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And I just got to received an email that 4876 dollars has been sent and this is Just by using affiliate marketing and You can do this yourself you don't need To spend any money from your own pack What's going on guys in today's video I'm super excited because what I'm going To show you is how complete beginners Can make over 350 dollars per day by Promoting proven affiliate marketing Programs without any skills without any Experience without putting the effects On camera creating the websites or Anything technical but more importantly How to actually promote them using paid Ads without any cost out of your own Pocket paid ads are not free but using This special trick this crazy trick Anyone right now can get started by Promoting these products but don't spend A single Cent out of your own pocket and Just make literally just pure profit out Of thin air the only catch is you cannot Do this forever okay it's like a One-time thing you can do to make Anywhere from like 20 to maybe like 500 Depending on what kind of product you're Going to be promoting it works for Everybody but you cannot do it forever So if you're looking for a fast money Making method just like this stay Watching and we are going to get started Right now but before that don't forget To smash like subscribe hit notification

Bell comment down below and let's get Started okay now the first thing what we Need to do actually for this method is Going to be we need to find a proven Affiliate program proven affiliate Product that plenty of people are Currently promoting so we don't have to Gather any data ourselves okay I'll just Show you why now as an example I'm going To use a top performing product from ClickBank that's going to be Alpine now This one is currently going to be going Crazy because like 2.3 thousand two Point three thousand this is the highest Gravity I have ever seen on ClickBank Usually it's like 700 maybe thousand This is 2 000. that means this product Is currently hot and it is hot because a Lot of people just want to get in shape Right now and they are looking for Products like this but the method I will Show you works for any programs okay any Product as an example I will show you How to do it for this one but you can do It for any other program the more you're Going to go through these programs and Products find something unique then most People are not going to be using the Higher chance of you making the most Amount of money okay but just an example I'm going to go with this one you want To click on the name click on the name And open it up and then just copy the URL that's that's all next thing go to

This website that's called ispnash Ispnash.com just ispio nugget.com and You want to sign up or log in for free I'm going to join you for free just Enter your first name last name all These details and this is how the Account looks like just paste the URL Right here just paste it right there and Delete anything after the.com and click On search okay now this genius software That I cannot believe is free it's going To show you are all the best performing Ads that people are currently running For this product now for this product For example there isn't that many of Them I don't know why that's kind of Weird but let me just try another Product I thought there's going to be a Lot more of them but let's go with this One icaria juice okay because there Should be a lot more products sorry the Results right here because just 23 is Not good 46 is okay but the more the Better okay then select by the first Scene okay this one doesn't work anyways So I'm going to go for the next one I Will keep this in the video but I know Xcpr is going to have plenty of them but Again you just want to go through these Products and just find the one that has The most search results okay xpure bam 757 okay third product and then select Bing slash Yahoo and select today's Scene okay and it's going to show you

How long these products these Advertisements have been running okay in This case it's like 51 I don't really Know why is there the minus it's not Doesn't mean like minus it just means Like 51 days and this is the Advertisement okay now if you're going To copy now the advertisement word for Board it's going to get approved it's Going to be making money and you don't Have to do anything at all so let me Show you how to do that and then I'm Going to show you the heck how to Actually run these advertisements Without any upfront cost and I know this Method works I know plenty of people Made money with this year ago two years Ago three four maybe on a five years ago Because I posted it multiple times in my Online money making career so I know Plenty of people are making money with This if you are one of the OG fans who Are watching my Channel please comment Down below that you made money with this Method because I know you have done but If not that's okay if you don't see any Proof then just go ahead test it out and I know it's going to be working for you So just go to Google and you want to Search for Microsoft ads and you want to Create a campaign go to campaigns right Here on your account and hold on let me Disable this and click on create right Here just create a campaign right there

Select waste it to my website and let's Go with the search ads this is changes All the time so I'm going to go with Search ads Now call it like a testing Campaign doesn't really matter budget Twenty dollars per day countries for the Sales select United States that's all Then people in your Target locations Only that's going to be it scroll down Because even go to Next Step website is Not ready add group let's call it like Ad group one and now for the keywords You want to go right here click on the Green button right here and just copy The keywords okay right here now in this Case it's not like the best campaign Ever but if you're going to put in Different products you're going to get Different results and you get even Something better just play around with It I don't want to be like exactly Something that's gold mine in the video Because it's going to not be a gold mine After I share it on my channel so I Don't want to be doing that okay so for Those guys who are action takers just Please go through play around with the Play around with the search you're going To find some gold mines just search for Best performing offers on ClickBank Obviously don't go for a top three or This because I just tested them out and There's no results just find someone Some that are long time on ClickBank or

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Digistore or Warrior Plus at least Couple of months put them into ISP and Ash and you're going to find with Campaigns then put them right here they Add groups and add keywords do not add Any more okay just go with the ones that Are proven seven go to the next step Then click on Create and add and again Just copy and paste that's all it really Is so just copy this part put it right Here as a headline copy this part Put it right here then pin it in the First section pin it in the second Section and I need one more so I'm going To go uh with this one if you need more Just go with the next ones and it's Going to use the best performing from These okay and this is one and this is One as well uh okay I'm not going to Paint this one okay just like that and Then the description just copy this part Do not copy the ad just copy this part Until the first Dot and put it right Here and then do the same for the second One just like here and put it right here It should fit without any problems okay That's what she said huh just kidding And just copy the URL and put it right There and then get your affiliate Link In this case for exe pure promote click On create a hop link and copy that and Put it this is like very simple method Actually just click on add your options Right here and add your reflecting right

Here and that's pretty much it then test It out and Gonna Save right here okay And that's your advertisement simple as That scroll down you can save and go to The next step then twenty dollars use This one this one right here and adjust My bit could get more conversions if you Don't have that one use maximize clicks Automatic bidding and set It to 40 cents super simple okay don't Even think about it just go through it Like I'm going that's all you got to do Then scroll down and Advance campaign Settings right here click on ADD Distribution and click on own and Operated only this is the most important Part if you're not going to select this One we are going to get plenty of low Quality non-converting traffic that Doesn't really buy from third-party Websites just go with only operated only This is going to give you search traffic From Bing AOL and Yahoo only if you're Going to go with these ones it's going To give you like syndicated Partners Like those those search engines that are Like adwares and nobody really uses Don't go for those just go own the Operating only and that's your campaign Click on Save and you are ready to go That's your campaign now you need to pay For this campaign but you don't have to Pay from your own pocket this is the Next step what you got to do and now

Which one do you want to go to this Website this is the first part of this Method go to Voucherstore.net and want to find this 100 Microsoft ads coupon now the offers Always change there's like 125 dollars 100 250 500 so pretty much you want to Go to this website kind of like every Single day until you're going to find a 100 wow you're currently at the time to Recording this video there is a 100 Voucher for just ten dollars okay now I You don't have to even pay ten dollars Out of your own pocket but if you're Going to use this coupon with your Account from these 100 you can make Couple of sales if you are using a Proven campaign and that proven campaign Is going to be on ISP on ash so that's The reason why we are using that now how To actually get this coupon completely For free and how to get like two of them Completely for free what you want to do Is go to this website called Coinbase.com and you're going to see That if you're going to sign up for this Account they are currently going to get You 25 Worth of cryptocurrency completely for Free I have recorded multiple tutorials On how to do this essentially just Create your account just watch couple Videos and they will literally give you 25 dollars in different cryptocurrency

Completely for free you don't even have To do in some cases the verification Process as they are just going to give You the money I know it sounds weird but It will literally give you free money That's how crazy it is just because Start earning a sound for an account but Then turn this 25 convert them into this Voucher right here it says 500 right now But pretty much they are changing it all The time most of the times just the Headline changes so don't really worry About the image because sometimes it Says like uh 130 170 pounds but if you Are not from like UK you don't get Pounds you get dollars so that's the Reason for that just buy the voucher Using the money from coinbase buy it Right here then use the premium campaign From ISP and Ash and that's how simple It is to make money from zero without Actually working just by using pay that Completely for free and that's it please Let me know if you like this method in The comment section below I would really Appreciate it and also for more videos Check out this one right here which is Going to show you another cool money Making method you can use right now

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