Best Forex Trading Mobile App for Beginners

I have a hundred thousand dollars Equity That I can actually trade with so Imagine having hundred thousand dollars I can actually test to do tests with Right play around with and actually Master for it before you actually start Going in with your real money I've made Five videos about Forex for you Previously right in my Forex series and This is gonna be the sixth video this is Basically going to be a walkthrough of The Forex for you where I'm going to Show you how to actually get the app on Your phone and the possibilities the Many possibilities of this app you know Whether I can create account where I can Trade with it what I can do copy trading With you guys can make money with this App and all of that we're gonna be Working through all of that in today's Video so it's important that you stay With me from beginning to the end of This video as I'm gonna be leaving no Stone as a matter of fact I'm going to Be giving you the hot sauce about Forex In today's video right so um what we Need to do right now is to go to our Phone and get the video started but Before that I want to encourage you to Smash the like button on this video so This video can actually get shown to a Lot more persons who are looking to Actually make money with Forex that's One the number two thing I needed to do

Right now is to hit the Subscribe button And subscribe to my channel and most Importantly turn on the Bell Notification button so that when I drop My amazing video just like what you're Watching right now YouTube is gonna send You a notification instantly now that's It guys we're gonna go to my phone right Now right and because I'm an Android Device on an Android phone I'm going to Go to the Play Store if you are on an IOS of course you know where to go just Go to the App Store menu so I'm just Going to come here and hit the Play Store right I come to search right here And I'm gonna search for Forex for you Trading app right that's the app that's The first thing showing right here in The search engine result page that's Where you just ask where you need a seat So I'm going to um hit install Write an installation process begin okay So this is so this is done installing Right now that's why you have open right Here you know it was installed before Right now it has to open here so I'm Gonna tap open right now to actually Open this account so it says um Notification I'm gonna say allow arrive And this is loading up right for you Right now who doesn't have an account on Forex for you what you need to do is to Click on the first link in the video Description to actually set up an

Account right so I can come here to get A nest start right register with your Email or restart your phone number Whichever is completely fine but for me I already have an account and I'm going To be logging in for those of you who Don't have an account or Forex for you Right I'm gonna be linking my first to Fifth video of my Forex service you know Focus on foreign Forex for you in this Video description so what you need to do Is to go down there click on it and Watch this video I think the second or Third one is particularly on how that Really set up an account or Forex for You right I left no Stone Mountain trust Me in that video so what I'm gonna do Right now because I already have an Account I'm going will go and click on Login right at the bottom of my screen Right here where it says login that's What I'm going to click on right then it Says login with email login with phone Number I'm going to hit login with email Because I want to log in with my email Address so I'm going to put in my email Address right here and I'm going to put My password here that I'm going to come Down here I'm gonna come here I hit Login at the bottom of my screen where It says login I'm going to tap login so I click on login so it's done my Samsung Password reminder is asking me to save I Said no I don't want to save it allow to

Use fingerprints though I don't want to Use my fingerprint on this right if you Want to use your fingerprint go ahead And say allow to use fingerprint but I'm Going I'm just going to skip this right Create a pin now this is a pin you can Set a passcode that allows you to send In faster and more secure right you can Set a passcode if you want so you can Hit on create pin and actually set a Password that you can use to log into Your account easily instead of having to Type your full password you can actually Use this passcode to log in to login on Your phone now this is amazing so I'm Just going to create a passcode I'm going to type it a second time right Then and I'm logged into my Forex for You account on mobile see how simple how Easy it is to actually do anybody can do This even my grandmother can actually do It so let me show you around right so This is your demo account and in this Demo account there is a hundred thousand Dollars right here and you can actually Use this to trade to learn how to trade Lend the Nitty Gritty so you don't have To jump into the Forex Market with real Money I will now go and lose your money So you can use this demo account with This virtual money to trade you know and Master the act of trading and everything Before you go in with your real money You know that's exactly how this works

So um they are here all the instruments Are here you see your favorite you see All the instruments so let's go to all Instrument you see all the instruments Available right APL you know so you see all these Instruments there's a whole lot of them A whole lot of them I can keep growing That one this is it so their currency Page at the bottom yeah you have a USD Sck uh USD SGD usds are at inside South African rand xlg USD USD JPY US Dollars And Japanese Yen you know there's a Whole lot of currency pairs at the Bottom of my screen when you come to the Bottom right now Um if you come here You say so we are we are on trading so Let's go to analytics and find out What's there so I'm going to hit the Analytics okay so under analytics we Have calendar Right I'm gonna uh come here we have Calendar We have calendar right we have Forex we Have stocks we have Commodities right so Um and that's all so this is calendar Right now look at the calendar you know On 24th yeah Spring Festival golden week Holiday in China Um the other the next one is Luna New Year holiday in Hong Kong now there's Unification day I'm not sure at least This is Romania Romania there is this

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One second day of Chinese black calendar Right Um there is a NAB business conference in Australia and there is Bank Manufacturing PMI Flash in Japan so These are all the uh calendar the Holidays that will affect the markets Right that's why Forex for you is Actually the one of the best platforms Out there because they take Consideration into actually educating You about a lot of things that's going To be affecting the market so that you Know about these things before you get In you get into the market right so These are all the all the holidays all The events that are most likely to have To affect trade and none of that right So they're actually thinking for you now You have always go for Forex which is The second one you have all the currency Pairs and what's happening right so AUD CND you know so this is showing red You're right Um AUD CHF this is showing red and this One is actually going up yeah AUD New Zealand dollar is actually going up That's why it's green right so I just Just so a lot of market analysis that Will help you make better trading Decisions basically right so let's look At stocks you see these stocks that are Giving off Intel is going up Tesla is Going up Netflix is going up Microsoft

Is going up our meta platform is going Up meta that's the apparent company of Facebook is going up so these are stocks That I could actually buy ones that are Going booming upright and these are the Ones that are going down they say this Is modella is here it's going up the Verizon communications McDonald's is all Up and all of that you know so these are We've looked at calendar Forex we're Looking at stock right now so let's take A look at commodity which is the next One this is Commodities right here right So let's take a look at commodity these Commodities right here so you have crude Oil WTI value is up Rent is up go have good you have saved I Have natural gas these are all Commodities right so um so we've Reviewed that uh trade in here we loot The analytics right the next version Look at is order right so let me take it Let me click on others right now and you See that I do not have any open order so If you want to trade now I want to open Up that this entirely where you do that Right it's exactly where all your trades Are gonna show your open orders is going To show up here your pending order is Going to show you and the close of that Is going to show up right here right so That's how easy it is to actually use This and the next one we'll be looking At is our profile right so I'm going to

Hit profile right here and um you see Here number one you have personal Details right you have account Verification you have my account trading Preferences notifications uh settings uh There's something here privacy and Security here a live chat you know call Us messages report a bug suggest Improvement right these are all things That you actually need to be successful I have seen a lot of platforms with Non-existence help desk right the ones I Love about Forex for you is that they Are their customer support is actually Very responsive and they have actually Taken the time to integrate it on their App just like I've shown you guys right Now so um there's live chat you can Actually chat with them live in real Time you can call them you can send a Message you can report a book Trump's Not working very we can report that book Or if I ever suggest Improvement now Another interesting thing is when it Comes to about us right here you see That you see a legal agreement you see About Forex for you you serious that you Can actually invite your friend and of Course get start paid for doing that Right and of course you can log out from Here log out from your app your account On your app right here right So let's start from beginning personal Details what are the options right there

So it basically tells you can see but my Full name is verified right my address Is verified my email email address is Verified my phone number is verified and My client ID is showing up right here Right now right so these are all the Things that are your personal details You find your name your address your Email address your phone number your Client's ID so I'm going to go back Account verification what is my status It says that my account is verified Right and like I said I showed you guys Exactly how to how to draw this Verification you know in one of my Previous videos on Forex for you and I've also said that I'm going to be Linking all those videos in this video Description below so we have verified Your account for you right now if your Account is not verified this is going to Be telling you prompting you to verify So uh my mind is verified my email is Verified my phone number is verified my Address is verified uh proof of address Is verified and my ID card is also Verified it's simple and it's a very Very easy to actually do this right so I'm gonna come here and the next I'm Going to be looking at is my account Right here so I'm going to hit my Account right and this is what my Account looks like right now my account Is active right and um

I have an equity of a hundred thousand Dollars balance right so and you can Actually deposit more money by actually Hitting deposit right here to deposits More money into your account so I'm Gonna come here and go back here so you Have your trading preferences you know You can actually go ahead set take Profit and stop loss price you know all Of this you can actually go ahead and do All of this so I I this is one reason Why I love I love um uh Forex for you There are some some platforms like this Their mobile app is not as robust as Their website so you are forced to use Their website now the interesting thing Is that you can actually do almost Everything you want to do in the Forex Business with Gmail forest for you app Easy right even copy trading everything Is right here so I'm gonna come here and Go to Notifications the current location I want him to send to you write messages Email address promotions you want to get It you want to get educational materials This is very important I think you Should actually put this one on right Because they're going to be selling Educational materials to you now if you Also want to get your notifications About deposit and withdrawal to your Phone then put those words on I'm going To be sending it to your phone as well Right so I'm going to go back and you

See how easy it's actually this is Actually actually You see how easy this is as a matter of Fact see the live chat you can actually Chat with them you know live you know so Put in your name right here your email Address comes here choose a language English most likely Nigerian English for Me and I'm gonna put in message I want To put as his stat Charter somebody's Gonna join this chat you may almost Immediately so let's go back And you can also invite your friends Here right I hit invite friends and if I Can go and invite your friend John adamu Wants to try wants you to try for it for You I better invite your friends right Here and of course you get an incentive For actually doing that you know so um Yeah so I'm gonna go back to trading Right and here he says demo Right so I'm gonna hit on this top here And this is all the everything right Here so on my demo account I have a Hundred thousand dollars Equity that I Can actually trade with so imagine Having hundred thousand dollars I can Actually test to do tests with where I Play around with and actually Master for It before you actually start going in With your real money so um I can hit Here now I hit switch to real money Right so I'm assuming that I'm done with A demo account I want to look at the

Real thing so that I hit here or I can Go back and okay let me show you this I Can go back and hit here where it says Switch to real money whichever is going To take you to the exact same place so I'm gonna hit switch to real money out On top of my screen it says select your Account type uh send send ndd classic Pro bip you can select your account type I can do so so um this app is actually Very loaded that's the point I'm trying To make right you can basically do Almost everything that you want to do in The Forex business with a Forex for you App it's that simple easy peasy right so I want to encourage you guys right now To go ahead and download the Forex for You app right now try it out and let me Know what you think in the comment Section if you have used Forex for your App before and you have a review that You want to give us put in comment Section there's something that I Mentioned right here in this video that You're not clear about also the comment Section is the right place for you to Put that and I'm gonna be there to um as I'm going to be there to be around Monitor questions so if you want to Watch my video on how to actually make Money with Forex for you using copy Trading this video showing up right here Is going to show you exactly how to do That and if you want to set up an

Account or Forex for you and you've not Done that this video sharing down right Here is going to show you exactly how to Do that guys so until I see in my next Video keep winning and don't forget to Check out let us know if you guys bye From here guys

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