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Modern Trends In Tradeshow Giveaway Promotional Items

Exhibiting at tradeshows is an excellent way for a company to become noticed. Few events offer such a large, captive audience with expressed interest in what the company is offering. Tradeshow exhibiting continues to evolve and tradeshow marketing must evolve with it. By jumping on the biggest trends in tradeshow giveaway promotional items and exhibiting in general, marketers leverage the power of the event.

Custom Promotional Products to Satisfy the Stomach

Who says promotional items always have to be key chains and bottle openers? If you really want to get your audience’s attention, hit them where they eat! Read more…

Are You OK? You Don’t Look So Good!

Make sure you do what you WANT to do and not what everyone else THINKS you should do! It is way to easy to fall into the trap of wanting to please someone else in your life like a family member or good friend. Unfortunately, sometimes those who love us the most can affect us the most. Especially when network marketing is involved. Too many people just don’t understand it and are afraid of it do to simply being ignorant of what it is. What you do and where you go in life should always be ENTIRELY up to you!

The Power Of Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing can be defined as ‘a business advertising at a big public event without paying the sponsorship fees’. London 2012 is the most recent example. It was fascinating learning of how a few huge brands (Nike, Dr Dre Beats, Paddy Power), who had no official affiliation with the Olympic games, found imaginative ways of getting past the barriers and advertising their products: Firstly, a few of the athletes during the games wore a Nike green neon shoe.

Getting Your Exhibition Stand Design Right

When you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition and would like your company to have a successful show, you need to ensure your stand gets noticed. This is why the exhibition stand design you choose can make all the difference.

Lead Generation During the Super Bowl? Yes, It’s Possible

How exactly do these companies maximize the power of social media in terms of generating user interest into their products that will ultimately enable them to acquire sales leads? Below are some social media marketing techniques that are widely used by several companies. Read on this article.

Common Functionality of Commercial Label Printing

Commercial labels play a crucial role in attracting more purchasers on the labeled products to boost the sales and bottom line of the supporting company. Commercial label printing requires a high standard on the type of label to be printed on the product to be marketed. There are safety and health implications with commercial label printing; hence, only reputable label printers should be considered to secure the right labels on the products that would promote the brand and enhance the company’s image.

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