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Hey everyone take a look at this I'm Going to show you how you're going to Join the number one Health affiliate Marketing Network that's paying people Tens of thousands of dollars in a Variety of different products and They're doing this every single day and I'm going to show you how you can use Videos just like this absolutely 100 Legally by tagging the creator of those Videos and you don't need to have a Website you don't need to have a social Media following and you don't even need To create any of the content yourself And you can promote this in over 80 Different countries worldwide and make As much as 40 percent per sale and on This video I'm going to show you some of My results how many visitors I'm getting And how much money I have made with this Strategy this is super simple it's 100 Free and you can make a lot of money Online with affiliate marketing and you Don't even need to do a lot of the work Yourself so if you're interested keep Watching so the first step in this Affiliate marketing tutorial is you need To come over to this website called Monish.com This is the number one Health Affiliate marketing and network or one Of the best ones that I have definitely Found that have a range of really good Products that you can promote to a lot Of countries if you come up to the top

Over here and you click onto Affiliates It's going to bring you over to a page Where it's going to show you that you Can earn as much as 40 for a lot of Their products and when you're on this Page you can scroll down and take a look They they tailor to bodybuilders Fitness People people looking to lose weight men And women so the demographic is huge Giving you the opportunity to make a lot Of money with this platform guys so what You want to do quite simply when you're On this page is you want to click go up To the top over here and click on to Join for free once you do that it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this you need to complete Your details and click on to join now Once you do that it's going to bring you Over to your back office now what I'd Like you to do for me is smash that like Button in appreciation if you enjoy this Content and go down the bottom and Subscribe to my Channel with the Bell Notification on so you get notified Every time I post a brand new video so You can learn exactly how I make this Sort of money and how you can do it Absolutely for free when you come over Here and you create a profile for Yourself you're gonna have a quick start To-do list as you can see every time you Complete one of these it's going to Cross it off for you with the Avatar

Don't really care about the Avatar I've Never changed it but basically once you Complete your buyer and you introduce Yourself you follow five people on the Platform you like someone's post you Send 10 videos visitors which means you Get more than 10 visitors as you can see Just just in the last 24 hours I've had 390 visitors if you log in seven days in A row I log in all the time with these Guys and you make your first sale all These are going to get changed over to Done as you guys can see over the last 24 hours I've had 390 visitors I've had 17 sales and my lifetime commissions on This I've been going pretty hard with This and I want to show you how you can Do it I've made almost 20 000 US Dollars Okay obviously these payouts don't Include anything that has been refunded Okay so if things do get refunded it's Not going to go over to your payouts now What you want to do when you're on this Platform you can see here on the left Hand side you've got this office section Once you click onto office it's going to Bring you over to a page that looks like This now this is where you've got all Your Brands and this is where you can Sign up once you've signed up you Automatically are given a link for all These products you don't need to sign up Individually to any of these products And on the right hand side over here

It's going to show you all the missions That you can potentially earn on these Different products on top of that it's Going to give you their top five Brands Based on earnings per click what that Means is every time somebody is clicking On that link what are you expected to Earn and one of the better ones over Here is this one over here called Testogen which will give you about a Dollar 74 cents earnings per click so Average every time somebody's clicking Onto it you're making a dollar seventy Four not bad they've got some featured Brands over here as well so when you Scroll down let's just say for example We click onto brutal force what that's Going to do is it's going to bring us Over to a page that looks like this now Look how cool this is it's going to tell You exactly how much you're going to Earn per sale average earnings per click For people that are currently promoting This then when you scroll down it's Going to give you the brand details Which I'm going to show you how you can Use this to promote I mean to give you a Lot of information over here which is Really cool then when you come here on The left hand side you've got all the Resources you've got banners amateur Photos Haywood's list videos you've even Got keyword IDs Ambassador photos Etc so A lot of stuff over here that you can

Use you can even use some of these Videos but I'm going to show you where You can get a ton of videos absolutely For free and promote it for absolutely Doing nothing now guys don't forget if You haven't already go down the bottom Right now and download my free affiliate Marketing guide which shows you Different ways that I also make money With affiliate marketing if you haven't Got it click onto that link in my Description right now get it and then Continue with this video now when you're On this page what's really cool about This as well it's going to show you the Top 10 brutal force Partners I'm not Sure how often this is updated because You can see that just with this one Product this person has made six and a Half thousand dollars three thousand Dollars two thousand dollars Etc and I Think this is updated every 30 days Because I see it changing a fair amount So this is where you can also get your Link to promote this product so if you Come over and click on to get link now That link is copied to my clipboard now If I come over here onto a brand new Browser let me just bring this over to Here and if I paste this in there and I Hit enter this is my affiliate link this Is going to open up this page now this Is what people are going to see when They click onto your link it's going to

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Bring them over to this page now when You scroll down if people come over here And they like this and they're looking To bulk up if they purchase any of these Products you're going to get 40 of this Eighty dollars guys I mean that is some Really good money that you can make and I'm going to show you how to get that Free traffic when you scroll down here You can see that it continues with that But when you go down even further you Can see some of these products are 239 dollars now if I grab my calculator Over here guys if I go to 239 and you times this by 40 come over Here and you go oh enter that's 95 per Sale that you can potentially make just For this one product okay here is Another product that I opened up over Here called trim tone here's another one That you can get about forty percent per Sale this one's got an average EPC of One dollar you can see people absolutely Crushing it with this as well if you Copy this link and open it up guys this Is a product for women okay it's called Trim tone if females are looking to trim Down and you can also make some really Good money with this if we scroll down You can see here that their number one Selling product which is the two month Supplies 129 dollars which means you're Going to be making about 50 odd dollars Per sale okay here is another product

That I opened up another one that's Paying you a dollar thirty four per Click forty percent commissions and when You scroll down people are still making Thousands with this it's got all the Brand details when you copy this link And paste it into a browser now this is A shredding product for guys you can see How many products they They are Promoting on this website the best part Is I'm going to show you how to promote Multiple products and a lot of it is Absolutely done for you gonna love it Guys so when you come over here you can See this is the next product that I Opened up called testogen we're going to Promote all these products and this one Is also paying you 40 per product now This one is really cool people are Making as much as a dollar 74 per click I mean this is some really good money Online and when you click onto their Product you can see the reason why their Products range from 79 they're three Months supply of this product is 239 and when you scroll down you can Take a look at this some of them are 389 Now this is why the earnings per click Is so high and where so many people Making good money with affiliate Marketing promoting this particular Product now like I said if you're Enjoying this video guys don't forget to Smash that like button in appreciation

And just go down the bottom and comment Let me know are you enjoying this video Just right I've got to this point and I'm enjoying this video so now what I Want to show you guys is how you're Going to promote these different Products all these different products Under the one link Then I'll show you how you're going to Get the traffic for this so what you Want to do is you want to come over to a Product like this called link TR dot Double A I've got a number of these Different types of Link tree accounts And I'm going to show you exactly how You can promote multiple products and Get this set up really really quickly so All you need to do is quite simply come Over here and create an account for Yourself if you scroll down you can see You can set up this interface to look However you want look to be honest it Doesn't matter they've got a lot of Bills and whistles my one is very basic And I'm still making really good money Online so if I log on to one of my link Tree accounts over here this is one of My affiliate marketing link tree Accounts where I get thousands of clicks On this guys now what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how you're going To import all these different links and Create your own customized health and Fitness affiliate marketing link where

You can promote multiple things but the First thing that you want to do as you Can see with my one over here I've got This image of myself and my son you may Want to change obviously the default one Which they're going to give you and in Order to do that you just quite simply Go over to appearances once you've Clicked onto appearances it's going to Come up to the top over here and as you Can see this is where you can pick an Image now all you need to do if you're Doing something in the health and Fitness with which is with what you'd be Doing with this particular case you'd Come over to a platform like this called Pixels.com come over here into search And just type in something like Bodybuilding as an example then all you Would need to do guys is quite simply Scroll down and find an image let's say This image over here is an example come Straight over to here guys and just Click on to download this particular Image so you just hit download this is Going to download over to your computer So we can close that off come straight Back over to linktree then you can click On to pick an image and go upload your Own image once you do that all you need To do is go select files to upload There's that image there and then this Is going to you can come over here and Change this you can never make this a

Little bit smaller bigger however you Want advice you can stretch that out and Then all you do is come over here and Hit save I'm not going to hit save now Because I don't want to change my image But this is how simple it is to change That image okay so once you hit save That image will be populated there now What you need to do is you need to start To import those links now if you're new To link tree what's going to happen is You're not going to have anything over Here it's just going to be blank so I'm Going to close off all my links that I Have here at the moment okay and Basically you're going to have an empty Interface over here it's just going to Be nothing it's going to be blank now What you want to do is you want to start To add these links in there so that you Want to click on to add new link and This is what you're going to have title And URL so now what we want to do is we Want to come over to the first product That we want to promote which is this One over here called brutal force so you Can quite simply do something like this So build lean muscle and Shred fat so Copy this okay let's go to copy come Straight over to linktree title Okay so let's paste that build lean Muscle and Shred Do something like that and Shred fat Then all you need to do is come over to

The actual product itself so it was a Brutal force click on to copy to Clipboard come straight over to link Tree and just paste that in there and as You can see what's going to happen That's automatically now going to Pre-populate this sometimes you need to Click onto this twice now just as a tip Guys if for whatever reason this link Doesn't work or it gives you an error All you need to do is come over to this Side over here called bitly.com scroll Down the bottom paste that link in here And click on to shorten once you click Onto short and just copy this link and Then come straight back over to linktree And then just paste that bitly link in There and it's going to do the exact Same job okay just in case if for Whatever reason one of the links doesn't Work or it gives you an error just go Over to bitly and minimize it now what You want to do is click on add a new Link and all you're going to do is Repeat the process so now as an example What we're going to do is we're going to Come over to this product okay which is This trim tone one for women and as you Can see trim tone as you can see is a Fat burner for women made 100 with Natural ingredients okay so all you want To do is copy this come straight back Over to link tree and you want to paste That in there

And as you can see you can move this Back and you're going to see that Everything is already in there then you Just want to grab that link so copy that Link come straight back over to linktree And paste that link in there okay and Then just double click that twice and as You can see it's going to come up and You're going to see the trim tone is a Fat burner for women made with 100 Natural ingredients now you can move These around if you want to move this up To the top Etc I'm going to do one more Just to show you so we're going to click On add new link then all we need to do Is come over to this product so Prime Shred you can see is a male Focus fat Burner which is specifically formulated To help men drop body fat okay and gain Lean muscle so copy that come straight Back over to link tree I'm going to Paste this over here in the title then We're going to come back we're going to Grab this link copy this link okay and Then come straight back over to linktree You can see how powerful this is guys And we're gonna Do that and then that one's going to Appear there so now we have three really Good products that we can start Promoting now what happens is if I click Onto share here and I copy this link Okay and we come straight over to a Brand new page over here we hit enter

We're going to see there's those three Products if I click on to say this one Over here it's going to take us straight Over to the product and there is my link You're going to see my link and as you Can see this is that product that They're promoting there so now what we Need to do is we need to get this link In front of hundreds and thousands of People without you having to do a lot of The work so that you can start to make Some really good money online with Affiliate marketing one of the best Places that you can do this on guys is With a tick tock now if you don't have Tick Tock then you can definitely do This with Instagram reels on this video I want to show you how to do this with Tick Tock because there's pages and Profiles of people doing this and then Not creating any of the content yourself What happens with Tick Tock is that you Can say you can add links over here Inside your bio once you hit 1 000 Followers and it won't take you long Because people are putting up 10 to 20 Videos and they're quickly hitting that 1000 Mark and then they're promoting That link so what you want to do is you Want to come over to tick tock and you Want to create an account for yourself Once you create an account for yourself In the fitness Niche then what you want To do is you want to scroll up to the

Top on Tick Tock you want to type in Fitness you want to look up accounts and You want to scroll down and you want to Start opening up a whole heap of these Accounts if I hit load more you can see There's heaps and heaps of these Accounts with millions of subscribers And these people are raking it in and Making a lot of money online then what You want to do is you want to start Opening up these different types of Accounts you can also type in workout And scroll down and start opening up These different types of accounts and These are the types of accounts that You're looking for here's one that I Found over here called Fitness Here's another one over here that that I Found called bodybuilding com as you can See this one's even a verified account On Tick Tock guys and these guys don't Use their own videos these are all Different people's videos that they're Putting on here and I'm going to show You how they're paying credit and when I Say paying credit they're linking back To the person that originally created This account which means that they're Getting followers purely by people Clicking on these videos on their Profile here is another one over here That I found guys called pumping muscle One you can see these are all different Videos all different people okay and

They're getting thousands of views and These people on these different profiles As you can see some of them are Promoting their email address some of Them have Instagram some of them have Links as well I'll just show you another One over here as you can see some people Have links to Instagram and others have Links to their products so let's say When you're on this profile over here Let's say if you wanted to share one of These videos on your own profile let's Just say if we click onto this one which Is one of of the videos that I featured At the start of the video on the top Right hand corner over here all they've Written is ABS routine and then you can See they've got via at d r e a DOT Thomas so if I come over you guys and I Click onto this what this is going to do Is this is going to actually take me to This person's profile say this is the Person's account that they're getting Some of their videos from okay actually There's the video there I just seen it And there is that video so that's the Video that they've taken onto their own Account and you can see that with this Account guys they're paying credit to Them but this is not the only video if We come over here and click onto this Video of you guys I'm just going to Pause this you can see here that they've Taken this from somebody else and this

This is not the only account doing this I mean they've got 265 000 followers and if we come over to This particular profile so that was the One that I opened if we come over to This profile over here this is called Bodybuilding com and we come down here And we click onto this video as an Example I'm just going to pause this you Can see that they're also linking back To the account where they got this video From so now what I want to show you guys Is now that you know where you can get This content you know that you can put a Link inside the bio of this once you Have your 1000 followers on Tick Tock Which can drive a lot of traffic and as You can see I mean the amount of views That a lot of these different types of Videos are getting this is a Bodybuilding one purely for men so you Want to get some videos which is Bodybuilding for men maybe weight loss For men weight loss for women Etc then You want to download these videos and Upload them onto your own Tick Tock Account so how do you download one of These videos so if we click onto this Particular video over here I'm just Going to pause this what you want to do Is you want to come up to the top and You want to copy this URL so once you Copy this URL what we want to do is we Want to come over to this platform over

Here called Triplestick.io forward slash en then What you want to do guys is quite simple Simply come up to this site and see here Where it says just insert a link you're On a control V paste that in there and Then what you want to do is click on to Download now you can download this and Remove the watermark so if you scroll Down over here you can see you can Download without Watermark HD so you Want to click onto that close this and As you can see now this video is Downloading on to my computer so once It's downloaded I'm going to play this Just to show you what this video looks Like and that the watermark is gone so If we take a look at this video over Here you can see here if we press play There is definitely a watermark over Here if we double click onto this Let me just come over here pause this You can see that the watermarks are gone Okay so if we go over here on the left Hand side and all the way at the end Over here guys you can see that there's No watermark so the watermarks are Completely gone then what you want to do Is you want to come over to your own Tick Tock profile now you can upload This via your phone or you can even Upload this via your computer so you Come up to the top over here you click Onto upload now once you click on to

Upload this is where you can upload that Video this is where you would input the Caption okay now with the caption you Can see here guys that all you need to Do is get inspiration from a lot of These as well okay now you can see here You can pretty much copy something like This so copy that because this is pretty Much the same and you also want to link Back to the original person you don't Want to link back to this person because This is the person where you got the Video from however the original Creator Is at Drea Thomas Okay so so you copy All of this and you come straight back Over to your profile so you can very Easily do that now what you want to do Is click on to select file go into your Downloads double click onto that there's That video there now when it comes to Cover okay you can select the cover that You want to have on there it's a lot Easier to do this so this is exactly What this is going to look like so I'm Going to pause that obviously if you've Got sound you can play that as well so There's the sound okay and then you can Leave that on public you can allow People to do it or Stitch you can click Onto schedule video or quite simply just Come down to the bottom over here guys And click on to post now that's one way That you can do this by simply just Coming over here and just directly

Uploading it another way that you can do This if you wanted to add a call to Action at the end of your video or During this video all you need to do Guys is come over to a site like Canva.com click onto video over here you See how you've got this video then Select select mobile video Once you Select mobile video what we want to do Is we want to download that video on to Canva so go over to uploads okay upload Media then double click onto that this Is now going to upload this video we're Going to click onto that I'm just going To pause that we're going to stretch This out okay so this is that video over Here it's a stretch that out okay now What we want to do is somewhere towards Maybe halfway through over here guys What you might want to do is come over Here to text because what we're going to Do is we're going to add a call to Action so you can choose any one of These texts but the first thing that you Need to do is when you're on this page See over here where you've selected this Break what you need to do because we're Going to add the call to action at about The 12 second Mark you want to click Onto these three little dots and click On to split page okay then what you want To do is come over here in the right Hand side and select this heading then All you need to do is double click onto

This maybe you can change this to a Different color why as an example simple You can even you know put some effects Over here maybe do something like this Okay and just type in something like Shred Fat Quickly Click on My Link something along those lines guys so You just do this Move this over to here okay you can even Turn this to shred fat quickly click on My link okay then you can even add some Animation to this so click on to animate And you can do something like shift Alright now when you play this I'll see You'll see what this is going to we'll Play from here because we don't need to Play all of it so if we click onto this You can say that's just gonna come over The top then they're going to be able to See that all the way to the end now what You want to do is you want to scroll up To the top you're going to go on to Share you're going to click onto Downloads MP4 video and then just click On to download now this video is Downloading onto my computer what we Want to do is come straight back over to Tick tock over here now we can remove This video we're going to click on to Discard as an example so we'll grab this

Because we're going to use this again Okay we're going to discard this yep Discard that video now once this video Downloads from canva over here we're Going to upload this on to tick tock and Then we're going to have a call to Action guys and all you need to do is Continue to repeat this process get your 1000 followers once you have your 1000 Followers Implement that link tree Link In there and you're well on your way to Making some really good money online With affiliate marketing now if you Haven't already downloaded my alt Ultimate affiliate marketing guide guys Go down the bottom right now click onto The link in my description and download That link it's going to download that Guide it's going to show you different Ways that I make money with affiliate Marketing and if you're enjoying this Video please smash that like button in Appreciation and make sure that you Subscribe for some more awesome content Coming your way so that video guys has Just finished downloading so all we need To do now is grab this drop that in here As you can see this video is now Uploading on to tick tock and what we're Going to do is we're going to take a Look I'm going to mute the sound just to Show you what this is going to look like Without the sound obviously so there we Go it's just downloading there we're

Going to paste that in there and as you Can see that's moving across it's 19 Seconds let's just move this over to Here so let's just put this at about There as you can see to shred fat Quickly click on my link or click on the Link in my bio they're going to come Over you guys they're going to click Onto that that's going to take them Straight over to linktree where you Stand good chance at making 40 Commissions on some amazing affiliate Marketing products now if you're looking For another way to make money with Affiliate marketing guys not doing a lot Then I highly recommend that you click Onto this video over here right now for Another brilliant way that you can do This using a lot of artificial Intelligent Bots highly recommend that You watch this video I'll see you on There now until next time you guys take Care of yourselves and Goodbye

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