Things I Should’ve Known When I Started

I started this whole online course thing Since 2019 and mind you there are plenty Of things That I regret as an online course grader That I don't want you To make and so in this video we're going To be talking about the 10 things that I Should have known when I started my Online course and I hope this is going To be a good lesson for you All right Hey there my name is Emmy Bernice I make Videos about videos freelancing and Digital marketing and today I'm going to Be talking about my experience as an Online coach in the past four years and The things that I have regretted Daily if not daily maybe monthly but I Hope that you do not make the same Mistakes with the first one being Something that I regret greatly and uh Something that I wish I did not do then That's the reason why this is number one And that is offering lifetime So although in that very sense you are Giving your students a really good Experience like Hey we're going to get Lifetime access it's a really good deal To get this very course at a certain Amount and that we can just open it Anytime any day but sometimes there are Plenty of things that you wouldn't be Able to measure if you are doing it this Way when you're offering lifetime access

You don't know if your students have Already graduated they have finished the Course you wouldn't be able to know if They're even motivated to finishing the Whole thing you wouldn't be able to Measure your Student Success because Plenty of them wouldn't be able to Finish the course because you have given Them lifetime access and so they're Thinking oh my God I have the whole Lifetime for this thing so Procrastination is going to open the Windows indoors and Everything else in their lives so that Is like a huge No-No and at the same Time if you are running ads and as a Business person you should be measuring Your metrics one of the things that you Need to be measuring is the customer Acquisition cost and your CPA or your Cost per action you need to know how Many people signs up how many graduates In your program the probability of Things are just endless when you measure Things and you cannot scale what you do Not measure and so if you offer lifetime Access you will have gaps of data that You wouldn't be able to fill in and that Is my current problem Because I have offered lifetime access In one of my main huge courses where I Had 5 300 students and that's all that I Can measure the number of students I Want to be able to measure the

Probability of how many could be Succeeding in a certain time and a Certain time period because then I Offered lifetime access so it's a really Really huge mistake but what I did earn From that is like a large group of People that are just loyal with my Programs and so if I am to create Programs again and again and again they Already trust me in that sense they Already know like interest me and so it Is more often than not a no-brainer for Them to buy so that's what I got but you Know you are always on losing and Another thing that you have to consider When you're offering lifetime access is That your monthly dues are actually Monthly apparently They charge your credit card monthly and You have to pay for your team monthly You know business expenses that you need To pay they are paid on a monthly basis And so if you gave someone who comes Into your program once in a lifetime Well Theory you have to collect more Leads and more buyers in order to make Sure that you are able to pay the Monthly fees that you have gathered and The cost of making business so that is Also one of the huge problems that I had And that is the reason why I was absent The whole six months here on YouTube Because what I was what was I doing just Recalibrating my systems knowing what to

Do next planning about my next customer Journey and so on and so forth because I Have made these mistakes in the past And so you don't have to the second Thing student motivation you wouldn't be Able to measure and at the same time you Can't keep them motivated because like What I said a few minutes ago when You're giving someone lifetime access And they have already programmed their Hands that you know I just have this Forever so I'm just going to log in Whenever I can and sometimes if they Don't put that on schedule they really Are just going to forget it so what I've Done in order to put a bad Aid solution To things is that we send inactivity Emails every 30 60 and 90 days and that Is why every time we send that email People log in they come back and they Are being reminded that they actually Paid for this thing and they shouldn't Be just letting it all go to waste okay Third thing that I should have known When I started creating the online Course is that I shouldn't put plenty of Videos and information in it just so it Would become more valuable that is one Of the biggest mistakes that I've Realized until I created my second Course because my second course the School for online coaches which is a Hybrid of a mentorship program in an Online course is so amazing that there

Is just five modules to it with five Videos but it's cracking like people Have always told me how oh my God I just Watched two videos and it's already so Valuable and you know the value of an All-in course is not being measured by The quantity of the videos that you put In it or the the quantity of the content That you put in it but the value or the Actionable items the step-by-step plans That you have put in your online course To make other people's lives better and That's where the value is being measured And so I thought back in the days you Know it was 2019 I was like how many Years old I don't even know like in my Early 20s and like just putting all a Bunch of things in there and I didn't Even know what I was doing you know if You're going to make an online course Nowadays don't try to fill up the online Course with plenty of videos and Worksheets and whatsoever because it's Not really going to work like that People don't like an overloaded Information they want actionable steps They want actionable items that can help Them win the game like right now or at The very latest tomorrow so as you have To make sure that you're giving Actionable items which we're going to Also be talking about in the next few Bullet points of this whole video and That you also have to make sure that if

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The quote-unquote actionable items that You have presented to them is a little Bit hard for them you have to backtrack And make it simpler for them so that you Can guide them every step of the way They're not going to get overwhelmed you Can't just give them all Fury right so You have to get them into the Step-by-step process of how you probably Have done things in the past or how Things should be done As what you have promised in your online Course in the first place fourth one a Sense of community is important Something that you have to consider is Not only to sell an online course but to Make sure that there is a community Behind that online course will where People can gather so you can do either a Facebook group Community a group chat a Group coaching call and I've proven and Tested group coaching calls with Breakout room sessions are awesome like That is how we were able to solidify Relationships in my online course tsoc Or the school for online coaches batch Alpha and batch Bravo just come in Together like they don't see each other As fellow coaches they actually see each Other as friends and really really good Friends where if there is a requirement That is needed to be passed on that Month and they just discuss like Hey We're not going to do it literally the

School setting right so we come to School cool and we get more excited to Going to school because we have friends And that's exactly what a sense of Community is about so it's not just About a community where you can get more Free stuff and like have more people to Talk about like it's not always like That you have to be better in terms of Grading A community that should also lead me to My next point which is a sense of Community that is not like a prison one Of the mistakes that I've done before is That I went very strict with my old Facebook group wherein I did not almost Allow them to do plenty of things we Also gathered a specific type of people That are just in there to promote things Which is also not good well firstly if You do not like the people in your Community it's actually your fault for Putting out ads that are not in your Messaging for putting out content that Is not who you are and who are you're You're not in your personality or you're Not showing your real self so that's Somehow my fault back in the day for Putting out ads and just talking about How you can earn 100 months and like you Know do this and so we have gathered not All of them we sort of gathered people In the community they're just there to Learn and see how other people are doing

You know try to make money off of that Facebook group and so it was not really Good and in that sense I then again put Another Band-Aid solution which was to Sort of create better rules stricter Rules and that so it didn't become a Community it became a prison and so There were plenty of factors that went Along with that and so what I did was I Created a new Facebook group so with the People who were disappointed with that The old Community being a prison they're Not there in the new Facebook group Anymore they try not to they don't like Me anymore and that's fine what I really Tried to do is that create a Facebook Group for the people who are still with Us in that sense we have to rekindle That relationship show up plenty create More challenges that can help them get More motivated follow up with of their Progress so and so forth be there when They're asking questions things like That so I did not care about the old Group anymore I have a new group now and So I put all of the efforts and energy On that one there you have it try not to Make the same mistake of making sure That your community is like present Because I know for a fact that there are Plenty of things that you do not want to Happen in your online course being Copied people copying you you know People fishing in your community and

That's okay but try to also think about If they're going to do that how long are They going to last really because we are Here for the long term game and Oftentimes the long-term game is all About customer experience so if there Are people that are doing that well it's Really not of our business We're just going to try and take on sort Of Revenge by actually becoming really Good at what we do and just making sure That we are excellent at anything that We put out so there you have it my next One is do updates every six months or Something like what I mentioned earlier You don't need to put a lot of videos in It but adding a little bit of freebies a One page something is awesome so that They could understand that you are not Leaving them behind after they have Purchased your online course you are Still in there after they have purchased And that's what we call the Post sale Process so what makes other online Courses different from one another is The post-seal process and most often People actually stay and become a loyal Follower when you have nurtured them Prior to the sale with plenty of things You know like say for example you have Put 70 effort on the pre-sale and then On the post sale you also do the same With the 70 Amount of effort so whatever measures

You have done pre-sale should also be Done in the post sale next one Specificity of your online course is a Must another thing that I have regretted Is that I created an online course for Freelancers talking about marketing but Freelancing is really huge wide thing There are actually skills that you can Tackle plenty of them some expertise That are just meant to be taught and not Discussed and while it was sort of my Niche to create an online course about Freelancing that focuses more about Marketing some people would also look For other online courses in skill Specifics right so something that I Could advise for people who are just Going through the path of creating an Online course become more specific and Answer a very specific question solve a Specific problem because if you're not Going to be doing that you're sort of Like being a generalist and you're not Answering a specific question well It's not going to be easy for you to Sell and it's also not going to be easy For your students to finish the whole Thing because the more questions that Will arise so for example you've created A course about freelancing and talked About marketing but these people have Questions about accounting for example And you are not able to answer that Because you can only answer marketing

Questions So that would also leave your students On a cliffhanger because you have solved One problem for them but then you're not Solving the entire thing right so make a Specific package for a specific person That would need your help so specificity In your online course is a must ninth One allow your students to have tangible Results so this goes for worksheets Activities and anything like that if you Do not get your students in a challenge Wherein you are not teaching them to Apply something for example create plans Right something on your worksheet have a Daily planner or those tangible results That they would be able to see Physically it's very hard for them to Identify that they actually got Something out from your online course And so to have those tangible results Present In the way that you are presenting your Online course In the way that you are presenting your Lessons is very important so one example Would be to answer their worksheets okay So give me your worksheet by the end of So on and so forth I'm going to check it I'm going to audit it that's something That is tangible for them and so they Would be able to say that they got Something out from your course so it's An activity based result rather than a

Metrics result because if you're just Promising them the metrics that hey You're going to get 100K per month and Whatsoever not everyone is going to hit That at a certain amount of time but if You're going to say hey write something On your worksheet or have a plan for Your next Discovery call they're going To write that down and that in itself is Already a result and then and it's an Activity based and so they would be able To get that when moment right off the Bat okay last but not least listen to Your students feedback but sometimes Take it with a grain of salt so what am I talking about this it's important for You to always understand what your Students are having a difficulty with so Like what I did in CRA people are always Talking about the momentum that you need To have in order to start freelancing Seems to be very very difficult and so I Created a small online course or a mini Course about how to get started in Freelancing Link below this video If you want to get Into that that's awesome so I just Created a specific mini course wherein You don't have anything else to do but Get your foot at the freelancing Industry other problems come in later Okay and if you want the problems to be Solved where that's the time that you Can enroll to create and Rise Academy

Also Link in the description when you do That it's actually helpful but if you're Also the type of person who just wants To please your students to the best of Your ability wherein whatever they say You're going to do it I've done that for Many years it's actually exhausting Because I really want to make sure that There is like a best experience that I Can give to my students whatever they Want I'm going to provide it for them as Long as I can provide it and so I want More skill courses boom skill courses For you put it inside the CRA give you Lifetime access I'm going to give that To you awesome okay I want to learn more About taxes okay get the speaker goes Live and then the replay will be posted In the members portal give you what you Need awesome and I've done that for many Many many years just trying to please my Students and sometimes it's not good for Your mental health because you're gonna Really be able to please them all some People would appreciate it some people Wouldn't and good for the people who Have appreciated it but how is your Mental health how are you sustaining an Online course with a lifetime access and You are also not thinking about how you Are sustaining who you are as a mentor At the end of the day you're the one who Owns that online course you get to call The shots is what I'm trying to say

Okay so just remember that your students Are not the boss it's you you know for a Fact that you are knowledgeable about Your curriculum like at the back of your Hand but that doesn't mean that you are Supposed to provide everything for them You are not here to save them you're Here to teach them and so that one is Also something that I have struggled for So many years and I hope that you're not Going to do the same mistake that I did And so there you have it 10 Things I Should Have Known when I started my Online course I hope that was very very Helpful with you if you are an online Course creator or freelancer or someone Who just wants to dive into the digital Marketing because you find it Fascinating how it a cat actually allow You to live the life that you want this Is the channel for you if you like that Please like And subscribe and I'll see You in the next video bye-bye

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