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You don't have to generate any sales at All and you are going to get paid 21 and 13 cents every single time every 10 Minutes simply buy it by the way the Name of the website is what's going on Guys in today's video I'm super excited Because what I want to show you is a Brand new completely brand new untapped Opportunity on how you can get paid 21 Every 10 minutes over and over again Without generating any sales at all now I know maybe 21 doesn't seem like a lot Every 10 minutes or maybe it does but if You're going to be generating 21 and 13 Cents every 10 minutes that's like six Times per hour so I'm going to multiply It by six that's over 126 dollars you can be making with this Method per hour and this is not by hour Of working this is per hour on average When you're going to set it up so you Can set it up in like 60 minutes then do Nothing at all and just make like Hundred dollars on average per hour by Doing this and the reason why you can Make so much money with this because it Can be actually like three thousand Dollars for 24 hours the re reason why You can be making so much money with This is because this is a completely Brand you've never seen before Opportunity that before we work the same Way but would only pay you like 150 Dollars and you'll be like okay I know

This works 150 okay that's okay but with This brand new opportunity and I promise You this is something you never seen Before this will pay you up to three Thousand dollars per day and by the end Of the video you'll know exactly how to Do this how to set it up and also the Fastest and most effortless way to make Money with this opportunity oh and by The way it's completely free but before We get started please don't forget to Smash like on this video I would really Appreciate it and also don't forget to Subscribe and notification Bell to get Notified whenever I post a brand new Money making videos just like this one Because I promise you you have never Seen this one before online and also Comment down below and tell me if you Actually have seen this method online Because listen I've been doing this Since I was 11 years old I live and I Breathe this stuff so I know when I show You a money making opportunity.com Completely brand new it is brand new and Nobody has shown it to you before so if This is something you have seen before Then comment down below and tell me Where have you actually seen that before Okay with that being said let's get Started with this step-by-step tutorial Okay guys now the step number one you Want to go to paypal.com for this method Now go ahead go to PayPal then click on

Sign up at the top right corner if you Don't have a PayPal account already and Then just create one because PayPal is Actually going to be the way for you to Get paid now when you are creating the Account it's going to be showing you Like these two different options Personal or a business one now you want You can go for either of those but if You are a beginner that wants to set This up as soon as possible just go with Personal one because they are not going To ask you any questions about your Business they're just going to ask you Personal questions if you're going to go With the business one they're going to Ask you personal questions and also Business questions so go for the Personal one only then you want to click On get started right here and then Select the country you are from make Sure to input the real country go and Get started right now and then enter Your phone number you're going to the Two-way verification code put it right Here sign up for an account and you are Going to have a valid working PayPal Account now the next website you want to Go to is going to be OG ads that camera This is the one of the number one Content lacking Network for mobiles Actually because every single one of These networks is going to tell you that They are number one obviously everybody

Wants to be the number one just like I Am the number one money making Channel On YouTube obviously so easily monetize Your website blog app or social media Accounts with OG ads profit generating Content Locker blah blah blah blah this Is much a very well known and reputable Network for these offers okay now what You want to do you want to click on a Sign up right here now what I want to Show you is I want to walk you through The sign up process because some people Told me it's a little bit complicated And I also want to show you a couple of Different tips and tricks and hacks on How to get guaranteed approval okay so What you want to do is you want to enter Your username this is going to be the Username that's going to be displaying In the network chat do you want to enter Your real email address password Password and click on next step now for This one make sure you're going to enter A valid postal address because OG ad is The network that's going to be paying You out and if they're going to see that You're going to build this out like just Randomly without it without it actually Making a sense they are not going to Approve you so you want to make sure Everything right here is going to be Filled out based on your real address Then click on Next Step once again and Then they are going to ask you these

Important questions so what you want to Do is why do you want to work with OG Ads you want to answer I would love to Promote CPI this is I this is not a it's It says cost per install cost per Install CPI offers using your captcha lockers Then the second option the second Question how did you hear about OG ads You want to put there I go to recommend It from Eric from the YouTube channel Incognito money and the reason for this Is because they are not going to approve Everybody so you want to make sure You're going to tell them you are coming From YouTube channel my YouTube channel Make sure everything is going to be Filled out correctly because when the Admin is going through the application Form they are just skimming through it Honestly but they are going to skim Through it and half of the information Doesn't make any sense they are just Going to click not approve because Everything you are not a real person but If you're going to tell them that you Are coming from income into money they Are going to say okay this is not like a Random answer this actually makes sense They are going to check it out and they Are most likely going to approve you Then how long you have been doing CPA You want to put their real info now if You if you have been following my

Channel for quite some time I go over CPA methods for for more than a year Actually so you can put there like 6 to 12 months or one to two years but just Be honest okay don't just go for the Same answer because again if they're Going to see the same exact application Form 10 000 times they are not going to Be approving you guys then what are your Monthly earnings again be real right Here tell them how much money you're Currently making it doesn't matter if It's under 100 I hit couple of accounts Where I've only made like 50 to 80 Dollars and they still approve me so you Want to make sure you are going to be Honest and then please please list Previous networks you have worked with So if you have applied for any of the CPA networks already make sure to write Them here so for example CPA grip CPA Lead then at Work Media and I don't know Blam ads for example this is really OG One if you know blem ads then comment Down below if you know blem ads by the Way then traffic sources this is where You want to tell them how you're going To be promoting these offers so how do You plan to promote our offers and Monetization tools you want to send them A couple of videos from my YouTube Channel and tell them that you are going To be using traffic sources and traffic Methods that are listed on my YouTube

Channel exactly and then list your Current content locking websites you own You can put here websites that you have If you don't have any websites then this Is what you want to write here I Currently don't have any websites as I'm Just getting started I plan on using Free websites so far and then reinvest The money into paid ones like WordPress The thing is you always want to be Honest okay they want to see an honest Person is trying to get into the network And then what kind of traffic do you Primarily promote it also depends on Your expertise but if you don't have any Expertise you want to put their incent Okay it means incentive traffic where You are trying to make people to Complete the offers okay so you are not Just trying to promote other ">course Where you are directly promoting offers And not some other content and then the Offers are just like somewhere hidden Okay and then just list all your social Media accounts again the more accounts You have the better because again they Are going to see you are a real person And then contact information just like Here they are optional but I do Recommend filling in Skype because Skype Is a way to get direct contact with the Manager and then click right here on the Next step to finish your registration oh And one more thing you want to agree to

The terms and conditions and fill in the Captcha and then click on finish and now What I want to show you is actually the Opportunity that's going to be making You 21 every 10 minutes now for first of All I want to show you a comparison okay So I'm going to go to CPA grip and you Can see that if I go to the French French offers and I check the payout I Have been recommending these offers for Quite some time okay this is not about These offers by the way but I have been Recommending for quite some time and you Can see that the French offers the Spain Offers Italy Norway the Swedish offers They have a much higher payout and you Can see like and these are all credit Card submits but if you're going to go To like United States offers you're Going to see that the highest payout Which is like very rare is like five Dollars just one offer has five dollar Payout and then it's like three three Three two two two two two two dollars Okay so these are the offers the usual CPA offers but what I want to show you Is that if you're going to go to OG ads And you're going to go to the offers at The top section and you're going to Scroll down and you're going to find This one right here the number is 47281 you're going to see that this is An app installed so people can just

Download the application and just like Submit something or do something in the Application to make sure they have Already down to make sure that they Actually have downloaded it this for United United States which is unheard of And the payout is 21 so pretty much any Method before that you will be using With the with the United States traffic That'll be getting you paid like two Dollars pretty much just by using this Offer this one twenty one dollar one you Are essentially 10xing your money okay And before that it will be very hard Because the market for the French offers Is obviously smaller than for United States because like more people speak English than they do like French all Right like it makes sense same goes with Swedish Norwegian language Italian so it Just makes sense but this is a Completely unheard opportunity to get App installed for 21 and it's only Available on OG ad but there's also a Huge problem with this one because if I'm going to go to the view the offer You can see you cannot the direct link Promoted but there's actually a hack Around it that you can use and to make Like two hundred dollars three thousand Dollars possibly per day which I think Is not going to happen but you are still Going to be making it at least 10 times More money than you will be making if

You are using the basic United States Offers so it says no direct linking but There's a workaround around that so what You want to do is you want to create a Go to the tools right here and create a Captcha Locker okay go with the capture Locker you can create one and we're Going to call it 21 USD offer okay so Call it like 21 USD offer the notes Optional blah blah blah blah redirect This is where you're going to put the Link that I will show you later on how To get but what you want to do is you Want to go to the advanced settings Right here click on the advanced and You're going to see conversion required Make sure it's going to say one then Minimum offers make sure it's going to Say one the maximum offers can be like I Don't know let's go with like six and Then the payout threshold this is the Important part when possible show only Offers with a payout about this number And what you want to put here is going To be like 18 okay because they might Actually change the payout out slightly So it's like 21 and 13 cents it can be Like 40 cents it can be like twenty Dollars and eighty cents so it might Fluctuate but it's not going to go below Like 18 so we want to make sure you're Going to put like 18 or like 15 just to Be safe but it's only going to be Showing those offers and if somebody

From the United States is going to check Out your capture Locker it's only going To show them the 21 offer and that way Every single time instead of getting Paid like two dollars or maybe like 40 Cents for some of those cost per install Offers you are going to get paid 21 okay I know how to create a capture Locker Blah blah blah but how do I actually Make money I don't want to make this Video too long but this is exactly how To make the 21 offer work and they want To check out this video right here which Is going to show you a fast way to Actually make money using the capture Lockers from zero that is also Completely free so click here right now Check out this method and use it with This exact capture Locker just like I Showed you right here click here I will See there bye for now

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