Um it's just there's gonna be better Players there's going to be better Resources you know the cool thing about This is that Drop Shipping is just a Fulfillment method so I think with its Popularity There's gonna be people that are Facilitating Drop Shipping as a I don't want to say career but just as a Business model so there's going to be Better resources to help people drop Ship it Dropship in a better way for the Customer that usually means the customer

Will get a better experience so I'm all For it I think it's only going to get Better so Just don't give up basically Um How do I How do I earn a Consulting from you Um maybe I do maybe I mean I'm I'm right Here bro I'm right here Just ask me a question but if you do Want like one-on-one help for whatever Reason I don't recommend it if you're Just getting started with business like Straight up I think if you're just Getting started with your business Or like with your online Journey just Watch my YouTube videos join the streams You know Learn watch my interviews that I've done With guests I would only recommend buying some Consulting for me if you already have a Business that you want to scale because Otherwise it may not be entirely worth It right now it's like Information is only valuable At the right time but once you are at That time at that like if it is at the Right time that piece of information has Like infinite value so that's why Information is the most valuable Resource but if you do want something Like that from you just hit me up I do Consulting calls here and there through A cami just like maybe fill out the form

At the bottom and at the end just say You just want a Consulting call but I am Not cheap Um I don't give my time you know away Easily I don't count this as giving away My time because I'm connecting with you Guys and I'm learning and I feel like This is increasing my neuroplasticity Because if this is all new to me like I'm not super used to streaming and I'm Getting better at it and it's super cool Um Let me see Sorry I'm going on a lot of tangents but Hopefully you guys are having a good Time Um So what's up what's up nice to see some Of you guys Hey are you been investigating the dev Side of Shopify themes apps Etc what do You think of that industry I love that Industry I'm getting deep in that Industry as well so if you are a Dev and You know you want if and you're looking For a job At kemi careers bro like kemi careers I Want more devs on the team I need more Devs Um Hey Ari how are you doing look Dude I've been watching your videos and Stuff but I feel dumb because I have no Idea where to start I'm full of fears

What's your advice Here's my advice bro go to my channel Again I don't mean to Shell my channel So much but you know you guys are here For a reason Just go down to my videos my latest Video click the first link free Shopify Link claim your store for a dollar a Month that is literally the first step Bro And don't worry like you don't need to Feel dumb at all like that's how Everybody starts you're gonna feel dumb I feel dumb right now like with things I'm doing I feel dumb because like sure This all makes sense but The secret is that everybody the secret That nobody will tell you is that nobody Knows what they're doing they're just Figuring out as they go so what you got To do is just get started bro like that Is my best piece of advice just Literally start your store use this link That's gonna help me out it's gonna help You out you're gonna get a good deal and Just start messing around with your Store like You know click that link and then go Ari Shopify store build And then click this video I just made it Like a month ago I create a whole store I design it Pretty nicely obviously it's not the Best store it was literally a speed run

I did this in 10 minutes so it'll take You obviously it probably won't take you 10 minutes to set up something like this But look at this I made this entire Brand in 10 minutes Right so don't worry bro you're not dumb You're just a beginner that's all you're Just a You're just getting started it's all Good you'll learn But yeah This is pretty cool this actually turned Out kind of fire right Could be better still though But yeah that's my best piece of advice Dude like going zero to one is so hard Because you don't like you said you just Feel dumb like you just don't really Know what to do but You just gotta learn to get comfortable With that feeling and just like push Through regardless And You know that's why you guys are lucky Because you have chat gbt you can Literally say Um What are the first few steps to starting An e-commerce business We'll see what it says Um while we wait for this to populate We'll continue to answer some questions Here I'll cover it to keep it a surprise Um

What's up bro watching from Brazil keep Doing your content very rich content That is for free congrats man oh thanks Man that really does mean a lot When you hire oh that Chad gbt thing you Were showing is exploding right now I'm Seeing so many edgy posts on this yeah It is exploding right now it's like one Of the biggest Craziest things going on right now in The world of tech When you hire is it part-time or Full-time Mostly part-time right now but like you Know if anybody wants to work full-time And you guys do good work I'm all for it Like We got fun we don't actually have Funding but we're you know we're a cash Flowing business and when you have cash Flow you're making profit you can hire You can expand and you know I'm just Looking for good talent that's really The main thing I'm looking for is people Who are Just talented I've found a couple people Like that so far Um and I'm super thankful like it's made A world of difference so that's what I'm Looking forward to the most is Continuing to find people like that Um Drop Shipping is that e-commerce is 10 Trillion in revenue and that's only the

Beginning bro that's the thing Can I pick your brain yeah people always Say that I think advertising on Tick Tock will get a bit saturated and when Everybody ziggs USAG meaning looking Into other AD platforms like Snap Pinterest Twitter and maybe obviously Certain products do better facts that's Very well said You remind me of Luke Belmar definitely On the same wavelength thanks man I mean I that I'll take that as a compliment I Think Luke is a brilliant guy and I Actually had the pleasure of having a Conversation with them on the channel so If you haven't checked that out Uh you know go right ahead it's right Here if you just go on my channel it's Literally the the most popular interview That I've Done Yet which is pretty cool I feel like I was early to Luke belmar's rise on YouTube Um and oddly enough he's also from South America like myself so we had a lot of Things that we connected on And Yeah you see a really cool guy very Inspiring brilliant I'm definitely Learning a lot from him Um But can you scale every drop shipping Product 200k a month no so that's the Thing man like

Scaling a business to 100K a month is Not easy like I don't want anybody to Believe that it's gonna be an easy thing To do I feel like scaling anything to 100K a month is not easy at all Um I mean even scaling a business to Like 10K I'm on this super hard but like That doesn't make it not worth it And surely it does get easier the more You do it but you know don't think about That so much just like try to take it One step at a time I think that's a Really good piece of advice and it's Helped me a lot just one step at a time Break by Brick What is my net worth I don't know what My net worth is Here if you started your Drop Shipping Journey today what would you do I would just focus on Tick Tock organic And then repost all of that content Across every other social media Literally every other social media like Instagram reels Facebook reels YouTube Shorts Pinterest pins So what I would do is I would just you Know try to find like a really cool Product I mean I would definitely look Around a lot see what other people are Selling see what other brands are doing Find a product that I really like design A really beautiful website that's simple Fast But really nice

And then yeah just focus all my time on Content Um And reposting that content and then once I find something that works I will hopefully have made some sales by Then organically and I would reuse that Money to buy ads so then I would scale With ads but here's the thing guys I Wouldn't I would say just like if you Have zero money or like a hundred bucks To your name get a job you know like Just get some sort of job so that you Have some money coming in so that you Can fund your business that's what I did At the very beginning of my journey like Six years ago And I feel like I wouldn't have amounted To anything had I not done that Um there's no such thing as a winning Product right you make a product the Winner let the best marketer win I don't know I think there's caveats to Everything you know like I think if I Think you could get stuck trying to sell A product that has no future Um maybe somebody could make it work but If it's not gonna be you then just move On you know that's kind of how I view That but I definitely think you're right In a lot of ways like There is a marketing there's a way to Sell anything but in you know why make It harder on yourself like if you're

Just starting and you just can't crack It you may end up wasting just way too Much money trying to sell something Um and that goes with with every Business so when I explain anything Nowadays guys like just keep in mind This isn't just applying to drop Shipping like I'm not even Drop Shipping Right now I'm just focused all in on my Creative agency and these Concepts that You know in the Drop Shipping world It worked worked the same way with any Other business so it's really just Business that's what we're talking about Here it's just business Um thanks for the answer of course What do you think about Facebook fan Page bro I think Facebook is undervalued Right now I think Facebook reels are Actually a really solid opportunity Even for my Instagram like on my Instagram page I post reels right so I've been posting Some reels they don't even go crazy Viral or anything like I'm getting Pretty good views and they offered me a Bonus program where I can earn like 1500 A month just if I get like 10 million Views which is a lot of views but I'm Just saying like if you're posting viral Content You could do pretty well just with that The views alone let her know let alone Having a product

So keep that in mind How much do you earn per month Last month was probably one of my best Months I did like Mini 4K in profit Is pretty fire I'm not gonna lie I was Very happy But I'm trying to make a lot more Um But yeah that's what I think about Facebook fan pages I think they're very Undervalued and especially if you Consider the fact that you can repost All that content across other social Medias well yeah let's go through this Chad gbt answer so I asked it what are The first steps to starting an E-commerce business and it's said Starting an e-commerce business can be a Challenging but rewarding process here Are some steps you can follow to get Started one identify your product or Service determine what you want to sell And whom you want to sell it this is so Important actually this right here who Do you want to buy who's going to buy This product like really think about That Research the market to see what products Or services are in demand and consider How you can differentiate your offering Really great advice set up your online

Store boom Shopify Choose a payment processor Shopify Payments comes with a Shopify store or Stripe stripe and PayPal both are good I Know people have beef with PayPal but I with PayPal still even though They're pretty up sometimes determine your Shipping and fulfillment strategy so yep Determine how you're going to fulfill Your products Promote your business Start focusing on content so yeah Monitor and improve take a scientific Approach to it like oh yeah ask Customers for for feedback this is super Important you're going to get so many Insights from your customers So worth it to ask them for feedback Thanks Chach EBT bro I'm telling you Like people charge so much money for This information and it's just right Here like That's why I'm kind of just over courses And stuff like that I just feel like It's not relevant to the day and age we Live in with information being so Accessible However I still think some people do Prefer to learn from courses if like They want like a structured approach but If that's I think that's like a luxury Nowadays more than anything like if you Have a ton of money sure do that but if

You don't have a lot of money you don't Need courses you don't need anything all You need is the internet Um okay whoo I'm losing my voice here Um When is the Luke interview so I'm Planning another interview with Luke Very soon Um Yeah I don't know I mean he's busy right Now with like Capital Club stuff but I'm Sure once he's more Once he has a little bit more down time He'll be down All right that is the best advice you Could have possibly given a lot of People do not give that advice to the First timers oh Thanks bro glad you think that Um do you think it's possible to find Products that don't require the need to Get models and do full-on photography so Basically products that are easier to Get creators for some products too Yeah for sure so Um That's a good point Hold on let me turn on the light It's getting dark in here That's a good point Um well that one of the things that you Need to consider when you're finding Products is if like there's good

Photography available I think And that's why I still feel like meta is Such a good advertising platform because You don't need a video like you just Need a a picture and Even for some brands that we run now Like you'd think a video would perform Better But turns out an image performs better So That's why I still feel like meta is Probably one of the best advertising Platforms because you don't necessarily Need all that you know a video to convey Uh to actually get sales so that's Another thing if you don't think you can Get a good video done find products that You don't need a video for and that you Just can show an image for Um Instagram reels don't even convert as Much as Tick Tock for sure I definitely Can see that but it does grow your page Which grows your reach which and like if You have a Facebook pixel installed Or metapixel You'll be growing Custom audiences bro so like that's the Thing it's still worth it like Um let's say let's take my page for Example right like Um how many people have viewed my videos In the last month like Let's say like 200k or so

That's 200 000 people that I can now Retarget with an ad because on meta you Can build up retargeting audiences based On your video viewers so and that goes With that goes for tick tock and Um hold up I gotta Oh cool I got this Pulled up in a different tab See this is what I was saying I can kind Of like work still a little bit while I Do this which is kind of Fire [Applause] Um Why only 94k because I'm still not at Scale bro I still have a lot of things That I wanna Put in place to do even bigger numbers I Mean I'm very inspired right now by People like Neil Patel for example and His agency because Neil Patel is like quietly in the Background you know he's not very trendy Even though he's got a huge audience And his agency does a hundred million a Year like what a hundred million dollars A year so There's definitely levels to this and You know I know I know my place But anyways Um Just applied for our coming careers hey Nice bro I'll definitely check out your Application see what you got going on Foreign

Yeah I'm gonna pull up a video though or Something Um what do you think about Dylan Rudzinski you can search him on YouTube He's making a lot on Drop Shipping I've never heard of him I don't think But let me see Oh yeah this guy I have heard of him What am I saying he's sick Um I mean as you see I watched his Videos I think he's awesome I've been Watching the last couple ones but I think this guy is taking like a Similar approach as Gabriel St Germain Shout out Gabe it's a good friend of Mine Um he quit the YouTube game you know he Retired let's say But he's taking a similar approach which I love it's just like straight value no BS Concise to the point you know I love That I think that's a fire approach Um what's a good video to watch that I'm Very interested in I really like my First million it's a good podcast Foreign Let's see what this guy says I know what Kagan always makes some fire Videos as well Why is my chat so behind I don't know I Don't know why Some reason But yeah let's see

Um Noah Kagan Why Is the education system Designed in such a way That you teach kids The majority of the things that they Don't actually use it's a waste of money I am a harder Dropout how'd your parents React Harvard are you scared no because I had nothing to lose the age of 19 I Was making like a hundred thousand Dollars a year I knew that I wasn't Academically the best I wanted to be on A chessboard that I had the advantage in When I was growing up my mom said no you Have to go to college well if your goal Is to start a business and get rich is College even worth it in this video I'm Going to be interviewing Multi-millionaires who either didn't go To school or dropped out to ask them is Called admission and how did you make Your Millions who's Garen Jones I lived In my car for two and a half years when Everywhere from modeling to singing to Music was in prison and then I got out Turned over a new Leaf in my life health And wellness business seven figures Coaching business seven figures now Retreat business almost at seven figures Life became my University so it's People's like you you went to college Yeah I went to cflu and they're like What's that

College of Life University you sold a Company the company was bought for 1.6 billion Who was bought for a big number yes do You think college is worth it you know It's okay not to go to college but that Doesn't mean you don't want to be Uneducated I mean you just might want to Be educated in a different form or Fashion and that doesn't mean you're not Really a good way to put it successful I Really believe that a lot of guys who go Get vocational education if they just Keep their nose to the grindstone and Live below their means and always do More than they promise they're going to Become very successful what I'm known For is being a College Dropout and then Sea level English student who created a Publishing School we've published about 7 000 books what was the thought process To drop out what happened that led you To that you've probably heard of the Fear-based decision Matrix Tim Ferriss He says what's the worst case scenario It's like worst case scenario I drop out Okay Grand scale of Life what is at a Scale of one to ten an impact on my life Probably a two out of ten what's the Best case scenario is there's 100 if not Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Dollars in opportunity cost where I Could grow businesses and expedite kind Of that that whole process okay what's

The scale one to ten that's probably a Permanent eight or nine most people will Pass on permanent eight or nines for Risk of a temporary two or three because It just feels scary in the moment I Graduated high school age 17. I've Invented sump pump systems that are lost In the world and drainage systems for Basements that are that's so funny that Sounds like such a boring business but It's worth 500 million that's so cool Revolutionize the way that things were Done how did you find out what you like To do you have to figure out what am I Good at what are my inherent talents you Know and then look at what careers are Around that and go out and try something And get a job somewhere and and learn And say is this what I want to do and if It's not then don't waste time right I Mean move on to the next thing try Something else and then go from there I Graduated high school in 2020 I built up An Instagram page in my parents basement And I created a monetized community off Of that which roughly brings me around 50 to 55 000 per month do you regret not Going to college if I went to college For four years maybe if I got a master's On top of that the entrepreneur dream is Gone six years I would not really go Back and think about it because I'll be A completely changed person do you Regret not going to college you regret

Not staying not at all something didn't Feel right I don't think I belong in a Classroom with no windows so I ended up Making the world my classroom I'm glad That I went For a lot of people one or two wait That's a good way to put it I also went To college and I am glad that I went But I'm also glad that I dropped out That was actually such a good way to say It college is actually really really Really helpful because you get out of Your home City hopefully you learn your Life skills you meet new people all that But beyond that there was a for me Personally there was a point of Diminishing returns can you tell us Maybe like the 30 second like who is Sarah and what you're known for so I am A harder Dropout who started an E-commerce software company we raised 27 Mil in total Um so we're series a and backed by Andreessen Horowitz Y combinator and a Bunch of other folks so tell me about This the tweet from your parents yeah Well first off I don't think I told them That there would be a TechCrunch article So it's my first like big press push I Texted um the link what is it so it's my First Commerce automation No way A connectivity layer for e-commerce Backed by um blah blah

What is this Connectivity layer for the eCommerce World oh look at is hundreds of apps and Platforms you can access all the data in One place Wow That's pretty cool I've never seen this before This is such a clean website Foreign But for e-commerce Huh That's interesting it's like big press Push I texted the link in the group chat The only thing that really stood out to Them was that um TechCrunch had called Me a Harvard Dropout which was like a Label that we've never used To drop out they're always like you're Going back right all right someone just Dropped out and they want to make a Million bucks what would you recommend Them to do I think that building some Type of social media page is the best Way to go why because it's the lowest Barrier to entry you have it true Everybody has a phone you just have to Make an account and be different on the Internet if you be different on the Internet and you provide value people Will look at your account they'll Resonate with you and they'll get to a Point where if you sell them a product They'll buy it if someone's watching

They're like thinking about dropping out Of college and their goal was to make a Million like what would your advice to Them be what would you do with that Million because if you don't know that's Why you won't have it never leave Something unless you have a plan and two Men working in McDonald's one person is Just working for money the other person Has a plan to leave McDonald's but he Has a plan for why he's at McDonald's Because he plans to open up a chain of Restaurants one day well first Venture-backed SAS companies are not the Best way to make money fast I actually Have a lot of Dropout friends who Started agencies and Drop Shipping Businesses and uh and they made money Fast [Laughter] It's funny that's actually kind of a Good point I mean the startup world is Like the success rate is Extremely low whereas like agencies and Drop-dipping businesses are a lot less Risky so I think she actually made a Good point and she's definitely right I Mean I don't know what I don't have a Software company so I can't speak from Experience but That has to be true I think the success Rate for SAS companies is significantly Lower Does the chemi also create video ads for

Their clients we do content repurposing Right now that's one of the services That we offer is content repurposing so We'll repurpose content Simple as it sounds which is super Powerful I think it's like Such an easy thing to invest into Because you get 10x to reach from one piece of content But we don't create ads like we don't Actually create content Right now the main reason why is because We're like all remote I don't have like A studio or anything so I wouldn't be Able to direct the content or anything But we do have ugc creators That we're connected with and we use Them for creating video ads so That's basically it though yeah so right Now I'm looking to hire people that can Help me manage all of those things Obviously we have Like an operator right now that helps With all that but it would be a lot more Seamless if we had specific people for Each department and that's definitely What I'm going to be You know doing for the rest of the year Probably I dropped out of school but I but I Operated like I was still in school and So for me I kind of convinced my mom a Little bit to instead the money they had To put away for college instead hey can

I put this towards like some conferences Some seminars she said yes on a couple Of them and so did that and then it was Books if you didn't go to college or you Didn't go from your family like where You where did the college or the life University teach you where did you learn These things you heard of Think and Grow Rich But a few people have read Grow Rich With peace of mind do the work by Stephen pressfield the science of Getting rich by Wallace D Waddles such a Great freaking book the formulas are Crazy I read other books but these are The ones that I just keep all the time What were some of the areas you Self-educated in typically business Techniques self-help positive thinking I Was always this guy has sold his Business for 1.6 billion that's awesome Uh found mentors in each one of those Categories that helped me along what's The downside what's been the worst part About dropping out of out of college if People you're like hey what do you you Do or whatever it's just like I had this Long multi-minit Preamble of like why I'm not a loser I just felt like I Needed to over explain myself I was Pretty scared I would not be able to Have like a close Social Circle and Honestly like YC and then the pandemic Hit at the end of that like that was

Really tough when everybody thinks that You are this person Um are you could you review my story I Would review some stores in a bit That would be kind of fun for sure How will your business be affected if The U.S ban take tax so we actually went Through an article kind of debunking The Tick Tock band thing it's only for Government employees which As I was saying earlier I kind of agree With I don't really have a problem with But If the US did ban Tick Tock my business Would be pretty much unaffected I mean Tick Tock is only a small percentage of What we do As far as like I mean it would suck for Me personally because I'm actually Getting a pretty good amount of reach On Tick Tock right now like on my Personal page But outside of that I feel like I would Be fine I don't learn anything from these videos The one that changed my life was some Random dude with 200 views that gave out Info I'd never heard yeah bro that I Mean that's a good point like these Videos are meant for like surface level Information In entertainment more than anything and Deep down inside you don't even want to Live like I try to take my life twice it

Wasn't just like oh I just left and I Was like nah it was hard and because of My personal growth and my willingness And dedication to growing as a person Once I knew why I was here what I'm here To do oh I locked in bro if someone's Listening and thinking about dropping College or skipping out should they do It I say no College if you're going to Be a business person you don't need to Go to college if you're a learner if you Can discipline yourself to learn get on YouTube get some books and throw Yourself at it if I need a boss or if I'm planning on being a professional Then of course you've got to stay in College I do think it is worth for a lot Of people like I've talked to friends And some folks want to drop out but then The way they think the felt like their Life and their like Frameworks it just Doesn't work out well if you want to Start a company I will never say not to Go to school but if I if you feel Something that not up well up inside of You where you feel I do not belong here I would say to honor it because your Subconscious mind knows more than you do If you think you want to do it just do It everything's reversible if it doesn't Work out don't tell your parents to call Me if you like this video you are going To yeah well that's a good perspective I Mean I wanted to watch this for some of

You guys also that may be in a similar Situation where you don't know if you Should stay in school you should drop Out so hopefully you found some value Shout out to Noah he's always making These incredible videos I mean I think It's awesome what he's doing and I will Link it in the description if I post This as a video But yeah pretty dope pretty cool stuff I'm this was a pretty good piece of Information I got from the videos alloy Automations it's kind of a cool software Um is it true that smma can scale up Beyond 100 to 200k a month it's like 30 Profit I don't think so but I feel like Yeah probably like of course as you Scale your team your margins probably go Down a lot Um That makes sense but I would rather do a million a month at 30 percent Than 200k a month at like 60 you know that's still What's what's that like Um I don't know that's like 5x more or Something How can I get Ronaldo to promote my Product for Revenue share You're gonna have to go find them in Qatar right now he's actually he's Probably flying home now he's probably

Gone so You might have fumbled the bag on that One bro Any suggestions for starting Drop Shipping and Beauty Niche like USB Rechargeable hair curler like electric Strainer comb and so on Um I mean just do it bro like that's my Advice I hate to be so You know Generic but that's like one of the best Pieces of advice that you can get is Just do it Uh Uh Boom but yeah seeing so many ew that's So gross but I've been seeing a lot of Drop Shipping ads on Tick Tock or I mean Uh on Twitter lately it's giving me Facebook Back in like 2017 vibes Yeah bro let me see the store just pull It up uh if you're gonna type it in the Chat you can't you're gonna Have to type space com Foreign Like it's crazy this brand is going so Hard at Tick Tock marketing they're Retargeting So hard right now Oh my God final coin Bruh that's sad Damn

Yeah so send it in the chat I'll review It for you Okay what else did I want to watch today I'm actually trying to make this Productive for myself as well [Applause] What's going on with my crypto my dark Dollar cost averaging yeah I am so Um Yep I am and same with stocks though Like I'm investing heavily into AI right Now like semiconductors You know like TSM C semiconductor Manufacturing Company these guys make Nvidia Semiconductors I am also invested uh Nvidia I'm investing in Nvidia as well Um beyond that yeah that's basically it I'm just dollar cost averaging into Everything I'm not really Um I'm not really too worried about trading Or anything right now like I said I'm Just focused on growing my company I Just want to grow a chemi as big as Possible Um I want to work with some of the you Know I want to work with some big People like I want to work with Mr Beast For example I feel like that would be so Cool And maybe one of these people will see My videos and hit me up which would be Awesome

Um I love the Lex Friedman podcast that's Been one of my oh thank oh yeah wait Let's see if there's any updates on Coffee Zilla yeah Sam I actually really Love coffeezilla as well it's a good Channel Yeah TSM yeah Danger from China I mean I Don't know about that But Foreign About that like They're not the only Semiconductor Company I'm investing in one of my Friends told me about this one as well ON Semiconductor it's a Arizona based Semiconductor Company And I've been investing in this one a Lot as well Work with sneako creativity kit true True that would be dope so yeah bro There's just so many companies that I Want to work with I want to work with a Lot of really cool people and here's the Thing that I've realized with the agency Game is that Some companies are just bro they're Getting taken advantage of so hard They're like They just don't know any better and Here's the thing and this is something That like when you grow a personal brand And this is one reason why I'm not I Don't like the flags I don't like to put

This image of myself out there Because people will take advantage of That bro like when people perceive you a Certain way they'll tax you so hard and I feel like that's how it is for some Companies you know like bigger companies Agencies come in and they just they get Taxed because they're bigger so people Take advantage of that they know they Have more money so they charge more Um so yeah bro I'm I think our agency is Way more honest than like 99 of these People and we get better results so I Definitely think we're gonna disrupt a Lot of the the agency game per se which Doesn't sound like the most exciting Thing to disrupt or anything but if you Think about The impact that some of these Brands Could have and we're helping them do That in a better way than Indirectly or directly we are also Influencing that change and that's kind Of the premise behind the whole company That's why you see here like that's why Our philosophy is about you know a Bright future Because that's kind of how I see it I I Think that if we help brands that are Helping create a brand a brighter future We're directly contributing to that Change as well especially when there's Agencies that are just trying to take Your money basically and not actually

Providing any tangible value it's insane How many people go through those Experiences like you would be shocked as Someone who like you Santos for example You're more in like Drop Shipping so you Probably haven't even hired any agencies Or anything but bro it's crazy Um do I think that living in Minnesota Is limiting my growth no no but I don't Think so I don't think so like I think I could not work with more People in Miami but I also feel like Right now that wouldn't really benefit Me that much you know like I just feel like right now my best the Best use of my time is just to lock in You know grow my business like help grow My business and make content And I think Miami would be more of a Distraction than anything I think I Could just travel if I really wanted to Network with people but I've also I have Been networking with people through just My YouTube channel like I mean I have a Pretty significant audience So people are willing to like come on my Channel like I've not worked with Luke Like I didn't have to live in Miami to Do that I bet a lot of people in Miami Wish they could have done that Jad like I you know I became good friends with Chad Through this and I've never even met him

You know so I feel like the internet has Kind of leveled the playing field a bit I don't think you need to be in a Certain area in order to not work Um but I think you're right in some ways Like I think You know Being there could Make it faster to network with people Like that but it's okay I'm not in a Huge hurry to just network with Everybody like I'm I'm still trying to Make the company the best that it can be Because it's still in its infancy so I want to be able to create what we need In order to scale like the systems that We need in order to be to be able to Scale You should just invest in a Semiconductor ETF yeah that's a good Idea I need to hire you I have 10k of Inventory Um But I mean if you're just getting Started like I don't know I don't run ads for like Brands like That unless you have like your like Venture-backed if you have like Venture Capital behind your brand and you're Just starting then I would otherwise I Wouldn't because It's just too expensive you know like I Don't want to charge you

You know in order to run your ads and Then like you're just getting started You have to invest in your inventory That's tough but what we do sell is like Website design we do website design Um What else can we do I'm thinking like Email Flow Design that's another good One Drop Shipping is saturated though it's Not as easy as 2017. I mean yeah I would say so for sure that It's like not As easy but at the same time like it Wasn't there was people failing back Then too bro I just feel like there's More P it's more popular now so there's More people trying and failing so it Gives the illusion that it's a lot Harder but in reality like it isn't Because there are more people finding Success so there's more ways to Replicate success at the same time I Feel like it's all a balance so I Wouldn't worry too much about saturation Like I feel like that's Not super important to be honest with You Are you do you think because anyone with Internet can do it it becomes very Difficult to succeed no so like I said I Don't think that I think that because of That there's more people trying and

Failing I think it's always been hard You know I think it's always gonna it's Always been hard it's always gonna be Hard but you know if you have 10 people That try and nine fail You know that's that sucks if you have a Hundred people that try That same ratio that's going to be 90 People that failed you know so it just Almost gives the illusion that it's Harder But I don't know I could be wrong Obviously I have zero data to back this Up this is just my intuition Um can you see how much that brand That's going hard on Twitter ads is Making right now sure let me let me see If I can find another ad by them Um okay of course now I'm not finding Them You know what okay your kids off screen Okay so here's another one this one has 700k views Damn there's so many drop shipping Stores right now This one looks kind of nice wow okay so There's they just started this too 24 Came out to visitors in November so Probably like 40 50k a month Um Somebody said something really Interesting actually So can you see about how much that brand That's going hard on Twitter oh wait I

Just did that why not go to the business Route acquire Brands like Proctor and Gamble and Coca-Cola and Grow like that that is what I want to do But I need cat like I need Capital right So The long-term goal the chemi is to have Companies under us like is for it to Also be a holding company Where we have different companies under Us And That's going to be lit but you know one Step at a time bro that's the thing like I have the whole plan laid out but I gotta take it one step at a time it's Very important What do I think about Pinterest ads I Think Pinterest ads are Good to mess around with I don't think It's like I feel like there's better Uses of your ad dollars But I still think it's worth it to test out You know if you have like for Retargeting I feel like retargeting on Multiple platforms is always a good idea You know because whenever somebody sees You on a different platform they're Gonna automatically assume that you're Just like a huge business right like if They go on Google they see you they go On Facebook they see you they go on

Pinterest they see you they're gonna be Like okay these guys are these guys are Good Like Alex from Ozzy I think that's his Name oh yeah bro actually yeah that's What I've been wanting to watch he's Been putting out a lot of content that I've been trying to watch but I don't Because I want to save it for the on a Save it for the For the channel Do I know about shop Hunter yeah Actually I know the owner and we've been talking A lot lately Because I had a similar somewhat idea to That Um and I I don't know I've been trying To get him to work with me on it but I Get it like you know he doesn't want to Do that so I understand but yeah it's a Pretty cool company shop Hunter I just Know I can make it better but It's okay What's harder to Market a clothing brand Or resell and branding Tech products There's another video I want to show you Kind of in regards to that actually you Might find this interesting No okay none of these are what I Was looking for [Applause] [Applause] Something like this oh man

Yeah I don't know I'll I'll look for This video a different time I can't find It right this second but There was this guy that talked about how He resold things from Uh Facebook Marketplace like computer Parts like graphics cards You know Rams hard drives Etc And got the business up to 10 million a Year Pretty insane Alex from Mosey How many businesses are you running Right now for yourself just a cami bro I'm like All in on this business I just want to Grow this as much as I possibly can So I need all the help I can get you Know if you guys want to send people our Way I will gladly give you money for it You know I'm always looking for it like People that can help me reach Brands so That would that's an awesome thing if You know how to reach Brands and you Want to help me do that I would love to Pay you a lot of money to do that Um so yeah Trying to manage a couple Brands and It's tough at the beginning bro yeah Like that's Too hard dude like I've tried to like Start multiple things at the same time It's too hard like without a team it's

Nearly impossible even so Now I've built up a team so I like you Know for example I talked about how I'm Building this on the side right now not Really on the side it's actually kind of Like a part of this Kind of a part of the business in a way Because we already do a lot of research But I'm gonna start selling the research That we do as a monthly subscription Under a chemi and it's going to be Called the kemi research lab but Um you know even this which is with Which is within the same company Is like already a lot of work so I I Can't imagine trying to start up Multiple businesses at the same time That would just be tricky man Why don't I get rid of powered by Shopify to Kimmy because I like it bro I Don't know I think it's kind of a flat I Think it's like I like Shopify you know I think Shopify is cool Um So yeah that's basically it uh long Story short I just think it's cool Okay so let's watch an Alex from Ozzy Video You think that's a good idea okay well Bet I I'm glad that you think so because I've been a little nervous about it I Know it's a I I thought it was a good Idea but I didn't think I don't I didn't Know how people would perceive it even

Though I know that it's so valuable Because I'm segmenting it off as Trend data so research on Trends Research on Products Research on ads and Research on design so I feel like that's So valuable like a database A searchable database with all those Things I feel like would be super super Valuable and I'm trying to build that Since it also helps me come up with Content ideas helps me come up with Concepts for clients So it's kind of a good way to tie in Everything that we do at a cami under One neat little product Um so yeah I'm big on building in public These days that's why that's honestly Why I started at kemi I really wanted to Build something in public and use my Audience to help me build Um but I can't do that with a Drop Shipping Store because everyone's gonna Copy me and I mean sure if some people Could copy me on a cami but they don't Have my knowledge and audience right and Reputation and everything so it's a Little bit different unfortunately Though The only bad thing about akemi is that I'm not going to be able to sell it Really for much because Um You can't really sell an agency for huge Multiples but I don't care I don't even

Want to sell it you know what I mean Like I just want to keep it forever and Then have companies under me that I like Sell and stuff like that I think that Would be kind of dope but Uh I missed this video so let's watch it Let's see how to get rich in 2023 guys We lad a young man I lived on fifteen Hundred dollars a month and believe it Or not during that period of time while Splitting a room sleeping on the floor With another dude I was taking home About 15 20 000 a month and the reason That I live like that is because hey I'm Incredibly risk-averse but B because I Wanted to have money to go on the Offensive later if you don't know I am My name is own it's a Portfolio of companies this is over 200 Million dollars a year and I have Nothing to sell you make these videos Because I want you to make shitloads of Money and make a big company so that Someday we can partner together and take It to 100 million dollars and beyond for Me right a month was never an amount of Money that I wanted to brag about or Feel like I had made it I wanted to Shoot really really big this was only Stuff that was going to be stepping Stones for me to achieve what I wanted To later what I want to do in this video Is I'm going to break down how I was

Able to live for so cheap this is for All the single guys all the single Ladies now if you can live with your Parents even better for me somebody Would have died it was for the best that I didn't have to live at home this is What I actually did in order to live at Fifteen hundred dollars a month or less And I did that eating out every day There's three big costs you've got Transportation you got living and you Got food so food wise some of you guys Have seen Mosey meals meal hacks the Things that I do at these chain Restaurants and I did it that way Because I don't like cooking and I Wanted to have more time to make money But made more financial sense for me to Not take eight hours on the Sunday to go Grocery shopping and prep all my food Versus me getting Chipotle twice a day Which is what I did at the time then 15 A day a day 20 bucks a day 30 days in a Row 600 a month you can also go to Panda Express which has a phenomenal 110 gram Of protein hacked with extra chicken so You can have 200 grams of protein every Day recommend it third best option is Chick-fil-A is one of my favorites they Are on the price 220 packs of chicken nuggets and get in Closer I love Chick-fil-A Shout out to Chick-fil-A's out there Man this makes me want to get

Chick-fil-A but this is a good point It's funny because a lot of people hate On the idea of like saving more Uh but I think Alex tremozzi has a good Take on this it's not necessary it is About living Cheaply at first but it's not about Necessarily saving more it's about just Like keeping your overhead super low so That you can invest more in yourself and Grow the company quicker like I really Like that so 12 bucks just a shitload of Meat or two sandwiches either way you'll End up in that 10 to 12 range and you'll Be at that 600 700 a month range and if You're like huh did he really do that I Sure did that's all I did I picked Between Chick-fil-A Panda Express and Chipotle and that's what I lived on so Much to this point that Leila didn't Know that we were going on dates but for Me these were the fine establishments That I was frequenting on a regular Basis they knew me by name and they knew That I knew how to work the menu so First step was Mosey meals and that for Me time to money wise was worth it so When I would go to the grocery store and I would get all the Fixins and all the Stuff I spent 150 in a week and I ended Up spending almost 600 a month as a Single guy when I went grocery shopping And did all the prep and all the clean Versus me running out next door grabbing

The food eating it and heading back and It was a nice mental break for me I ate Cheap and as crazy as this may seem it Is easier to figure out how to get all Of your calories in eating out stuff Ahead of time the absolute cheapest Route which I'll tell you right now Loaves of bread peanut butter Cheapest thing in the world and if you Really want to make sure that you're Covered in your basis get a multi item You can live on it if you want to add a Third Staple in there you can add Lactaid milk if you're Dairy sensitive You'll get your protein you'll get your Carbs you get your fat in if you want to Be extreme on it you can be extreme for Me I didn't want to live on peanut Butter sandwiches I did eat them when I Was trying to bulk up but I did those in Addition to my normal calorie intake and To that degree you might want to do one Of those Mosey meals and then do peanut Butter and milk is the other one which Is a nice cheap in between the reason This is so important for everybody who's Watching this you got to know how to Live cheap so you can save up to build The business you want so you can invest In the skills and the experiences that Are going to make you money number two Is transportation this is where Mosimobiles came in there's lots of M's When it comes to mobiles meals and

Mansions from the mobile standpoint the Most efficient way to own a vehicle is To purchase it in cash a used vehicle That is between 5 and 10 years old and That's literally wow this is cool to see It's like kind of validating my journey So far because I have a 2014 Ford Fusion 10 titanium Edition it's pretty clean And I bought it cash for 14k and I've Had it for like five years almost and It's just always it's been a great Purchase like it's a great car to be Honest I've driven it across the country Three times now Two times now and it's never failed me So This is facts any place in America right Now today you can find a used four-door Vehicle that is between five and ten Years old for ten thousand dollars you Don't have car payments the only thing You really have to manage is car Insurance which is not too expensive and Here's the cool part the cheaper your Car less the insurance if you are young And you are living on 600 a month for Mosey meals and you live on a hundred Dollars a month after you've made your One-time Capital expense of actually Getting the car which I recommend doing And not taking a loan for it all you Have is your Mansion your Chateau Where Are You Gonna rest your head at night I Lived in Southern California one of if

Not the most expensive markets in the United States I was in Costa Mesa was Where I lived and after I slept on the Floor of my gym which is the first place Which technically was Zero but at the Same time it was five thousand dollars a Month because it was my actual rent for My business I then really splurged I Ended up having a member at my gym say Are you really sleeping here said I sure Am another member was having a place for Free I was able to move from the free Place to my own place which is really in Quotes here we split a single bedroom in A seven bedroom house Not housemates roommates and I had one Mattress that I got off Craigslist and Put on the floor fan next to my face Because it's really loud by the way so You can not have to hear what someone Else is doing because every other Bedroom had a couple okay I I think this Is a little too extreme for me but you Know I get the point and I think it's Refreshing I I think I feel you Santos You're saying you spent all your money You made good money but You know you're probably not paying Taxes bro let's be honest so you know Taxes will get you I'm just kidding but Yeah I the the point of living cheaply Is so that you can Basically handle any business expense That comes around and that something

That will crush you like that's why People get crushed bro because they'll Throw but then some some unexpected like Black Swan event happens and they get Completely And now they have like a ton of overhead So I have nothing against like spending Your money like that like I I think People I'm a big believer and do Whatever you want like literally just if That's how you want to spend your money Do it I don't even think it's Necessarily like dumb because you only Live once so you know everything is kind Of dumb Um But I think you definitely sleep a little Better at night knowing that you could Cushion a big blow that's kind of how I View it All right how do you structure your Business to reduce taxes I have an S corp that is how you reduce Taxes is by paying yourself a salary as An employee of your business And paying not getting double taxed Basically you still do pay taxes though Like you still got to pay taxes but you Also reduce your Tax expense by getting a new setup like I just did because and quite literally This setup is probably gonna like triple My income in the next couple years or in

The next year because I've already felt Just how much faster I get my work done On this it's pretty awesome but let's Finish the video the house my roommate Had a dog another couple had a dog Another couple had a dog and one of the Couples had two dogs and they were both Big so there was marking of territory There was and piss in the house Every day horrible my half was 400 bucks a month if you're in like North Carolina or you're in Boise Idaho You can probably get a room for 400 a Month without having to split it big Picture here I would recommend you go to The place where shit's happening 400 a Month that you'd spend to be in an area Where things are going on and people are Doing things with their lives to get out Of your area of the world where Nothing's happening and your friends are Still in the same place and your parents Don't encourage you and think this Internet is weird to tell you to Stop watching videos on YouTube or Trying to better yourself and just tell You to get a job whatever it is if you Want to get out of that environment it Is worth the 200 to 400 a month the Easiest thing to do is to connect with People online join communities join Discord groups I'm a big fan of this try And figure out where there are pockets Of them because people congregate you

Can find pockets of people that have Similar goals to you and get around them Every move for the first few years of my Career was only to be around people as Long as you're a person who's going to Hustle and people see it people will Open doors for you move from SoCal to Puerto Rico briefly from there we move To Irvine and then Albuquerque New Mexico because I had people there that I Wanted to learn from and I didn't know Anyone else besides this one couple if You just say hey do you know anybody Else who lives in this area and this is Where like now the world's even more Connected than it was a decade ago see a Lot in SoCal you see a lot in Miami You'll see a lot of New York a lot of Chicago and a big thing here if you see Cleveland rich is not the same as SoCal Rich not the same as New York what Happens is your standard of excellent Islands raises in some ways you feel Worse about yourself but to the same Degree it shows you what's possible my Recommendation is to use that as Inspiration it is possible they are made Of the same flashing mode as I am Therefore I can too and when you get Around people like that they start Talking to different time increments and Different money increments you're Hanging out with or talking in terms of Weeks talk in terms of paychecks talking

In terms of of 100 000 Investments you got to be talking to People who are talking about hundred Thousand dollar Investments we're Talking about years talk about decades You can judge How wealthy people will be by how they Talk about how they allocate resources Time and money and the increments that They measure those I've moved a lot Faster in life through handshakes Instead of hacks so who who introduced Me and opened way more doors than any What ever did getting around the who a Lot of times it's hard to measure but When I look at all the big deals that I've done in my life it's all been one Or two degrees connected from people That I met one recommendation that I Have for you don't turn down the first Invite you connect with somebody at a Thing it's like hey let's grab dinner if You make that first one happen the Likely that you end up staying friends And connecting is significantly higher If you turn down the first invite it Shows that you're not as interested they Also turned out your counter invite and It becomes this whole thing and I'm just Saying like one big move is just make it Work on the first invite when you go to That meeting do some prep work do 30 Minutes of research on the person you're Going to meet with and try to bring

Something valuable to the table now it Might be your skill and you just apply It to them and this is the thing this is A hack a life no one wants a Free pass out of here like hey you got a Buddy who builds patios you don't have a Patio you have a couple people bid for It your buddy's like hey I'll build it For you right he says he'll do it for Free and you say sure cool I'll save Some money the other guy said they can Do it in four weeks he starts taking Four weeks and it's you know a third of The way down he's like oh sorry I'm Working on some other jobs he'll be Around to work on it later this weekend And now it's eight weeks and it's still You know halfway done and at 12 weeks Now you start to hate the guy The thing is is that if you want to do Somebody a favor if you really want them To take it as a favor blow them away Make them feel awkward for the amount of Work that you did and if you've never Had this experience I can promise you I've been on the receiving end and it is Uncomfortable I owe this guy Something and the nice thing about this You just provide value you go in and you Know it's just probably a little bit of Value you actually do what a full-scope Project would be for whatever it is that You're good at and you just set it up For the dude or you've spent a whole day

Walking them through how you do this Stuff you're like well how do you find The time for that you work all the time That's how you do it this is work it's Investing in the long-term relationships They're going to pay dividends later Does that mean that I'm going to to give To somebody and I might not get anything Back yes didn't you say you want to be An entrepreneur and make the world a Better place that's what it looks like Oh when are we going to get Jack and Tari part two Um soon bro I mean hey I'll I'll hit him Up maybe we can get him on the channel Sooner than you would think we did do a Part two that we even did a part three I Feel like or no no we just did a part Two but yeah part three is definitely in The books Um we should definitely do that Um I can just hit him up Um Do you pay yourself under over 100k Um I don't know exactly what it will be Like this year to be honest with you I gotta go over my accounting for the Tax season Love the Ecom game we're all gonna make It Bros hell yeah shout out to Charles Level the ultimate leverage that you can Have in a relationship is not needing Anything back if you do that you can be

The guy that stacks ious and then when You do need to make your move because You are going to do the next thing then You've got all these blank checks ready To cash in and then that is how you can Propel yourself way faster and you just Load the deck early when you don't need Anything the time to dig the well is not When you're thirsty but when you have Enough water so that when you are Thirsty it's there now we can go on the Offensive my plan B was always strip at Night drive Uber during the day and I'm Dead serious if you're making less than 60 70 000 a year I don't understand why You wouldn't take that car that you Saved that's got four doors it's 15 Years or younger and has no visible Damage on it if you got those three Check marks you can drive Uber it is the Most flexible job you can make money Immediately there's no risk besides the Actual vehicle itself you can work Whatever hours you want you can do it on Separate apps and when I say whatever Hours I said there's flexibility but Also how many hours you want you work 12 Hours a day if you feel like living 1500 Bucks a month or less spend 20 make Another 200 have saved up this is such Taxes so I could go on the offensive Again if you know it doesn't save the Lives all of my lives get saved because Look at now YouTube did something super

Cool which is the segment your channel So now you can go to the live section And boom all my lives are right there And you can view them Every day Alex said he want he would have done it This was his plan B he would have been a Stripper and an Uber driver so a Stripper at night Uber driver during the Day if this wouldn't have worked out to Live your risk tolerance goes up because You don't have other to worry about Real cost of the that you can't Afford or shouldn't be affording right Now you're paying for the car but you're Sacrificing your dreams you're paying For going out with the boys at the club Buying a table getting bottle service Buying girls drinks all of a sudden boom 100 bucks boom 200 bucks in a night like What just happened become still your Primary my only focus right now is a Kemi so we almost entirely work With Ecom clients so yeah you could say That you become less dangerous because It's very hard to fight someone who has Nothing to lose And it's very hard to find someone Who can live on nothing if we had to Pick between living on ten thousand Dollars a month and making ten thousand Dollars a month 1500 a month and then Spending the spread if you spend five Thousand dollars a month three thousand

Dollars a month two thousand dollars a Month on your education so that you can Increase your earning capacity It's hard to be stopped side note if you Can get competitive with yourself at how Little you can spend recommend one of The other hacks that Dave Ramsey has That I'm a huge fan of is taking out the Amount of money that you're gonna spend For the entire month putting in your Wallet and leaving it there don't spend More than that period that's it that's All you got you are one of these people Who wants to credit card my favorite Shopify theme my favorite Shopify theme Is probably Don incense I love those Themes here and I get one percent here And I get three percent here you're Focusing on the wrong percentage Side if you're trying to be financially Disciplined just be disciplined So I get asked a lot about the income to Spending ratio I never had one that's Because I just try to maximize both Sides how can I hack the game to spend As little as humanly possible period and Then how can I hack the other side of The game make as much money as I Possibly can I just saved every dollar That was in food Transportation living The other way of doing this is getting Competitive with your bank account one Of the habits that I highly encourage You do is that every morning what's the

First thing you check is it Instagram Is it YouTube is it your text I will Tell you the first thing that I checked The mornings when I was in this period Of my life it was my bank account every Day I would wake up and I'll check my Bank account and what happened the Reason I say no debutify is because they Beautify is not actually free I mean I Think it you can use it for free but Um yeah I don't know I just like the Free themes the best because they're a Good template that you can build on and They're super fast What do you guys offer at your agency so At Academy we offer mainly paid media So Meta Tick Tock ads and Google ads but we Also have really any service that's Going to help your e-commerce brand grow Or your business grow in general so for Example content repurposing Landing Peach design Um Shopify store design We do uh we can do email marketing I Have a good partner on that so email Marketing Um any of those things so whatever you Need that's really going to help you Grow and we have really good pricing you Know we're not trying to take advantage Of people which a lot of agencies do and Yeah that's basically all of it and then On top of that what I'm building right Now is the achemy research lab which is

Basically where we just publish all our Research for a price that anybody can Pay and then the chemi Discord by the Way you guys should all join it it's Free and it's um pretty pretty awesome So you can join it for free It's pretty cool I got it pulled up Right here Boom You see we'll finish the video in just a Second Um but yeah I'm pretty active in here Actually so you guys should Definitely check this out we talk about A lot of stuff even just like Productivity stuff So Um I feel like the customer got too smart For Don nah bro like I don't that Doesn't make sense bro like why what do You mean Don is just such a Don is like A simple theme there's no you know There's no like too smart or anything Uh I tell about the content I'm telling You like the most important thing is not Your store Like your theme it's making sure that it Looks good through like simple branding Like a good font good colors and then Also Um Uh also just your content the content on Your store is way more important so you

See the akame website for example like You guys a lot of people have told me It's like so clean like they really With it Guess what it's the Don theme bro it's Because the content makes a difference Foreign Let me see Yo what's your outlook on YouTube in the Next decade they've been saying that AI Could be next thing in YouTube yeah well I already used like vid IQ sometimes for Like AI Topic recommendations and stuff like That so I'm I mean I think YouTube is only going To continue to grow a lot I think next year is going to be a very Big year for YouTube especially because YouTube shorts are about to get Monetized which is huge Um yeah that's basically it Put it came in the description it should Be in the description is it not Let me look I'll pull this up happens when you do That develop this muscle of kind of this Understanding of the money flow it might Be uneventful to check your bank account Every day but if I can give you a habit That will make you a lot of money it's Just like weight loss if you get on a Scale every day and you're trying to Lose weight and you don't do jack

But you literally just get on the scale Every day people lose weight drawing and Putting awareness to the problem or the Thing that you're trying to change Improves it it is this so the Discord is Linked in the description of this video Even so check it out Foreign To go up start tracking everything if You just start reporting publicly on Close rates and put a leaderboard up Sales go up think about this from a Human behavior standpoint punish bad Behavior with yourself as quickly as Possible and you want to reward good Behavior as fast as possible so you do More of it that's why you check the bank Account every day start seeing it go up And you get this little ticker it goes Up and if you really want to be a g About it this is how I did it check your Bank account and you have a Google sheet On your phone and every day I put my Balance in and if you can start getting Addicted to getting personal records in Your bank account like if I can give you The one gift of this is to gamify it the People who make the most money they Think about money as a game and the best Way to do that is early on track two Things you check your bank account and You put it in and what's nice there is That you can start seeing long-term Trends when I would I know Net series is

Not a chemi it is though like I'm Consolidating the Business Academy is Gonna it netsphere is just getting Swallowed up by a cami right now it's Happening in real time I got a Tremendous amount of Good Feeling I Would look at it and be like I Did that and every month to get a little Bit bigger a little bit bigger a little Bit bigger and you start feeling Progress for the sacrifices that you Make every day because you look at where You're at this month versus last month And you see progress so if you want to Improve your money situation you got to Check it you got to look at it every day And the first thing in the day priority It means it is happening prior it's more Important so you wake up you make money A priority you check your bank out every Day you start getting pulse on what's Going in and what's going out what's Going in what's going on you look at all Of the pluses that go in you look at all The minuses and next month you try to Make that column go up and that column Go down you keep running that cycle and Sometimes it's easier is better this Guy's right every single day even for 90 Days 90 days you will be amazed at what Goes in there they're like huh didn't Even know I still had that app most People get anxiety they avoid the things That they don't like gotta confront it

I'm poor don't want to be poor I'm going to look at this money until Eventually it starts paying attention Back to me because money sticks to the Person who pays it the most attention Wow this is how the economy works the Person in two parties who pays the most Attention is where the money ends up That's actually a really good point Cool wow Making some Good progress here Oh yeah I was watching the Andrew Huberman podcast as well I mean that's Super unrelated to my channel but not Really because it's about Um you know improving yourself which is Great Let me see what else we can do though Um Yeah honestly I should probably get Going soon I do gotta talk to my team For a little bit and then I gotta I'm Probably gonna hang out with my Girlfriend and go to bed I didn't get The best sleep last night So tonight I'm trying to make up for That sleep is pretty important I've Heard so Yeah but I really hope that you guys had A good time we definitely got some good Content from this stream As always check out all the links in the Description we got some good stuff in

There I really appreciate you guys just Continuing to support the channel it's Been a really you know special to see The Continuous growth on YouTube it's Like amazing and I can't wait to see Where we're at a year from now for real Like it's gonna be nuts so with that Said Love you guys this has been real learned A lot and I've I always have fun doing These so I'm gonna keep doing them I Want to do like Three to four a week I did say I would Do four this week so I'm gonna do four This week I'll probably do one tomorrow And the next day So yeah That's about it bruh Thank you guys for joining You guys have a great Rest of your day Peace

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