How To Make 30000 Naira Everyday Online in Nigeria With 5000 Naira Only

The job market or the unemployment Market that I like to call is actually Very big which is why you have companies Like jobberman making millions of naira Every day by simply helping people find Jobs so in today's video I'm going to be Showing you guys exactly how to tap into That market which is why I'm going to be Showing you literally how to make 30 000 Naira every single day criteria in Nigeria with an investment of just five Thousand naira does that sound too good To be true now Stay With Me from Beginning to the end of this video I'm Going to be showing you step by step how You can invest just five thousand naira In the chalk market and you can make Potentially 30 000 error every single Day now if you've seen me for the first Time let me chill out to me and I make This around making money online so what I do is that I try things that they work I come right here and show you guys Exactly what I've done and the whole Idea is that you can do the exact same Thing and of course get the exact same Results so that's it guys I want to Encourage you guys to smash the like Button on this video so this video gets Shown by more people who are looking to Make money online right here in Nigeria With little or no Capital until if You've not done that already subscribe To my channel and most importantly turn

On the Bell notification button so that When I drop more amazing videos just Like what you're watching right now YouTube is gonna send you a notification Instantly so that's it guys let's go to My screen and let me show you guys then How to make money online in Nigeria how To make 30 000 naira every day right Here in Nigeria with just 5 000 naira Guys so before I actually get into Showing you guys how to actually do this Job let me show you people like you who Are actually making money doing exactly What I'm gonna be teaching you guys in Today's video if you look at my screen Right now I have Fiverr open right here Which is actually one of the first Websites that I made the real money on The internet so if you come on Fiverr Right now and search for resume Design right and hit enter I'm going to Be seeing a whole lot of persons who Actually doing this so this person will Do I'm gonna close this so this guy will Redesign your CV or your resume Basically Um for fifty dollars this guy for 90 Dollars this guy for 15 this guy for ten Dollars and if you go all the way down I'm gonna be seeing people actually Making money doing Now this guy has sold about 12 209 Pieces right 209 multiplied by 50. this Will give you an idea of how much um

Chili y chain has actually made on the Internet doing this and you can anybody Can do this and the joint fiber is Completely free this is not exactly what I'm gonna be teaching in this video so It's important that you stay with me Right I just want to give you an idea How much people like you are making Using this method so write your own Fiverr you're going to be seeing the Fact that there are a lot of persons Doing resume design there's actually 6393 gigs it's listed on Fiverr right Now on this particular topic so what This means is that you have 6900 persons To compete with if you go on Fiverr and Actually set this up you're going to be Succeeding but it's gonna take a lot More hard work than the method I'm gonna Be showing you guys in a little while so But look at us Shelly Chen Cherry Chen Does this thing and she has sold about 209 right and she's selling for fifty Dollars so if you multiply 200 9 by 50 Which will give you an idea that Shirley Chen has actually made selling huge made Designs on Fiverr alone right this is Just Fiverr and like I told you guys I'm Gonna be showing you a different method Where there is no competition right now So you can key into it spend at least Like 5 000 naira and you can do about 30 000 naira every single day right here in Nigeria guys so um let's look at the

Next website which is upwork for reasons If I come to upwork and I search for Resume design write the hit enter Is doing this right but let me show you Guys I mean something interesting okay This is still loading guys so if I come Here right now come down here and type Nigeria Right I select Nigeria I want to see People from Nigeria who are actually Making money doing this on upwork so This is Nigeria here so this is what the OTG what they has earned over two Thousand dollars right so um this person Has earned over 900 Damien a and this And he is from Nigeria now this is a Detail for La a has end over ten Thousand dollars right and these are all Nigerians Elizabeth this is a taslene Daniela over three thousand dollars and And look at Nima Nima is experience as Rose woman and CV writing and she has Earned over four thousand dollars to Read exactly what I'm gonna be teaching You but guess what guys they are sending All of this scene on Fiverr and upwards But there's another way for you to Actually start making profits right now Because if you go on Fiverr knob walk There's going to be a lot of competition And what this means that's going to take You time to actually gets your first and Your second players right and I'm going To be showing you guys exactly how to

Get your first client as we proceed in This video so this is our last resume That over 80 dollars right uh um you Know made right this is Abdul Aziz fifty Dollars and and all of that so you can Keep going down I'm Gonna Be Seeing look At this guy over ten thousand dollars And on upwork right so if you actually Want me to make a video how to help you Make money online with upwork let me Know in the comment section and I Apologize making that video for you guys If you are interested let me know in the Comment section or if you're interested In Fiverr let me know in the comment Section and I will prioritize making That video for you guys because my Happiness come from you succeeded okay So what I'm gonna do now is to show you How to do resume design after that I'm Gonna be showing you guys exactly how to Market it right and if at any point you Have any question let me know in the Comment section as I'm gonna be there to Answer all of your questions any Question at all that you have on this Topic or my previous videos or there's Something that you want me to make a Video on let me know in the comment Section I will not hesitate to actually Make that video for you guys right so I'm gonna come here right now and go to The website called right now canva has a premium

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Version a free version you know and um One of the videos that I plan to make is Actually showing you guys exactly how to Get the premium version of canva for Free if you want to see that video let Me know in the comment section and of Course of course I'm going to prioritize Making that video so I'm gonna come here And hit a login because I already have An account if you don't have an account Click on the first link in the video Description and to take YouTube to canva So you can set up an account for free It's completely free but because I have An account I'm going to hit a login Right here right okay so this is loading Up I'm gonna hit continue with email put In my email address basically right and My password and log into a canva easy Okay so a canva is open right here so This is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna come To um I'm gonna come here to search your Content on canva and I'm going to type Resume Templates or let's just regimen Basically right or CV whichever it is CV Regimen so um this is loading up so These are all templates right right These are all templates resume that I Can actually edit so let's say that Somebody on Fiverr or on an upwork or Even for yourself or your brother has Actually paid you to to design or

Redesign their resume or their CV Basically right what you need to do is You come to home on canva right here Find a very nice design whichever design That you want actually right whichever Design that you actually want but pay Attention to all of this you see these Ones that have naira here these ones are Paid template you have to be on or a Paid customer of canva to be able to use This particular template right so I Would avoid these ones and go for Something like this that has no paid Right here or something like this this Is nice right or something like this or Something like this whichever these ones That do not have paid right so these Those are free I can actually use this This one's completely free to fix CVS For people that have paid you to Actually do these things for them so Let's say for instance I want to fix a CV for General domain basically right so Gerard has paid us to fix his ciso has CV you know this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna click on this place right now And go to customize this template right So this is loaded up right now again You're going to give it a while and the Thing that makes this actually very Interesting is the fact that the work You have to do is not a lot because Gerald who has hired us to to design or Make their CV look better has actually

Giving us their CV so you're basically Using this template and you're copying Copying his content and you are pasting It instead of this this template it is That simple right that's how easy it is To do so I'm going to um come here and Increase this a bit so I have more room To work with I'm gonna scroll down first And I'm going to change this image to Gerald's image so Gerard has given Giving us his picture let's assume that He wants his picture on his CV right so I'm going to come here go to uploads and Upload a picture from my phone a picture Of Joe of Gerald from my computer so Let's say this is Gerald right and he Has hired up so actually do this I'm Gonna double tap this right double tap Gerald Our double tap this and this image gets Loaded and gets uploaded into our canva Account so this is loading right now Which is why this is loading up and guys Again if you are getting any value from This video at any point in time please Do not hesitate to give video thumbs up Right subscribe my channel if you have Not done that and most importantly turn On the Bell notification button so that When I drop more amazing videos just Like what you're watching right now YouTube is going to send you Notification instantly right and don't Forget I'm going to be showing you guys

Exactly how to promote right so you Don't have to work on upwork or Fiverr Actually start making money with this And your investment is just 5 000 naira If I'm just gonna come here I'm gonna Drag this into this space Drag it here and it comes in here double Tap this to position it very well Position to centralize it I'm going to Hit down right and you see our client Image is inside the CV right now easy Peasy right easy peasy so our client's Name is Gerald or Geraldine who met rice I'm gonna change this to Geraldine Or general Dean Uh Geraldine And surname is umeh right so this is Surname and Geraldine is a social media Manager social Media manager or um software engineer or Whatever you know civil engineer or Whatever identity where their profession Is now I'm going to edit this let's say He has given us his uh value what he Does basically we'll copy that value and We pick click here Ctrl a this and paste It in right here then his experiences we Did all of this the experience 2011 to 2022 he worked at this company and this Is what he did job position this is what He did or what she or he did right do All of this and if you want another page You can basically duplicate this page Right click on duplicate right here to

Duplicate this page right and now so This is duplicated and now take your Time to remove all of this Remove all of this because you don't Need it in the duplicate page I'm going To remove all these things right here I Of course remove this also we don't need In duplicate page that I'm going to Highlight all of this but nope There's something here that shouldn't be Here Right I'm gonna highlight everything on This side because we don't need it Anymore so I'm gonna highlight all these Ones let's let's make this in a little Smaller so we have everything at once I'm gonna highlight one of these and Centralize it All right so I'm gonna make this bigger Like this And put it in the center so this is the Second page just assuming you need a Second page for this client CV this is How to do that so um of course you can Now come here let's increase this Percentage you can see this thing very Better so phone number I can change this Phone number to Zero eight zero six seven two nine four Two three eight two whatever right so I'm just making this up uh okay So this is it our clients email goes Here right our client's address goes Here education whether it's degree

Bachelor of Science degree University of College changes to University of Lagos Or the university that your client Attend of course the client has given You all of this because he has given you Their own CV and your job right now is To make it look better just like this Particular one right here right now and One of the ways to actually succeed is Actually um do multiple CVS for this Club maybe like two offered to so that Person can choose what is best for them Basically right so we can do this Expertise ux UI whatever it is that they Do languages English and Spanish and all Of that right positions references and All of that you can adjust put all of This and once you are done editing this You are done right you are done now the Big question now is how do you actually Market this actually get clients how do You spend this 5 000 naira actually get These client and that exact question is What I'm gonna be answering right now Guys but before that so let's say we are Done with this right now I want to Submit this job to Gerald routine that Paid us actually do this job for her Right the one I'm going to do is to come Here and go the share right I'll go to Share I go to download here then I say Um flatten or okay standards PDF Standard that's how you want to deliver The job to Geraldine PDF standard so of

Course there are two pages here so I'm Gonna see it download and this gets Downloaded to my local computer Basically so what I need to do is Actually just send this files to Geraldine and he has a CV and you are Done basically right so we have used Three tools actually do this thing so Let me show you how you're going to be Spending that five thousand naira and Exactly how you're going to be getting Your first client right now who actually Wants to do a series so I can make at Least 10 000 naira every single day okay So this TV that we just created right Now I'm also going to be exporting it as JPEG so I'm going to come here and go to Download here go to standard here x what Does JPEG and of course I'm gonna be Exporting just the four with the first Page you're gonna be seeing why in a Little while so this is just a full Speed I'm going to sit down I'm gonna Sit down download for it and now it is Being saved on my local computer right You're gonna be seeing why in a little While so I'm going to come here right Now and go back to templates I'm going To change this thing to Instagram Instagram Ad I'm gonna hit enter Right so this is loading up these are All these are all ad templates for Instagram so what I'm gonna do right now

Is I'm gonna find an ad and a template That is suitable for what we are trying To achieve let's say I want to use this One for instance right so I'm gonna hit Uh I'm gonna click on this basically and It's going to come up I'm going to hit Customize this template all right so This is loaded up right now all I'm Going to be doing is to design your pick Instagram ad right now in the next two Few minutes so this is loading up let's Give it a while so this is this is these Are loaded I'm going to delete this logo If you have the logo you can put your Business logo right here but for this Both of this I don't have a logo if you Have a website they did this right and Put your website right here I'm going to Be deleting this right so this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna change this one To uh Ctrl a Stand I'm gonna make this capital letter Stands out From The Crowd Right I'm gonna take this up Space crowd Turned out from the crowd Stand out from the crowd I'm gonna take This back a bit Pretty here stand out from the crowd Okay stand out from the crowd uh

Customize your CV Um customize Your Your CV And get noticed By employer Employers right so I'm gonna click on This and make you bold okay bring it up A bit by expand this okay and get no Cheese Um Contact us Contact us I want to bring this up But I'm gonna take the previous year Bring this up yeah Bring the phone number bring the phone Icon here change it change the color of The phone icon to Black or White Whichever I think black works better so You see how easy it is actually dual of This I'm gonna remove this change this One for you to your phone number Basically right then of course change This image to the image that I exported Image of it to the image of a sample CV Basically so I'm going to come here go To upload here come to upload here Thrive and um this is a sample cvd jpeg I exported I'm gonna double tap this Right so this is going to be loaded up Into this place in a little while okay So it's done so I'm just gonna drag it Here

And replace this image with it Okay so I'm gonna uh click on this And a code here and slanted To what I'm doing Right slant Slanders bring it here When this year I'm gonna make it a little bigger We're gonna slant it more Lines these days and it's in this Okay I'm gonna bring this here On the Boom Right we just we just did that ah this Is an Instagram ad you could be better Actually right but this is good so I'm Gonna come here right now and Export the Share download I'm gonna say this as JPEG and I'm going to come here and hit Download actually download this and We've downloaded our ad but this is Downloading right now I'm just going to Give it a while and this has downloaded Our local computer so what you need Right now is to go on Instagram and Actually post this on Instagram account Now set up an Instagram ad promoting This thing targeting people who are Looking for jobs right so the second Link in the video description is Actually going to take you straight to One of the best Instagram ad tutorials I've seen on YouTube right now right so Just go and click on that video watch it And find out how to point this into an Ad on Instagram so this is what's gonna

Happen when people actually see this ad They click on it and they contact you Right you charge them three thousand Naira the 5 000 is going to be spent on The Instagram ad now if you get 10 Clients every single day and those 10 Clients pay you three thousand naira That is the easiest 30 000 naira ever Made making your life because they're Going to be sending you their CV and all You need to do is to just copy and paste Copy and paste I and of course you can Also do this to sell this as a service On both on upwork and on Fiverr and if You want me to make videos on upwork or Fiverr showing you exactly how to sell This particular service let me know in The comment section and I will not Hesitate to actually make that video for You guys so I want to say a very big Thank you for watching the video to the Very end right if you actually want to Watch my my tutorial on how to make Money on Fiverr this video is showing up Right here is going to show you exactly How to do that and if you want to know How I met over a hundred thousand Dollars with YouTube this video is Showing down right here is going to show You exactly how to do that guys until I See my next video keep winning and don't Forget that share out it does love you Guys bye from here guys

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