How They Are Making Over $200 Per Day With A.I Art In 2023! (Step by Step)

And as you can see here these guys have Made over a hundred thousand dollars Following this particular method and I'm Going to show you exactly how to make Money online with AI art by using this Crazy new bot that actually uses Discord To generate this insane art for you just By putting in specific commands and I'm Going to take you through the exact Process and show you step by step how You can do this and the best part is you Can start this for completely free and Make money online with AI art so let's Get into this tutorial and I'll show you The exact steps you need to take to Create the art and then actually go and Make money with the specific art that You create let's get started alright Guys so the first step to this tutorial To make money with AI generated art is You're going to want to go to a website Called and once you get to this Website what you are going to want to do Then is click on join the beta now I've Already done this but what it's going to Do is it's going to open up a Discord That is going to automatically put you In or it's going to have an invite for You click on that invite and then join In the Discord now once you're in the Discord it's going to look like this and They have a section for announcements Status and getting started now go and

Read the getting started section and It's going to show you exactly how you Can get started generating these types Of images and then also has welcome as Well and all sorts of support if you Need it and what you're going to want to Do is go into the Newbie section and you Actually type in these specific commands To generate these images now I will tell You a bit of a trick if you actually Sign up to their subscriptions you can Pay to use this or you can use the beta If you actually pay for the subscription You can message the bot directly in a DM And you don't have to go through other People's generated images which makes it Way easier to do and we're going to do That in this tutorial so you can see Exactly how that works but how do you Actually make money by using this Generator now look how insane this one Is this is actually generated by AI from Scratch this is insane this is the type Of stuff that it can do look at this Image this is probably one of the Craziest ones I've actually seen so far But they're put in a lot of detail and If we scroll down there's lots more of These now this is the reason why I Recommend you do it in the private chat Because it gets a little bit crazy There's a lot of stuff going on so we're Going to do it in a private DM and I'm Going to show you exactly how to use

This so you can go ahead and make money Online with AI generated art I'm still Not at the bottom yet this is actually Crazy Um jump to present messages okay so now We're back to the present messages and This is nuts This is just crazy I've been doing this For hours today just sitting here Generating images it's insane so let's Get started on how you can make money With this the first step you want to do Is you want to get two niches or Hobbies Or something like that right so for this Example we're going to focus on people Who are like R32 Nissan skylines gdr Nissan skylines because one of my Favorite cars and space okay now what We're going to do is we're going to Actually head over to the private to the Bot where I'm talking to it privately Which is just way cleaner you can see I've been generating some images these Are the images that I've been generating Today so what we do is we put in slash Imagine and then we click prompt so you Need to do that before you start typing In the the words I'm going to do a Command that I was playing with a little Bit today and we're going to do abstract R32 R32 sorry GTR Nissan Skyline And we'll do something like maybe in the

Snow Maybe I'm not sure I'm just randomly Generating an image right now now I Didn't quite like this one so it does Take quite a while to generate I don't Really like this one because first of All it's giving us r34s it hasn't given Us R32s that's okay though it's not Really too smart when it comes to things Like that specifically but it is pretty Good I did one before that came up with Exactly R32s that I wanted and it worked Really really well but it is random each Time so you kind of got to keep Generating just to get the ones that you Want okay so it's generated something That's a bit better now and I really Really like this one actually so we can See that this one on the left is R32 These ones that's one on the bottom Rights R32 this one looks like an R30 no That looks R32 this one looks pretty Good as well now I kind of want to find One without a background and I'll Explain to you why in a second but There's a few things that you can do Right now to make different variations Of this you can do one thing you can Actually refresh this if you like and it Will generate you four more completely Different images you can also do you one Two three or four so for example let's Take U1 uh sorry let's take picture Number one which is the top one here I

Can click U1 that's going to upscale That image for me and give me a bigger Version of just that image and then I Can also do V1 V2 V3 or B4 this is Versions so make sure you're going to Click V1 that's going to give me four Different versions of image number one And you can see it doing its job right Here it's going through and all this Bottom one looks gonna look juicy oh That one looks really really nice so It's actually generated me that's the One where we did a refresh and it Generated me four New images I really like the bottom one Now what it's done here is it's Generated me it hasn't done the upscale Yet that takes some time it's generated Me four different images of the um Abstract R32 Skyline now there's slight Differences Um like obviously in the splash paint And stuff around it a little bit of Difference in the Um splashing the wheels here so now we Have the upscale of this image now you Remember we said we're going to pick Some space as well so people that like R32 GTR Sky lines and space so what We're going to do is we're going to Click this image I'm gonna go C original and we're going To copy that URL I'm gonna go back to Here and I'm going to go slash imagine

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To get the prompt back up and we're Going to paste it in here and we're Going to go add Space background So we're going to see if we can add a Space background so just off so it'll Take that image you can actually edit This image using the bot now keep in Mind it's going to take you a few times To get this right this isn't a perfect Bot I've had it add space to the Bonnet And things like that so just take your Time do it a few times and you'll Eventually get an image that you really Really like and you can make money Online from now I want to show you guys Something here you can actually see that It's made us four images and you can see Oh this is sick This is actually way better than I Thought Okay so this has actually come up way Better than I thought I really really Like this I kind of do wish there was a Bit more space in the background like Stars and things like this one looks the Best it does it probably represents the Gdr front the best but it's it's not That good but we'll see you you do have To spend some time really kind of Messing around with these Bots they're Not perfect and to be fair I haven't Given it a lot of information like if You go back to this here you'll see that

A lot of these people give a lot of Information you see here You have to really give it a lot of Information for it to generate what you Want it to generate so I've only given It like super basic information okay Oh I'm liking this oh I'm liking this That kind of looks like a Mustang at the Bottom right Yeah see it kind of just keeps morphing The car now so it's not doing a very Good job at that but I do really like This all right so how can you go ahead And make money with this image well the Best way to do that is go ahead and save This image so go to original and save This image to your actually I'm kind of Starting to see the gdr on it a little Bit but what you want to do is go ahead And save this image and what you want to Do now is we can actually find a place To sell these online I do apologize guys My camera just went flat but what you Want to do is you want to go to a Website called and on that Website I'm going to go and put in Something like space canvas And what you can actually see is people Were selling canvases of space now you Could go ahead and just do space Canvases instead of adding the car and Things like that but I just wanted to Showcase how insane that bot actually is And what you can do with it but you see

This one here this is definitely Generated by like some sort of AI like Look at that you could easily go into That bot that I just showed you and say Put an astronaut with pink orange Rainbow in the background with smoke Coming out of its helmet and it would Generate an image similar to this and You'll just keep generating until you Get something that's similar to this now This looks absolutely insane now you can See that this Seller has sold over 1 000 has got over 1 000 sales on their store not just this From on this store so we know that They're actually selling canvases and We've actually look at this one this one Is really really nice as well looks Really really cool So you know it's insane so AI can Actually generate this type of stuff and You can go ahead and make money online With this AI software now keep in mind That you are like I said gonna have to Go ahead and keep generating this Content over and over again until you Get the right one but you know if you Think about it it's pretty easy to tell The AI to generate something for example Like this one here you can say two Astronauts in love laying on a bed of Roses and you could potentially generate Something that's even better than this And then all you need to do is you need

To just go and upload on a mock-up to but how do you actually go Ahead and do that now the reason I said You want to do like two different Specific Hobbies is because it's much Easier to sell something to people who Are like two things rather than one okay So for example fishing in space hunting And fishing you could do something like That there's just so many different Options that you could actually go ahead And do and then what you want to do is You want to go to a website called and what you can do is you Can actually go ahead and let this Website do all the printing for you you Just go and upload it to Etsy it's Really really easy and if you go down to The bottom here it says sell on Etsy and I'll leave a link to this in the Description it will be an affiliate link And what you can actually do is you can Start using printify and connect it to Etsy And create canvases you just go start Designing you sign up your account and Then you log in and then you can Actually start designing this stuff what I've actually done is I've logged into My account just to show you if we go new Here this is a Mac canvas now there's Different sizes and stuff but if we go Start designing we can go ahead and Upload an image here from my device all

Right so I've just uploaded this image I Actually tilted it a little bit I kind Of like that Um it was tilted a little bit we could Tilt it a bit more even Make it kind of look pretty Like out of the ordinary that looks Absolutely insane actually I really Really like that this is really really Cool the angular prices and variations And it's all right here and then you Just go save product and this will Actually go ahead and upload it to your Etsy store Um like I'm doing now so there's some Mock-ups here so here we go I actually like this Actually like this one And then you go down and do a Description Very simple you add the pricing And your profit margin store details and Everything like that and then all you've Got to do is go publish I actually like This one better Man it looks so nice it actually looks Really really nice this one I actually I Do like this image and you can go Publish and this is going to go ahead And publish this to your Etsy store that You have created and then you can go Ahead and sell Art on Etsy and this is a really really Good way that people are making money

Online right now it's very simple if You're using Bots like these that go Ahead and actually generate images for You like these people are doing right Here like look at this look at this Stuff look at this this is AI generated This is the craziest thing I'm seeing Right now and this is one of the best Ways to make money online right now so Go and get started and I'll see you guys In the next video

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