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Hello and welcome to today's video where I'm going to share a method with you With you sorry which is under tapped It's got huge potential for this and I'll also share with you how to Fast Track the entire method now I'll tell You how I came across this method so Obviously I have this website and I'm Doing a bit of research for you know Different side hustles and different Methods for making money online and from Home and I came across this article over Here Of this guy over here now he's earning Incredible amounts of money every single Month with something which just takes a Bit of time and effort so we can see Down here look I'm a dad of two and I Quit my nine to five job to do my side Hustle and now I add 10 000 pounds a Month I'm in the UK so in terms of Dollars this comes in at 12 454 dollars a month from this side Hustle now here's the question what is The side hustle well I'll show you so Let's just scroll down here and I'll Show you the side hustle I'll show you Examples of this then I'll share with You how you can do this yourself so Basically this chap you had a full-time Job and he you know he was looking for Different methods to start making money Online and as usual he went he started With a side hustle and now he's turned

Into his full-time gig and this is the Thing with any side hustle in time it Can oh it can literally build up Something which is huge so what is it so What you can see here so he started Writing speeches for cash back in 2014. So Richard signed up to a freelancer Site like Fiverr to list his services And you can see on here look he had no Idea it would end up being his full-time Job well let's come down here but look At this okay so he had a full-time job He started off slow and worked on Evenings and weekends this is how it you Know we've got to put in some time and Effort with this Soon as I was off work I was working on My side job and then you can see he Started to scale this up you can see Here the look in the beginning it was Tough and tiring and basically what he Was doing is he was going ahead and Writing and helping you can see on here Helping people with speeches Specifically wedding speeches okay I Know at the time look at this he left His 75 Brandon job year to go down this Room now he sells Earth on a platform Called Fiverr and you can see on here Five it takes a 20 commission so on a Month anywhere between three and a half Grand six grand a month and when it's Wedding season up to ten thousand pounds A month from offering this service okay

It's pretty crazy so look this this Article is over here it's over in fact I'll drop a link to it in the comments For you if you want to go ahead and read This so I went over to the website Fiverr On here and you can see I've just typed In wedding speech now surprisingly there Are only 342 people offering this Service and not 342 people they're 342 Services available now here straight Away do you notice anything This person this person this one this One this one this one scroll Fairground This one this one this one they're all The same this one they're all the same Person here doing this exact method it's Pretty insane and all he's doing here is In terms of his listing on Fiverr as He's just uploading a different Thumbnail and changing it from you know What we'll consider here look wonderful Made of honest speech if I come up here Where you've got five five of the Bride Best man speech best man wedding speech Scroll further up here special five of The Bride what's that same-sex speech Vows best man speech okay and all of Them look at the prices what they are Starting at Ridiculous and obviously look the river People on Halo starting at this amount Of money well let's go into one of these And have a look at this and then I'll

Share with you how you potentially do This method yourself So if I scroll down here we can see It's currently got two orders in the Queue this Richard forward over here now This here is his basic package and what Will he get for a basic package so a Unique tribute speech with great Memories immersion and warm wires that Will try and further everyone Up to eight minutes topic research two Revision to 156 pounds standard is 165 And then we've got over here 190 pounds and if we click on it you can Go through and you know have a look at Some different pictures basically and if We come down here look it tells you About this And what you can expect for this so This is doing this that manual way so if You are you know particularly good at Writing or being creative you can offer Your services over on a platform like Fiverr as you've seen there's not a lot Of people offering this service and I've Just had a thought I wonder if you could Find something like this over on a Platform like let's see let's just have A very quick look so that's going to Type in here I'm going to type in Wedding Speech I'm guessing sir Let me get rid of that Let's scroll down here sir you know is

Anyone offering this the best speech go Straight so look best man speech Ghost Writer personalized custom writing so There's another opportunity you could Even go ahead and list your services Over on Fiverr when somebody buys your Service on five and guess what you can Come over onto Etsy and get this person Over here to do the work right that that Is known as Retail Arbitrage that's a That's another option for you with this Method Let's see if anyone lucky a best man Template so again we've got people Selling templates on here And other stuff so all right let's see Looking at that What are we gonna hate but best wedding Speech so again someone there look five Of the brand samples samples So we could potentially do a Retail Arbitrage with this we could also list Our services over on Fiverr and other on Etsy now how do we do this you know the Lazy way the easy way well AI obviously Why why wouldn't we use something like AI to help us with this So for example I'm going to come over to This AI software over here I think You'll probably know which one it is It's called Jasper if you haven't seen This before I'll drop a link to this Down below you can try it out completely For free for 10 000 words so what I'm

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Going to do is we have lots of options Along here but I'm just going to try and Show you something really quick I'm Going to go to the chat option down here Now you can see on here where it says Here I'm just going to type something in So I'm just going to say please Could you write me a shot Best man Wedding speech now here's the thing okay When we go ahead and sell one of these Services and by the way I would undercut The whole Market I would make myself you Know the cheapest on there but over Deliver on what we're going to provide Them They would give us some information and You know some you know and like storage And all things that we could include and We couldn't give this to Jasper over Here to incorporate their information Into the actual speech but I'm just Going to go on here sir please could you Write me a short best man wedding speech Include A funny story and I'm just gonna go with That Thanks And I'm gonna hit on enter and I'm just Going to wait to see what the AI can do Farming now in terms of AI it works a Lot better with prompts and playing Around with this but we can see here Very very quickly we can see we have got

This over here so the name of I have Known such and such since they were kids Then let's say find the perfect gauge my Ring to be the best so here again look It's going ahead and telling us a funny Story look he had lost his wallet in Realized he couldn't pay for it in a Frenzy man Yeah so I mean overall you can see here I've put in you know write a short best Man sorry but we could have it we could Get it to create a long one and Obviously when somebody goes ahead and Buys one of these Services other on Fiverr they are going to give us Information about that you know the Couple who are getting married they will Tell us funny stories that we can give To the AI software and put that into Here it's simple and it's easy and don't Get me wrong you could use other Software like um chat GPT Sonic Razer There are many of these available Personally I use and recommend Jasper It's just awesome but as you've seen With this over here and by the way you Don't have to use AI it's just option For you it's just an easy option but if We go back over here onto Fiverr and Just look at you know the number of Sellers who are doing this there aren't A lot of people doing this we've got This one this person and this one and You can just go in and see you know what

Are they offering how much are they Charging so I can come in here and look A one to two minute wedding speech a Wedding speech of approximately 500 Words to When when you were round of Applause on the wedding day that's it That's 67 pounds so about 73 dollars Let's look at this one here Three to five minutes 84 premium 93 it's Insane and again look two orders in the Queue so people are actively looking for These Services let's just have a look at One more so what's this person here I'm gonna go in here and I'm gonna have A look so here is a top rated seller Over here look I mean look at this 135 Pound standard and premium So there you go that is a simple side Hustle for you today and it's going Ahead and creating you know wedding Speeches online but I wouldn't limit Myself to Fiverr I would go on Fiverr I Would go on upwork I would go on Guru.com I would go on people pair all Right basically any freelance in the Website I would put these gigs on that I Would also go over onto Etsy and if you Didn't want to go down this route here Guess what you can do Retail Arbitrage Which is what we saw over here on Etsy We could get someone to pay us over on Viber and then we can come over here and Use a best man speech gross writer so if I go into this seller over here

I mean look at this 50 sales they're Charging 27 pounds and then we've got Down here look to get started please Share your friend's Love Story we've Made details about it It's just another option for you but Here's the thing okay and this is what I Always say to people when it comes to Making money online this up here this 10 Random number it sounds awesome but it's Awesome isn't it well it doesn't happen Overnight you've got to put in the time And the effort and for me personally I'm Always saying to you know people over in The University you know pick a method Stick with it for at least three to six Months until you start to see some Results and then maybe look at building Up another income stream and another Income stream and in the University of Here we focus primarily on passive you Know passive or semi-passive different Incomes but we also have a solution down Here for You're not looking into different Passive you know passive passive incomes Semi-passive and active incomes and We've also got a huge section down here On Fiverr as well so that's included for You so if you're in the University go Through this and have a look but look That is today's video I hope you found It useful if you've got any questions Please let me know but yeah what do you

Think any good are you gonna give this a Go let me know in the comments down Below take care I'll see you soon Foreign [Music]

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