Dr Thomishia Booker Interview: Changing Culture & Representation Through Children’s Books

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Include Mobile ">Marketing In Your Overall Business Strategy

In the coming years the world is going to continue to experience the growth, effectiveness and ease of mobile technology. Read on to learn more on how you can take advantage of it for your business.

Experience The Difference: Experiential ">Marketing

“Hands-on” experiences shape our preferences even more profoundly than what we see or hear in advertising. Why is this, and how can your website or mobile app assist you in bringing your product to potential customers for them to directly experience?

Don’t Risk Your Brand and Your Reputation With a Bad Promotion

The ">marketing industry defines “promotional products” as products that transport a message when given to clients and likely prospects. “Cheap” products are all over the Internet and we face competition from many capable local companies, both large and small. The difference between giving away a pen, a key tag or flashlight and running a promotion is a very important – and often overlooked – distinction. Product selection is much more of a priority when running a promotion versus giving items away. A promotional product should convey specific information about your company and a call to action.

">Marketing Your Vacation Company Using Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are incredibly powerful for a travel company. TripAdvisor and other review websites are commonly consulted before a vacation is booked. So why not be proactive? Capture and use your own customer testimonials so they work well for you across all of your ">marketing materials.

Integrated Approach of Social Media ">Marketing

The role of media has been growing like never before. It is helping brands to fetch maximum number of customers, it is creating brand values; it is providing a ground for customer feedback and attaching customers directly with the companies.

How to Get a Job Doing Qualitative ">Marketing Research

With a job outlook of 41 percent from now through 2020, opportunities for qualitative ">marketing research jobs are better than the average for all occupations in the US. While this is certainly good news, knowing the desired skills and educational qualifications for market research occupations will give you a competitive leverage in the job market sector. Further, knowing what the work entails will help you decide if you will fit in.

Guerrillas in Our Midst

A brief dissertation on the value of guerrilla and grassroots ">marketing in this new age of technology. A must-read for business owners and managers.

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