How I Created an Online Business With AI in Just 24 Hours

I built for online business using AI It's not a blog or online store it's Something new free and you can do it I Will show you how I got the idea how I Built the website using only Ai and for Free and how I am willing to realize and Scale in this business you can think About this video as a full business plan Tested the plan I implemented in a few Hours and you can do the same in 2023 Build your own business let's start with The idea I wanted to build something That provide real value to people at the Same time I wanted something that's easy To build and maintain I don't want to Write blogs or create content and so on I want something simple and valuable and What's more important I wanted something AI can't replicate easily something is Based on real data and finally I came Came up with an idea A database of email subject line so People can go enter my website and see Some subject clients tested subject Lines with high scores that will help Them improve their open rates and send Better email marketing campaigns and for Free and here we are this is the website Ibel it's simple showing a table with Some subject lines with a scores with The formulas I will give the URL a Little bit so you can check by yourself But now let me tell you how I built the I didn't write any simple line of code a

I built this for me how let us Understand firstly how any website is Designed the structure of any website Simply a website has a front and what You see in your web browser the HTML Code and the back end where we save our Data and do our processing so I have to Build both using AI what I did simply Open chargpt and I chatted with this AI Board for a couple of hours until I got The full code for the front end and the Back end and by the way a little bit I Will give you the full chat between me And the charge EPT bot so you can see How I talk to it and how I get the code How I fix things how I improve the Interface and much more and for the logo I simply used canva you can use it for Free it took me like three minutes to Create the logo and for the newsletter I Use sending blue allows you to start for Free and it allows you to embed this Nice signup form directly into your Website without coding and for the Sharing buttons I simply use a service Called add this it's also free it's Popular you can use it to create sharing Buttons like this floating pairing Buttons on any website and for the ad You see here I use a service called you can you can use a Simple image at the link if you want but In my case I like to track and manage And monitor my clicks and Impressions so

I use an ad server now before we Host This Project Host this website we need To optimize for SEO so what I did I Simply used an awesome Chrome extension It's called SEO minion with simply click It will analyze your full website and Tell you there's any problem with your Meta tags with the canonical URL or Descriptions with images everything and What's nice you can use the preview Feature in this awesome extension it Will show you your website on Google how It will look so you can optimize it for Search engines now the main question how I will modifies this website and how I Will scale this business I don't want to Use Google AdSense and publish some ads I want something stable so I'm thinking About right now is mainly three things Number one is adding a membership Recurring monthly membership maybe I can Provide full access to the full database Or maybe reveal more subject lines per Day for Prem memberships or simply I can Sell ad space instead of using Google AdSense I can sell this ad space with Websites like Buy sell ads or others or I can use affiliate marketing for Example I can add a sectional table Start now with send them blue or start Now with convertkit and I'll use my Affiliate links and so on or maybe I'll Combine everything together inside this Website I didn't decide yet this is how

I plan to monetize this business this Website not only that I am planning to Scale this website by adding some tools Like subject line generator or subject Line tester and I'll be relying mainly On open Ai apis and NLP Cloud apis I Mentioned this before how to build AI Tools how to build online tools easily And build business with online tools Here's the video you can check it go and Watch it I think you will love it if you Have any questions I'll be waiting for You in the comments section if you found This video helpful smash the like button See you later

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