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Hey what's up guys how's it going so for Those of you who are sick of just seeing My office all the time Um I'm out for a nice walk that we're Under the under Cliff walking out to Saltine and I just got an announcement To let you know a couple of updates so If you haven't checked out a couple of Episodes on the podcast this week a Couple of good episodes that really help You with videos right so go and check Those out the other thing as well is the Um the replay from yesterday's gold Membership is up now in the gold Membership and I've not probably had That many emails from people saying how Much they enjoyed it and what I like to Do is every month I like to put like Some proper gold that's really going to Help you like solid training it's really Going to kind of so we can go deep and Really kind of dig into it so what we Actually covered yesterday on the Training was we've got a 16 point upload Checklist right and this is everything You need to do before you upload and When you've uploaded in the first four Hours what you upload with the video and If and if you kind of tickle these boxes This is going to ensure that you have Set everything

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