7 Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs of 2023 – I do #7 & I LOVE it!

How do you find stay-at-home mom jobs Because being a mom is already a Full-time job so how can you find Something that works around your Schedule and pays well this is a Question I asked myself when I was four Months pregnant with my second child and I was ready to quit my job you guys I Did not care about climbing a corporate Letter anymore I just wanted to be at Home with my kids but my husband and I Were living on a two household income so I could not just quit my job without Figuring out how I could actually Supplement my income so long story short After a lot of prayer and searching Online for what I could do I know it was The Lord that said to just reach out to Moms who actually work from home and Find out what they do how they do it at Home with kids how I could get started And most importantly how much money do They make so I asked and they answered And I created a whole website to share Their stories from moms like me looking For legitimate stay-at-home mom jobs now This was four years ago guys I built a Business from scratch so I started I Launched my website in January 2018 I Had my daughter March 2018 I took an Extended maternity leave just to see if This business thing could really work I Saw that it could so when it was time For me to go back I gave my two weeks

Notice because I was ready to go all in On my business because I knew it could Work I wasn't making the money I wanted To yet because I had only made five Thousand dollars my first year in Business but somebody say but the very Next year I made over two hundred Thousand dollars now that is nobody but God I had no idea that could ever happen But I do want you guys know that I do Want to stress that my husband and I we Decided that the goal was for me to quit My job when I was around four months Pregnant so we started living off of one Paycheck to see if we could really live On one income so we had to cut down our Lifestyle and we were saving all of my Paychecks so that was like gonna be our Safety net if things didn't kind of go Out the way we planned now I'm going to Share with you guys what I do at the end But I do have a huge announcement that Has been a long time coming because I'm About to give you a list of stay-at-home Mom jobs but what happens if you don't Want to do any of these you're gonna Just go somewhere else and keep looking Right well I just created a free Facebook group called Unbound more than Just a mom and this is a community for Like-minded moms who no longer want to Climb the ladder but build their own This group is going to be for moms who Have a business or want to start one and

Are looking to collaborate hire find Business partners or just different ways That they can make money so I'm going to Be doing weekly lives in there to help You level up I want to have special Guest speakers that will help us Diversify our income so I'm going to put The link in the description below I'm so Excited about this because I am a six Figure entrepreneur on my way to seven And it is so much better if we can do Things together all right okay now here Are the best at home mom jobs that I'm Going to recommend to you guys today and Disclaimer for some of these I highly Recommend taking a course I'm going to Tell you guys which ones I recommend but I would like I've heard in the past that I've got some feedback that I don't have Money to pay for a course I'm looking For a job to make money and I completely Understand that trust me but why do People go to college they pay to learn So they can get a job because people pay For knowledge so if you know how to do Something that could contribute to my Business I want to pay you for it but You have to learn how to do it and Sometimes you have to pay to learn how To do certain things so that's why for Some of these you may need a course if You don't know how to do this stuff yet Go ahead take the course learn how to do It and then proceed to get the job of

The opportunity that will allow you to Make money so that was the disclaimer I Want to put out there first not all These are going to require you to take a Course but some of them will and I just Wanted to let you guys know all right so The first one is becoming a virtual Assistant this was the first thing I did To start making money online and I loved It so a virtual assistant they provide Administrative support to clients Remotely and they perform a variety of Tasks such as scheduling appointments Managing emails handling social media Accounts conducting research and just Honestly a ton more so I personally have Two virtual assistants who are moms and It's a great job for moms because I Don't care when they do the work as long As they can meet their deadline they are Not attached to any class so you get to Work around your own schedule and a Typical pay is around 20 to 25 an hour Now I made twenty five dollars an hour From my very first virtual assistant job And I believe you guys can do the same Now to get started you honestly can fake It to make it you know never lie but if You don't know how to do something just Say I'm not sure but let me find out be Resourceful YouTube Google Facebook Groups or whatever I know my virtual Assistants don't know everything but I Know that they can get the answer don't

Think that you have to know everything Offer your services to friends family And local small businesses as a starting Point and then continuously upgrade your Skills and knowledge to meet the Evolving needs of your clients now Michaela Quinn she teaches moms how to Do this she was a mom working as a Teacher and she wanted to be home with Her kids so she started doing virtual Assistant work on the side and then she Started making more than her teaching Job so she quit her job and now she Helps other moms do the same so she has A free Workshop that I'm gonna put in The description below if you guys want To check it out to see how she was able To do it and how you can too next is a Company called Telus now this one Doesn't pay as much but if you need Money it's worth a try the hiring Manager is always contacting me to try To fill more positions as a U.S Raider So in this role you need to work 20 Hours a week for 14 an hour and you work Around your own terms as long as you can Complete 20 hours of work in a week so You have to analyze data from search Engines and rate Search terms for Relevancy now for more information on This position I'm gonna put the link in The description below so you guys can Check it out if you're interested next Is a business you can start from home

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That you will want to get some training If you don't know how to do this and It's becoming a bookkeeper now this is One of my favorite stay-at-home mom jobs Because I interview a mom of nine yeah Guys she has nine kids and she is a Successful bookkeeper making over two Thousand dollars a month working on her Own terms now bookkeepers are Responsible for maintaining and Recording the financial transactions of A business so once a month a bookkeeper Records Financial transfer sessions for Their clients analyzes the data and Reports it to their clients you know It's a little bit more to it but the Best part about becoming a bookkeeper is That the work is so minimal depending on You know your client the reason this is Such a good job for moms is because you Can work one to four hours on a client's Work a month that's it and you're done One client can be five hundred dollars So do you now see how this amount of Nine can actually do a job like this That's why this is one of my best jobs For moms that I always am recommending Now the course that she took has this Free Workshop to find out first if Bookkeeping is right for you so I highly Recommend you guys take the free Workshop first to see if this is right For you so I'll put that link in the Description below and I'm gonna put the

Link to the interview I did with her in The description so you guys can check That out to kind of see her point of View and how this works for her the next One is proofreading so for all my Eagle Eye mamas out there are you the woman Who is always catching spelling errors Or any grammar mistakes If so you can make a lucrative career Catching other people's mistakes and do This on the side so I interviewed a mom Who does this making 3 500 a month Working on her own terms so she took This proofreading course to refine her Skills and that was what gave her the Confidence to go out and start getting Clients so I recommend the same thing For you guys now the courses she took Does have a free Workshop as well to see If this is right for you first so I'll Put that link in the description below To see if this is something that you Guys want to try next is becoming a Sleep consultant now this is for those Moms who are able to get their kids to Sleep through the night at an early age If you were you have super powers I wish That was me now other moms they need Your help so I interviewed James Havens Who does this and she has always been Getting asked how she was able to get Her kids to sleep early through the Night so friends and family were always Asking her and then people like want to

Start happily paying her for her Services so she was like man I can make Business out of this so she started Charging for her services and now she Makes ten thousand dollars a month as a Sleep consultant she was doing so well She was like other moms knew this as Well so now she teaches other moms how To do the same and I did a video Interview with her and it was really Good so if you guys have any interest in This I highly recommend checking that Video out just to see how she was able To do it and then how you can too so I Want to put that interview in the Description below so you guys can check It out alright now the next one is Selling printables on Etsy so printables Are great because you make them once and Can sell them over and over and over Again and you can make some nice money With this because we know people making Eight thousand dollars a month with Printables like I didn't think that was A thing and you don't need experience For this if you use gold City Ventures Because they provide printables that can Slightly change a little bit that you Can slightly change a little bit and you Don't need experience with this if you Use gold City Ventures because they Provide printables that you can slightly Change to make it your own so if you Wanted to get started with this here is

What you want to do you first want to Pick a niche that sells so weddings baby Showers scrapbooking anything related to Seasonal products are good as well like Christmas Halloween and Valentine's Day The next step is to do your research Look on Pinterest and Etsy to see what's Already selling or popular to help give You some inspiration on what you could Do so I interviewed Julie who was Earning thousands of dollars doing this And here is an exempt of one of her Printables so she uses canva and Adobe Illustrator and starting out what I Recommend you guys do is to use canva Because it's free now your next step Would be to list your products on Etsy And then put in certain keywords in the Title and in your listing description to Make sure that people can find it for Whoever is looking for that specific Printable for example Julie she puts in Bachelorette games in her product Description and title so that anyone Searching for a bachelorette games might Find her in the search results you can Also promote your product further by Using Pinterest and Instagram after a Product is up on Etsy you can use the Data they provide to further refine the Listing images description and the Product to help you get sales the best Part is when you get to sit back and Make money time and time again off of a

Product that you may want now you Obviously want to do more than one but You guys know how it goes Julie created The gold City Adventures course to help Others with this and her course is what The person we know who was making eight Thousand dollars a month so I told Julie That I was doing a video and if I could Give my offer my viewers something and She gave me a 50 discount code to share With you guys so if you are interested I'm gonna put the link in the Description below in the post you guys Can get that um offering thicker course If you want to All right now last but not least I want To share with you guys what I do and It's blogging yes you can make a lot of Money blogging if you do it right so What I do is I find out what questions People are searching for on Google Because where's the first place people Or most people go to when they have a Question it's Google so I find out what Questions they have and then I answer Their questions through my blog articles For example if you search for highest Paying apps you're going to find my Article high up in the search results For this specific question and I have Many articles showing in the search Results from many different queries and Because everyone is searching for Everything on Google I am constantly

Getting tracked to my website which Means I am constantly making money on my Blog from ads and affiliate marketing Now I'm not going to cover all here but If you guys have some kind of interest In this I do break it down on how you Can build a six figure blog from scratch Using my exact same strategy and I'm Gonna put that video in the description Below so you guys can check it out if You're interested now if you did not Find the job that you want or are Interested on this list be sure to join My new Facebook group because I will be Sharing how you can make money when you Have no money and I'm gonna bring in Guest speakers who can teach us how to Create digital products grow a social Media following Facebook ads and so much More so I'd love to see you guys in There and if you think that that's the Right Community for you let me know put It in the comment section and let me Know if I'm going to see you there Alright thanks for watching this video Guys I hope this was helpful and have a Great day

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