Pay Off Holiday Bills With This EASY Side Hustle!

If you've got a lot of holiday bills That you need to pay off here is a super Easy side hustle that will have you Making thousands of dollars in no time Step one is to go to and Design a flyer you're going to want to Select four by two and a half inches Next you're going to design a flyer to Advertise a holiday Christmas light Removal service houses pay upwards of Five hundred dollars to get their Christmas lights installed or taken down It's super lucrative once you're happy With the flyer you're going to go to and print out a bunch of Flyers they have a whole bunch of Different quantities whether you 100 200 500 750 whatever you need based on how Hard you want to hit this this year next You want to deliver the Flyers and I Find that the sooner you do this the Better there's still time people tend to Take down their lights sometime in January either hand them out or combine Handing them out with door knocking to Find the houses that are interested in Your service negotiate a price sell them On your service and boom you're rolling Just make sure you're taking all Appropriate safety precautions Especially if you're using a ladder and Don't break any rules or laws in your Area

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