Easy $500 a Day SIDE HUSTLE Even a TEEN Can Start! 🤫 #shorts

Here is a side hustle that is so simple That even a teenager could do this plus It's free to set up and it's fully Automated first you want to go to Pinterest and set up a business account From there you want to click onto ads Now you want to scroll down to interest And keywords and type in something like T-shirts as you can see this is searched Almost 1.8 million times every single Month now just go to canva.com and Create a simple design now go over to Printify and create a free account now Just find a t-shirt inside the catalog And add that design to it now go to Etsy And create an account now on printify You can link your Etsy account we link The account so when somebody purchases That t-shirt off Etsy printify is going To ship that order and you don't need to Do anything just get paid all you need To do is create a simple listing like This on Etsy if we multiply the amount Of sales this store has made by what It's charging you can see that they've Made almost eight million dollars in Sales now if you want to know how I make Passive income and earn as much as a Thousand dollars a day click onto the Link in the bio or description right now And watch a free video and I'll show you Exactly how I do it

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