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Your Personal Photo Is Your ">Marketing Brand

Since I’ve been concentrating on LinkedIn, I notice something totally disconcerting. So many people, even professionals, use snapshots rather than professional photos. I see images where people look surprised they are being photographed, or worse, wacky. Images of you with your kids, hugging your partner in front of the Grand Canyon, your dog, or no photo at all… what on earth do you think you are doing posting a photo of yourself like that?

Let Your Business Strategy Dictate Your ">Marketing Tactics

The lack of a strategy is often the reason for ">marketing failures. It will be up to you to develop your own strategy. Sorry, there’s no secret little book or resource to hand one over to you. This is your job. You have to figure it out. However, I will share several strategies which have worked for various businesses and perhaps yours fits into the same category.

Comparing ">Marketing Software Conversions and ">Marketing ROI

Truly closed-loop system analytics that embrace all of your leads in revenue data information can sometimes seem impossible to obtain. Here we table a number of the most effective and simplest selling analytics solutions out there.

The One-Subscriber Email Campaign

Having trouble motivating yourself to get your email newsletter started? You might be surprised to discover how much difference it makes to set up a newsletter with one subscriber only.

Planning an Event!

Want to reach more people in your business! Is it time to step out in a bigger way? Well, one of the best ways I know, to grow your business and grow your list, is to host a live event.

What Is Digital ">Marketing?

Unless you have been asleep for the past 20 years, you will have noticed that digital content is dominating the marketplace. From the explosion of internet entertainment to new mobile technologies, these ever-expanding platforms not only allow us a wider range of options for communication and play, but they also open up new pathways for brands and companies to communicate directly with consumers. The exciting new field of digital ">marketing offers new opportunities to connect with your clientele, often times at a fraction of the cost of traditional ">marketing methods.

Focus On Your Targets And Segment Your Markets!

“There is only one winning strategy. It is to carefully define the target market and direct a superior offering to that target market.” – Philip Kotler (">Marketing Expert & Author). With a resounding amount of feedback toward my previous post on the “Importance of Target ">Marketing for Businesses,” I’ve decided to follow up with Part 2 by highlighting why every company must effectively focus on their targets and segment their markets for products or services offered. If you haven’t reviewed my first post, I would recommend that you do so prior to reading further.

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