ChatGPT vs Pro Copywriter

Do not use chat GPT to write sales Emails over the past couple of weeks You've probably seen hundreds of videos About how amazing chat GPT is videos About how you can use chat GPT to easily Create email campaigns but can chat GPT Spit out sales emails easily yeah it can What does it do a decent job creating These emails yeah they're all pretty Decent but despite all that I'm here to Tell you that if you choose to use chat GPT to just totally autopilot your sales Emails you're probably leaving a lot of Money on the table and in this video I'm Going to show you exactly why okay so First off I'm gonna get chat gbt to Start off by writing a sales email just So that we can see how it does what the Benchmark for this video is this email Is going to be your standard type of Meeting request sales email sent out to A prospective client to try to sell a Product or service let's say I'm Targeting a tech startup and the product I'm trying to sell them is a CRM Software I actually spent almost four Years selling CRM software in the past For a Fortune 500 company so I feel like I'd probably be a pretty good judge of How well this email would do so what I'm Going to put into chat GPT is write me a Prospecting email targeting a tech Startup with the goal of booking a Meeting to discuss my company's CRM

Software and this is the email that Chatgpt spat out Dear so and so I hope This email finds you well my name is Mike and I'm reaching out to you from Your company name a leading provider of CRM software we have noticed that your Startup is Making Waves in the tech Industry and we believe that our Software could help take your team's Efficiency to the next level our CRM Software is designed to streamline your Sales marketing and customer service Processes giving your team more time to Focus on what they do best growing your Business it also provides valuable Insights and analytics to help you make Data-driven decisions I would love to Schedule a meeting with you to discuss How our software can benefit your Startup during the meeting we can also Provide a live demonstration of the Software and answer any questions you May have please let me know a few dates And times that work for you and we will Schedule a meeting that fits your Schedule thank you for your time and Consideration sounds pretty good well I'll bet that if you're someone who Doesn't write a lot of prospecting Emails you're probably looking at this Email and saying Mike this is fantastic This is amazing I want to use this but Here's my opinion on this and to add Some validity just if this means

Anything to you I've been selling Software for the past 10 years and when It comes to writing prospecting emails I've probably written over 1500 in the Last four or five years in my time on Fiverr what I would rate this email is I Give it a five or a 6 out of ten and now I'm going to break down the email piece By piece to explain to you why that is First thing starting with the subject Line it's pretty weak increase your Team's efficiency with our CRM software Considering that this type of email is Probably going to be sent to manager or Director level employees in sales or Marketing roles it's the type of subject Line that they've probably seen a Million times already they'll either Automatically skip past it or just Delete it right away it just looks too Similar to all the other types of Marketing solicitation requests they're Probably already getting it's standard It's boilerplate it's just just way too Generic next is the body of this email Which honestly is also pretty weak it's So apparent reading this that this email Is all about this CRM company and not About their client I hope this email Finds you well our CRM software is Designed too I would love to schedule a Meeting III our Wii this email is Totally written with a focus only on What the CRM company wants and to be

Fair this is probably fine and better Than what a brand new sales rep could Create on their own but my gut tells me That this is the type of email that You're going to send to a crap ton of Prospects and you're going to get a very Tiny response rate because of both the Weak subject line and that weak body I Just don't think it's doing much to help This email convert to write a better Email here's what I would do first I Would do some research on the company And the person I'm I'm writing this to a Better email would also Focus almost Exclusively on the client I'm writing it To a better email would be heavily Personalized and the better email L Would have some sort of a hook that Actually connects this product that I'm Trying to sell to a pain point that Prospect has or some potential gain they Might be interested in if I'm being Frank a better email would not be so Lazy and generic so so here's an example Of of what you might do to write a Better email let's say you did some Research on this client and you realize That they've been attending a ton of Trade shows probably means that they're Trying to generate some leads you know Some potential clients from these trade Shows wasted leads that are collected at This trade show either because of bad Contact information or a weak CRM system

Is costing this company money and Lowering their Roi that they're getting From actually attending this trade show Because it costs money to book this Booth and there's also that component of Lost Revenue when you have a lead that Enters their information and you do Nothing with it this type of Common Sense analysis can take what 10 minutes But implementing this and doing this and Putting it and using it to make the Email will make it so much more Effective on email using just this Simple analysis might read something Like this I just wrote this in like 10 Minutes subject line Saw insert company name at the trade Show hi first name I saw your company Had a booth at the trade show really Hope you guys had a great time I noticed Your rep for collecting contact info on An iPad though I really hope that they Were using more than just an Excel sheet To prevent a bunch of wasted leads from Happening Our CRM works with companies like your Company to maximize Roi from trade shows By using our revamped CRM and contact Management system are you free this week To chat about it this email literally Took me no time to write and I'll be Totally honest it's it's obviously not a 10 out of 10 email but it's getting Closer than what this chat GPT email

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Turned out to be and it's something that I think would really get a prospect Thinking thinking about responding Thinking about working with your Business why is that well if it's not Obvious it's because this email is about Them trade shows are expensive and if it Doesn't go well the person who booked it Is probably going to be on the hook if It's a big waste of money so this email Subtly points that out and also points Out how we might be able to help them Get a better Roi out of these trade Shows by not wasting leads the reason This email is so much better than the Chat GPT email is because it both Addresses the comp Japanese pain points And it also points out that if he's able To do this he'll look like a rock star And that's a good thing too so it's Motivating for the company to make this Decision and also him as our champion Because he's going to look like a Superstar if all of his trade shows Start going a lot better the chat GPT Email doesn't do any of this and because Of that money's just being left on the Table since it's not going to convert as Many leads as a very personalized email Like the one I just showed you so I Guess what I'm trying to say in this Video is that while Chachi PT is a super Cool and Powerful tool it really isn't The be-all end-all when it comes to

Copywriting especially for things like Sales emails and if you look at yourself Who's actually serious about improving As a salesperson but you're also Thinking of using a tool like chat GPT To just automate as much as you can that Type of mindset is probably going to Hurt you down the road at the very least It's going to really water down the Effectiveness of your prospecting and For some of you that might be okay okay But for me as a sales guy's been doing This for like 10 years and I've spent a Lot of time doing this whole email Prospecting thing I personally want to Make the most out of every hot lead I'm Sending an email to That's me but that's just my opinion let Me know what you think in the comments And if you're seeing this video you're Like you know what I gotta improve my Copywriting skills so that I can write Some killer sales emails check out my Copywriting tips playlist there's a Bunch of free courses on there to help You out thank you so much for watching Cheers

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