How to deal with unexpected client requirements as a freelancer

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5 Safety Checks for Your ">Marketing Effort

Making the most out of a company’s ">marketing efforts is one of the biggest challenges for any small business manager or entrepreneur. Go through these 5 questions and evaluate your ">marketing activity using ">Marketing Lens.

One Simple Strategy to End Overwhelm and Focus on Attracting Clients

Some clients come to me with strong feelings of overwhelm. They are getting so much email and information and can’t get to everything on their to-do list, never mind read all the material that shows up in their inbox. For some business owners, this can cause you to feel shut down or immobilized as resistance grows to moving forward with any passion or energy.

How To Market Your New Product to Retailers – Five Tips

Creating a new consumer product takes a lot of time, energy and money. Once completed, the challenge becomes gaining significant retail distribution. ">Marketing your new product to retailers is particularly difficult in this economy, so what becomes the most important tactic to gain meaningful retail distribution? This article presents five tips for developing that all important first presentation to the retail buyer.

PART 2: So You’re Not Getting the Whole Social Media Thing

Here’s Part 2 of last week’s social media tips. For a successful campaign you need to understand that it’s part science and part art. So here are the final 5 tips to help you have an effective campaign.

Planning and Using a Replicated Website

Technology is fast changing the world and it is important for all to keep pace with technology. Progressive MLM companies are using new technologies and tools to expand their network of distributors and help their distributors in lead conversion.

Four ">Marketing Perspectives to Improving Business

There are over a thousand different ">marketing strategies which can be used to promote a product or a service. Each technique requires different combinations of financial and human resources. While each ">marketing strategy can help in improving business substantially, smaller ">marketing budgets limit your ability to implement them all. Critical choices need to be made in order to gain the maximum return on ">marketing investment.

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales For Under a Tenner With Address Labels

Return address labels are one of the most overlooked and under appreciated forms of ">marketing – they’re exceptionally cheap, they’re efficient and they serve a very flexible purpose. Below is a list of the five best ways you can use address labels to boost your sales both online and in your shop.

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