Creating a Custom Business Email Through Namecheap & Google Workspace

[Music] What's up you guys welcome back to my Channel my name is Emmy Bernice I make Videos about videos freelancing and Digital marketing if there's three Things are your cup of tea please make Sure to like And subscribe because I try My very best to upload videos every Single week tutorials and you know Everything else in the digital marketing Industry that you might find useful and In this video we are going to be talking About how you can create a customized Business email so it goes something like Hello and there are two Things that is required in this tutorial And that is your domain name from your Hosting site and a Gmail workspace Registration so that's what I'm going to Walk you through today and again before You proceed to creating a business email I do hope that you already have a domain Name settled so with mine I'm going to Make one today for my very new business Which is the digital marketing agency It's called Studio Calista and I'm going To be making a business email for that So without further Ado let's dive right Into it so remember that one of the Requirements that I asked of you is a Hosting site with your domain name Registered with mine I used namecheap Because I've been with them for a long Time now my very first website which is

Like has been with them For a long time for as long as I can Remember and I never stopped using them It's very easy for me to connect them to WordPress which is where my website is Hosted and then they are pretty much a Well-known posting site and that's why When I tried to integrate it with other Softwares that I'm using it's very easy So namecheap all the way for me if you Do not have a domain name just yet you Can go to and somehow Think about a domain name for your Business when I create a business name Or a course name or whatever that is That needs a website I always think About the domain name first so as long As it's available and it's within my Idea of the name of the course or the Business and I'm going to buy it right Away so you can type in say for example Say hi to your I don't know Why just that just appeared in my head But if you're going to search that one You have a lot of domain options you can Go dot I always tell my Students to go because that is Very easy for your audience to remember It compared to dot Co dot net you know Unless they are merely clicking the link To where you are redirecting them to It's easy but if they're just thinking About buying something from you out of

The blue and they do not remember what Your web site or your domain name is and You're losing a sale right then and There so it's always good to go I do not have any sort of domain that is so there's that next step is to Go to and click the start Free trial I have already done it and it It redirects you to this page that says Let's get started with your business Name I'm going to put mine Studio Callista Number of employees including You for now I'll just put just me and The region is Philippines where I'm Currently living what's your contact Info I'm going to put Demi renice of Course my name and then as lit current Email address I'm just gonna put my Email address dbslit and the Next does your business have a domain See this is why I had you purchase a Domain name first you can also get it From them but I doubt that it's gonna be Cheap I think it's gonna be expensive I Did not try it yet getting a domain name From them but I'm just going to click Yes I have one I can use and then the Domain name is okay that's my Domain name so whatever domain name you Purchase from namecheap hosting or GoDaddy whatever that is you're going to Put that here click next and use this

Domain to set up the account next Stay up to date we'll send you Occasional emails with helpful tips Special offers no thanks educate your Users will send your users information About the Google workspace apps no Thanks Alrighty you'll use your username to Sign into your Google workspace account And create your business email address So this is where the magic happens you Can write hello at Studio or Something like me at Info at hi for the main admin Email we usually use hello and then Everyone else who is a member of Studio who has their very own Personal business email I just use their First names so with my other businesses We have and my team Members have Rachel at Rebecca Demi they have their Rate on personal business emails so that If they need to interact with some of my Audiences or my customers and my clients They're going to send that email to that But this is what we're going to do here You can do hello your first name but in My case I'm just going to do hello at Through your password of Course I'm not going to tell you what my Password is how dare you Okay now your Google workspace account

Has been created ready to set up your Business account and get low at Working with Gmail will walk you through Each step continue to set up so it's Actually very straightforward and They're also going to give you Instructions on how you can connect it To namecheap because you need that there Are specific records from your hosting Site that Google needs in order to Redirect the emails from their space to Google's space right so I just you know Follow these ones protect your domain Name once we verify ownership we can Connect this Google workspace account With your domain name okay well guide you Step by step the first one is protect Your studio make sure no One else can use help you verify your DNS are records when namecheap publishes Your DNS records will look for the Verification code before you start make Sure you have of your namecheap account And password just like I told you all Right and I'm going to click I'm ready Okay see there they have really detailed Instructions so first one sign in to Your account at namecheap manage your Domain Advanced DNS so I'm going to do Exactly just that manage and click Advanced DNS And then we're going to go to step two

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Add a new record select text record from The type drop down list click txt value In the table below to copy the code so This is why I trust namecheap and I keep On using namecheap because even Google Knows what this hosting site is so the More unfamiliar your hosting site is It's a lot more difficult to connect it To different softwares so I'm just going To be doing this I'll copy the txt value Text copied to clip clipboard add a new Record GXT record at paste automatic Save save all changes So now it's all done I'm going to click Protect domain and it says here checking Your verification records versus you to you can close this page and Return later five minutes remaining so We're gonna have to wait for that lucky For you you don't need to because then I'm gonna pause this video Okay so uh it's job protecting my domain Great jobs Utica Lista is protected you Can now set up Gmail as your business Inbox and start using Drive dogs sheets And more are you a team one are you the Team Money Continue okay the second one is create New users so this is if you have team Members in my case I'm going to add Myself because I'm guessing that hello At Studio kalista is going to be Accessed not only by me but also my team Members you know so at least I have my

Very own which is Demi at So I can put their Demi Bernice or let's Just say I'll put another team member in Rebecca mumbiar and we're going to just Say Rebecca at Studio Right and then save user okay so it's Already added uh not sure exactly what That is so you can click finish and that Should be done I don't know why it's not Work here but you can now activate Is now the best time to update your Email settings so and so I'm ready to Activate Gmail Okay so now we're going to go back again To the part where we're going to add new DNS records and in the previous one we Added a txt record this time we're going To be adding an MX record so we're just Going to do it again Manage Advanced DNS I'm right here and Then go to step two we have Gmail scroll To mail settings here is mail settings And then we have to click Gmail there You go all right and then I click Gmail And then save changes and that should Already activate the Gmail Changes okay mail settings successfully Saved go back to this one activate Gmail And oh more MX records oh Okay so in my case great job MX records Are already updated what to expect next Typically you can send and receive Messages at your new Google workspace

Email address in less than six hours However it may take up 44 48 hours Before you receive email at your new Address so now I already have Um hello at and Rebecca for my team member So I can just click finish and I think It should redirect you to this yes That's correct setup billing you know You can all you can do all these things But as for me I go directly to Gmail to Check if it really is indeed there so What I do I just click on these dots Dots dots and then Gmail and because I Have multiple emails it redirected us Here I'm going to click Studio And here goes my new email address so Now you can get started and have people Send you emails to the new business Address that you just created so it's Very easy and simple most especially I'm Not going to say that it's going to be The same exact easy process for everyone Because this one I use namecheap and It's very easy because I think they Already have some agreements together You know that like that let's make it Easy for everyone you know Gmail and Namecheap and Gmail already had an Agreement to make it easy for us and so That's why I have this but I'm not sure What hosting site Um you're going to go for so it really

Depends they also have different Instructions for different hosting States so you might want to check that Out you can also check out the Google Documentation for a specific hosting Site before you go buy a domain from That hosting site so you can go check GoDaddy to Google workspace integration You know that's sort and see if it's a Difficult process and if it is go for a Name cheap and there you have it people I hope that this was helpful for you and If it was kindly click the like button So people would know that this is Helpful and hopefully there are going to Be more people that will be helped Through this very tutorial and I'd like To congratulate you for your dual Business email hopefully you're going to Enjoy it and brag about how you have a New business email it's like everyone Have people send you random emails Sounds out so anyways by the way it's Highways I'll see you in the next video [Music]

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