Fiverr Is Just a Business Tool

Think of Fiverr as a tool it's just a Tool the reality is that fiverr's been Around for long enough at this point That I think most of the mystery and Misconceptions about what the platform Is have been cleared up for most of you Over the years I've talked to so many People who had the idea that hey if I Sign up for a Fiverr I'm guaranteed to Make money like it's some sort of Magical get rich quick kind of like Behind the scenes scam that's just like A fountain of wealth but that's not what It is Fiverr is a tool if you're getting Into freelancing and considering Fiverr Take a step back and think about some of The things you would do if you were Starting a traditional type of business You would need to do marketing you would Need to reach out to people you would Need to do sales why to drive traffic to Your business all the things you would Do you would use tools to do it tools Help you with selling with marketing With relationship building Fiverr is Just another one of those tools

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