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">Marketing From Your Genius

In this article I would like to discuss what does it mean to do business from your genius. Your genius is a combination of your passion, what you really love to do, your expertise, which is how much time did you spend studying the subject and your talents, something you are naturally good at just by being you. When you combine all three elements, you can come up with something unique and special that becomes your signature offer other people can greatly benefit from.

Competing on Price Makes No Sense!

Marketers and business owners tend to follow the herd when comes to most things. One of the more egregious examples is competing on price. Everyone wants to be “the low-price leader.” But the truth is, competing on price makes absolutely no sense.

How to Attract Clients by Not Being Perfect

Have you come up with a system that got you where you are today? Often that is the basis for a small business – sharing your knowledge, wisdom and solutions with others who have the same type of problem. That’s how to attract clients.

The Top 5 Benefits To Using Personalized Banners For Advertising

When it comes to advertising, you want to make sure that you have got the maximum advantage. Using personalised banners can go a long way toward improving the image of your brand.

RecEx Interview Q and A

What is a Recognized Expert? When people go looking for a product or service, they’re often confronted with lists of people or companies that may or may not provide the solutions they’re looking for.

3 Characteristics of Telling a Compelling Story

Marketers know that customers can access an unlimited amount of information in minutes by utilizing the internet. For this reason, marketers provide a lot of information and content for these potential customers to view. The end result of these efforts is a huge clutter of information, which makes it difficult for customers to remember all the different products and messages that they came across during their research.

5 Ways For A Product Manager To Deal With New Competition

Just when everything is going your way as a product manager, that’s exactly when something always seems to go wrong. One of the most common things that can happen is a new competitor shows up. Customers that you thought were a “sure thing”, now want to take a little bit more time to check out what new guy is offering. Your product and its product development definition are under attack. What is a product manager to do?

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