Fortune Bots | Live Class with Ryan Borden (First Video Free)

Welcome Wow this is cool we have a lot of people In the first class Um so welcome everybody if you're brand New here you're in the right place we Are on class number one obviously so we Actually have I think around 20 to 30 People in right now We will have more in the near future I'll explain how all this works Um and we're gonna have a replay and Everything so if you have to leave at Any point don't worry You're not going to miss anything we'll Still have this afterwards Um And you're automatically muted just for The sake of making sure that like we Don't have people coming in and like Immediately start talking and then you Know we can't hear anything because Sometimes that's how Zoom Works where Somebody will come in you know they're Not muted they'll start they're talking To their wife or something and it's all Crazy so uh right now if you have any Questions Um we're gonna be kind of the way we're Going to have this um work is we're Going to have sort of the class at the Beginning you know 30 to 40 minutes and Then at the end we'll open it up for Questions and then all you have to do is You can either type your question in the

Chat talk in the chat you can also raise Your hand there should be a little raise Your hand button on Zoom if there if you Can see it click on it just so I I don't Know if you guys can use it or not but Just click on it Um and that's how we can like call on You unmute you and that's how we can Stay organized because otherwise it Might get pretty pretty unorganized um But lots of Faces in here I really Appreciate you all for being here I'm Super excited Um we're gonna have Ryan teach in a Second Ryan's here to basically start With class number one we're gonna have a Homework assignment at the end we're Gonna have A certification at the end of this Course as well it's like a test that We're going to put you through and if You pass it we're basically going to Certify you and you'll have a little Certificate you can put wherever you Want on your website anywhere Um obviously the idea with these this Program is that you're we're going to Help you not only get your first leads But help you make some money selling Services or doing affiliate we're going To be kind of covering a little bit of Both and so right now we have a couple Classes lined up we have Ryan Teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays and he's

Going to be covering using Bots to Generate leads everything you need to do In order to Basically reach out to websites and get People responding to you and interested In your services and then on Wednesdays We have another guy coming in his name's Cotton grammar and he's going to be Talking about selling services and what Kind of services you should uh be doing And how to fulfill those Services Whether you want to do them yourself or You know go with like a white label type Environment if you want to Outsource What you're doing but my goal is to get Around three to five people or three to Five classes per week that you can join And if you want to join them great if You don't want to join them watch the Replays great as well again this is an Eight week thing uh we're gonna have Lots of classes and again my biggest Goal is that you're going to be able to Be successful with the stuff that we're Teaching so if you're excited and you Can see the chat and everything please Just give me a one in the chat or a yes In the chat again Um this isn't going to be like a webinar Where you're just in the chat like my Goal is that everybody can be involved If they want if they want to talk if you Want to say anything Um you know again just raise your hand

Or type in chat you know unmute me I Have a question and we will answer your Questions as we go but um just to keep Everything organized please uh wait till The end we'll we'll do about 20 to 30 Minutes Uh talking Ryan will be talking and then Um maybe 30 to 40 minutes he'll open We'll open it up for questions you can Ask whatever you want okay so sound good To you guys we all good Ryan are you Good Oh I think your muted still ran yep I'm Good Cool all right I'm gonna open it up for Ryan and again if you guys aren't Familiar with who Ryan is uh Ryan is the Brains behind the bots so he's been Doing this stuff for uh you know over 10 Years now uh he has a YouTube channel I Originally originally reached out to Ryan a couple years ago because I was Watching all of his tutorials and I was Like oh my God this guy's a genius you Know he's finding all these websites Um in bulk he's outreaching to them he's Able to figure out you know tons of ways To generate these leads And so because I knew that Ryan was like The most Cutting Edge at this stuff I Reached out to him I said you know how Much money can I give you to learn what You know and so I started working with Ryan and he's been honestly really

Helping me not just learn how to do this Stuff but actually like we're generating Tons of leads right now Um in fact We're generating so many leads that We're actually going to be giving some Of them away as well and we'll talk About that later but Um the method really works what we're Doing is like no joke Um how long it's going to work you know A lot of people ask us this all the time How long is this going to work you know We're we're gonna run it as long as we Can again Ryan's been doing this for a Long time and Ryan you can talk about The longev longevity of this what we're Doing here but the two main things we're Going to be talking about the first Thing we'll be talking about is getting Clients generating leads and we're going To also be talking about using these Tools for other things as well like Um building an audience building a Following if you want to start doing Some sort of affiliate promoting other Products um we'll be talking about that So anyways I'm gonna stop talking I'll Let you go Ryan Awesome well welcome everybody and like Chase said my name is Ryan Borden and I Just want to kind of give you an Overview of what this is because I know Some of you really have an idea already

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Of what's going on here and some of you Are like um I'm not really sure what We're talking about here I just want in So basically let me get my screen up Here and let me share my screen so you Can see what's going on here And so what we're looking to do Basically is utilize contact forms to Reach out to people and so you can kind Of think about this as a think about This like an email right so when we go To contact form this is Chase Reiner's Website and we just clicked on contact And we have a contact form here then we Can enter our name and put in like Ryan Borden right and then Ryan Borden at Whatever right and then we're Going to have a message so maybe Something like Like this I've got something to buy Please buy it right so the concept here Is if anybody's ever done email Marketing or ads or anything else Everything has its challenges right if You go on ads you got to figure out how To do it and you can lose a bunch of Money at the same time if you go on Sending emails it's hard to get them Into the inbox if you do any kind of Marketing right if you do it through the Post office you know get it that's just Its own nightmare the beautiful thing About contact forms is that it just Comes in and business owners already

Want to read their contact forms because That's how they get customers so when They get a customer from the contact Form it's usually a very good valuable Customer and they really pay a lot of Attention to this and so they have it Set up so that they can get it straight To the Inbox and pay a lot of attention To it so you get to skip all the issues That you have with email marketing and Get them a higher inbox rate because This is going to come up in their email Box and you also get a skip obviously Any kind of AD spend and that sort of Stuff this is Pennies on the dollar for Any kind of comparison to post office Comparison to basically anything so if We send this message basically what Happened is it would show up in their Email and it'd be something like this And obviously I just typed it out here In an email and then they can click a Link right you have a call to action And so call to action could be reply to Me call to action could be to call you To text you call to action could be to Go to a landing page right and sign up For a lead Magnet or buy something or Whatever you want to do So there's a lot of options there and so I've been doing this since 2015 on Actual contact forms at scale I messed With it before that but there wasn't Really there wasn't really great tools

In the marketplace to make it happen and Even now some of the tools can be Improved on like we're building one that Makes it so much easier to do because It's a little complex but that's a ways Off so we're going to utilize the tools That are available now so you can start Making money Right now so basically what we're doing Is sending a message and asking them to Buy or to take some sort of action and We're going to do that with a list of Different tools here basic well Basically one tool so this is GSA Website contact this is the software That we need to have to make everything Work and I will show you how to set it all up Here can I ask a question really quick Too Ryan just because I know there's a Lot of people that are new here if if Somebody were to start out doing this Like the most manual way possible what Would be the way that they would start Yeah so basically you would just go to Google and search up your businesses Right so everybody knows how to use Google you get a list of businesses and Then you're going to each go to each Business website which this is Chase's Website for example we go here and we're Going to look for an actual contact form Right so here's a contact methodology Right now we can send Chase an email or

We can click on the contact form if I Send them an email and I want to type it Out literally type everything out That'll work but it's gonna take forever Because you're going to go through there Also we can click on the contact form Here and we can see that we can enter Information here and then it's going to Show up in Chase's box as well which is Probably the same email address but Again this is going to take forever now You can go ahead and put your message in Like notepad like this and you can go to 100 websites and you can copy and paste And that's okay but if you're just Copying pasting you're no better than a Bot anyways so it's not a very valuable Use of your time you could go on the Website and find specific information Like find someone's name and try to Customize the message and that would Probably get you a little bit better Chance of reaching out to this person But in any marketing there's only about Three percent of people that already Know have an awareness of a need for Something So you're getting you gotta send 100 Messages to probably reach three people If they're paying attention now it could Vary some but that's a pretty low like I Don't know if you could do this one a Minute that's going to take you an hour And a half or more to send 100 messages

And in an hour and a half you might get Three responses or two and out of those Two you know then you've got to try to Get them to be interested in what you Want to be able to afford what you want Because a lot of times businesses that Have the money don't have the time and So you're going to get overlooked and The people with lots of time might not Have the money to buy what you're Offering anyways and so everything has To be in alignment so you can spend all Day and you might get one liter one sale And that's fine especially if you have a High ticket thing if that's what you Want to do but we can use a bot like This and click a button and literally While we're having this class I can Contact thousands of people right and Then let me ask you a question Ryan so Why is this why would we send messages Through a contact form instead of let's Say sending out thousands of emails to You know different websites why why are Contact forms Better Well Technically they're sending an email so In that way they're they're similar but They're better because When you send contact forms you don't Have to worry about it going to the spam Filters often so once in a while it's Going to hit the spam filter anyways

Because some people just have Ridiculously aggressive spam filters but When you send a typical email ad a Typical email like bulk email you have a Ridiculously low open rates because all Of that gets filtered but with a contact Form typically businesses not only look For that because it'll usually have most Contact forms when it comes to a Business in the subject line it'll have Something that says like you know Customer contact colon and then it'll Put in the subject of if they have a Subject box whatever you know the Response from the website and so Businesses specifically look for that Some businesses are even going to have a Separate dedicated email box just for That that they're looking at and paying Attention so you get a higher chance of Visibility you get a higher percentage Of attention and the attention obviously Is attention is everything It's just everything in marketing and if I'm going into looking for a customer Response then I'm paying attention if I'm reading my email box like when I Read my email box like I just scan all Of the from lines and I pick like the One or two people that I want and then I Look at the subject and then I might Open it I might not and then I'm done You know because you get so I mean how Many people get junk like okay so does

This make sense to everyone here what We're doing is we're going to be using Basically contact forms to send messages To websites so we can let them know About our offers now the reason why this Is better and more untapped than Something like email marketing is Because contact forms have better Deliverability so with emails a lot of Time you're hitting like the spam inbox You're hitting the promotions inbox you Have to warm up the email accounts it's Very difficult to get a hold of these Website owners whereas when we're Sending messages with contact forms We're going basically straight into Their inbox and so this is something That a lot of people haven't really been Able to figure out yet it's kind of an Untapped thing and what we're going to Be showing you how to do is not how to Uh know how to send messages one at a Time because that would take forever But how to use Bots and automation to Basically send out messages thousands if Not Millions we're going to show you how We're sending out millions of these Messages every single day does that Sound like a good plan for you guys give Me a yes or a one just want to make sure Everybody's on the same page here Okay sorry Ryan I just wanted to recap Make sure everybody's on the same page Yeah I appreciate that I get excited

Because I get into this and I'm ready to Go and I forget to kind of slow it down And make sure now I do want to mention Though that if you don't want to invest In the tools if you don't want to invest In Bots You can do this manually it will just Take a very long time okay you could go To 10 websites and you know use copy and Paste and it would probably take you Five minutes but if you want to send out Millions of messages imagine how long That would take it would be nearly Impossible right even if you had a whole Team doing this and so we are going to Be showing you the Bots that we we use We're going to show you the things that We're investing in we're going to show You the lowest cost way possible look we Don't even own these tools we're Building our own tools right now but We're showing you the easiest way we Know of how to do this but it's Completely up to you on whether or not You want to do it the free route which Is doing it manually like this or if you Want to buy some of the tools but again We're going to show you how to do it the Cheapest way possible and if you want to Scale the system and do you know a lot More then you can put a little bit more Money in but you're not going to be Spending Thousands of dollars per month to do

This and ideally you're going to start With something small and as you start to Make money then you can put more money Into things like proxies and all the Other stuff that we're going to be Talking about but don't worry about any Of the technical stuff until we get There right now we're just talking about Sending a message through a contact form Okay Yeah and so you can see here let me show You this one right here was the campaign I was running we were testing uh giving Away some leads here in the group to Different people and so this one sent 237 000 contact forms I click Start and it Sent it and then the leads just come in And they look like this And so you can bring them in different Ways we brought them in through Skype as Telephone calls or text messages and That sort of stuff and so you can see All these leads here that are just Coming in and so some people are just Ready to go like so Um this one's like interested ready to Go and then they said they got their Email obviously they're skeptical anyone Reaches out for because we're offering To do something for free for them but They're very curious and so here's the Thing even when you if you send cold Email it comes off as it's an email

And they're like what's going on when it Comes to a contact form and they read it There they may even be skeptical but They're still engaging and they're still Ready to go so you get past a lot of the Challenges that you run into which I Mean any of you guys that have done Leads or sales you know that step one is You have to get a lead then you have to Sell them on it and so the goal here With contact forms in the whole process Is to turn it into more of an order Taking situation than it is into a sales Situation and obviously you have to send Some emails and you ask them if they Want to buy and that sort of stuff but Um you know this just makes it easy and So and I want to mention too guys how Cool is this look at this this is a Brand new Skype account that Ryan and I Created I think was it yesterday Ryan or Two days ago and already since yes Sunday we already have a ton of leads With very very little work and this is a Brand new account we have another Account too that we were sending leads To this was just one that we pivoted to So we already discovered the messaging That you have to send we already set up We even have a guy that's going and Uh proving the method by booking these Appointments with people as well we have A full script for you so you know what To say we're going to take you all the

Way from not having a single lead in Your inbox right to knowing exactly what You have to do to get a client I mean How cool is that I mean we really have Cracked the code here and I I really Want you guys to see the power of this Because this is no joke like we're not We're not messing around here we Actually discovered like you can see This in real time these are you know Tons of leads if you were to pay for These it would be a lot of money so I Hope you guys are excited about this Yeah I mean this is crazy too because so These leads are based on services so Once we sell them a service then it's Just going to bill every month and like This person we offered to give away Stuff for free and they already like What's your pricing for doing work Though they're already ready to go And I I can't can't really say so in the Past 12 years with working with Bots and Ai and working with online since like The late 90s there's to me there's never Been a better time to be in the online Space it's yes there were some some easy Things and different things in SEO in The past but you know I don't know What's going to happen in the world you Know they say the media has accurately Accurately predicted 27 of the last two Recessions recessions right and so the Truth is is that there could be a

Recession coming and there's going to be A lot of people out of work and you can Sit at home and you can do this or your Office or wherever you want or on the Side and you can get leads and sales and Make money it it's just so easy and I'm Going to show you when it goes in here So like let me just show you how simple This is so we saw we saw here if we want To type this out and hit send right That'll go to the contact form we sent One then if I go to the next website I've sent two and then three and we can Spend an hour and a half and we can do That if I want to do it in an automated Way once set it up I just set up my Subject and my message here and you Ignore everything else because I'll go Through that but basically we're just Going to hit send and then we're going To hit no here it's going to take a Second to prep we've got our message Here that says like hey I noticed you Had a few issues with your website I Don't want to volunteer to fix them for You give me a call or text and that that Phone number you saw there it goes to The Skype message so you can see already Since I hit start we sent five seven now We're at eight now we're at 10 messages And it's been like eight seconds and so This can just run while you sleep it can Run while you eat what you do go do Other things I mean I run this 24 7 I

Have different servers and obviously I Run it at scale you guys don't have to Go that big but I'm working in the Sending a million messages a day per Server that I have because I have all Kinds of different campaigns and clients And different things going on and you Can sell Services you can sell affiliate Products you can sell your own products And we I'm gonna we're gonna show you Here as we get through this as well if You don't have your own products and Maybe just go ahead and people put in Chat right now if you know what you want To sell tell me so somebody said Affiliate put in there do you want to Sell like what do you want to sell right Because this will help me to make sure That I'm giving you the right Information because the approaches are a Little different I'm going to cover all Of it as we go through the course but it Would be nice to know if so somebody Wants to sell SEO somebody wants to sell Affiliate stuff people are ready to go And then I'm gonna we'll give you a list Of products and stuff that you can sell As well that are working Online marketing Services local SEO web Design Okay so basically people a lot to see a Little bit of affiliate but even some of These The majority want to sell

Services it looks like I want to make Sure too that everybody what we're Looking at here it looks overwhelming When you first look at it and I'm I'm Gonna be honest with you there is a Learning curve with this but once you Understand this you're going to be able To reach out and and pretty much promote Whatever you want you know if you want To promote a YouTube channel if you want To promote uh SEO or website offer if You want to promote anything And so it's like email marketing on Steroids and it's such an untapped thing Right now that if you can start if you Can learn this and do this you're going To be so ahead of most of the people out There that are still using outdated Tactics so don't be overwhelmed though You know this is a this is an app it it Looks complicated you know there's a lot Going on we're going to explain it and There's going to be some things that Might be hard to understand when you First learn them it took me a while I Had to I had to sit with Ryan for a While and learn this but if you put in The work you'll learn this and you're Going to be able to be way more Efficient at what you're doing online Yeah and so like Chase said I'm going to Stay here with it after each lesson We're going to have a time for question And answers and in fact the whole last

Week is just planned for troubleshooting And question and answers but you can Send emails in the meantime as well and I fully understand that there's a lot Going on here like there just is but One of the things that I'm really good At and I think Chase is really good at Is taking things that are a little bit More complex and bringing it down and Making it simple and easy to understand We always have this conversation where We talk about trying to make it Um so that if we were showing it to our Grandma that our grandma could Understand what's going on and market And honestly like um you know I only Have one Grandma still alive but she Sends emails and does like accounting on The computer I think that I could bring It down to her level and that she could Honestly understand this so I know that All of you guys who are way better than That Can totally get this So at the end here I'm going to give you Some homework on this and basically it's Kind of a list of things that you got to Do to get set up and so I want to kind Of go over a little bit of that but so Do we feel like we have a good Understanding of the overview of the Concept here before I kind of jump into What we need to get started let me know Like if we yes give me some yeses give

Me some no I have no idea what's going On I got a whole bunch of yeses And stuff people want to sell Is there anybody anybody who still just Feels totally lost just let me know like We're gonna it'll be okay we got this I'm gonna walk you through it step by Step one thing I want to mention too While we're getting the yeses coming in We're gonna leave a a link to our group Our Facebook group and you can actually Post questions anonymously if if you end Up thinking about something later feel Free to I'm going to leave it in the Chat right now this is our Facebook Group And first of all I would really Appreciate if you guys said how awesome These classes are because it helps bring More people in I want to have a lot more People in here but second ask your Questions in there so that way you know If we miss anything and you're like hey You know I didn't get that part or I Just didn't feel comfortable saying it In front of everybody else will answer It anonymously for you so you can still Get help Yeah so let's um let's go through here We need a couple of tools to kind of Make this work right so we need some Software and what I really want you to Do so the point of the homework is not

To make you do extra work because I Always hated homework in school but the Point of the homework is to guide you Through so that as we go through you're Ready to go and it's not like okay A typical course you might watch all the Videos and they're like okay now I got To start what do I do when you're Overwhelmed like this is like breaking It down chunk by chunk so as we go Through the list each week you're ready To go and you can do the stuff and and Right now in week one we want to focus On getting everything set up I saw some People that have servers already set up But I know that there's some people in Here based on the the answers that They're still going to need to get Through here so step one we're gonna Need this tool called GSA website Contact because that actually sends the Contact forms it automates the whole Process of going out finding the contact Forms and then sending them inside of This we need to utilize them to start Using some terminology here if it Doesn't make sense stick with me I'm Happy to answer the questions again so We're going to use some proxies in here Some private proxies and basically what That does is Um you kind of there's nothing Everything here is legal and above board But whatever you send in bulk you want

To utilize some proxies so you get a Bunch of IP addresses and you spread About all you're sending over the IP Addresses because when you send a bunch Of stuff to a bunch of servers sometimes They aggregate that data and so the IPS Help us to spread everything out and Look a little bit more normal like we're Doing it manually right because that's The point of the bot automate everything That we're normally doing but we want to Look like we're still doing it manually And so we need some private proxies to Do that some of these I don't know if You saw can I break that down too Ryan Because I think some people might be Intimidated by the word proxy so Basically the way this works is we want To send messages From other uh IP addresses basically and so what that Means is that instead of sending a bunch A bunch of messages from let's say your Computer we can set something up where When we send messages it'll send the Message from basically other people's Internet connections or other people's Computers in a sense so having proxies Makes it so that we're not sending you Know a million messages from our Computer and then getting like our our Internet or our computer basically Blacklisted and so the reason why we Want to do this is because you know if

We're sending out a high volume of Messages we don't want A bunch of people complaining saying hey I got all these messages from uh this Person's computer you know go and take Them off the internet right and so That's basically what a proxy does and We'll show you how to set this up but I Just want to make sure everybody does Everybody kind of understand what a Proxy is now it's it's basically a Separate internet connection that you Can set up Yes yes yes Cool Yeah awesome so We'll do that there is captions on some So some contact forms Chase doesn't have One I don't typically use them and in Fact stats say that 50 to 70 of people Never use captchas and the caption is an Annoying thing if you got like type your Um you know I don't know click on a bus Or all the annoying things right so That's what a captcha is and We have capture solving which is another Software as well and let me see if I can Pull it up here And you can see what you're looking at Just so you know when you go to get it Right and capture solving isn't Something that I want you to worry about Straight away it's it's kind of like an Add-on layer to improve success but I do

Just want to mention it I'm going to Kind of blow past it and see if I can if The program ever runs here so we'll pull It up in a minute if it runs And basically once we get the captcha Set up that's kind of so here's a Capture error because I had no capture Solving turned on right now so that's What I'm talking about there that's kind Of like later on but we mentioned it and Then so we need to set up the program And it's loading now So basically I'm going to go through Here and as we move on I'm going to go Through all this sort of setup in the Different projects and everything that's Going on and let's just stop this here So I can go ahead and show it to you but Um in Project setup your biggest thing Is we want to determine your call to Action because there's a lot of Different things that you can do you Kind of have a have to have a game plan Going in here so We most people said they want to sell Services some people said they want to Sell affiliate stuff so the different Methods you can use that most people use Are one you can ask them to reply to an Email that's if you want to sit there And type all day and use you know emails If your form of lead and sale works Better for you you can do that but I Found that to be the most cumbersome

And the And it finally loaded so this is just a Capture breaking software so you know What's going on when you see it and so The second way that you can do it is Like we are doing here with Skype or Asking them to send us a message on a Phone number and then in Skype here we Can go ahead and SMS text message and Back or we can just use a Um phone call right and call them on the Phone so that's another method you can Actually then also send them to a Landing page and so a landing page Obviously is just a website where you're Going to bring stuff in so for example The one that brought everybody in here If I could spell Is fortunebot so this is a Lander right And this is actually called a squeeze Page and I know a lot of you know this Already but there's probably a couple That don't so I'm going to repeat some Stuff here And the squeeze page just gathers an Email address the point here is to get An email address into our system it's Called a CRM and the CRM manages all of Your contacts and you can then send Emails to those people over and over and Over and over and over again and selling Stuff every single day because typically You have seven touches with a person Before they actually buy from you and so

That's what's really nice here and if I Go ahead and punch in my email here then I get redirected to a normal landing Page as you might see where there's Something actually for sale a bunch of Information and then at some point you Get a chance to buy right So some of you will have that if you're Selling affiliate products you're Probably going to utilize a landing page That's going to look something like this If you are selling services You don't want to send them to like a Home page if you're selling SEO you Don't want to and you make a regular web Page typically web pages are a lot more Like brochures right and we're going to Talk about that later on optimizing Landing pages for conversions because Something that is a common thing that a Lot of people see as I slightly Sidetrack here is that people talk about Making web pages pretty or beautiful or That sort of thing and that's fine you Want them to be functional and Aesthetically pleasing but at the end of The day I honestly don't care how Beautiful the web page looks I care About how well it converts and I have Some terrible looking web pages that Convert better than the beautiful Looking web pages and so I build them Terrible on purpose because it forces The user to take an action and so we're

Like I personally care about sales I Don't know what you guys care about but If you want to do some branding and Marketing and that sort of stuff that's Fine but so those are the methods that You can use and we want to have a Concept here because if we are utilizing Any kind of landing page whether you're Using an affiliate landing page whether Using your own landing page or that sort Of stuff you need to purchase a domain Name that you're going to use as a Redirect and so can I can I talk for a Second Ryan so basically what Ryan just Covered right now is that when you're Sending out messages to these websites You can promote different things right So you can have them respond to you by Sending you a text you could say hey my Name is Chase I found something wrong With your website send me a text right So that's one way you can start Generating leads and that's how we're Actually generating leads for SEO for People asking about our SEO Services We're saying hey there's something wrong With your website send us a text now There's other ways though that you can Use this tool you can also send a Message saying hey I saw something wrong With your website click on this link to See what's wrong and then they have to Enter in their website in their email in Order to opt in right so Ryan if you go

Over to really quick I'm going to give an example here So if we go to free website roadmap We can actually send people to this page Where they can enter in their URL and an Email right And so in some cases you might want to Send people to a page to collect their Emails in some cases you might just want Them to respond to your email and you Just respond to them via your inbox Or maybe you want them to text you and So what we're saying here is that your Possibilities with what you're promoting Are endless And there isn't really a right or wrong Way the the right way is the way that Gets you the most leads now from an SEO Standpoint if you're selling a service Like an SEO service We found the best lead is through phone Calls because or through text because When somebody texts us and says hey What's wrong with my website it's very Easy to contact them and get them on the Phone However if they're going to be entering A website and an email It's a little bit harder to get a hold Of them because that could be anybody Entering in any website in any email And so it's important to think about What do you want to promote and how do You want to promote it and so we'll show

You what's working for us and the tests That we're running we're constantly Running tests Ryan and I that's Basically what we're doing behind the Scenes with these classes is we're Running real-time tests we're going to Give you our best results and then you Can use those results in those tests to Do whatever you want But again it doesn't necessarily matter How you promote the thing that you're Promoting it just matters that you find An angle that works well for you does That make sense everybody Yes in the chat Yeah and what we get the yes is someone Asked if we've never had Um done Services before how do we show Them examples Give away free stuff which is one of the Things we're testing right now Um if you just roll up to 10 businesses And be like hey listen Can I do some stuff for you for free and In exchange you give me a testimonial Nine out of ten are going to say yes go Do stuff for them for free and then you Have your approve there it is so you Have to leverage a little bit of time But you get started and Away you go And so Once you have something to promote and We're going kind of back technical here We need to have a redirect and I'm going

To kind of just kind of go through this At an overview level here and then we'll As we get into later on we're going to Break it down but Um we need to have a redirect link Because we don't want to put our actual Website so I would never want to put in an actual message that I send whether that is a cold email Message or whether that is a you know Contact form or anything because If you get too much volume out there of Sending a domain name that the email Servers look at that and they're like Okay this is Spam they just arbitrarily Assign it a Spam just unless you're like A big company you get a rite of passage If you're ATT right so you automatically Get a pass but anybody who's not like in The Fortune 500 doesn't get a pass and We have to play by different rules so we Create like or chase or some great website dot Whatever right it can be like a two Dollar domain it doesn't matter and We're going to set that up with Cloudflare which is free and we're going To utilize the redirect and what that Does for us is That allows us to send a whole bunch of Messages and never risk anything getting Like for is that getting Hitting a spam filter or hitting any Kind of thing that limits anything and

You also have to consider dealing with Gmail because Gmail is connected to Google so we don't ever want to I have No proof that that would never Negatively impact your rank on Google But I'm always kind of OCD to make sure That I don't do anything there so Basically what we're doing is Hiding is the wrong word but we're again We're spreading everything out just like With the proxies where we want to make It look like it's coming from different People's computers because we're doing It in Mass with the website we want to Make it looks like traffic is flowing Through a different website And the same thing would be true if you Have Um bringing everybody into a CRM you Typically you don't want to put your CRM Link in there I know a lot of people and This is a point maybe to not get Confused on when you send out links from A CRM like if you go to like convertkit And you send out a convertkit link and You put a link to you know where you can Sign up here for the free website Roadmap and it's actually even just your Audience convertkit Makes a redirect link for you and it Actually goes to convertkits domains so They can do tracking and then it Redirects it here so even your big crms They run everything and they do it for

Tracking purposes but they don't run Everything through their primary domain And directly to your domain and we're Doing the same thing we're going to run It through a redirect and then we're Going to go to where we need to go so so What Ryan's saying here is that if we're Going to be sending out messages to Websites and we're going to be bulk Sending messages saying hey go to my Website to check out my offer you don't Want to send them directly to your Website because you could end up getting Your website blacklisted just like maybe An IP address but I do think that maybe Ryan this might be a little like more Down the road what would be I guess Their first sort of thing that they'd Want to do if like you know if they were In a programming class and they were Saying hello world what's the first Thing that they would do Yeah so So this is the first thing you want to Do is you got to know that this software Runs on Windows only because of how it's Written so if you have a Mac there are Options if you have Windows you're good To go if you want to get a server which You can connect to from a Mac or from a Windows like a VPS you're good to go Um but if you have an actual Mac you Could run Windows on like bootcamp or You could do parallels or something like

That or you could do like virtual box And install Windows but the GSA website GSA software and a lot of the other Tools that will connect Um all run on Windows only they aren't Set up for Mac because of the language That they're written in wasn't ready for Mac at the time that these were written And they've never been converted to a New version because that requires Recoding the whole thing so anyways here We are so it's Windows only so basically The tool only works on Windows but if You have a Mac you can use something Called a virtual private server and Basically it's something that allows you To log in and use the tool from a Different computer that works on Windows Now right now let's just hear in the Chat how many have uh Mac give me a one And how many have a Windows give me a Two Okay lots of ones Okay so it looks like it's about split So I think maybe It might be a good idea to talk about Setting up a virtual private server I Don't know I mean it because I think a Lot of people if they're on Mac they're Not going to be able to run this Ryan Yeah so we have here let me show you I Have this is my desktop that you see Right now I'm just on a laptop it's a It's a Windows laptop and this is local

Now I have a server which I can bring in Here it's another window and you can see GSA is running on it too as we go in Here but I'm actually connected to this IP address here Which is I think in Texas uh I'm in Michigan and Chase is out in Arizona Right so this is It's a server right so It's it's another Windows machine you Can think about it as just like your Desktop they have mac servers Mac VPS as Well but that's we're not doing that but All it is it's just like it basically if I were to take a laptop or desktop and I Were to go stick it at my parents house Right my parents live in Indiana I could Put it there and then I could remotely Connect into it and control it and when You remotely connect you into it and Control it you see it just like you're In front of it and it looks just like The same thing you have right now so if I bring this down and minimize this we Can see that it is just a regular Desktop I can see the screen and because I'm only showing part of my screen Because I'm on a huge Monitor and it Would look really small if any of you Are running it on phone Um I have scroll bars here but normally You would see it full screen so you have Icons on a desktop just like normal and You have a start menu and everything It's literally just like a Windows

Desktop so for the people who are using Windows you're already good to go you Can you know I guess you're already good To go anyways but you can also use a Server for dedicated resources So if you're running a you know like a 200 laptop because all you normally do Is send emails and you know do whatever Then it might not be powerful enough Especially with memory to utilize this So even if you're on Windows you could Use this and let me slow down there This is just another computer it is Running Windows and you can connect to It on Windows itself you're going to use What's called Art the the protocol is Called RDP or remote desktop connection That's what RDP stands for and that's a Windows protocol I believe but without Getting technical Matt can connect to it too so there's Programs on Mac that you get an RDP Software and you just punch in this IP Address you go to a place and buy it Which we have already Linked In the Replay sheet so in the replay sheet Which I'm not sure yeah let's actually Show everybody what that looks like yeah Let me let me find that And in the replay sheet there is here Pull this in here So here's the Maybe So here's the replay sheet right so

There's nothing in here right now Because it's obviously still still being Built lesson one will be right here And so as we go down here we have tap Tabs and so here is actually a list of All of the things that you're going to Need and links to them and then Assignments will go in here so we'll Have you know what you need to do to Make sure that you're going along with Us and you can get everything done this Is the homework section that you need to Do but in the class replays we'll be Here and in here is a list like we Talked about haven't talked about shine Ranker yet we will GSA website contact That is the bot that we're using to make This run I mentioned the capture breaker The links there here's the link for the Proxies here's a link for servers so Solid SEO VPS our host wins both sell VPS so you have Ryan I think because We're running a little bit like uh long On time right now because I don't want To keep everybody for too long I think This first class we shouldn't I think The homework assignment should be just Getting them set up so you know making Sure they have the sheet making sure They make a post in the in the group Saying that you're in because I don't Want to overwhelm everybody with Um you know too much going on at once uh I think next lesson we should probably

Just specifically cover the VPS because Again for us to cover the VPS right now It's probably going to take another 30 To 40 minutes okay Um so I don't know if that's okay with You Ryan or if it's okay with everybody But I want to leave room for questions Right now and I don't want to go over on Time Yeah for sure I'm in I think questions Are super important and Um With that let's uh I will make sure so We'll make sure that you get the sheet I'm not sure is that going to go through Email then well we'll make sure you get The sheet it'll go through email but we Can also paste it in the chat right now Too I believe if Rina you can leave that Yeah Arena just left it in there Um and I do want to mention by the way Everybody again make sure you join the Group the Facebook group uh we'll leave That in the sheet as well I'm going to Put it in chat again Um I guess the homework assignment for For today because we're going to meet Again on Thursday is join the group make A post just say hey I'm I'm super Excited and Go into the sheet and make sure you have Everything Um and if you ever need anything by the Way as well uh support

We have 24 7 support we actually just Introduced live chat support as well on Chase so if you want to click On the little live chat symbol it should Be on there right I don't know if you Can see it uh yeah right there it says We are here feel free to talk to us live As well because Um we try to have the best support Possible make sure everybody's taken Care of even if you don't even buy from Us so Um okay let's open it up for questions Uh does anybody feel free to um unmute Yours or sorry raise your hand use click On the raise hand button or just say Um question or unmute and we can unmute You if you want to ask the question be a Video also feel free to ask the question Through chat okay we got uh Isaac uh can We unmute Isaac Isaac can you raise your hand Um because there's a lot of people on Here and it it just takes a minute to Find you it makes it simpler I'm unmuted Yep we can hear you all right yeah so I Already set up the private server I was More so looking for like you know what Are like those beginner things when you Have GSA Um as far as just getting it ready to Like send out the first few messages or Start downloading Um urls

If possible Okay so so I would say take just one Step back before you send the messages Before we send the messages and that was Actually I don't know if you guys heard That that was a Skype call that was Blaring in there because I'm gonna shut This down here Um from our leads are coming in so I Would I would have a plan and figure out Your call to action because the reason You got to figure out your call to Action is if you're going to use a Domain Uh if you're going to send them to a Website you need a domain and when and When you register a domain then it Actually will It keeps ringing I don't know if you Guys we're getting well at least they Know it's working I mean look we were Just sending the messages you can see The leads coming live right yeah it's Just because we were sending the Messages yeah And I know my call to action was going To be more so on phone calls because it Seems like it's the easiest way or our Text messages to a 10 digit phone number Hey Ryan can you take off this screen Share Yep thank you I also have my uh my VPS uh running Right now if I could share my screen I

Don't know if that helps well we're Gonna cover for all this stuff so this First class is really just to show you Like what to expect in the program okay So we're going to cover everything you Need to do step by step like you're not Going to leave this without everything You need to do Um but I would say you know please be Patient with us because Right now we're trying to get everybody Up to speed and I know there's some People that are way ahead of everybody Else like they're already on Ryan's Level and they're like hey how do I do 10 million messages a day uh if you're On that level don't worry we'll get There but we need to make sure there's a Lot of people that are newer and we need To make sure that we're going at us at a Step-by-step pace so everybody who's Beginner we can take everybody from Beginning to end Yeah so Um Isaac I'm not sure did we answer the Question then or not Okay I guess you're muted uh I think you wanted to know about getting Into like GSA settings and that sort of Stuff so if you wanted to take the next Step and actually start sending some Contact forms I would consider legal Compliance

Um you do kind of have to walk through That we didn't really talk about that Today but it's typically not a big issue But if you have a physical address I Would throw that in there and then just Put down at the bottom of the message Hey if you want to opt out just reply to Me and say opt out and then you do want To honor people who say hey stop Messaging me because if you reuse those Same lists over and over again then you Want that but basically you need to get Some URLs to send to right so whatever Your Niche is if you want to send to Like everybody in Brazil or if you want To send to all the barbers in New York You need that so you go into GSA and in The keywords which is the first tab in The project there you're going to enter In all of your keywords that you're Looking for and once you have the Keywords in there just exit out and just Start scraping a list of URLs it's under Start and it's the first option you can Scrape up your list of URLs and have That running and that way you're good to Go you can send to them too but scraping Him is his first step okay Tevin had his Uh hand raised next I believe let's Unmute him Yeah uh first of all thank you uh uh so Much Um I have to say that I've I've follows Got a lot of gurus and you often have

Bad surprises but in the first 20 Minutes I already had so much value uh So if you have like a new fan here Um so uh what I wanted to to also Understand I'm going to try to go as Quick as possible you know following Like the the the homework uh now uh for My Water Chase was mentioning is that It's a a good ways is to get them to Call you back or to send you like a a Text so does that mean that we are uh we Can already in a way start even if we Don't uh send people to like a a website Or would you would you recommend us to To slow down and yeah because I'm ready Now to to be I'm ready now to to already Test and to get people uh calling or Texting me but I don't know if that Would be uh the worst thing to do So I think you could start I think your Biggest thing is If you're just going to go ahead and Start make sure you have your proxies Covered so I do need to have proxies in There once you have proxies covered you Go ahead and start and whether you're Going to utilize like Skype or your own Phone or there's a million phone systems Out there yeah just start and start Getting the leads because the truth of The matter is is that I can guide you Through and Chase and we can take you Through step by step by step but at the End of the day you kind of have to get

In the middle of it even if it feels Messy so for some people like I don't Know Tevin for you Um you may be like totally ready to go And like way far out there or maybe You're gonna be like I'm not really sure What the next step is but you just have To get in the middle of it you have to Do it so it's like Yeah so I would just do it and then you Start getting the leads even if you like The goal isn't even to make a sale right Now the goal is to just get the leads And get your feet wet and just like go So yeah if you're ready to go go and Then you know come back and on you know Next class say Hey listen I did this and So this is what happened and you know Like what's the next question but yeah Just go and start engaging people Because that's that's how you're gonna Get through it the the other question That I had was a little more technical Is that um regarding emails is the ways To uh to use like burner burner emails Is that are those things that you are Also going to show us because obviously If you are sending like a thousand and Thousand of messages per day and people Have the opportunity to get back with Like an email uh we uh That would make sense to have like Burner emails but I'm not taking I'm not Taking at all

Yeah absolutely you definitely don't Want to use your primary email that you Use every day because you're going to Get auto replies when you submit contact Forms they say back hey we got your Message we just want you to know someone Will be in contact with you blah blah so You're going to get if you send millions Of messages you're going to get tens of Thousands of auto replies right it's I Forget the percentage it's like one Point something percent but have auto Replies on average that's a lot Especially as you scale so you don't Want to use the primary image I love Gmail because Gmail has super great Features it's free and then you also can Then as you build you can build a filter So as you get common words and yes I'm Going to go over this later Um where you can say hey this is you Know they all say Thanks for your message we'll get back To you soon you take we'll get back to You soon you know you take that whole Phrase build a filter and then you just Auto filter that out and you can Actually then export those in Gmail and Then import them into another Gmail Account so as you go along or if you Have different campaigns you don't have To build all these filters over and over You build them once and then you just Bring them over into all the other

Campaigns but and Gmail's you know Basically just go to Gmail and register And get a free you know free email Address and you're fine it'll it'll be Perfect I wanted to say to Um Aaron just commented and Aaron's been With us for a long time and he said you Know any question you have I promise you And you uh Chase and Ryan will answer And help you out but it'll be over the Course of boot camp so again if you're Confused and you're like hey are you Going to cover this are you going to Cover that trust us we're going to be Covering everything you want to know Burner emails proxies virtual private Servers like by the end of this you're Gonna know how we're doing pretty much Everything we do but you got to be Patient with us because again right now We're just starting out But thanks for the comments Tevin Um I want to make sure there's room for Everybody Alan you had your your hand Raised can we unmute Ellen There you go Oh it was unmuted there we go okay it's Better now right Perfect so uh again Chase uh Ryan thank You so much really looking forward to Learning all of it um Ryan you mentioned Something I I was about to do so I I do Want to follow up Um I'm saying this for Everybody because I'll let you know by The end of next week if anything yeah Come out of it so I just spent some Money self growth is about to do a uh You know mailer to their 75 000 uh Professionals list in chiropractors Acupuncturists the people that I serve And this is just to get opt-ins and I Was going to be giving away a free uh You know free audit using a shine rank Or other things so you said you know Don't uh don't use your site so I was Going to be using my site even though I'm not the one who's sending it it's There they're sending it should I still Send them to kind of a squeeze page uh To get opt-ins is that what you would Recommend So if you're are you using a CRM to send This to like a list of people you Already have or is this like a cold list No I'm not sending it this is a warm List that's being sent by This is their list of customers that They send emails to all the time so this Is not me doing it this is somebody else Doing it yeah I'm providing the email And I'm providing a offer and uh you Know trying to get people onto my Emailing list Okay that would probably be so there's Two aspects there there's the functional And then the conversion so on the

Functional side it would probably be Fine to send them to your website when We're doing cold traffic we want to make Sure we use a redirect uh great because We don't want to get into like if you go At the level that I go and I push the Button as far as they'll go into sending Millions at a time you can get a domain Blacklisted and if it's a soft A domain registrar or a registry that Doesn't like this sort of stuff then I'll tell you which ones to use later But then they can actually take the Domain away and like you lose the domain So you don't want everyone you don't Want to do that right right the redirect Domain fixes that but this is a warm List of people so I don't think that it Would be an issue to use your domain now On the conversion side Something that I have seen for years With businesses and I think that you Just have to think it through is that um You want to direct people to take an Action right you're you your goal you Said is to get opt-ins right exactly Okay so if your goal is to get opt-ins Then I would send them to a landing page That gives them one choice and one Choice one thing that is either opt-in Or leave and then you can even throw up When they try to leave you throw up Another splash page that says hey wait You know you're going to lose out of

Millions of dollars whatever I don't Know right so because the problem is That I've seen just from my experience And I've worked with a lot of clients is That if you send them to your web page Web pages are typically like a business Card you know kind of like what you have In your background right so so it tells About everything and if you if someone Is ready to go that can be useful like If I'm looking for your website that's Super helpful because I want all the Information I'm gonna make the choice All right let's let's go with this and I'm ready to go with Alan right but if I Am not really aware of where I'm at or You know I fall into like 99 of people Then I don't know what's going on here and I'm gonna get there I'm gonna be like What is this I don't need this you know What I mean kind of thing so like a Landing page with and so here's Something That's a little hack for you after lots Of experiments I have a friend who who Does builds businesses to tens of Millions of dollars and we did stuff and He built some landing pages like what Are you doing and he built this landing Page it had a title and an email opt-in Form that's it literally a title an Email opt-in form a great great title Because titles are like 90 of the lever

That gets people to take action anyways So your title is like if anything ever Is not working always focus on the title So take the title and then an email Opt-in and we sent conversions through The roof like highest conversions I Still build landing pages that's Literally a white background with a Black title and an email opt-in box so You can do something like that but you Can also throw in videos are also Awesome lead magnets All That Jazz but I Just wouldn't give them like I would Send them to that if that's if you want Opt-in send them to a squeeze page and Then you can give them something and Promise him something but thank you Thank you appreciate it yep Okay so we have time for like just a Couple more questions Um I know everybody's this is during the Week right it's Tuesday so I first of All I want to appreciate you all for Being here if you have to leave at any Time don't worry uh we're gonna have the Replay we're gonna have multiple classes Where you can participate ask questions You know Um tomorrow is what I want to mention so Just so everybody knows tomorrow we have A class at 5 PM Pacific with uh a guy Named Cotton grammar he's going to be Showing us how to sell and convert the Leads that we're going to be getting so

Again if you want to join great if you Don't want to join no problem and then We're going to be picking up this class Again as well on Thursday At uh same time right Ryan correct Thursday yeah so Um and again if you miss it and you want To ask questions later Um I do want to show you guys really Quickly just how to um ask oh I can't Share my screen Um well I guess we'll have to Go into the Facebook group or comment on This video we're gonna post it as an Unlisted video on YouTube either ask Questions in the group or on um the YouTube video itself as well but we're Gonna do a couple more questions and Then we're gonna end it today so we Don't keep it too long Does anyone else have a question raise Their hand or we can look in chat A lot of people are ready for the next One What platform do we use for a landing Page like there's not a wrong answer There like you can use anything thing From leadpages which is like a third Party lead page site you can use your Own CRM I personally use Karcher for a Lot of stuff I've used in Infusionsoft You've used Zoho convertkit MailChimp Um all kinds of stuff I've I have Landing pages built on WordPress it

Doesn't matter it has no real impact as Long as it's there go high level also Yeah We have We have videos over like over the Shoulder Um so a lot of the class is kind of Going to be over the shoulder as we get Into more technical stuff like the Functional stuff yes I'll be sharing the Screen and I'll be kind of over the Shoulder White label SEO services to help I Mentioned one time that there's white Label SEO services to help customize Brick and mortar websites can we get the URL please Um chased you you had mentioned that you Had a company that did a really good job Specifically we're going to talk about That um can you give me screen share Ryan really quick just because I want to End it just by showing everybody how to How to navigate this really quick yeah Let me find you here Uh but yeah we're gonna definitely be Talking about you know how to Outsource If you want to Outsource we're going to Be going into affiliate as well if you Want to start um selling like your own Uh either your own products or other People's products if you don't even want To sell Services I know a lot of people Want to do services so they can get some

Money coming in selling the services and Then start building their own uh sort of Like more passive income business as Well at the same time so I think the First thing we're covering right now the Reason why we're covering Services is Because I believe it's the easiest way to start Earning money Um if you if you have no income coming In online uh once you start getting that Income then you can start focusing on Okay I have some money coming in how do I start building some passive income by Building my own products or selling Other people's products so that is the Goal for sure this is the Facebook group Can everybody see this give me a one in Chat or yes if you guys can see this I I'm sorry to keep you guys so long I Just want to make sure you see this so Um we're gonna give you the link again We're gonna put it in the spreadsheet Okay everybody can see it uh if you can Do me a huge favor if you like the class Today Um you know just write something say hey I'm super excited I'm happy to be here Just click on the write something and Again if you have a question you don't Want you know you want it to be Anonymous because sometimes you know People don't like other people knowing Just click on here post anonymously see

That little uh slider right there post Anonymously say I want to post it Honestly nobody will see who you are you Can say hey that thing we covered in the Class you know and again if you don't Care of people say you are then make it Public but Ask us questions Ryan's going to be in There I'm going to be in there Um you know there's a lot of people who Aren't in the in the boot camp yet that I'd like to bring in we're going to Still keep this open for probably Another week just to make sure people Know there's replays they can get in and So we want you to uh get everybody Excited with us and so again just say hi Say what's up that's that's the first Homework assignment second thing is if You don't have the spreadsheet you can Always email us support We also dropped it in the in the chat um Rena can you drop that one more time and Uh I think that's oh I'll put it right Here Um Here is what it looks like So we're going to have this class in Here right here replay link we're gonna Basically we're gonna Um stop the recording in a second here We're gonna post it on YouTube as an Unlisted video you're gonna have all of The classes in here

Um they're unlisted uh YouTube videos All of the apps and everything that We're going to be talking about are in Here Um all the assignments are in here first Assignment again it's just going to be Post something in the group say hi Um and make sure you have the class Schedule and uh we'll be seeing you on Wednesday and so again if we if we Missed anything if we missed your Questions Um again Post in the group or just join Us on our next class but um I'm gonna End it here Ryan just because I don't Want it to drag on too long there's a Lot of people that have uh you know to Get back to what they're doing Sounds good So thank you guys for being here Thank you very much guys and ladies We'll see on the next one 5 p.m Pacific Standard tomorrow if you guys want to be There

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