How to choose a GOOD life insurance policy

There are a lot of life insurance Companies out there but whenever picking A whole life insurance policy or index Universal life policy you always want to Make sure you go with a company that's Been around for at least 100 years or More that way you know that they are Trustworthy and have a track record Something else you want to look for in An insurance company is whether it is Mutually owned or shareholder owned you Always want to go with a mutually owned Life insurance company because that way You know that they are looking up for You as the policyholder and not for its Shareholders last but not least you Always want to buy your life insurance Through an agent who is a true Independent so a lot of life insurance Agents out there are actually working For one specific insurance company and Obviously they're going to try to sell You that policy for that company because They can get a commission but what a Real independent agent should do is look At your needs your goals your situation And find the best policy for you Regardless of what insurance company It's with so always look for an Independent agent to buy your life Insurance through

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