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All I did was I took this easy keto Ebook over here plugged it into this web Page that I'm going to give to you in This video and plugged in this web page Into this website over here and I Generated over 400 doing this again and Again in today's video I'm going to show You how you can take ebooks of idplr Download them to your PC plug them into A website like this and generate tons of Sales online and the best part about This all of this is a hundred percent Net revenue because you have no expenses On this ID plr gives you the right to Resell giveaway Rebrand and claim these Ebooks as your own and you can do what You want with them there's no fee to Come and download them meaning this is An expense free business so in today's Video I'm going to show you how you can Make a hundred percent profit on all of Your sales on a web page like this and Utilizing this website over here you Don't want to miss this one this video Is going to be packed with tons of value I'm also going to give you tons of Freebies in this video if you want to Learn exactly how to go and do this I'm Going to show all my tips secrets and Tricks that I use to go and set this up And on top of all of this I'm going to Give you my entire system in this video Without further Ado let's not waste any Time let's get straight into it

What's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here your nobious South African online entrepreneur and Coach Documenting my journey on my YouTube Channel on various ways that I use to Make money online if you want to follow That Journey with me make sure to go Down below and subscribe to this Millionaire mindset YouTube channel with The red notification Bell on so that I Can send you a message every time I Upload an epic value pack video just Like this one in today's video we're Going to be talking about downloading Ebooks plugging that into our own Landing page over here which I'm going To take away all the hard work for you And actually give to you in today's Video plug it into the second website Over here and you can generate tons of Commissions online not just once off but Also long term sustainable income with All of that being said let's get Straight into it and the first thing That you need to do is you need to come Over to idplr.com now idplr.com is a Database where over 12 500 different Private label rights products are listed Which you are allowed to resell give Away put your own private label rights On or your own personal rights and you Can do what you would like with any of These softwares ebooks videos templates Graphics and music that is listed on

This website you can claim do what you Want with it this is honestly a Hidden Gem on the internet tons of money Waiting to be made online utilizing this Website in today's video I'm going to Show you how we can plug in multiple of These products into our own sales funnel Which I'm going to give to you with Upsells downsiles and a final upsell to A bigger affiliate product where we can Make up to three sales of one person That visits our website with everything Being a hundred percent profit no Expenses and expands free business where We can make 100 profits the first thing You need to go and do is an example that I'm using in today's video you're Welcome to go and use your own or you're Welcome to go and use the example I'm Using I'm gonna go and search up four Simple letters called keto now on the First page you will see number one and Two you've got the easy keto ebook which Is a simple ebook that gives p people Tips on how to diet and lose weight and Then we have number two which is the Easy keto video upgrade which is a free Video course basically a more in-depth Version of the ebook which you can Upsold to your leads as a package deal To make even more Revenue online so for Example your first landing page over Here is going to have a button which Goes to a checkout which people pay five

Dollars for this ebook the next page is Going to offer them the upgrade which if They want to include the video course For an extra 17 so now we're making five Dollars of the ebook and an extra 17 off The easy keto video upgrade option and Then I'm gonna show you later in this Video how we're going to plug in a third Custom keto diet program as our third And final upsell to make a total of Three sales per customer that visits our Page so the first thing we need to do is We need to click on the easy keto ebook Over here click on download and this Ebook will then download to your PC Exact same thing if I come back over Here for the video upgrade we want to go And download that as well the file is About 65 Meg so it will take a couple of Seconds to download and again click on Download and this video upgrade will Then download to your PC now as simple As that the click of two buttons we now Have access to two products that can Potentially generate us hundreds of Dollars every single day but you need to Know how to actually go and plug this Into a professional brand a professional Funnel and a professional landing page That will actually go and convert these Ebooks and this video upgrade into sales Which ultimately will make you money Online the entire checkout process card Payment system will be included in the

Tool that I'm about to show you so That's going to lead us to step number Two and this is a tool that I've spoken About a lot on my YouTube channel but in Today's video we're going to be tackling This very differently to the other ways That I've explained to you how to go and Use this tool to make money online for Those of you that have never heard of This tool cartridge.com is an all-in-one Business builder in a box when you can Build your own checkouts your own Pages Collect your own email leads for email Sequences create your own funnels and Campaigns cartridge email automation you Can host your own membership websites if You sell content or training material Which you can then sell to people you've Got cartridge surveys and quizzes Which Goes very handy with CPA marketing you Can host your own videos have your own Help desk support systems if you're Selling a product and you need a support System where customers can send you Tickets and messages you can host that Your own calendars if you've got a Booking business such as a dentist that Has booking dates you can set up an Entire system around that your own forms You can create your own affiliate Products integrate your own API systems You can host your entire Marketplace and You can host other people's businesses And agencies at a fee using the

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Cartridge agency tool over here so the First thing you're going to do is you're Going to come over to plans and pricing Over here now before you fall off your Chair and see that the cheapest package Is 99 a month if you wait a couple of Seconds there will be a pop-up that pops Up on your screen where you can go and Get any one of these packages for one Dollar for your first 30 days so what I Did was when I first got this tool I Took the 1.30 day trial Used strategies like this and use the Kartra affiliate program to pay off my Own account and after a while the trial Will then pop up like this you can click On try Carter for one dollar over here The next thing I'm going to do is I'm Going to sign in with my Carter account And this is where I want to explain to You how powerful this tool is if you Come over to my campaigns on the left Menu bar you can go and import done for You campaigns such as simple list Builders your own Master Class campaign If you host webinars and want to upsell People to courses or your own product or Whatever you're selling a four day cash Machine which is one of my favorite Funnels with kartra an entire Consulting Campaign if you're a consultant you can Create your own funnel to get clients For your Consulting agency drop Servicing daily deal if you want to go

And sell services and Outsource that if You come over to available campaigns You've got tons of more available Campaigns that you can import to your Account at the click of a button so Unlike click funnels or builderall where You have to create each and every page In the funnel here that they give you Done for you templates all the emails All the checkouts all the products Included in your campaign and this is Honestly a very powerful tool for the Purpose of today's video I've created An entire Campaign which I'm going to Share with you for your cartridge Account so if you come over to available Campaigns over here They will be a big green import button At the bottom right of your page you Need to click on that and there is a Section where you need to enter a code So I quickly want to show you the exact Campaign that we're going to be using is This keto one dollar cash machine which Is what we're going to be plugging into Our funnel today this one dollar cash Machine over here I've used for multiple Products which I got from Liam's James K Who's another a fantastic affiliate Marketer on YouTube Welcome to go and Follow him and I've plugged in many of My drop servicing products many other Affiliate products but in today's video We're specifically going to be talking

About the keto program because the best Thing about this landing page over here You can use the drag and drop Boulder to Customize it for any product you can Change the image the text change your Checkouts change your prices it is Really user friendly to go and use so All you need to go and do is to go and Import this one dollar cash machine Funnel to your page I'm going to leave a Code down below with a link to sign up To kartra so all you need to do is click On the link in the description go to Carter come over to my campaigns over Here click on import and enter the code That is also in the description of this Video and you will see it will import to Your account once you've done that if if You come over to my pages on the left Over here of carter.com on your menu bar And you come over to like I've already Got it open come over to no sites in Particular you will see you've got your One dollar cash machine home page you've Then got the upgrade the upsell and then The down sale so I want to go through This entire funnel over here I'm going To open up each and every page and take You through it before we go and edit it And actually go and use the website to Generate revenue from our funnel so Firstly we have a home page over here Which is the first page that your leads Are going to land on simply says new

Guide reveals the keto Secrets used to Lose 22 pounds in 28 days inside the Step-by-step guide you will discover and So on and so on we've got a simple Picture of the ebook over here which is The exact same I'm going to show you how To edit this page now simple picture of The ebook over here which is the exact Same ebook that we've just downloaded on Idplr.com so the first thing that we Need to go and do is we need to go and Edit our checkouts and plug in our Product into this page which is really Simple all we're going to do is we're Going to come over back to our kartra Homepage over here click on my product At the bottom right of your screen There's a big green plus button that Says plus new product click on that you Want to go and click on main product Over here enter your product name keto We can just go and type the same name Over here easy keto ebook for example Easy keto ebook click on next again type The official name easy keto Ebook descriptions lose 22 pounds in 30 Days for the image of our product we Want to come over to the folder where We've downloaded our ebook just right Click on the zip folder click on extract Here just click on yes to all come over To the new folder come over to graphics And it come of its images e-covers and Then come over to ebook stacked over

Here so you want to go and upload this Picture to kartra simple just click on Pen over here again come over to the Folder where we've downloaded our ebook Back to graphics e-covers and ebook Stacks over here and go and choose any One of these images and this ebook cover Will then be uploaded as your product Image click on confirm over here click On keep it private you can either go and Plug in your PayPal account or your Credit card to carter.com so all you Need to do is just click on my Integrations on the bottom left over Here and it will take you to the page Where you can go and connect your PayPal Account or your stripe account so you Can accept payments worldwide the next Thing we're going to do is we're going To come back to 2 our payment processing Here I'm just going to select my stripe Account so that people can pay directly With their credit card click on Save Over here again click on Save on the top Of both of these product details and the Payment processing for the next page we Need to set up our pricing for our ebook That we are selling click on one time Over here price description one time Payments and we want to type here five Dollars set as the default price click On Save again and we continue to the Next step to go and set this product to The page that it's going to be selling

On so click on Save next for the product Page you're going to go and select your Keto homepage over here so if you scroll Down just click on no site in particular Under the cartridge page go and click on Keto dfy one dollar cash machine click On Save over here and for the thank you Page you want to click on the upsol key To example and click on Save because That means once people check out and pay For this ebook it's going to take into The next page over here where we are Going to be selling the video upgrade That's this video upgrade over here for Just 17 so that's where our second sale And second upsell is going to fall into Place in our funnel once that's done Click on Save and next and for the Checkout we can just go leave everything As default click on Save and next for Accessing your product contents which Means how is your customer going to Receive their product that you've just Sold to them we are going to choose Downloadable file because we are selling Them a downloadable ebook go and click On upload a new file over here click on Upload file and go and choose this Entire ebook zip folder over here so Click on Open click on next and this Will then upload to your checkout so That it knows when people pay for this Product on the checkout it will send Them the ebook that they've just

Purchased click on Save click on Save And next and that is it for our first Product click on Save and next again and Our product is now finished so we now Want to come back to our kartra pages Over here go and click on edit page of The home page of the keto example click On edit and it will take you to the live Page editor because we just need to set Up that button to our checkout over here So you'll see this button over here Comes up with a pop-up checkout just Click on the button click on the orange Pen I know this is all nitty-gritty Complicated stuff but make sure to watch With me if you are getting confused I Recommend save this video or slow down The speed slightly so that you can Understand what I'm doing over here you Then want to click on link under the Configuration click on pop a product Checkout for your product funnel we're Going to go and click on keto we're Going to go and click on easy keto ebook And for the product over here easy keto Ebook price point one use an overlay pop Out checkout form which will pop up a Checkout that looks like this over here You'll see people can buy this for five Dollars click on traditional checkout And go and click on apply over here so Now when people click on this button They will then pay you for five dollars And that will take you to the next page

Over here that we need to go and set up Click on the big actions button on the Top right and go and click on publish Live so that this page is saved and that Your process has been updated so now we Can click on close come back to your Cartridge dashboard we quickly need to Go and edit page two so if I come back To no sites in particular uh we need to Go and edit this up Soul so click on the Three dots click on edit and over here Just make sure it's the upsell keytube Example call click on edit again okay we Just need to remove some text let's just Go And remove that click on edit again over Here and this will open up our next page In the page editor scroll down you can Leave all of this text as is for this Image over here all we need to do is Come back to the same folder where we Have downloaded the gold easy key to Video upgrade so right click on this Click on extract here it will extract The entire file and for the videos or For the graphics over here we just want To come back come over to module one Videos and you want to go and use the Sample video as your sales video on the Sales page you'll see over here it's an Entire one minute sales video that will Do all of the selling for you so we can Come back to our Carter homepage over Here click on this image delete it

Completely go and click on components Over here click on videos and go and Drag a video placeholder over here so we Can drag it just above the green button So that it looks like this we now need To click on edit pen over here go and Click on kartra video click on upload a New video click on upload file come back To Gold keto module 1 videos and click On the sample video and click on upload And click on next and this video will Then upload to our sales page which will Do all of the selling for us and just Like that our sales page is complete all We need to do is just go and create the Product for our upsell it's the same Process just go and right click on the Cartridge logo on the top left click on Open link in new tab and it will take You back to the home page of Carter so Come over to my products again over here We're going to go and click on plus new Product this time we're going to click On main product but for the product name We're going to type keto video Upgrade click on next over here for the Official name Keto diet video crash course And for the description eight video Series In-Depth series On keto for the product image again Click on edit pen we want to come over To the gold easy keto click on featured

Images over here click on PNG and again Upload the bundle image over here so I'm Going to click on the medium size file Image we can go and click on confirm and Go and click on Save over here make sure It's selected as no keep private again Go and select stripe as your payment Gateway again go and select whatever Payment Gateway you're using click on Save click on Save and next over here And for our pricing we want to click on One time price description keto One time fee and we want to go and make This 17 over here go and click on Save Click on Save and next again for the Pages exact same process for the page That we're selling our product we want To go and select no site in particular For the page make sure it's on the Upsell page over here click on Save and Make sure you've selected the key to Example as the thank you page which is This page over here step 2.503 your Purchases have been sent to your email But there's one more secret weapon and That is where we're going to plug in our Third product which I'm going to show You how to set up right now so come back To the page where we're setting up our Products click on Save over here you can Leave all of this as default to check Out settings as default click on Save And next again for the Post sale we need To click on a downloadable file again

Click on upload new file and go and Upload your entire zip folder if we come Over here of the gold easy keto video Upgrade so selected click on open over Here click on next and this will then Upload to your checkout so that knows When people check out with the 17 what File it needs to send to them once That's done click on Save click on Save And next and our second product is now Complete so click on Save and next again And all we need to do is we need to come Back to our page over here that we busy Editing just click on save progress and You want to go and reload this page so That our product is now refreshed into This page go and click on this button Over here click on edit or the pen over Here to go and edit this click on link Click on pop a product checkout go and Click on the keto video upgrade click on Product keto video upgrade price point One use an overlay pop-up checkout form And click on traditional checkouts and Click on apply now one other thing I Want to show you is you will see there's A big red button over here that says no Thanks but I will understand that I will Never get this offer again so if they Click on this button over here and don't Want this video upgrade it's going to Take them to another page where we offer That same video upgrade for just seven Dollars which is basically a downsell of

An upsell so you'll see over here the Usual price is just seven dollars so Same thing over here last chance for Page two we can leave this as default The same check out repeat the same Process go and create another video Upgrade product of seven dollars like I Just showed you and plug this into the Oh yes I want this button over here and Then thirdly Our third page over here is the last and Final page we have one more secret Weapon which we then need to come over To clickbank.com on your ClickBank Dashboard under the marketplace go and Search custom keto diet and over here There's an entire custom keto diet Training program which you will earn 58 For every sale that you make on this Affiliate product and 22.30 every month Thereafter so go and click on promotes Over here go and click on The Seven Day meal plan free landing Page click on the default landing page Click on create hop link and it will Give you a unique affiliate link to a Webinar over here which will upsell them To the main product which then you're Going to make 58 for every sale that you Make you will see this entire affiliate Funnel is created for you and tailor Made for you as an affiliate with a free Video where people can go and get their Custom keto diet now remember you've

Already made five dollars off of your First sale on the ebook 17 on the video Upgrade and a potential another 58 of This third upsell over here so go and Copy your affiliate link over here come Back to your card trap Pages go and Click on the keto one dollar cash Machine final page over here click on The three dots click on edit page and go And click on edit so we can plug this Into our final upsell over here scroll Down to where this image is over here we Need to come back to the sales page of The custom Keto Plan screenshot this Page I've got a screenshot tool or key On my keyboard you can go and download a Free screenshot tool on Google come over To a free tool called Paint I'm going to Show you now A Windows paint or if you're using Mac Some kind of image editor paste your Screenshots go and click on uh section Shapes rectangular selection and go and Crop out this image just like this click On home crop click on file save as and You can save this to your PC close this Come back to your cartridge page over Here this one here that'll be busy Editing click on edit pen of this image Section go and click on upload image Upload image again And go and upload that screenshot that We just created of that video so now on The home page I'm just waiting for this

Image to load up click on confirm click On apply this looks like a playable Video but when people click on this Video you want to take them through the Affiliate link through your affiliate Link so click on link to another page Click on external URL come back to ClickBank just copy your affiliate link Again and go and paste your affiliate Link over here and click on apply so now All of your products with your upsells And your downloads and your final Affiliate product is ready to go and Make money it's all set up so I'm just Going to publish this live so I'm just Going to publish this live and save it Click on close and that's going to lead Us to the money making part of this Video come over to shardcard.com this is A website where we can go and find Famous people with hundreds of thousands And millions of followers to go and do Shout outs of a particular post whether It's a swipe up feature whether it's a Post feature or linking bio feature for 24 hours go and click on browse Influences over here on the left of all The influences over here scroll down Until you see Fitness motivation for example Fitness So uncheck all of them go and click on Fitness and also food and nutrition over Here and it will load up all big and Massive influencer pages in the fitness

And food and nutrition Niche for example This page over here with 323 000 followers is charging a shout out For 85 whether it's a swipe up feature a Post feature and you can actually go and Click on unlock over here to go and Unlock their page name I've just used All of my credits I think you get 10 Free unlocks and then you have to Upgrade your accounts I've used all of Them but if you've never used this Website before you'll be able to go and Unlock their page name and all you need To do is go and copy the page name onto Instagram and go and have a look at how Their page is doing for example if they Got 3 000 followers but they're only Getting 50 100 likes on their posts that Means their page is pretty dead and I Wouldn't use it but if they're getting a 10 or anywhere between five and ten Percent or more follower to engagement Ratio meaning if they got 300 000 Followers and they're getting I would Say a thousand or two thousand likes That means a couple of the followers are Active and it would be a good page to Use you can go and choose between a 24-hour feed post a permanent feed post Plus a link in BIO or a real or an Instagram story you want to go and Choose Instagram story and come over Back to your home page this is what it Will look like on mobile view because

Remember most people on Instagram are on Their phone and this is what it looks Like all you want to go and do is is go And upload or give them a screenshot of This ebook with this title so you can go And screenshot the home page as is maybe Go and include just the title and the Picture and then you want to have a text Over the image saying you know on Instagram when you edit your stories Swipe up to claim your ebook so this Page then with Over 300 000 followers let's say 20 000 People view their stories so let's go And calculate this let's take 20 000 Views on 300 followers 20 000 views and let's take a conversion Rate of 0.1 percent times 0.1 percent That means 20 potential sales of the Swiper feature so that would be 20 sales Of five dollars so that's now a hundred Dollars which is seventy five dollars Profit on your investment and let's say Out of these 20 people seven people get The video upgrade times uh it was 17 so That's now 119. Times let's go or plus the original 100 So that's now 219 dollars profit total And let's say two people buy the Affiliate product final upgrade at fifty Eight dollars so let's go plus fifty Eight dollars plus fifty eight dollars So let's take an average conversion rate Of 0.1 percent of twenty thousand views

On a 300 000 follower account you could Potentially make 335 off this 25 Shout out feature over here now what I've been doing with the strategy is I've been creating my own Instagram Pages shouting out that page posting Content on that page promoting my Product with a link in BIO to my funnel And stories to that funnel so that way I'm also building an Instagram page Which gives me a long term Audience basis which will get me Constant sales on my funnel so what I Recommend with this is you can either go And do direct shout outs on Instagram on These influencers over here or go and Create your own Instagram page and use These shout outs to go and grow your Page those are two ways you can go about It and using the strategy I was able to Make over 400 by starting in the Beginning by downloading these simple Ebooks over here now if you want to go And learn more about cartridge.com how To go and create more funnels how to run More ads how to get tons of free traffic Methods I'm going to leave two playlists On the screen over here packed with I Would say over a thousand dollars worth Of information from courses that I've Learned in the past that I've now put on YouTube completely for free for you guys To go and watch so I recommend go and Click on this cartridge training

Playlist over here it will give you an In-depth training on cartridge.com and On the left over here I'm going to leave My affiliate marketing playlist to give You tons of traffic ideas that you can Go and use for your funnel so these two Playlists over here make the perfect Sweet spot for affiliate marketing so I Recommend go and choose one of these Playlists over here and I'll see you Over there

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