How I Turned $766 Into $2,959 With Affiliate Marketing (Direct Linking Without Clickmagick)

Okay guys today I've got something very Special for you I'm gonna show you some Of the commissions that I've made and I'm going to show you how much I spent To make those commissions So let's quickly just look at some of Those commissions right now okay so I've Got my emails here filtered down to uh The commissions okay so I'm blocking out A bit of information here right so um it Might look a bit weird at the moment but Let's go and have a look at the first Email and the payment is for two Thousand and fifty nine dollars and 21 Cents now this is a commission paid at The end of March now when it's paid at The end of March what that means is it's Commissions that I earned in February so I made the sales in February and then it Takes 30 days to check if there's Refunds and all that kind of thing and Then it gets paid at the end of the Following month okay so what I'm going To show you is the uh the cost to Actually make those sales right so let's Go over to uh where is it let's go over To Microsoft ads here now again I'm Going to be blocking out some Information here right but the important Information the information that's Relevant is what you can see now what I'm going to do is I'm going to filter This down to February right because February is when I made the commissions

For that payment that you just saw right So we're going to have a look at how Much I spend to make that money and then I'm going to show you how you can do This too all right so uh let's go over To this drop down and we're going to Filter this uh here we go and on 1st of February to the 28th of February right And we'll apply and let's have a look 525.29 right and that's from 72 clicks Okay so I made 2059 from a spend of 525 right and so if we get our Calculator out which I'm not going to do Right because I can do this in my head We we can say that uh from the spend I Made clear a profit of one thousand five Hundred dollars from this campaign you Know maybe you're thinking well maybe That's a fluke all right so let's go and Have a look at another month let's go Back to our email let's now go and pick Another date just somewhere else in the Year okay so let's go to say uh April And we can see here that in April there Was 2959 dollars paid right so that means That's earnings for March so let's have A look at how much was spent in March 2022 okay so I've got my filter here so Let's go back to March 2022 And here we go apply And we can see not too shabby 766 Dollars spent so for March 2022 I made a Profit of about two thousand two hundred

Dollars on that one product pretty good And you can see like there's reasons for That look I've got clicks that are much Higher than before the clicks were in The 70s before I'm now up to 105 clicks Right so this uh this does depend on When it's happening okay so now let's go And look at how you can do this too just Quickly guys if you want to turn on the Affiliate marketing income super fast Then you want to take advantage of my Sale which is ending soon I'm offering You all five of my affiliate marketing And make money online courses for one Bargain price normally each of my Courses is priced at one hundred and Ninety seven dollars which means for all Five you would be paying 985 and before I talk about the price you can get them For let me tell you what sets my courses Apart from all the others you've ever Seen okay case studies in my courses I Don't just tell you what to do I Actually show you it working for example In my Bing ads affiliate marketing Course I'm not just going to tell you How to set up your affiliate marketing Campaigns I'm actually going to show you It working I'm going to show you a case Study which has a campaign set up this Way that I invest just one hundred Dollars and within a few days I've more Than doubled that money and if you act Now you can get all five of these

Amazing courses for the one flat fee of 77 but this is ending soon so you need To act now click the first link in the Description and use coupon code Xx77 now let's get back to the rest of The video and in this video I'm going to Show you how to do direct linking and I'm going to show you how you can do it Without even using click magic all right Now I would highly recommend click magic If you going to do direct linking Campaigns or in fact if you're going to Do any campaigns however I realize that People can't always spend their first Amount of money in affiliate marketing On products they need to conserve that Money and use it for ad spend so if You're in that situation you're just Getting started you want to maximize the Amount of money you have on your ad Spend in this video I'm going to show You how you can do that by avoiding Having to pay for click magic but still Setting up direct linking campaigns now Um to clarify when I say direct linking I'm not talking about brand bidding all Right they are two separate Concepts They can be used together but they are Two separate things all right direct Linking we'll explain in a moment but Basically is where your ad goes straight Through to the sales page brand bidding Is where you're actually bidding on the Keywords that are the product's name all

Right they can be used together you can Brand bid and direct link but they are Separate things okay so let's look at The normal uh non-direct process of Affiliate marketing so the normal Process which is not direct linking is To have your ad let's say your Bing ad And when someone clicks on that ad They'll go through to your landing page And then they'll click a button on your Landing page and they'll go through to The sales page all right it's a normal Kind of three-step process but there's a Problem with this process and the Problem with this process is your Landing page and the button they need to Click on that landing page causes some Friction they see your ad lose one Million uh kilograms or one million Pounds in two days they go that's for me I'm getting married in two days I need To lose all the weight I possibly can Before that wedding day so I can fit Into my suit or into my dress And so they click on your ad they go Through to your landing page and Something happens while they're on your Landing page their readings start to Read through your landing page but then Their boss interrupts them or they get To their station and they have to stop Reading their smartphone or something Happens that takes their attention away From that landing page they forget about

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Your ad they forget about your landing Page they forget about losing the weight For the moment and they never click on Your affiliate link to go through to the Sales page so this is a bit of a problem You're going to lose a lot of people This way so with direct linking what you Can do is they see your ad lose a Million pounds in two days they click on That ad they go through your affiliate Link they hit the sales page they go wow That looks interesting bye and job's Done All right Um so it's a much smoother process there Are obviously times when a landing page Is beneficial to you but there's a lot Of times that you will want to direct Link all right and so there are two ways To do it you can use click magic to Direct link or some other kind of Tracking tool and what's going to happen Is Um in your ad you'll have a tracking Template field you'll put your click Magic tracking link into that tracking Template field and then through the Magic of technology and the way being And click magic work when someone clicks On your ad they'll go through your Affiliate link they'll end up on the Sales page Or what you can do is you can leverage Bing ads as a tracking template field

And you can put your hop link or your Affiliate link directly into that Um that tracking template field and then Bing ads will send anyone that clicks on Your ad through your affiliate link or Your hop link and they will go to the Sales page all right that's much better But there's a problem with that process And the problem with that process is That when you use your own hop link or Affiliate Link in the tracking template Field No one's tracking your keywords all Right so let's say you get a hundred People that click on your ad all using Different keywords click magic is going To track all those keywords and it's Going to say out of these hundred Keywords these ones converted to a sale So you're going to be able to look for Patterns and optimize your campaign so You can say I'm only going to Target These keywords because they're the only Ones that convert to a sale and Therefore keeping your Revenue the same Or even growing your Revenue whilst Minimizing your ad spend so overall you Make more profit because your campaign Is optimized however if you're linking Direct through your hop link or your Affiliate Link in the tracking template Field no one's tracking your keywords so You can optimize your campaign so if Someone searches on your ad for how to

Lose weight in 90 days and they buy the Product and then someone else searches On your your ad and they say how to lose Weight in 60 days and they don't buy Your product you don't know which one Didn't buy the product you don't know Which one did buy the product so you Can't optimize your campaign until today I'm going to show you how you don't need To use click magic or any other tracking Tool and you can put your hoplink or Affiliate link into the tracking Template field and how you can still Understand which keywords are converting To a sale and which ones aren't so you Can still manually optimize your Campaigns now long term I recommend you Get click magic to do this and the link For that is in the description but I do Understand that a lot of people want to Maximize how much they can spend on ads At first and don't want to purchase Tracking tools and therefore they're Happy to spend the time to save the Money to do the track the manual process Of tracking at first okay remember the Trade-off will always be if you save Time you're going to spend money if you Save money you're going to spend time so The process I'm going to show you is Going to save you money but it's going To cost you in time so let's get started All right so the first thing we're going To do is we're going to go to the

Marketplace in Click bank and we're Going to just find any odd product to Promote because this is just an example All right so we'll go uh let's get Okinawa flat belly tonic we're gonna go Promote we are going to put in a Temporary tracking ID so we've got a Nickname temporary tracking ID and we'll Click generate hop links all right let's Copy that out and let's paste that in to Our notepad document all right so let's Imagine we're doing this with click Magic we're doing this with click magic You set up a tracking link and then when You set up your ad in bing you would Target a seed keyword on Broad match Modifier so let's say you um you're Promoting weight loss as Okinawa flat Belly tonic is you might say I'm going To Target on Broad match modifier plus Lose weight plus lose plus weight so What that's going to do is it's going to Show your ad for anyone that types in a Search containing the two words lose Weight so someone types in lose weight Your ad will show someone types in lose Weight in 90 days your edible show Someone types in lose weight quickly Your ad will show someone types in lose Weight by tomorrow evening your ads Gonna show now we can do that in Bing Ads and click magic because click magic Is going to track all the keywords that Are actually used by the people who

Search and click on our ad and it's also Going to know which ones of those Convert to a sale and so we can then Once we start getting sales and searches We can go through we can optimize our Campaign so that we we are turning off The keywords that don't work and we are Maybe bidding more on the keywords that Do to get them into a better position All right but if you're not using click Magic you can't use broad match modifier Because you're not going to know which Keywords are being searched on that Convert to a sale so we have to do it a Little bit differently all right so We'll find our seed keyword which would Be lose weight and we're going to do a Little bit of keyword research up front In the Google Keyword Planner or the Microsoft Keyword Planner all right and Let's say we find that the keywords We're going to Target are like this lose Weight lose weight in 90 days lose Weight Quickly Etc etc so you're gonna have this long List of keywords that you're going to Target all right so we're going to get All the keywords that we want to Target All right and what we're also going to Do is we're going to Target them on Exact match only all right so we're Going to put uh square brackets around These keywords like this that means

Exact match all right And then we're going to set up our Microsoft ads campaign but we're going To do it a little bit differently so you Need to watch this all right so this is Not the way we would set it up with Click magic because click magic is going To automate everything for us we're Going to have to do this manually so the Setup is going to be quite different all Right so we go over to our Microsoft ads Account and we're going to click create Campaign All right we go visit to my website We'll go search ads we'll go next And name of campaign let's call it tests Campaign one and we're going to change The budget we're going to Target just The United States Okay Target We're going to check this button off Because we don't want anyone living Outside the US to see around click save And go to next step All right now we're going to give our ad Group name a very specific name so we're Going to pick our first keyword so let's Say we're going to ignore this one for The moment so this is our first keyword All right so we're going to give that ad Group this name so lose weight in 90 Days lose weight in 90 days all right And in here we're going to put exact Match lose weight in 90 days that's the

Only keyword we're going to put in here Okay only this keyword then we go save And go to next step Then we're going to create an ad All right now uh we're going to put the Final URL as the URL of the sales page All right and that's because we're going To put our affiliate link somewhere else All right so we go flat Valley Okay and then for a headline say we'll Put in lose weight in 90 days because That's our keyword in this case all Right Um and we'll say uh Super super effective program Free shipping Today Okay and then description Uh lose weight in 90 days When you use flat belly tonic Um order today and get free shipping all Right this is not a good ad I'm not Taking any time with actual wording of This ad because Um I'm showing you something else I'm Showing you how to manually set up Tracking here not how to write good ads Okay so once we've written our ad we're Going to go down to add URL options and What we're going to do for the tracking Template field is we're going to go and Copy out our hop link And we're going to paste that into our Tracking template field okay and what

We're going to do is we're going to Remove the temp to ID and we're going to Type in here lose weight in 90. days all Right what we want to do is we want to Have a tracking ID that represents the Keyword That this ad group is so this ad group Is for the exact match lose weight in 90 Days so we want our tracking ID to Represent that okay now I should also Say you can use any affiliate Network to Do this ClickBank uh Max Bounty uh Digistore 24 blah blah blah any Um any network out there they just have To allow you to put a tracking ID in as Long as you can put a tracking ID in you Can do this okay so let's just test make Sure it works Okay landing page found that's all good Let's click save All right we're going to go to the Bottom and we're going to go save and go To the next step We're going to put in a budget of say 50 Cents we're going to go to Advanced Campaign settings and we're going to go To add distribution we're going to say Bing AOL and Yahoo only we're going to Click save but we're not done yet don't Go anywhere Okay so we've created the campaign but We're not finished yet now we're going To go to add groups All right we're going to create a new ad

Group okay and this time we're going to Call our ad group lose weight quickly First we select our campaign All right and continue And then this ad group name is lose Weight quickly All right uh use campaign settings use Campaign bid strategy in our keywords We're going to put exact match lose Weight quickly All right and then we're going to create Our ad Okay and final URL we want that to be Flat belly and headlines okay So this is important you want to keep Your ad the same uh between AD groups Because otherwise you're not comparing The same thing you're not testing the Same thing so you want this regardless What keywords you use you want the ad to Be the same so that you're testing in The same way that you would if you were Doing this through click magic right so With click magic you probably have that One ad and multiple keywords because You're using broad match modifier when You're doing this you're using exact Match keywords but you want it to run The same way as with click magic so you Want the ad to be the same so you would Put the headline lose weights in 90 days Say okay again I'm not writing good ads Here so I can't remember what I said Here so super effective program

Uh free shipping today Okay we go down here Um lose weight it's in 90 days with Glass belly Sonic Order today and get free shipping this Won't be exactly the same because I'm I'm just doing this very very quickly Right add URL options we're going to put Our affiliate Link in there again but This time we're going to change the tid To represent this keyword and this Keyword was lose weight quickly so lwq Okay and test again Landing page found save And here's where we can just make Adjustments so our beard for the last One was 50 cents so we're gonna do the Same for this one Um add distribution we're going to say Bingo all and Yahoo only again and then We're going to click save All right so look let's quickly just run Through this Um now that this is saved all right so Now we've got two ad groups each of Those ad groups is targeting the keyword Which is in the ad group name okay so This ad group targets lose weight Quickly this ad group targets lose Weight in 90 days now if we go to ads And extensions Okay so you'll see you'll see this ad With the tid lwq tug is for only going

To show when someone types in lose Weight quickly this ad which has the tid Lose weight in 90 days is only going to Show when someone types in the query Lose weight in 90 days all right so what You'll do is you'll have your big list Of Um your big list of keywords all down Here you'll use all those keywords and You'll set up a new ad group for each of Those keywords and that's how you do This manual tracking now Um Click magic would automate this whole Process but once you start getting Traffic and conversions what you'll need To do is go into ClickBank and you'll Need to see which keywords based on the Tracking ID converted to a sale then You'll go back to do your keyword report In Microsoft ads or Bing ads and you'll See from there this is how many Um of lose weight quickly came through Two of those converted to a sale uh lose Weight in 90 days 10 of those came Through all of those converted to a sale And then you can make a decision about Which keywords to leave on and which Keywords to turn off and which keywords To bit more money on Thereby manually optimizing your Bing Ads and ClickBank or Bing ads and Max Bounty or whatever campaign I don't Recommend that you do this I recommend

That you use click magic however I do understand that you're going to Want to maximize the amount of money you Can spend on ads when you're first Starting out so if you want to save Money but you've got a bit of time this Is the way you do it you save money on Click magic and that money that 37 a Month or whatever it's going to cost you For click magic you can be spending that On ads and that could mean one or two Extra sales a month once you start Seeing your sales coming through though I highly recommend that you get click Magic thank you for watching guys and Remember if you act now you can get all Five of my affiliate marketing and make Money online courses normally priced at 197 dollars each or a total of 985 Dollars for the simple flat price of Only 77 click the first link in the Description and enter coupon code Xx77 thanks for watching guys don't Forget to click like and subscribe and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Next video

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