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Foreign Hey guys welcome to a very quick live Stream I wanted to jump on just say Hello give you a quick uh quick shout Out as it's getting so close to Christmas it's time to really get our Campaigns Rocky and rolling and uh also Wanted to answer some questions in the Set 5 10 15 minutes that I'm going to be Here so Um guys do me a massive favor as you Come in please smash that like button I Would really appreciate that all right So guys the first thing that I wanted to Tell you is that um Hey how you going Louis very nice to see You here Um thanks for smashing the like button There that was very kind of you okay so Uh one thing that I'd like to uh say Straight up is that um I've got just Over 24 hours on the launch special left For my new YouTube monetization course If you want to jump on that and get your New channel monetized in four weeks then Uh today's the day to do it so jump on That now go to or you can click the link In the description or you can go to YouTube and that will let You in at the moment uh the price has Been rising steadily but it's still over 50 off if you don't grab it today it's Going to go back to the uh the normal Price uh in just over 24 hours from now

So uh get on that one if you want to Grab it And as I say Um you know you can get a channel Monetized in less than four weeks I have A case study in there showing my Channel That I did that with so Um that is uh going going gone today all Right so guys as you uh as you come in Please smash the like button that'll Bring some more people in here but other Than that news update that I wanted to Give you uh hey how you doing stealth Earning Guru nice to see you other than That guys if you have any questions Please let me know remember at the Moment it's uh we're just uh literally Days away from the busiest time of the Year to be making money online Especially if you're promoting Neutra uh So if you've got any questions about Getting your campaign started please let Me know And I will be sure to answer I'll take What oh no I thought I had one coming Through that no all right so in the Meantime um what I'm going to talk about Is uh something that I did last year Um last year around this time I uh got Some campaigns started that were brand Bidding campaigns I went on to Max web And uh just prior to the end of the year I had about three campaigns running uh For uh neutral products two of them uh

Made money but didn't get profitable one Of them was profitable and basically uh What I'm saying here is Um You can still make brand bidding Profitable okay Especially right now so brand bidding is Definitely another one way you can go uh The other thing that is uh probably Going to work well right now is push ads The reason push ads will work well right Now is people are much open much more Open at this time of year to a message About lose weight right so if someone's Thinking about you know I really want to Lose weight what am I going to do Couldn't make a New Year's resolution I've got to really get started from January 1st or January 2nd they get a Push notification from you saying hey This is the way you can lose weight then The chances of them actually taking Action based on that push notification Uh highly likely all right so we've got That option as well guys if you're still Listening to me do me a massive favor And smash that like button oh my Goodness please I've only got two likes So far what's going on all right so Um there's uh brand bidding of course That you can do and push notifications The other option you've got uh one road You can go down just go with Native ads And uh Native ads are definitely a um a

Winner for you the only thing with Native ads versus say push is that you Are going to have a longer period of Optimization so if you're going to go With Mater bads Um it's uh it's something that you want To start right now okay so native versus Brand bidding this is push you're Probably gonna be spending more money on Optimization probably going to take a Little bit longer Um so you want to get started as soon as Possible all right self-earning Guru has A question hello sir I need your help I Want to start affiliate marketing but I Don't know how to start affiliate Marketing I'm student I don't have a lot Of knowledge can you guide me my budget One thousand dollars okay so look if You've got one thousand dollars what I Would say is [Music] Um If it's one thousand dollars you can Afford to invest and by invest that Means afford to test with and not be Guaranteed of a return then Um I would I would definitely try the Affiliate marketing approach that I'm Going to recommend Um of course if you're a student you've Got a thousand dollars and if you lose Adding a role of that thousand dollars Then that's it you're in a big lot of

Trouble then I would say you need to Wait till you've got a better budget Right of course I would like to be like One of these guys who can just say to You yeah go spend it all you're going to Make lots and lots of money yeah But I'm not going to do that right Um because If uh if you need that money to survive Then you sh the same as you shouldn't Put it into the stock market if you need It to survive then you shouldn't put it Into affiliate marketing but if you can Afford to use it as an investment then What I would say is Um I would go for brand bidding right I Think You've got more Um you've got more likelihood of making A return with a thousand dollar spend on Brand bidding than you have on Native Simply because Um You don't have to do as much Optimization with brand bidding you're Selling to a pre-selled audience right So the the what you're offering to the Audience that you're offering it to Already know about the product they're Already warm to the product so they Don't need you to convince them of Anything they just need they're just Looking at the sales page again so I take that thousand dollars and I would

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Do some brand bidding and um I would Probably I would probably start with big Ads if you go with Google ads you Potentially you can make more money but You can also chew through your budget Much much faster So I would warm up with Microsoft ads Once you're actually making money with Microsoft ads I would then replicate the Campaign over Google ads so self-earning Guru that's what I would do okay but Again Only if you can afford to invest that Money okay uh of all this problems would You recommend push ads or brand bidding To start uh to start I I there's very Few times that I would say to start Doing anything other than brand bidding And the reason is brand bidding is a Really good way to kind of get your Hands dirty and also be pretty sure You're going to be profitable All pretty sure you're at least going to Break even though your campaigns So I I would always be sailing with Brand bidding um it's the Um path of least resistance Um you know once you start getting into Push-outs and Native ads you've got a Lot more testing you're doing it's cold Traffic basically so you have to Convince them that it's something that They want before they even hit the sales Page right so yeah I would definitely go

With brand bidding first Okay guys so I've got a couple of Minutes left if you've got any other Questions please punch them in Um if uh well I'm waiting for questions Just another Shameless plug if you want To get my YouTube monetization course Um it's on sale uh for just over the Next 24 hours so you don't want to miss Out on that Um please jump on Dave slash YouTube and grab that course as soon as Possible so that you don't miss out on This special price And guys Um looks like there's no more questions Coming in so I'm going to uh I'm going To call it a day today thank you to the People that have joined and I wish you a Happy holiday season and Um also I uh I wish you uh all the best With your sales over the new year period And just uh before I go self learning Guru has put in uh one last question can I start affiliate marketing with Navy Boats you've only got a thousand dollars And especially if you're a student but Only a thousand dollars I would be going Brand bidding first I wouldn't be Putting the money in Native ads because It's going to be more of a gamble if You've only got that thousand dollars All right so you you are you're much More likely to make money if you put

That thousand dollars into brand Building Uh that's uh that's Yeah I I yeah I would be risking it otherwise Especially given you're a student all Right guys thank you so much uh for Joining and uh looking forward to seeing You in the next one and uh have a great Day cheers bye

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