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Guys I want you to take a look at this Automated affiliate store that you can Create in less than five minutes when You scroll down you can see here that You can promote products in any Niche And this takes three simple steps to Create and on this video I'm going to Show you how you can create one of these Stores and get your products on here you Can do this with electrical products Affiliate products Health Products Relationship products any product that You want and people are absolutely Crushing it and making tens of thousands Of dollars every single month with these Very simple stores and on this video Today I'm going to show you how to make Money with affiliate marketing by Creating these very very simple stores So smash that like button guys and let's Get straight into it what's up you guys Alan here again from the smart money Tactics Channel and I'm super excited Guys because today I want to show you How to create one of these stores that Can make you hundreds of dollars per Product that you promote and I'm also Going to show you how to get a ton of Free traffic guys this can be done with Digistore24 ClickBank Warrior plus Amazon and any other product that you Want to promote on these sites and there Are a whole heap of different types of Themes and I'm going to walk you through

And show you exactly how you can do this So step one in this guys what you want To do is go down the bottom and click Onto that link in my description to get Access to this software which is called Amaze okay this is the back office of a Maze I want to show you how you can very Quickly create one of these stores and Then how you're going to run traffic to This store to make money with affiliate Marketing guys this is brand new and you Can be one of the first to take Advantage so once you sign up guys and You come over here to amaze as you can See here you've got all the training That you need to be able to create these Stores and you can see the quality of These stores are absolutely amazing and This is just one theme okay guys so when You come over here what you want to do Is Click onto this store Builder once You come over here to this store Builder You can see here you've got this sub Domain name so what we want to do is we Want to create a subdomain let's just Call this one Health 101 as an example Now what's going to happen to you guys You can see here that you've got a store Login email and then you've got your Store login password what we need to do Is we need to save these okay so I'm Just going to bring up my notepad we're Going to copy this login over here guys So we're going to copy that we're going

To paste this over here and I'm going to Show you why because we're going to Build this store we're going to need our Password and we're going to need that Email account that we just created and Then what you want to do is click on to Build store guys once you click onto Build store you can see store has been Created successful this is how quick This is guys then what's going to happen As you can see Health 101 okay so what You want to do there now is click on to Log in once you click on to login guys It's going to need those credentials so I'm going to grab this we're going to Copy this we're going to paste this in Here guys grab this password as well and I want to show you how easy and quick This is guys and how powerful this is And the opportunity you have in front of You right now so once you log in guys You can see this is going to be the back Office that you're going to be using to Create one of these amazing sites okay Guys and as you can see you've got all Your stats here so on the left hand side Here guys you've got your dashboard Which is going to show you your orders Your sales Etc then from there guys when You scroll down you can see here you've Got settings so you can set up your shop Settings your payment options is really Important because with payment options When you click onto this guys you can

See here that when you click onto Alternative payments you can get paid Through all these different types of Merchants and this is only if you're not You if you're selling your own product If you're selling something through ClickBank or digital 24 then you don't Need to worry about this at too much Okay so as you can see guys settings has A lot of options and when you scroll Down over here guys you've got the Design and this is where you would Design these different types of stores Okay so when you click onto themes you Can see you've got all these at Different themes guys and I can tell you These themes look amazing so what you do Is quite simply come over here and Select one of these different types of Themes guys you've also got menus that You can go through and have a look you Can set up your header your footer and Everything guys and everything is inside The training which is step by step You'll be able to create these in three Simple steps guys I guarantee you won't Take you anything more than half an hour To start importing all this stuff okay And as you scroll down guys you've got Pages if you want to do and you've also Got SEO when you scroll down here guys This is one of the more important things Okay so as you can see here you've got Products and where you've got products

This is where if you wanted to import Some of these affiliate marketing Products I want to show you how to do This if you click onto products and you Come down here and you gone to all Products this is where you're going to Import all these different types of Products that you want to sell okay so These are all different types of Amazon Products that you can promote if you Wanted to create a specific Niche type Products on say Electronics or camera Equipment or camping or Fitness whatever It might be but if you wanted to or Health as an example but if you wanted To do something from ClickBank or Digi Store 24 Warrior plus all you need to do Is come over to say ClickBank guys or Digital24 create an account for yourself Or come over to Amazon Associates and Sign up so you can start promoting a Whole range of different types of Products and you can also combine them Along with ClickBank and digistore24 I Just want to show you very quickly guys If you create an account on ClickBank And you come over here let's say we Scroll down and we go to health and Fitness I just want to grab a product And show you how you do this so once You're on ClickBank guys you can search By gravity to get really popular Products that are selling really wall if We scroll down let's just grab the

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Smoothie diet hop link over here so Let's just grab that we'll minimize this Now if we come back over to our back Office over here guys under products What we want to do now is we want to Import this product so it appears on our Page so what you want to do guys is come Over here and click on to add new once You click on to add new quite simply This is the product title okay so you'd Come over here you can type in smoothie Diet as an example guys you want to Enter the price is 29.90 okay I already Know that if you have a special price Guys you can do that if you want to Select fix you don't need to do anything Here when it comes to the affiliate Stuff but if you want to put a special Price start date and end date you can There and then this is where guys you Would enter that affiliate ID now what Happens guys is when you come over here You click on to save it's going to bring You over to this page guys now when You're on this page this is where you're Going to have the rest of these options Now I'm not going to go through all this Because the video would be super super Long everything is in the training and It actually is really really simple to Go through and create one of these Automated affiliate stores so that you Can make money with affiliate marketing On top of that I'm going to show you how

This software has the ability to help You get traffic guys so when you come Down here you can see here you've got Price everything is entered then you've Got images this is where you can insert And drop the image of that product okay This is super simple to do guys and once You enter all this it's going to Populate on this page over you guys now You can do a simple one page or you can Do multiple pages when you come back Over to this site guys it allows you to Do even more pages if you wanted to do More pages now you can see here if You're doing different types of products If you're doing your own products it Looks after shipping for you guys it Looks after orders for you transactions Reports this site has everything that You need guys to start not making some Serious money online now once you've Gone and completed your store and filled It out with products guys there is Nothing stopping you from creating Multiple stores just imagine having five Or ten of these generating you hundreds Of dollars every single day running free Traffic that's exactly what I'm going to Show you how to do next now remember the Link is in the description of this video Guys if you want to get this amazing Software but keep watching because I Want to show you a few more things that This software can do how to get free

Traffic and a little bit more about this Product and what it can do for you so Once you have created these guys what You want to do from here is scroll down And click onto this where it says Traffic engine and then click on to Register once you click on to register It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this I want you to come Over here put in your username email Password Etc and then click on to Register once you do that just re-log in Guys once that's done it's going to Bring you over tool page that looks like This this is a software that can help You get traffic through Pinterest okay But you can promote your store once You've got that link which we created at The start you can grab that URL and you Can put that URL anywhere just to show You that very very quickly if we come Back over to our store guys as you can See these are all the store UI rules Over here you can just grab this and Paste this wherever you want and people Will go directly to your store now what You want to do when you're over on this Page guys is you want to click onto Traffic engine you want to click onto Create new campaign once you click onto New campaign let's just call this Campaign Health as an example and call It health 101 and then click on to Submit guys once you click on to submit

What's going to happen now it's going to Ask you to search for pins these pins Are inspirational pins to give you ideas Okay so let's just type in health again As an example and just click onto search Pins once you click on to search pins Guys this is going to go and it's going To look through Pinterest to find High Converting pins pins that are getting a Lot of views clicks Etc and as you start To scroll down you can see that it's Found all these different types of pins So what you want to do let's just say This pin over here guys look it gives You all the stats for these pins this is Really good inside information to help You make money with these automated Affiliate stores so come over here click On to add to inspiration guys and then Once you click on to add the inspiration You can click onto a few more but I'm Just going to click onto that one for Now what you want to do from there is Click on to next Once you click on 10x Guys it's going to bring us over to Their pin Builder okay now this is going To allow you to create these amazing Looking pins and you want to leave this The same 1000 by 1500 and then click on To create you can scroll down and just Minimize this a little bit okay so it Doesn't look too big and then over here You've got your your inspiration now We've got that color so what you want to

Do guys on the left hand side over here You can see that you can use different Types of text you can see you've got Drawings filters shapes Etc so let's Just make this a little bit bigger over Here so we want to use this color so if We come down here guys and we go to Shapes let's just click onto this shape As an example go to color and let's just Choose let's say this color over here Guys we can grab that expand this I just Want to show you very very quickly okay Because I want I want to use this as my Background as an example okay so put That there then what we want to do guys See over here where it says search Images quite simply come over here and Just type in something like Healthy Food as an example okay and just click On to search what this is going to do is It's going to find all these different Types of royalty free images so come Over here grab that guys click on to add And as you can see we've got this image Now it's always going to move this a Little bit over so you can just play Around with that to make this smaller And then come over here guys grab that And just expand this okay so you can see How well this pin is starting to look Okay then as you can see you've got all These different types of fonts and this Is really cool because when you come to

Text over here I mean take a look at all These different types of fonts you can Use so come over here double click onto There if we want to change this color Select green or you can you know select White whatever you want if that doesn't You know suit select white whatever you Guys want and then quite simply come Over here and type in a hundred and then Just expand this as an example guys so You can see how you can start to make This really really good you could Probably just change this background Color because it just looks a little bit Too bright so we can come over here Change it to that and then grab this and Maybe change this to something else as An example so you can see exactly what You are doing here with these pins guys And then what you will do is you would Download this image and then this is What you'd be using on Pinterest so once You download this image guys what you Will do from there is quite simply come Over two sites like Pinterest guys you Can see there are so many of these Different types of pins and all you'll Need to do is come over here click on to Create you can create a board a an Entire Health Board you can create a pin And start putting these pins in these Boards and this is where you would Upload that pin guys And this is where you would paste that

Link to that store okay you'll get a lot Of traffic guys if you've got an entire Store chances are people will buy Something and then all you need to do is Look for inspiration as to what you need To put in your title Etc guys this is the power of this Software and I'm going to show you Something else that you can do if you Wanted to expand on creating these pins In a second now if we come back over to This site guys and we go back over here If we come back to the top with this Site guys you can come over here and you Can go to support and you can go to Pinterest accounts over here and you can Link your Pinterest accounts if you Click onto Pinterest accounts guys you Can see here you can import your account To here so when you create these pins It's gonna download them directly to Your Pinterest account then all you need To do is come over to Pinterest it'll Pre-populate that and then you just need To complete the rest of the information Guys this is how simple that is now if You wanted to you know know use another Software absolutely for free to create These pins guys you absolutely could you Can come over here and you can use canva If you wanted to all you need to do is Come over here and type in Pinterest pins okay and the reason why You do this is maybe you might like a

Different type of photo or something Like that guys so all you need to do is Come over here click onto Pinterest pins And it's going to show you different Types of pins guys and all you need to Do is click on to create a blank Pinterest pin and then you can search For a whole heap of different stuff guys I'm showing you this to help you with This software guys because at the end of The day what we're looking to do is to Create one of these automated stores and Like I said that link is in the Description of this video and all you Need to do is Click onto it and sign up And you can create as many of these Different types of stores as you want Now like I said guys that software okay Is called amaze and the great thing About this guys is that you can create These stores in three simple steps and Like I said to you guys this is 100 Automated online stores okay and this is Passive income once this is created you Can keep driving traffic to this using Pinterest you can use Facebook guys you Can use Instagram you can use tick tock You can use YouTube because once you Have that URL and once your store is Created all you need to do is share that Store ID guys this is super powerful and Be driving people to a lot of your Products that you've got on there Whether it be affiliate marketing

Products or you know different types of Products from Amazon and as you can see Here guys people are making a lot of Money and a lot of people are starting To earn as much as five hundred dollars Per day with this strategy now like I Said to you previously guys this works In three simple Steps step one guys all You need to do is activate that store Step two is add your products guys and Step three start running this free Traffic it really is that simple guys And from there as you can see a lot of People ask who is this for guys this is For people that are brand new to the Industry it's very simple to use guys It's fully automated to make it nice and Easy for you to use and so that you can Start to make a lot more money and that You're not stuck with creating these Very very difficult projects okay as you Can see guys this is based on the cloud And exploits 99 different hot traffic Sources as well okay guys so a lot of Opportunity for you to make some really Good money online with this and as you Can see these are just some of the Payments people are receiving on a daily Basis utilizing this a brand new Software guys and as you can see with Instant results become instant profits And when you come over here you can see Here in just a few hours from now you Could potentially be earning some really

Good money guys utilizing this strategy That's going to save you a lot of hard Work and time and as you can see you can Build a store Empire today because There's nothing stopping you from Creating multiple stores and like I said That link is in my description guys so Make sure you click onto it because What's going to happen is it's going to Take you over to this product called Amaze guys and when you scroll down you You're going to be able to see exactly What this offers you account when you Come over here guys not only are you Going to get that software but because This is in a launch phase it's going to Give you all these bonuses guys which I Highly recommend that you need to check Out guys and when you take a look at These different types of bonuses all These bonuses are going to help you Create these stores very very quickly And make sure that you're successful Guys and as you can see people are Continuing to make really good money Online with this guys this is a brand New and fresh opportunity we know that Online shopping is absolutely blowing up And we know that website creation is Expensive so this is why this Opportunity is unbelievable because you Have the opportunity not to spend a lot Of money and to create this store that You can share with so many people to

Make a lot of money online guys this is By far as you can see the hottest and Number one store automation software the Moment guys reasons for that is it's 100 Scalable okay it works with as you can See ClickBank jvzoo Warrior plus eBay Much much more like Amazon it's designed To Target buyer traffic guys Pinterest Traffic has some of the biggest buyer Traffic on the internet guys it's far Outweighs anything else you can look That up yourself and this is why this is Linked to Pinterest guys as you can see You can use this in any Niche okay you Can use this with physical Goods you can Use it with online Goods guys and it all Works in just one click and it's proven To make you hundreds of dollars every Single day guys and when you come down Here guys as you scroll down with the Software that these guys have put Together you're probably thinking how Much am I going to pay well it's nothing Near this guys if you come over here Guys and click onto this link you can See here that for a measly one-time Payment of only 17 you can start to Create your first store to make money With these automated affiliate stores Guys and then from there as you can see If you're still on the fence and you're Still not sure I want to answer some Very very quick questions for you number One he says is there a money back

Guarantee absolutely there is do you Need any technical skills or experience No all the training is there and you'll Be able to put this together very very Easily is this compatible on both PC Mac Android and iOS it absolutely is is There a monthly fee no guys this is a One-off payment and you can create Multiple stores have multiple niches and Make a ton of money with affiliate Marketing remember once you've got that Link you can share that anywhere on Social media and remember I've got that Link in my description so make sure you Click onto it after watching this video Take a look at this for yourself and Then sign up as you can see training is Included guys and how do you lock in That discount well you need to make sure That you sign up today because software Like this the price will go up because Creating this type of quality site Promoting this many types of products Guys that can make you hundreds of Dollars a day isn't cheap to create this Okay while I've got this special prize For you make sure you go down the bottom Guys click onto that link in the Description and start creating these Affiliate stores today so that's my Video today guys and how you're going to Create these automated affiliate stores If you enjoyed it don't forget to smash That like button in appreciation but

Make sure you go down guys click onto That link in the description and take a Look at this unbelievable software that You can start using to make money online Straight after watching this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and Goodbye

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