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The 3 Best Copywriting Courses

It takes more than just great personal success to be an effective teacher. Many courses for copywriters are created by highly successful writers, who can wax lyrical for hours and pages of your time about their amazing successes. But when it comes to passing those skills on to you, in an easy-to-absorb way, they often lack that particular skill. But there are a few who have it. And these are three such teachers. Depending on exactly which area of copywriting you’re looking to master – general, web copywriting or a particular niche – you may find either one of these angles better than the other. So read on, then study their own ">course summaries (watch out, they’ve got powerful sales pages!) and make the best decision for your situation and goals. Or better yet – study all three!

How-To Get More App Reviews From Your Users (Five Factors To Consider)

Competition in today’s app market is fierce. As an app developer or publisher you will need to know how-to make your app standout in the crowd.

Features of Mesh Vinyl Banners

You should not look beyond mesh vinyl banners if you are looking to promote your business in a windy region. These promotional materials are also popular due to their high durability and cost-effective nature.

How to Create an Authentic Call to Action to Attract Clients

When you are speaking live or conducting a free teleclass, you want to finish with a strong call to action for your audience. Years ago I created a formula that I’ve used successfully as a call to action that is authentic and pulls prospects towards you.

Six Steps to Spring Clean Your Personal Training Programs: Good To Great

First quarter is the best quarter in most fitness businesses. Based on what’s happened you’re either chasing what should have been or want to keep the momentum. Any time of year is a good time of year to take a close look at what’s working and what’s not. Don’t throw it all out. Just use this step-by-step process and go from good start to great year.

How to Choose a ">Marketing Reporting Solution

There are many tools to help the modern ">marketing department track their campaigns. Finding the right ">marketing reporting solutions can make a difference in your ">marketing ROI.

Customers Go Where They’re Invited, and Stay Where They’re Appreciated

Customers go where they’re invited, and stay where they’re appreciated. You might think that would be obvious… but apparently it’s not to many businesses, large and small. You can’t afford to forget it if you’re a business owner.

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