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This strategy will allow us to stand Apart from the competition in this Simple method in order to make some Actual money with this method like I am Doing I have made around twelve hundred Dollars in the past one month with this Particular method on ClickBank as you Can see over here then I was using Digistore as well for my high ticket Sales this is my high ticket account Over here so I have made around one sale Of around 331 dollars with this Particular method in the past one month And then I was using CPA marketing as Well with CPA grip and I have made Around 500 with this method as well so This is a very versatile method that we Are going to do that will allow you to Stand apart from the competition and Make money with this just watch the full Video because I am going to show you Each and every step and we are starting Right now Foreign Do subscribe to the channel for new and Unique money making ideas the first Thing that we need to do is we need to Find products that we can start Promoting for this particular method we Are going to use the make money online Niche because that is the one that is Very very high converting with this Method for finding products you can use The world's biggest affiliate Network

ClickBank you can also use digistore24 Equally good no shoes over here after That you can come on the marketplace of ClickBank and as I said that this method Is all based on make money online jobs Making money from home those kind of Activities you can see there are plenty Of products that you can promote E-Business and e-marketing employment And jobs you can look for that as well You can see over here that there are Plenty of products that we can start Promoting A few things that you can keep in mind While selecting a product is that the Gravity in comparison to other products Should be higher what I mean by that see You can't compare the gravity of one Niche to another Because health and fitness is one of the Most lucrative niches so the gravity Will be very very high as compared to Let's say sports betting or Forex or Something like that so you can't compare The gravity of different different Niches but within the same Niche you can Compare the gravity of The different products to see what is Actually working gravity basically means The number of people who are able to get At least one sale in the past one month For this particular product so you can Compare the gravity of products in Similar niches to get an idea of what

You can promote So here you can promote this particular Product this particular product all are Good all are with high gravity click Over here on promote now enter your Account nickname click over here on Create hop link and this is your Affiliate link that you can start Promoting whenever someone clicks on This link they will be taken onto the Sales page of this particular product And if they purchase you will make money Now if I just come to digistore as well You can go to the marketplace over here And you will see that there are email Marketing products regarding making Money online you can see there are uh E-Business internet marketing job and Employment so both the websites have Plenty of products now along with Affiliate products that we have to sell That the people have to buy along with That I've been also doing CPA marketing That is cost per action so the people Have to do some task and we will make One two three dollars depending on the Offer so that is also very lucrative Because the people don't have to buy Anything for finding those offers you Can come on a website called offer Vault Offer vault is basically a whole Database of different different CPA Offers from different different Affiliate Networks

So if I just come over here and search For survey you will see that there are Plenty of survey kind of offers in which People have to just complete a few Answers give their email and you will be Paid two dollars three dollars according To the offer and then you can see that Which network they belong to as it is Mentioned over here and you can create An account on that particular Network And start promoting that offer with the Link I personally prefer to use CPA grip A lot of offers are available over here When some kind of offers are not Available over here then I go to other Different different CPA networks but CPA Grip you can use create an account once You come on CPA grip over here click Over here on my offers after that go Over here let's say we select all Countries from over here and in the Search box we write survey so you will See that different different survey kind Of offers will start coming up and you Can see That which one you want to promote let's Say we want to promote this click over Here and this is your CPA marketing link That you can start promoting along with That if you just search randomly there Are a lot of other lucrative offers as Well like gift card hamper two thousand Dollars worth of hamper uh take a quick Finance survey

These are also very very lucrative Offers that the audience would like so These are the kind of making money Online jobs getting something for free Gift card gift card kind of offers that We can start promoting now for the main Strategy the main uh trick or method we Are going to use I am going to give you Multiple options that you can use for This particular strategy Now understand The marketing strategy we are going to Give our audience a very simple quiz Before we allow them to see the Affiliate offer the quiz will be very Simple very straightforward simple Questions like are you a male or female They will take one option uh do you want To make money online they will we will Give them options like yes or no Obviously they will say yes how much Time can you give per day to this Particular task we will have options Like more than two hours more than four Hours and they will select any one of The options after that we will have a Page that will say like the quiz is Analyzing your answers to see if you are The right fit and after that a page will Appear like you are qualified for this Particular offer click over here to go To the offer and then we will send all Our audience to the affiliate link don't Worry we will send all our audience to The affiliate link no matter what they

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Answer but this psychological marketing Strategy will give the audience a Feeling of accomplishing something they Will feel that they have passed the exam They have qualified for something and Our product our offer is only for Selected people so this will allow more Conversions now how you can do that how You can create all of this I am going to Give you multiple options so you can try Different different tools if you want All these have a various free trials 14 Day free trials one month free trials That you can use so uh try interact quiz For leads Then riddle.com over here then this Particular tool all of these are quiz Making landing pages so here you can Come create your account on any one of These I'm going to show you riddle.com For this particular video click over Here on Create a quiz and as you can see That it has a 14 day free trial with no Credit card so you can just simply write Your email and create your free account Here you can see that I have just Created a new free account this will be The page they will also provide you Tutorials from which you can create a Quiz but I'm also going to show you how You can do that you can click over here On create new so here we are going to Select quiz because that is what we need To do click over here on start from

Scratch we can just name it whatever we Want let's say test you can continue Then this will be the page that will Appear don't worry it might seem a lot At first it will just take you five Minutes to understand where to click What needs to be done don't worry listen To the explanation over here the first Thing is the title the cover the main Heading here this title will depend on What you are promoting on this Particular page see you don't have to Make a quiz landing page for all the Different products I promoted a lot of Products a lot of different offers from CPA marketing so I didn't create a quiz Page for every one of them you can Directly promote a few of them and for a Few of them I used the quiz landing page So here whatever is your product about We are going to mention about that if it Is a offer do you want to earn PayPal Gift card if it is a YouTube course do You want to make money from YouTube Right now learn how John is making ten Thousand dollars from YouTube each and Every day so whatever is your product About a title regarding that once you Have done that now from here the Question and answer start And we have to just give four to five Simple questions just click over here Come over here like we can say like What's your gender

Then here you can give male female Others uh you can give options you can Add another option if you like then over Here you can click over here on add a Question block click over here on single Choice click over here on single choice And this way we have four questions go To the second question uh what's your Age And here you can write uh 18 to 24 below 18 different different questions another Very important thing go over here to the Settings of the questions and you need To deselect this right or wrong question Because there is no wrong question over Here so deselect this part along with That go over here in the settings as Well Go over here to quiz and deselect this Right or wrong indicator as well Deselect this come back over here and This way you can create your four to Five different questions before moving Ahead if you are liking my making money Online tips and tricks and want to learn Even more from me I provide personalized Training as well in which I provide One-on-one support on WhatsApp live Sessions high quality training videos Each and everything is done to help you In that private training if you want That you can check out my website from The first link in the description box Below tarishacademy.com now back to the

Video click over here add another Question if you want and simple What's your age how much you're making Currently do you want to make money Online yes or no options obviously Everyone will select yes this way you Can have simple questions once you have Done that go over here at the bottom and You can see result over here So here you can see that the page will Automatically say quiz is analyzing your Questions things like that and you can Say you have qualified for the offer Click here to start your YouTube Journey Click here to get your free PayPal gift Card whatever is the product about and Then over here you can just highlight This line click over here on this link Icon and here you are going to paste the Affiliate link of the product you are Promoting once you have done that click Over here on publish once you publish as You can see that this is your quiz Landing page that we need to start Promoting so you can just copy this if You just open this in a new tab a title Will come up over here that we need to Write like I said click over here on Start what is your gender male female All the different things that we have Just set up so this is how simple making A quiz landing page is you can do the Same in order to increase the Conversions like you talked about now

This is just one strategy that I used in Order to stand apart from the Competition the second thing that I did In order to get traffic and stand apart In the traffic platform is that if you Just search over here for QR code Generators online there are plenty of Three of them click over here on any one Of them and we are going to create a QR Code for our link So click over here on URL paste the Riddle.me link over here and here you Have the QR code whenever someone will Scan this QR code people will go over Here on the landing page link now this Can be done if you are directly Promoting the product as well paste the Affiliate link over here and if you are Promoting the quiz page paste that link Over here so here we have the QR code Click over here on download jpg you can Just sign up for free or you can just Click a screenshot of this for using This we can just come on a free tool Called canva here like I said we need to Stand apart from the competition just Click over here on create design click Over here on custom size you can just Select 500 by 500 click over here on Create a design now over here we need to Attract the People by telling them what The product or the offer is about how we Will do that we can just simply go back To let's say digistore

We can go to the sales page of the Particular product and we can just use The titles the call to actions that they Have used as you can see get paid doing Social media tasks become a social media Manager today so again just click a Screenshot of this and we are going to Use this in our canva design to attract The audience so here we have the image We can just adjust this we can get a few More call to actions from the sales page Itself from different different places Or we can replicate this as the same Thing up and down and then let's say we Put some background color like this over Here and then we paste our QR code over Here like in the middle So you can just adjust this go over here To the text add a text box and you can Say scan me to get paid scan me to start Your YouTube course scan me to start Your job whatever you are promoting like I said we are not promoting any one Particular thing we are promoting Multiple products from digital as well I Promoted ClickBank as well multiple Products I promoted uh CPA marketing as Well multiple offers I promoted Because as I said this method is very Versatile so we can have a few quiz Landing pages for a few products and we Can directly promote a few other Products and for each of those products We can have a design like this that will

Attract the audience now how to get Traffic that is the main question where We will use these designs in order to Attract the audience for the traffic Source I have been using a terrific Website that has almost been getting a Million visitors each and every month And the best part is that almost 80 Percent of the people are from United States nine percent from Canada so more than 90 percent of the People are from the top tier countries The website I'm talking about is called Two back page Come over here it is a classified ad Posting website and as I said the canva Design all of the tricks strategies it Will help us to stand apart from the Competition you can just click over here Sign up for free then click here on post A free ad here we'll select the location Our main focus will be United States and That too the top cities of United States Like Phoenix publicity if you just go Over here California New York Detroit Texas we will select jobs and here one By one you can post different different Ads in different different subcategories Of jobs firstly we can go with Miscellaneous then here for the title it Will be about what your product is about Learn how Jon made ten thousand dollars Doing YouTube do you want a free 750 PayPal gift card 90 people have already

Received it 90 people have already Received the 750 PayPal gift card you Can do the same so the title will be Depending on what you are promoting in The description I usually just copy and Paste the title itself and add a few More lines age we can select 50 doesn't Matter location is fine contact email Address you can provide your email Address as well mobile number is not Compulsory here in the image like we Have made the canva design here we are Going to paste the image that will help Us stand apart from the competition once You have done all of that click over Here click over here click on continue Click over here on I'm not a robot click Over here on place at now and you can See that the ad has been successfully Posted right in front of you so this way I used other AD platforms as well where The image was in big and bold where the Image of the post looks very good so Friday ads Craigslist eBay in order to Find similar websites to what I have Shown you can come on a website called Sitelike.org just paste the URL of the Ad website let's say Friday ads click Over here on search and you you will Find all the similar websites where you Can post your image ads in order to get Traffic now don't get me wrong I didn't Just post once or twice and made all This money absolutely not I made around

30 to 40 canva designs for different Different offers for different different Products after that I posted around Seven to eight times per day with one Account and I had around four to five Accounts on all these different websites You just have to consistently do it in Big numbers in order to get that traffic And make money this is the simplest way That you can start earning money right Now just start with consistency and with Proper mindset along with this I have Many more special money making methods That have helped me to create a seven Figure digital Empire with 100 free Traffic if you want to learn even more Tips and tricks from me I provide Personal training as well so you can Check out my website from the first link In the description box below my students Are absolutely crushing it so some are Making money in the first week as well Some in the first month as well with Hundred percent free traffic you can do The same because I will help you in each And everything personally so if you want To get personally trained by me do check Out my website from the first link in The description box below and if you Want to see me do a one week challenge In which I made money click on the video That is flashing over here in which I Made money in the first week of doing That method for 100 free all the steps

Everything is explained in that video

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