How He Makes 60,000 Naira Everyday in Nigeria Online with a 5000 Naira Investment

So a subscriber like you reached out to Me last week about a video that I made That's video showing up right here right Now he watched this video took action And he made a lot of money doing I Actually built a business from what I Thought in this particular video right I'm gonna be showing you this video in a Little while and I'm also going to be Showing you the chat that I had with This guy but the point I'm trying to Make is that the only way you can Actually succeed online is by taking Action when you watch videos and you Don't act on it it will have been a Complete waste of time now let's go Through my chat with um Isaac so um on My screen right here right now you can See that this guy said my name is Isaac Good day Mr Gerard I watched your video On how I could make money redesigning CV Post tried it and I'm shocked with the Result I swear I didn't know people Really people really need someone to Offer this service thanks boss for Opening my eyes to this opportunity Congratulations I said how many orders Have you got so far he said Isaac said Since Saturday last week I have set up The that I set up the campaign I have Gotten 43 orders I bought about 20 Percent house sucks I have certainly Worked for and have paid me Right just by watching that video I'm

Practicalizing what I taught in that Video Isaac has worked for um 20 persons Now he went ahead to see Um some 3K some 3K in fact I collected 4K from some persons for my services so That means that if yet if it if he's Doing 30 000 error averagely and he has Done 20 basis that's at the time that he Contacted me that means 20 times 3 is a 3-2 is six right that's 60 000 there Right easy money and in that video I Told you guys that you can make at least 30 000 error every single day with a 5 000 naira investment now Isaac took Action and here is the result you know So I never said wow twenty thousand Times three thousand it would start Waste my tight of course I was joking ha Coming soon waiting I'm sorry afternoon But sorry I was replying I've been busy With my clients so Isaac has built a Full-time business right I tell you boys This this thing don't join a full time a Full day job for me simply watching that Video Right he took action and this is the Result You know so there is money online you Know but it will not come and meet you At home you have to take action when you Watch these videos practicalize what is Taught in this particular video now Click on the first link pinned in the Comment section is going to take you to

The same video that Isaac is using to Make about 60 000 naira every single day 5c can do which you can actually do this It's very simple what I thought in that Video is actually very very very Practical and very clear anybody can do This right and um now that said On the second note on the 18th of February 2023 that's this coming Saturday I'm gonna be having a live Training where I'm going to be teaching You guys how I was able to make over a Hundred and fifty thousand dollars on One single YouTube channel in 2022 right Now that's how much a narrow really Matter let me know what it is in the Comment section so I'm gonna I want to Teach you how I made this money with YouTube I actually owned a couple of YouTube channels not just this one right I own a couple of YouTube channels and Some of this channel do not even have my Face so it will call YouTube automation I'm going to be teaching all of this in That training so it's happening on the 18th from 9am to 10 pm I'm beatful from 9am to 5 p.m I'm beyond the training I'm Gonna be adding everybody that Participates in that training into a WhatsApp group where I'm going to Continue I will look at your YouTube Channels individually and I will advise You on what to do and actually help you Get that right it will throw this is

This is basically a seven days an eight Days training basically right not just One one day because you're going to be Continuing in WhatsApp after the zoom Training on the 18th this Saturday so It's important that you actually Register for that training the second Link in this video is going to take you To my WhatsApp so click on that link and Chat me up on WhatsApp and I'm going to Be giving you details for registration Now this training is just 15 000 naira Only now see it as an investment into Your success 2023 right and the value That I'm giving out is going to be a lot More than 15 000 naira you are going to Confirm it on my screen right now is Somebody that has been watching that That does it I was in my journey last Year and he said big boss while I am Grateful to God Almighty I will always Appreciate you in return keeping you Updated about my growth I made over 5000 Naira last month and this month I have Made two times of last month's earning So in January he made aware of thousand Era in February today is February this Is on Thursday I said the last week I Sent me this he has made over 300 000 Naira already from what I taught him so He says keeping you updated good news Number one is just a personal song that He was telling me right so these are Students like you who are actually

Making money online because they Attended my training So it's important for you to take action Right now now this is another chart I Had with another student of mine that I Telling my training last year in 2022 And right here he says um I chatted with You before but it now says I should wait Okay so that was the back and forth she Had issues with her AdSense account when She go to monetization I thought she Started me up and I told her what to do So um this is where I want you to pay Attention to right here he says good Evening sir good evening sir I have good News oh so we are now monetized sir Thank you very much I said Congratulations so her YouTube channel Is now monetized in 2023 because she Took action she came for my training Took action and today she has a Monetized YouTube channel organically Right instead of posting her content you Know I'm doing everything she's supposed To do do I ask you right people are Watching her videos and she got to 1 000 Subscribers and four thousand watch Hours in just a few months right and you Can do it now the whole goal of this Channel is actually help you to win Right what makes me pop what makes me Happy is when people like you come to me As a general I was able to achieve this Because I listened to you I was able to

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Achieve it because you told me to do This thing and I did it and I want to Tell you what to do if you actually want To succeed in 20 generator on YouTube so I want you to be a part of that training Right it's important that you become a Part of that trip if you're actually Serious about success in 2023 guys so Until I see in my next video keep Winning and don't forget that Gerald Those love you guys bye from here guys

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