Attract Freelance Customers Like a Magnet: Proven Expert Sales Strategies To Sell More Online

If you want to learn the ins and outs of How to attract more freelance clients by Using proven expert sales strategies That will help you make more money Online you really need to stick around Until the end of this video I'm going to Break down a bunch of different Scenarios that Freelancers will Encounter while doing business and teach You how to come out on top of those Scenarios so that you can get the sale Things like how to negotiate higher Prices how to pitch your services and Quote projects how to answer tough Questions things like that that will Help people with no formal sales Experience do better sell more and make More money freelancing so we're gonna Get right into it but before we do I'm Just going to tell you a little bit About myself and how I learned all the Stuff that I'm about to share with you So who am I I'm a tech sales Professional with over 10 years of sales Experience so I've spent some time Working for large Fortune 500 tech Companies I've spent some time working For tiny little Tech startups I've sold 100 Dollar Plus deals I've sold hundred Dollar deals I've worked in tech for the Last 10 years and I love it I've been a Fiverr pro-rated seller since 2021 and During my time freelancing in general I've earned over a hundred thousand

Dollars as a freelance copywriter I also Run this YouTube channel and another YouTube channel my main channel is now At around 110 000 subscribers and my Second channel has about 400 subscribers So here's how this video is going to Work for you I'm gonna provide a Scenario then I'm going to role play how Your potential customer might respond to You in that scenario then I'm going to Role play how I would respond in that Situation and provide some rationale and Reasons behind my response and why I Think it's an effective strategy to win The deal in that particular scenario so The first scenario we're going to talk About is one where a client asks you a Very generic question how can you help My business so believe it or not this is A very common opener that a lot of Potential clients will reach out to a Freelancer with especially if you're Selling your services on a site like Fiverr where your services are readily Available and anyone can message you About those Services a lot of the time The first message you'll get is how can You help my business it's super generic But how you respond here is also really Really important because the buyer might Be trying to do one of two things either They're an experienced client and They're trying to get you to Showcase How you can offer value to their

Business with your response or their Inexperienced have never done this Before and are genuinely curious because They've never hired Someone Like You I Usually go with one of two types of Responses here either I'll put the ball Back into their Court asking them to Shed some light on what specifically They need help with and to tell me more About their business or I'll give them a Quick elevator pitch of my services so Option one the discovery route you know Asking them more questions about their Survey or about their business and what They need help with is a great option if You're comfortable asking questions and If you're not comfortable asking Questions this should be a goal of yours Because regardless of whether you're a Freelancer or selling anything Discovery And asking questions early on in the Sales cycle is one of the most important Parts of selling anything what you Should focus on here is having them tell You what they need have them share Information on you know what's bothering Them what the current pain points at Their businesses are that they're trying To solve or what type of outcomes They're trying to accomplish by hiring Someone like you having this information Will help you tailor your eventual quote Or sales pitch to their specific Business making it a whole lot stickier

Than if you were to just respond blindly And take a guess at how you might be Able to help them the second option is To respond with an elevator pitch and This is a great option if the service You sell is very transactional an Elevator pitch simply put is a short Explanation of your business and the Services you provide here's a sample Elevator pitch that you can use as an Example when creating your own elevator Pitch and bear in mind this is written For a specific type of business you Would need to tailor this pitch to your Business and how you help your clients Obviously so here's the pitch I work With companies like yours to increase Sales I do this by providing access to me and My team of experienced sales Professionals to Prospect and cold call Lists of your target clients typically Our clients find working with us saves Them time and significantly increases Sales and it's really important to Understand that regardless of whether You decide to go the discovery route Where you're asking them a lot of Questions up front or pitch them with an Elevator pitch if they respond in either Case or if they engage in a conversation With you after that point you're going To end up in the same place and that Place is doing sales Discovery asking

Them a bunch of questions trying to Fully understand the project in their Business so that you can tailor your Proposal to exactly what they need Remember this throughout this video Discovery that part of the sales cycle Where you're asking a lot of questions Is one of the first steps when you're Selling anything and it dramatically Boosts your chances of winning the deal If you don't do this you skip Discovery You don't bother asking them many Questions you're probably going to set Yourself up for failure because you're Going to be jumping into things blind And haven't taken the opportunity to set Proper expectations with your potential Clients so scenario number two is when a Client asks you for your best price this Is a really really classic situation That if you don't respond correctly to You'll lose money in 100 of the time You'll either get asked this before you Have any sort of conversation with a Client you know someone messages you Blindly what's your best price or after You've had the chance to thoroughly Discuss the project with your client you Feel like they're ready to hire you they Might ask this in in part of their ask For hey send me a quote how you respond To this question of hey what's your best Price really depends on when and how They ask you if this is the first thing

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They're asking you like the first Message you get from this potential Client is hey what's your best price Your only goal should be to try to Deflect them and move the conversation To a point where you're able to ask them Questions about their business and Collect information why do you want to Do that well because if you just respond With a blind price without knowing Anything about their business you're Just taking a shot in the dark you're Probably going to quote them incorrectly And you might leave yourself in a in a Sticky situation and just so you know Here are two bad situations you might Find yourself in if you do just respond And give them a random price based on no Information the first is that they might Just take that price you give them and Use it to negotiate a better price with Your competition so you'll lose the deal And they're going to hire someone else Anyways or they say Hey you know that's Great I'm going to hire you they accept That price with no information and you Find out that you're ending up doing a Lot more work than you were paid for so You end up working and for cheaper and Losing out in the end so if someone asks You right off the bat hey what's your Best price you can respond with Something like this I appreciate your Interest us and I'll be happy to give

You a price but before I do can you help Me understand a bit more about your Business and what specifically you're Looking for help with that'll help me Figure out the right price for what you Need your goal here is to deflect and Start collecting as much information as You can to help you build a quote that Accurately reflects what they need and How you can help the other scenario is They might ask you what your best price Is after you've had a pretty deep Conversation after they're pretty Confident about hiring you and you're Pretty confident about the project they Might ask you hey what's your best price Send me a quote in a situation where They do this especially if you're Selling on a freelance platform like Fiverr where your services are listed Your prices are listed if what they need Help with aligns with something you Already have publicly available like Pricing you already have on your Fiverr Gigs I would respond confidently quoting Them the exact same price as what it Would be listed as on your gigs nine Times out of ten I find that EXP Variance clients who ask you what your Best price is even if it's published on Fiverr are just doing this to take a Shot at getting a discount and will Accept the price that you quote them but Sometimes you're going to get someone

Who might not be the best client to work With who pushes back and points out the Fact that you know hey this is the same Prices you have listed on your gig why Aren't you giving me a discount in this Situation I would respond confidently I Wouldn't fold on their request and I Would say something like this yeah You're correct I've built my prices out Based on the amount of time and effort It takes for me to deliver the best Results to my clients the price I quoted You covers everything that you said You've needed in our conversation and I'm really excited to get started with You on your project so in that response You're not even taking the bait you're Being straight up and saying Hey listen We've spent the time talking about what You need this is what you need and to Get you what you need at the highest Level of quality this is what the price Is hit them with that see how they Respond if they keep pushing back and Try to nickel and dime you you need to Decide how you want to handle it I'm not A fan of offering discounts especially With first-time buyers but you do what You need to do so scenario number three Is a client asks you to provide a Discount on the promise that they will Send you more work in the future yes yes Yes we we've all gotten this type of a Request someone messages you out of the

Blue saying they need to hire you and That they have a lot of work coming your Way but right now they just need to buy One little project from you but they Want a discount based on that promise That they're going to send you a bunch More work here's a spoiler for you if You're taking my advice you are rarely Going to take their word for that Instead you're going to use what I'm About to tell you to try to make way More money up front when you respond Tell them that you know sure you welcome The opportunity to you know sign up for Long-term Partnerships with clients but In order to provide a discount you Require your clients to let you know how Many more orders or how how long they Might want to work with you like how big Is this volume discount going to be Based off of and if they know that You're going to set a price that they Have to pay you for up front if they Truly want to work with you and they're Truly concerned about getting a volume Discount for all the work they're going To send you down the road a lot of a lot Of real reputable genuine clients will Take you up on this offer and that'll Leave you with a huge chunk of cash like A retainer up front before you do any Work that's a great situation to be in Or you can tell them that you do offer Volume discounts but that those

Discounts accumulate as clients keep Coming back and ordering services from You doing this will help you protect Yourself so you're not just getting Hustled for a discount and this person Is going to take off and never you're Never going to see them again and it Gives them them an incentive to keep Trusting you with more projects because You've built out this system where They'll get a better deal as time goes On I personally like the option of Getting money up front big bulk payment Predefined and they're on the hook for Hiring me for that work but I do Understand that in some situations for Some different types of freelance Services clients might be reluctant to Do that so using this second option Where you build a discount over time is A good pick too so scenario number four Is a client asks you to beat a competing Quote line by line so this is a little Bit of a more complex scenario but it's One that does happen and it's one that I Think can really help me explain a Really core concept that is important in Any type of sales it has to do with Value specifically making sure you're Always Selling Stuff based on value and Providing a quote with the straight up Simple goal of just being lower than a Quote that's provided to you is the Absolute opposite of selling based on

Value it's a novice move it'll be harder To close those deals even if you're the Cheaper price and it sets a bad Precedence not a great way to run a Business or do sales if you or your Client only care about being the lowest Cost and are not focused on value Something's been missed one of you are Missing something and you need to take a Step back and do some Discovery so you Can figure out what they actually need Help with and a lot of you probably Already do this and might be asking you Know why wouldn't I just give them the Best price well here's one reason if you Just match a quote and you come in Cheaper there's really nothing keeping Them attached or sticky to purchasing With you you've taken no time to show Them your value how you can help why They need to hire you you've just given Them a number so there's nothing Stopping them from taking that number And getting an even better price from Someone else you just you've just shot Yourself in the foot really racing to The bottom is not the way you want to Build a successful business just take my Word for that instead of just responding And providing the quote and you know Doing what they say try to deflect and Go back into the discovery mode we've Been talking about Discovery a lot in This video

Rebuttal or you know counter them with Some questions you know hey I'd be happy To give you pricing but first can we Talk a little bit about more you know More about what you need help with and Here's a key situation that will give You the most valuable information on Whether or not this is going to be a Good client to work with if you ask them Hey you know before I can give you any Pricing I need to know more about the Project and they give you pushback this Is a major red flag any client who's Unwilling to tell you about their Project or their business in my opinion Is not a serious client they're probably Just trying to get you to send them a Quote so they can get a lower price Elsewhere or they're just going to be an Absolute nightmare client to work with Because they're focused on the wrong Things so if they push back and they Said no no no I don't want to talk about My business or what this project is I Just need a quote you have a tough Decision to make and in my opinion the Decision would be you set a hard Line in The Sand either we talk about the Project or I'm not the freelance for you And you move on scenario number five is You provide a quote to a client and they Tell you that they need to think about It and they'll get back to you so Imagine imagine this is the scenario

You've spent your time talking with this Potential client they've told you a lot About their company about the project You feel confident you can do it you Think that they want to hire you you Prep you prepare a quote you send it to Them they look at it and they say hey Thanks for sending me the quote I need Some time to think about it that's fine Right let them think about it they'll Get back to you it's in the bag do you Feel that way if you do you really Shouldn't there's a saying in sales that Time kills all deals and it's true Momentum in sales is super important you Want to keep things moving Because Unless you're confident that you've Gotten them to the point where they Truly believe that their business cannot Go on without hiring you which honestly Is probably rarely the case the more you Let them go think about things and allow Time for other priorities to pop up in Their world the lower the chances of Them actually hiring you to do that in The first place so what do you do in This situation well it's a bit nuanced And I might go into this in Greater Detail in another video but a lot of What you're going to do is going to be Based on the information you've Collected during Discovery do you know That they have a deadline coming up is There you know a really crucial business

Factor that if they don't hire you Things will go south they'll lose money Or have you talked about how high hiring You will definitely help them make more Money or you know do they have a a trade Show coming up and they absolutely need Your help otherwise it won't be possible To run the show if there's anything like That that you've uncovered in Discovery This is the time to remind them of that And say Hey listen I thought you said XYZ don't you think it's a priority we Sign on this today if they still push Back and say Hey you know I just need More time to review the quote I would Still take another shot because giving Them more time means they have time to Go get other quotes I would say okay Listen I'm going to level with you what Do we need to do to make this happen Today Say that and then close your mouth and Don't say anything if they respond with Anything it means the doors open and There's a possibility of getting that Deal today and odds are they're going to Come back and ask you for a discount Surprise surprise they're going to ask You for a discount give me a discount I'll sign today me personally that's my Last resort I hate giving discounts Especially in this type of the situation But what I will say is you know hey Maybe I can't give you a discount but

What else could we work into this deal To make it you know more enticing for You to sign today can I give you a Faster turnaround time can I give you More favorable payment terms maybe I can Include an extra revision or provide a Little bit of extra work for that same Price we agreed upon to offer you a Little bit more value I would put those Things up there see if they bite for any And try to get the deal today because if You wait they might forget about you and Go with someone else so anyways those Are five sales strategies that I've Learned through a career in Tech sales They're effective they're transferable And they will help you as a freelancer If you have no formal sales experience Bookmark this video practice these Responses to these different types of Client scenarios and let me know if you Have any comments Down Below in the Comment section I'd be happy to help Thank you so much for watching happy Selling guys [Music]

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