Best Business Idea Wins $100!

A hundred dollars tell me your best Business idea all right something that Hangs up here catches stuff that falls Down from tall buildings right now Anybody can drop anything off a building Spit whatever land on somebody a phone It could kill them I think we got to get Invisible something good technology Something that hangs across won't Disrupt The View but it'll catch things It will be something that benefits Society keeps people safe all right Mine's a mannequin that businesses buy They put their they put their Clothes on the mannequin and then you Know through your app how it will fit You perfectly so the mannequin is your Size yeah well no the mannequin's like a Standard size but then you put in your Measurements on the app and you'll know How it will fit you I think jet packs so You can just travel way faster across Any single state across the country [Music] I gotta give it to my boy right here Let's go baby hold it down let's go Subscribe and comment your best business Idea for a chance to win a hundred Dollars

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