How To Earn MONEY With Images (No Bullsh*t)

I was surfing the web searching for Strategies to build income streams Online and make money online and I found This website it charges up to 1.99 per Single image so I decided to reverse Engineer this website and understand how It works so I can implement the same Strategy and after more than four weeks Of research and testing finally I did it And today I will give you everything for Free but the strategy is not simple so If you are not willing to invest like 2-3 hours learning and applying and Testing what you will learn today in This video please skip it don't waste Your time I'm here to share real Strategies real value Advanced methods That you will never find somewhere else Because simply it's based on my own Experience on my own research on my own Results so if you are ready let's start So what is the idea in the next few Minutes I will give you a simple script That took me like four weeks to create I Will give it to you and you can run in Less than five minutes and we can use it To make money online so I will give you The script and I will tell you three Methods to use the script to build a Business or to build an income stream Online going back to our website we Mentioned this website charges people Like two dollars to remove the Background from an image they have

Multiple plans but they charge up to two Dollars per single call this website Uses machine learning and AI artificial Intelligence to do this job and if you Go now to Google and do a simple keyword Research remove backgrounds from image You will see that this keyword has a Very high surge volume it gets a huge Amount of traffic so if you combine my Script with this search volume you can Simply build an income stream please Focus these websites are very expensive So you can compete with my free script To give a cheap price or maybe give it For free and monetize with different Methods we'll talk about in a little bit This website it's called as we mentioned it's somehow Expensive so today I will reveal the Secret behind this website and similar Ones so in short after doing a lot of Research I found an open source project On GitHub this project allows you to Remove backgrounds from images very nice But the big problem is that not anyone Can understand these types of projects It's complex you need to understand Python Programming machine learning Computer vision and much more believe me It's not simple it took me hours and Hours and hours to understand this code And create this script the good news is My role here on my channel is to make Things simple for you I prefer this

Simple script anyone can use for free And in less than 5 minutes so you can Remove backgrounds from images with the Power of AI on your own PC totally for Free in a little bit I will give you the Script so please some patience and I Will tell you how to build a business Online with this script let's first see How it works what you need simply is Visual Studio code it's also free just Download it install it super simple and Then install python also it's simple go To python download the latest version Install it and make sure to add python Into environmental variables while Installing just a checkbox and then open My script if you go down you will find This simple text replace your image path Just enter the image path here and run The script and that's it let's do a Simple test you can see here I have this Image this cat image with this Background that I want to remove so I Will go back here I will go down I will Just replace this One dot jpg jpeg save and now run the Code just say Python and the python Script name You can find it here also just enter Loading removing background In few seconds it will finish it's Finished very nice If you go down to the project folder That you will get in a little bit we

Have a static folder up in it we have The inputs this is the image that you Input the script you can see this is the Mask here And now we have the result the cat Without the background awesome let's try The same picture on the Website that charges two dollars for This task I will upload the image Here is the card okay and the website Remove the background if you want to Click and now here on download with HD You need one credit so expensive let's Open my result From my script And compare So this is the image from the website And this is my image it's almost the Same but for free even my image is Somehow better maybe you can see these Details here these are the results my Free script and the expensive website Now the main question how we can make Money out of this script I will share With you three awesome ideas with Examples I implemented the first method Is to build an online tool on top of This script you can use websites like Anvil to build interfaces and uis and Web applications without coding with Python or maybe streamlit or maybe no Code tools like to build the Interface so you can have an image Background remover online tool for

Example I published this new website Free this week it's somehow Similar it's a free AI image generator You can see this simple interface that You can build believe me and like one Hour after learning one of these Websites or Frameworks and after you do This you can connect with a script like The script I gave you or any API and Have this tool you can give it the Prompt how many samples you might want The image size and so on and click on Generate generate images so you can Build similar tools similar online tools Based on the script I will give you the Second method is to build an API you Can't believe how easy it is to turn This script into an API I will give you Also the API code if you go here this is The API version you just add these Simple lines of code this one And this line of code and that's it and Now it's an API after you turn into an API you can simply host online and Publish on a website like rapid API and API Marketplace and sell the API for Example I sell this API here the Recurring monthly membership you can do The same also so you can publish an Image background removal API the third Method is freelancing it's somehow Advanced maybe you can take the script Tweak it a little bit make it run in Bulk to remove backgrounds and bulk and

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So on and provide as a freelancing Service or maybe sell the script I don't Mind do whatever you want it's free it's Up to you this video was a second video In our detector Series where we reverse Engineer big websites and see how they Work and give you the code behind for Free if you missed the first video in The series where we saw how big keyword Research tools work you can go now and Check the video here and see how to make Money with Google search don't forget I'm not a scripted everything in the Description below I hope you enjoyed and See you soon

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