Create Stunning Amazon KDP Book Covers for Free with Canva

Hey what's up it's like paws and in this Short little video I'm going to show you How to create a stunning Amazon KDP book Cover even if you have no design skills No art skills no Tech skills whatsoever It's very easy to create if you have no Creativity like myself then I'm sure you Can do the same thing okay also if you Want to learn how to create mid content Books and children's books check out the Link below and get access to my training Okay so let's first check out this book Cover again you don't need any Tech Skills or design skills if you want you Can even Outsource this but I'm going to Show you how to do it for free on using Nothing but your laptop and a mouse okay So here I have these elements for my Children's book okay you can use public Domain images off of sites like pixabay Here's a here's pixabay right now You can create your images Um your elements using AI like mid Journey there's all types of things Again I go through training if you check Out the link below you'll learn more About that but anyways I want to stick To this book cover okay so I'm I'm Playing around with this book cover that I created because I want to test a Different app okay so I decided to jump On a video and show you how I do it okay So I have three elements I have the Background

See the background here I can move that Around And I have the the four foreground Character here the main character Protagonist of my of my of my of my Story okay and I have the title that Pops out here okay now first thing I Want to make sure is that my font is Either open source or public domain okay Now there's a plethora of different Fonts that are public domain and open Source on canvas so many if you are a Paid Pro user of canva You can actually add your own fonts or You can use more Google fonts now if you Don't know anything about Google fonts They're all open source and free to use Even commercially and let's say for Example I want to search for a Particular font let me search for one That I like a lot bangers This is a very good font actually I'm Using it right now this right here it Says pink frog That's bangers okay and that's not found On canva even though it's public domain Open source you have to download it okay Very simple for free Just click download family here click Download family And you're going to find it on your Computer You're gonna right click it extract all And extract

Okay and then you're gonna go to this Bangers uh regular dot ttf it's gonna go To back to canva You're Gonna Go to add Your brand fonts I believe this is a pro Uh feature not a free feature but Actually I like like I said before There's a ton of different fonts you can Use for free even commercially on canva For free but I'm just showing you if you Do have a pro account how to add a a Font I already have bangers uh already Added but let's see if I can do it again Um upload a font just like that so once Again let me take you to the motions You click on Add your brand fonts in the text section Here text Add your brand fonts Click add new Click upload a font And you click add new You go to your computer and you'll find Bangers right here you upload it And that's it very simple then you'll Have access to it within canva okay so Let me change this font to something Else Um again very beautiful looking very Easy to do let me change it to bank Gothica Okay if I change the bank Gothica It's gonna take a while but as you can See it's changed it already let me Shrink this down to 60. so we get a

Better view uh pink frog in this Bank Gothica style now if I click effects as You can see there's all kinds of effects My favorite effect by far that I use Maybe 99 of the time is the outline Feature okay let me go back to Bangers Let me highlight that click the text box Here let's go back to Bangers What was it at 130 I'm going to click The font size resize that see this Effect here this outline is amazing I Can change the thickness of the Border I Like to keep it at what was that 80 or actually 71 is fine eight no Actually 80 is good okay you can uh Change the color of the Border whatever You want I have it at black and I have The interior of the font at pink okay Also you want to keep your background Okay so that that's how you create your Text now of course you want to make sure Your text matches your book now this Isn't an actual book of mine I Um my title is secret I'm not going to Give away my actual book title on this YouTube channel but I wanted to show you How I do it because I'm actually working On that right now it takes very it you Know it takes a little bit of time to Create these stunning book covers with These font okay so all you want to do is Make sure you have the exact title that You have in your book you want to have It on the front page of your book cover

Make sure it pops up make sure it's big And bold Um if you can stick your foreground or Stick your protagonist or main character In The foreground okay as you can see This is the front part of the book this Is the back part of the book okay now The size of your book or book cover I Should say depends on your on depends on The dimensions of your interior right so For a kids book for example most of my Kids book actually all of my kids books Are 8.5 by 8.5 that means I need a book Cover uh to to of course to cover the Front and the back that means um that Cover will be 17.39 by 8.75 my book is a Little bit thicker than most books most Kids books Um so anyways yeah that's what you do Okay so this is the back as you can Imagine this is the front Okay when it Comes to kids books children's books I Don't do anything to the back I just add An image from the interior of my book to The back here Um with mid content books I do add some Information about the types of puzzles They'll get inside but when it comes to The front you really want to make sure This this font sticks out and pops out Okay also you want your character to be Big and uh taking up much of the cover Right and very important you want your Background uh to be bright okay you see

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It's bright in the back and my font Sticks out it pops out uh for for these Uh wait one for these four different uh Words here I have a uh I use Mouse Memoirs okay it has kind of a Mickey Mouse type of feel now this is open Source it's not copyright okay you don't Want to just straight up use Disney font Of course because then Amazon is gonna Get angry at you and terminate your Account don't do that okay this mouse Memoirs is Uh is somewhat inspired by uh Disney Type of font okay and this pink frog is Bangers the font that I showed you just A little bit ago This is nice and bold so I'll I'll never Have more than two different fonts per Type okay you might just stick to one Font that's perfectly fine or you might Want to add another font okay so that's A total of two okay and again this is Everything drag and drop I'm just moving This around right I can change this to Anything instead of Luna I can say uh Toms Tom and the Magical Uh let me see flying carpet Okay you got that you can do anything You want once you're settled with a Design once oh I'm sorry about the Sirens there is an ambulance passing by Anyways once you're settled on the Design you want to make sure that Everything fits in snug okay and it's

Within the borders that Amazon gives you I'm gonna go to uploads real quick and I'm gonna look for this uh border uh This border that I have here and I'm Gonna I'm gonna expand it so that it Hits all the corners Okay so because I want to see if Everything fits inside of the book cover As you can see a flying carpet let me Stop that let me return that as you can See flying carpet is way too big right So I'm gonna highlight the whole thing And go up to the top here and shrink it Down so that it fits within the pink Borders right That I have Just like that okay Okay so um yes everything fits nice and Snug I got my foreground character let Me get let me get rid of that border now Now that I know everything is nice and Snug I got my foreground character right Here I got my background nice and bright And I got my title big and bold okay and Again the title must be the exact title You use for your Amazon KDP listing very Important once you're done doing that You're gonna click uh you're gonna Click Share excuse me you're gonna go down to Download really important you're gonna Go to file type okay you can go to PDF Print okay and uh you're gonna choose The the page you want I have all 11 I'm Gonna choose just one okay and if you

Have the free version of canva then you Just can use RGB actually Excuse me yes RGB best for digital use but if you have The pro account again you don't need the Pro account Pro account has extra bells And whistles like you're gonna add your Own font another uh Pro of the pro Feature is that you can switch to the CMYK this is best for printing but this Is not a deal breaker I mean this is not Significantly better than this option Okay I'm just letting you know if you Have the Pearl account then choose this CMYK sorry CMYK best for professional Printing and click download download it And add it to your Amazon KDP uh listing For this book and there you go okay you Always want to test out your book covers Even if you have a winning book cover Sorry even if you have a winning book That's making you passive sales or Passive royalties online on a daily Basis you still once in a while want to Test the book cover okay because you Might have a better converting book Cover this is how you get your foot in The door it's not your description it's Not your title it's your book cover That's the first thing people see that's The first thing that attracts people to Your listing can't stress this enough uh Do not uh sleep on it you want have you Want to have excellent book covers okay If you have any questions any uh tips or

CH or tricks leave them Below in the Comments section also don't forget to Like And subscribe it always helps the Channel out have a great day and talk to You soon bye

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