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">Marketing – Plan for the Future

It’s easier to prepare for the future than to deal with the repercussions if you don’t. It’s a small piece of advice, but it helps encourage you to save and invest your savings. It is always better to hold on to cash for a day when you’ll need it, rather than spending it on unnecessary items right now.

How Psychology Completely Affects Our Choice of Price

The big secret that lies within the world of pricing is that psychology can control our behavior… even our choice of price. Which means marketers can highly exploit this fact to increase sales by a huge amount. Following include 3 major psychological tactics that control our decision-making in purchasing.

Zynga Makes the Most of Its Fickle Market

A business that thrives on fads patronized by a fickle-minded market won’t last long; not unless the business continues to fan the flames of interest to make the fad become a defining character of 21st century online gaming. That’s basically what Zynga has done quite successfully since it started out in 2007. After its first online game FarmVille that ushered in a novel dimension in social networking community, a succession of delightful online games that you can only play on the Facebook platform followed like Citiville, ChefsVille, Texas HoldEm Poker, Farmville2 and Bubble Safari, just…

Trade Service for Service

Bartering services for services. Cash is good and barter can be helpful. Cash is needed to pay many bills.

Why Becoming An Expert Is Critical To Your Success

The key to your success is to get clients to come to you – rather than you spending valuable time and money chasing them. To do that, you need to become highly visible and respected. You need to be perceived as an ‘expert’ in your market niche.

Mobile SMS Text Message ">Marketing and QR Codes

Discover how you can increase revenues promoting your products or services using SMS Text Message ">Marketing to their clients. I will illustrate this by using a typical selling process for a print shop. This could actually be any type of service provider for business like a graphic design company, copy shop, sign shop, ">marketing or even an advertising agency. I’ll break up this process into two different scenarios to illustrate how much more effective and beneficial this method of ">marketing can be for your business.

You Really Do Need a ">Marketing Budget! Keys to Make Yours Effective

The mantra in business today is to do more with less. That concept carries through to the ">marketing of your dental practice. There are many ways to spend your ">marketing budget dollars that may or may not achieve the results you are expecting. Here are several ways to increase the likelihood you will have an effective plan.

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