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133 000 views completely for free so Let's say just like not even one percent But ten percent of one percent which is Like one thousand so if you divide it by One thousand that's 133 and if you Multiply that by six that's over almost Eight hundred dollars in a single day Just this one single what's going on Guys Derek here and in today's video What I want to show you is exactly how You can make thirty dollars every 10 Minutes just by using chat GPT okay now Maybe thirty dollars every 10 minutes Like okay how is this going to work out Well thirty dollars every 10 minutes for Every 10 minutes you're going to do this Method you can actually make more than Thirty dollars but I think thirty Dollars is like a very very healthy Average you can make from this so if You're going to do it for like I don't Know thirty dollars times 10 minutes so There's like six ten minute increments In one hour so that's around like 180 Dollars per hour and if you're going to Do it for I don't know for like let's Say four hours you can make like seven Hundred and twenty dollars literally 720 Dollars per day using this method and All they need to do is just use chat GPT Because chat GPT is going to be doing All the work for you so you don't really Have to come up with anything yourself And all you need to do is just use it

Completely for free and if you're going To set this up just the way I'm going to Show you in the next few minutes you can Be like 720 dollars per day very very Easily even more even more but I don't Have to be over promising and under Delivering I would much rather do the Opposite so 720 dollars per day now this Is not going to be any of those articles Or any stuff like that this is going to Be a brand new method and most people Are not even using yet there are some People out there who are using it and Making thousands of dollars I'm going to Show you them in this video but there is Still a huge potential for this method For anyone to get started right now and Make a couple hundred dollars or even a Couple thousand dollars in the next few Weeks before we get started don't forget To please smack to like subscribe to the Channel if you like videos about making Money online and also please comment Down below but if I should do this Method myself and record a video case Study about that see because I don't Really use most of the method that I put On my channel I just test them out to See if they work because my main income Source is my Incognito profit system Which I pretty much used to make over 26 000 last month 26 000. this month is Going to be even more in affiliate Commission so you can see this is my

Warrior Plus account this is the main Network that I'm using to actually Promote affiliate products when I go to The last 30 days using the system I was Able to make 28 000 when I go to the This month so far it's thirteen thousand Dollars but today is 14th so I'm already Almost at a pace of one thousand dollars Per day so I should be closing this Month at around thirty thousand dollars In affiliate commissions and you can see If I go to the last week six thousand Dollars last seven days six point eight Thousand dollars and pretty much this Week is odd at six thousand dollars Almost and today I already made 780 Yesterday 800 and this is the reason why I pretty much don't do most of the Methods that I post on my channel Because I just cannot be bothered doing Them okay I have this this is my main Income source and the method that I post On my channel Channel I either use them I either test them out or I don't really Use them anymore such as this method Because I know this is going to work so So well but if you would like me to Record a case study then comment down Below and if you'd like to learn how I'm Making this amount of money as well then Also comment down below because I'm Going to be opening up a few coaching Spots for this system where I'm going to Help you set this up teach you exactly

How I'm making money with this one and Help you start generating commissions Just like this being completely Incognito without ever showing your face Online so yeah stay tuned for this as Well I'm going to be announcing the Spots very very soon but for this method Let's get started right away so step Number one what you need to do is you Need to have a CPA account okay now Either you can go with CPA grip or the One that I do recommend that you're Going to go with is going to be tap map IO just go to this link It's tap mop you are going To land on this website which pretty Much looks just like this when it's Going to load up and this is pretty much A CPA Network private By Invitation only A mobile application that has one of the Highest payout rates in the entire Industry you can see they are currently In white only but if you're going to use This link and upon signing up you're Going to put in my code they are going To know you are coming from my channel And they are going to create your Account and approve it okay then once You're going to open your application You can see that today I made six Dollars from just some methods that I Set up like I don't know a few days ago So I'm not really currently making money On this network because as I said I'm

Pretty much focusing on my kind of Profit system but once you're going to Open up this application this is exactly What you want to go through just go to The offers at the bottom left and you Want to pick up a couple of the giveaway Authors because if you can check this Out they have like very very high payout Rates like six dollars for every single CPA email submit that means that person Really just if they are looking for for Example for Google jobs they just go to This link they submit their email a Couple of their personal details and you Are going to receive six dollars for Every single person like this that's why I'm telling you can be like thirty Dollars every 10 minutes because for Every 10 minutes on average you are Going to receive like five people who Are going to submit these CPA offers or You are going to receive one person who Is going to submit to six different CPA Offers at the same time meaning you are Going to receive thirty dollars in the Rate so what you want to do just pick up A couple of the giveaway offers because Once you're going to go through them You're going to notice that there are a Couple of offers for example like I Don't know some of them are not really Like giveaway offers and some of them Are the way offers that's the only like Thing that you need to distinguish

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Between so you want to pick up a couple Of giveaway offers now the ones that I Would recommend to you are pretty much The ones that are going to appeal to the Math audience so they are at the top and The ones that I got that I would Recommend for everybody that's going to Be doing this method is going to be uh IPhone 14 definitely iPhone 14 because I Mean everybody wants a free iPhone 14 Then Shane 750 gift card and then one More that I want to recommend is going To be PlayStation 5 okay so you want to Go back six different CPA offers now I Already have them written on my laptop So you just want to rewrite them on your Laptop so for example right here is Going to be my CPA offer iPhone 14 4 From tap mop so this is what I would use Now what you want to do is you want to Get like six of these CPA offers and Just write them down on a notepad on Your laptop or somewhere because I'm Going to be showing you how to do this Method on the laptop okay so now that we Have the offers right here we want to go To the next step now the next step is Going to be Chad GPT okay so you want to Go to the chat GPT just go to chat dot chat or Google Chat GPT and Now we are going to be using this master Tool to pretty much get traffic to our Links and start making like thirty Dollars for every 10 minutes now what

You want to write here is going to be a Simple command you can either Google This but I'll recommend using chat GPT Because on Google it's a little bit more Tedious just go to chat GPT and right Here hey could you please write me Write me five interesting Facts about human human psychology make Them seven oh let's go nine words or Shorter thanks I'm just going to write That and pretty much this is it okay so This is what we are really looking for Could you please write me five Interesting facts about human psychology What you want to put here are going to Be all kinds of these comments like five Interesting facts about human psychology Or can you give me like seven best pick Up lines less than 10 words okay always Go with less than 10 words and I'm going To show you why you can see seven best Pick-up lines less than 10 words I read A camera because every time I look at You I smile that's a good one that's Actually a good one do you have a map I Keep lost in your eyes Okay okay so this Is something you want to use Chad gbd For because you can either Google this But what you're going to find out is That most of the results are going to be Very long and they are not going to be Like less than 10 words and what you can Do here you can just write here like Five interesting facts about human cycle

Apology seven best pickup lines less Than 10 words now we have this The Next Step what you want to do is just go to Canva okay and you want to search for Like a tick tock video or mobile video Resolution and you want to get a video That's going to be vertical so it's Going to look something like this okay Now the next step just go to website That's called and now just Search for some kind of a background Okay so for example for this example What we are going to use are going to be Let's say five interesting facts about Human psychology so I'm going to put Here I don't know human psychology for Example as a background and what I'm Looking for is going to be a video okay Now it doesn't need to be related to That exactly although it needs to be Something that's going to be in the Background okay so you can either go for These or I can just write their like Luxury house okay let's go with like Luxury house and this is something I can Use okay this is actually a very good One okay so I'm going to use this one I'm just going to download it and Bam Now I have the video downloaded now what I want to do is I just want to upload it Do canva so it's going to take like a Few seconds to upload it because the Videos from pixels are very short that's The reason why I recommend them as well

Not from YouTube because these are Copyright free you can just download Them very easily they're also very short That's what we really need so short Videos okay not more than 10 seconds if It's more than 10 seconds you don't Really actually need it you can just cut It in canva more than 10 seconds is not Really needed you just want to drag and Drop it directly onto the canvas so it's Going to look something like this and Wait for it to finish uploading right Here and you can see this video is 14 Seconds but less than 10 seconds or less Than 7 seconds is actually even better So I'm just going to put it like less Than less than 10 okay let's go with Less than 10 seconds I'm going to delete This part now the next thing go to the Elements and you want to drag a line or Shape across the entire image something Like this make sure the color is going To be black and just lower the Transparency okay because we don't want To get all the attention to the Background we just want to have it there Okay now the next thing you want to add A text add a heading and now we are Going to use 5 interesting facts about Human psychology so I'm going to write Here five facts about human psychology You need to know and then you want to Make sure that the text is going to be Smaller so it's going to be around like

48 pixels and also it's going to be in The center like this at the top just Like this and they want to make sure You're going to add an effect add a Background and yeah make sure it has Some kind of a background now in this Case what I'm going to do is I'm going To change the background to like let's Go with like a red and I'll just add a Little bit of body text click there and Then just copy and paste all of these All of these facts okay so paste it There put it like right here and let's Let's make this one bigger actually Let's make this one a bit bigger okay And also add effect just like this Background and let's make it a little Bit smaller okay so just like this and Make the text bold okay so this is the First fact now you want to do the same Thing by clicking on the text Duplicating it moving it like right here And then copying the second fact okay so You want to do it for all of them but Also don't skip ahead because there's a Very important part about this uh Hacking so just do it one more time for Example like here copy and paste it Again the hack put it there just like This then again one more time well right Here we are not going to put any hack Right here and I will show you why in a Second and then the last one just put Right here okay so just like this okay

Then okay now do not add any of them Right here now I will change the change The background background color make Sure it's going to be a little bit more Eye-catching so that's going to be like Blue this one is also going to be some Form of blue this one is going to be Like green let's go like green this one Is also going to be like a green one and This one is going to be I don't know Let's go with the purple one okay so It's going to be like very colorful now Five facts about human psychology you Need to know people confirm to blah blah Blah blah now for like the bottom one What you want to do is you want to write Here you want to write here by the way There is a PS5 giveaway in my bio okay So once somebody's going to see this Video they are going to like five facts About human psychology they are going to Go through that they are going to Receive value first and then there's by The way there is a PS5 giveaway in my Bio and because they are almost at the End they are going to check it out Because they already got like 90 of the Value from the entire video so what you Want to do is you want to download this Video and then you just want to go to Instagram and you want to upload this Video you can even upload it from your Computer or your phone I mean you can do It just from your computer because it's

Like a lot easier to do this now once You're going to upload it make sure You're going to select the resolution as Original so it's going to give you the Entire post vertically instead of like Cropping it because then you would lose Like a lot of real estate from this so Make sure you're going to add it just Like this click on the next and you're Going to see like the color photo it can Be the same exact part then click on Next once again then just rewrite the Exact headline to the post so you're Going to have some caption of this video As well five interesting facts about Human psychology and you can just click On share this video but also most Important part what you want to do is You want to add the link of the CPA Offer into your bio okay so when you're Going to go to your profile you want to Make sure your link is going to be in Your bio as well and for every single One of these videos that you're going to Create in canvas which is going to take Like 10 minutes you can easily get like Six CPA conversions or one person graph Leading multiple of these conversions For you if you're going to put not just Your CPA Link in the in the bio just Like this but also you're going to use Like a website like heylink that me to Put more of them on one page okay so Just like this just use this part and there is this page that Is doing this and is making thousands of Dollars it's called CEO fq and you can See that in the description or in the Bio of the Instagram account it says get Paid to walk plus free 750 chain coupon And if you're going to click on the link It's going to take you to exact like a Link in BIO page because none other CPA Network has these CPA offers right here So you can see instead of just Completing one of these and getting paid Six dollars one two three four five six Seven of these can be completed by a Single person meaning for one video you Can get paid 42 dollars and you can see If you're going to go through their Reels they have like thousands of views On every single one of these reels and If you're going to check this out like For example like psychic thoughts you Can see it's a very simple thing psychic Thoughts and then all of these all of These and then by the way free Shane for Y'all on my page so they are promoting The CPA offer and that's how they are Getting the algorithm to boost their Videos because they don't really post it In any of the descriptions they are just Putting it in the video and that's Exactly what you need to do with your Videos that you're going to be posting On Instagram okay and couple of these Videos let's say 22 000 right here views

Let's say like every 1 000 view was Actually completing the CPR for that's Like 22 people times let's say at least Two of the offers were completed so like Twelve dollars and they can be Completing even more like 42 dollars Worth of actually that's like 264 Dollars just for this one video and it Can be created in less than 10 minutes By using canva and using chat GPT to Give you all the suggestions because now You really just can go to the page and Then pretty much like copy and paste any Of these put them into chat GPT to write You all of these results so they are Unique and then just create a video from Them and upload it to the Instagram and Tick Tock and that's for this video hope You enjoyed this one now please comment Down below if I should create a case Study for this method myself because as I told you I'm mostly focusing on my Income in the profit system but also if You're 100 people who are serious about Making money online and would love to Learn exactly how I'm making this amount Of money without using my YouTube Channel this is all without using my YouTube channel or without even showing My face online being completely Incognito hence the naming kind of money YouTube channel then also stay tuned Because I'm going to be teaching you This on my channel very very soon and

I'll be taking some more coaching people And I'm going to be reopening my Coaching program very soon where you can Join and learn exactly how I'm doing This and help me personally help you set This up and start making money just like This that's for this video click here to See the next one and I will see you Right here bye for now

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