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In this video today I want to show you How to create a website just like this Absolutely for free to make money with Affiliate marketing these websites just Like this will take you only minutes to Create and to put up these articles just Like I have on my page over here and on This page I've got links to offers that Make me money with affiliate marketing The best part about creating these Websites is I'm going to show you where You can go to get all the information to Input inside these websites so you don't Need to do any of the hard work yourself And by doing this you also stand a Chance to potentially get your website Approved for AdSense so you can also Make money with affiliate marketing and Depending on the content that you put on There you can also get connected with AdSense this is going to allow you to Make a lot of money with affiliate Marketing you could make hundreds of Dollars if not thousands of dollars Every single week so if you want to know How to make money with affiliate Marketing by creating a free website Make sure you watch this entire tutorial Because I'm going to show you everything Step by step hey everyone Alan here Again from the smart money tactics Channel and today I've got a brand new Strategy that's going to help you make Money with affiliate marketing by

Creating a website absolutely for free And filling it with content like this so You don't even need to create that's Going to allow you to insert products That you can promote through your Website with free traffic where you'll Be able to get a lot of clicks and sales Very very quickly if you want to see More content like this that's absolutely Free smash that like button in Appreciation guys don't forget to Subscribe to the channel I've got some More awesome content coming out and I Want you to go down the bottom and just Comment please make more free tutorials So the first thing that we need to do in All order to get this done is we need to Find a product to promote some awesome Products that you can find for affiliate Marketing are over here on I know I get a lot of comments with People telling me that ClickBank is not Available in their countries please go Out and do some research check does Digi Store 24 work does jvzoo work does Warrior Plus work and also go out and Take a look search for different Products when you find products take a Look and see do they have an affiliate Marketing product in your country for The purposes of this video we're going To be using ClickBank and what you need To do is sign up for a free account once You sign up to I want to

Show you a niche that I don't talk about A lot but it gets a lot of views it is Always trending and I'll show you that In a second and people make really good Money online with affiliate marketing And if you've got a really good website Where you're giving some good value you Can make some really good good money Online so what you want to do is scroll All the way down to the bottom and click Onto spirituality new age and Alternative beliefs once you've clicked Onto that you can scroll up all the way To the top and you can see that there's A lot of different types of products Whether it be numerology astrology a Card reading as you can see when you Start scrolling down you're going to Find all these different products like This one over here called new astro Turret this is a card reading a type of Product and people love to have you know Cards read for them to tell them what Their future holds Etc so it's a really Quick and easy money that you can make Online with this stuff guys and when you Scroll down you've got this sole Manifestation another really good Product if you come down here you've got Another one which is called your Astrology language so some really good Products that you can start promoting a Really good product is this one over Here called new astrology okay and when

You click onto this it's going to show You exactly what this product looks like And take a look at this free Ash Straight turret reading okay so you can Promote this product by telling people Go and get your free tarot card reading Or your ashtray tarot reading okay so This is the product and when you come Over here guys you can see that you can Make on average about 32 dollars from This product and you can see the gravity Score is 75 a really good product so People are converting this one word of Warning though when you go to apply for Some of these products like if I click Onto this one over here because this is Not my Um ClickBank account that I use every Single day this is another ClickBank Account so I know when I click onto this Promote this product it's going to tell Me that I need to contact the vendor by Emailing them asking them to approve me And that's okay you just got to tell Them how you're planning on promoting This and if you're telling them that You're going to be doing it through a Website there's no reason why you're not Going to get approved but there's plenty Of products over here that you can Promote if you're not approved and I'll Show you exactly how the link works Etc So now that you have have a product that You want to promote now what we need to

Do is we need to go out and get some Information on for example tarot card Readings or numerology or astrology and One thing that I like to do before I Choose any sort of product or any Niche I like to go over to Google Trends and Take a look and see how something is Trending in general what is this how Many times are people searching for this So if we go over to Google Trends and I've gone into the United States over The last five years I typed in Tarot and I can see that it's relatively really Good and even if I come over here and Let's just say we want to look at the Last 12 months we can see that it's a Very consistent line and it's extremely High so a lot of people are searching For this type of stuff okay so what we Now need to do is get some information On tarot card reading tarot cards Etc And in order to do that what I want to Do is get some free articles on this so If we come over to Google and we type in Free plr articles what you're going to Do is you're going to find all these Websites like this one over here called Killer PR plr articles you've got free Plr downloads if you scroll down here You've got all these different websites That you can go on so I've opened up a Few of these the first one I've opened Up is this one over here called free plr Articles and what I've done is I've

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Searched for tarot over here which means It's going to give me all these Different articles about tarot cards the Other website that I opened up was this One over here called killer plr articles And then all I need to do is come over Here and type in Tarot as an example hit Enter and what this is going to do is It's going to give me all these Different articles okay about tarot card Reading and when you scroll down what You're looking for is something like What is tarot astrology free plr Articles you click onto this and what This is going to do is it's going to Give us all this information okay There's a lot of words over here 738 Words and then when you scroll down it's Going to give you related content as Well this is our website guys this is Exactly what we're going to because We're allowed to use these articles now What we need to do is we need to find a Platform where we can go and put up These articles when you're on I found this one over here called how Tarot cards can help you really if you Click onto this this is a really good One because you can see it also breaks Down the headings for you as well and You can see this has got 638 words so We've potentially got two pages that we Can use and we've also got these other Pages down here as well so we've got a

Lot of content to create our website and In order to create our website what We're going to be doing is we're going To be using this site over here called okay this is an amazing Website that you can use absolutely for Free okay and as you can see you can Create an awesome design you can get Your own domain and you can even earn Money utilizing this software to create These websites so what you want to do Once you've signed up to blogger which Is absolutely for free the first thing That you want to do is on the left hand Side over here you're going to have this Little drop down box you want to click Onto that drop down box you want to Scroll all the way down to the bottom You want to come over here and you want To click onto new blog once you click Onto new blog it's going to ask you to Title your blog and I'm going to title This Tarot Card Rating okay as an example then we're Going to click on 10x now it's going to Ask us to create an address now this is The address which is going to be Whatever you put in there dot blog so we can try Tarot Rating Cards okay and see if this comes up this Blog address is available and you're

Probably thinking Alan Whiting you do Tarot card readings because it's going To be taken okay so tarot reading cards Dot blog and then click on to Save as a rule of thumb it's also really Good if you're looking to rank for Certain words to have those words inside The address of your website from there You want to click on to save now what we Have is we have this website that we Have just created we've got the URL and We also have this set up inside blogger Now what you want to do is you want to Come over here and you want to click Onto theme once you click onto theme Guys what you want to do is you want to Scroll down and find a theme that you Would like to use so I'm going to scroll Down you can see there's all these Different themes I'm going to use this Theme over here we're going to click Onto this and we're going to click on to Apply now we have applied this theme to The website that we're going to be Creating now what we need to do is we Need to scroll up to the top here see Where it says you post we want to click Onto new post this is going to bring us Over to this page and this is where We're going to create our first post now All we need to do is come straight back Over to this article that we have we can Copy this how tarot cards can really Help can help you really or can really

Help you you can copy it or you can just Easily come straight back over here and Title this in here so how Tarot Cards Can Help you really question mark so leave That in there now all we need to do is Come straight or we can copy this Because what we can do is we can also Have this as a heading in here as well It's up to you we can grab that you can See we can go straight to the middle Okay so just align that in the middle Okay so just move that to the center Then what you can do instead of Paragraph you can click onto heading Okay and then you can also come over you Guys and you can change the font type You know if you want to use aerial as an Example so we can leave that there then We can tap down now what we can do is we Can come straight back over to this Article guys and we can grab this grab This article 638 words we're going to Copy this now we're going to we're not Going to do every article I just want to Show you how to do this then I'm going To show you how to import this link And I want to show you how to get this Free traffic as well so once you've Copied this remember you can use this This is not copyright there's a free Private label rights articles that you

Can use Come straight back over to you guys and Just paste that in now now once you Paste this you're going to see it's Going to have like this gray background All you need to do is highlight this Highlight all of that and then come to This little section text background and Just click on to White and there you go That's been fixed now what you can do is Come over here and highlight these Subheadings okay so sorry not highlight You can just board these subheadings Just like this click onto board click Onto board over here okay and this is Just going to make it stand out a little Bit more All right so just do that sorry let's do That okay click on to bold and then You've got that there and this you can Tab up okay now we have an awesome Looking article now what we need to do Is we need to add some images to this Okay we want this to look a little bit Better you can also add an image to the Top up here as well okay in order to get Images for this all you need to do is Come over to this platform called once you're on pixels all you Need to do is come up here guys and just Type in a Tarot hit enter and as you can See this is going to come up with a Range of different images that you can Use all you need to do is grab a handful

Of these images so you can click onto This you can go down here guys and you Can just leave it on Regional click on To download selected size click off that Scroll down and find a heap of these Different types of images and just Download these images to your computer Once you've downloaded these images now All you need to do is come straight over To here and then as you say you've got This insert image option over here click Onto that and go to upload from computer Once you click on to upload from Computer go to choose files and then all You need to do is Click onto any one of These images that you've downloaded as You can see I've downloaded a few so I'm Going to grab this one I'm going to Click on to open And once this downloads we can select This image and we can also play around With this image when I say play around With it we can move it and extend it Like this okay so just do this grab it And extend it a little bit like this Move it to there and just leave that There then what we can do is we can tab This back up now to preview this at any Time All we need to do guys is scroll up to The top over here and click preview post And as soon as you hit preview post as You can see it's going to show us Exactly what this is starting to look

Like now you can see for some reason This title that we have over here is Just on the left so we can fix that up All because we have this title over here We can actually get rid of this all Together so we can close that come Straight over to here we can remove this And then all you need to do is just come Straight over here guys and tab this up And then just leave that there and as You can see this looks really good from Here guys we can also add a few more Images within this so let's say we Wanted to add another image here we Could tab down click on to insert image Go to upload from your computer choose One of your files that you downloaded From pixels okay so we're going to Double click onto this one we'll select This image okay we'll go to select That's going to add that there you can Move this to the left and as you can see We can minimize this now what's really Cool about this is it's automatically Going to bring up this writing you can Also move this for example if you wanted To move it all the way to the right so You can move it to the right or you can Move it to the left it's entirely up to You so you can have the image on the Right side left side Etc so I'm not Going to go through and add any more Images but what I want to show you from Here is how we're going to add this

Affiliate link so we're talking about What what are tarot cards here what is What is in the tarot cards and how can Tarot card readings actually help me so This is a good heading over here for us To add our link so what we will do is We'll come over here guys we'll tab down Over here and then what we want to do Now is we want to put a call to action Because we want to make money once we Create these websites so you can type in Something like this If you would like a free Tarot reading now Click here okay so just do that Leave that like that you can Center this So grab that come straight over to you Guys and Center that you can click onto Board you can make it italic you can Change the color Do whatever you like okay now what we Need to do is we need to come straight Back over to ClickBank over here and we Need to grab one of these affiliate Links now remember some of them you need To apply to be approved for but a lot of Them all you need to do guys is quite Simply click on to promote once you Click on to promote click on to generate Hop link and this is going to generate This link over here and all we need to Do is Click onto copy and that is our Link now all we need to do is come Straight over to our site highlight this

You can see you've got this insert the Link option over here paste that ClickBank Link in there click on to open This link in a new table because once They click onto it it will take them Straight to the offer then click on to Apply and here you have an amazing link Over here with relevant content now all We need to do is copy this okay so just Copy this And then what we can do is we can scroll Down to our article we can tab down over Here and we can paste this in here one More time you can highlight this and Then you can place this in the center Again okay or you can just leave it on The left it's completely up to you but Now we have two links inside this let me Show you what this looks like if I come Over here guys and I click onto preview You're going to see what this page is Going to look like when you share it so You've got tarot card reading you come Over here says how tarot cards can help You really you scroll down what are Tarot cards what is in the tarot cards How can a tarot card reading actually Help you and then here you'll be able to See if you would like a free tarot Reading today click here this is one of The easiest ways guys you can see that This also applies on desktop tablet and Mobile phone it'll work on all of these Different types of devices now what you

Need to do when you're on this page is You want to scroll up to the top guys And you want to click on to publish once You come over and you click onto publish That website that you created now you Are going to be able to share so that You can make money with affiliate Marketing once you have created this Website and this post so all you quite Simply need to come is over to this page You can see you've got the share button And all you need to do from here is copy That link come straight over to a brand New URL hit enter and then this is the Main section if you'd like a free tarot Card reading you click onto this it's Going to take you over to the relevant Product that you have created on your Website now if you wanted to create even More posts other than this one all you Need to do guys is once you're on this Website this blog post all you need to Do is Click onto create new posts once You click on to create new post then What you can do is come straight back Over to like this one over Here or you can come over to killer Articles over here killerpl articles and Then what you can do is choose one of These other ones how tarot cards can Help you really or what is a Tarot Astrology so let's just click onto this I'll show you this very quickly so what Is Tara astrology we can copy this come

Straight back over to here guys we can Paste this in here copy this okay and Remember all we need to do is add a few Images so we can push this over to the Center okay Center on a line Then all we need to do is hit heading Okay let's tab this down and once we tap This down we can now come straight back Over to you guys now we can copy this so Copy all of this stop this here let's Copy that come straight to here hit Ctrl V again you can you can copy all this And just remove that color background go To there and then all we need to do Again is we need to add a call to action In here guys so quite simply you would Add that call to action in here as well But let me show you what this starts to Look like now so if we publish this and You click on to confirm now that we've Got these two pages published now when You open this website you're gonna able You're going to be able to see those two Articles so all you would need to do is Come over to your website to a blank URL Over here and just type in Tarot which is our URL we hit enter as you can see this is The first article here is the second Article and and these are the two Articles this is one that had the photo This is one that didn't have the photo This is how you would share your website But if you wanted to share just this

Blog post over here that we have our URL In then all you need to do guys is come Over here and as you can see you can Click on to share we're going to copy This link and this is the link that we Are now going to share to get free Traffic and where can we go to get free Traffic once we have created this Amazing looking free website well There's a few places that you can do This number one guys is you can come Straight over to Facebook groups you can Do this with numerology astrology tarot Card readings there's so many different Nations guys and as you can see there's Private groups with 70 000 members Public groups with 40 000 members and a Lot of this stuff a lot of people as you Can see he learned tarot okay so you can Very easily come over to any one of These different types of groups and once You click onto any one of these groups You can say that you found an awesome Website that people should check out if They want to About tarot reading okay so quite simply Guys as you can see you can come over Here to write something once you come Over you guys and you write something Like I found this amazing looking Website highly recommend that you check It out but I also recommend guys that When it comes to Facebook groups what You want to be doing is you want to be

Going in there and interacting with These groups you want to be commenting On other people's posts then quite Simply come over here guys type in that Link to that group okay and as you can See you're going to be able to find it There okay and that's the website this Is amazing and then you can also click Onto this you can add any other images If you wanted to add images it's Entirely up to you and then you would Share this post and all you need to do Is join all these different types of Groups there's a lot of people that come Over here you're not just spamming a Link this is a good thing about this You're actually providing value with a Website with some really good articles Now if you want to take this to the next Level you can get people to write your Articles guys you can create your own Articles you can be a little bit more Creative you can get people on Fiverr to Write them for you it's entirely up to You another really good place where you Can get a lot of free traffic guys is With a Pinterest now when it comes to Pinterest as you can see I've typed in Tarot you're gonna find all these are Different types of pins that people have Created on here and from there they're Driving either back to a website or They're driving to affiliate offer good Thing about driving to a website is that

You're not going to get banned for Putting any links inside Pinterest Because sometimes they will block links I will stop links it's it's a battle Trying to continuously update these Links so with a blogger website you can Very easily add that in there so what You will do is you'd come up to the top Guys you would click on to create you Would go to create pin once you go to Create this pin you now need to create a Very simple pin so where would you go to Create a pin one of the best sites guys Is this one over here called When you're on canva all you need to do Is type in something like pin interest Pin once you type in Pinterest pin it Will bring you over to a page that looks Like this now all you need to do is Quite simply guys you can open up a Blank canvas like this so let's just Open this in a new tab once you do that It'll bring you over to a page that Looks like this and then from there what You can do is type in something like Tarot over here or astrology okay and You'll be able to find all these Different types of templates that you Can use one that I quickly created I Just want to show you is this one over Here I found a Tarot background Something that looked like that which is This one over here by typing in Astrology then I typed in Tarot cards

Into elements I founded this element I Pasted it in here then all I did is I Typed this up I wrote learn more about Tarot card reading and get a free Reading today click on the link in the Pin now so what we're going to do is We're going to grab this we're going to Download this pin to our computer let's Hit download I'm going to show you how To share this so quite simply as you can See that is is now downloading onto our Computer if we come back over to Pinterest okay all we need to do is grab This drag and drop there's our pin then Here all you need to write is get a free Let me just fix this up Get a free Tarot reading today Okay so just do that here you can type In something like click on the link to Get your free tarot reading today and Then down here is where you would paste Your website link paste that in there Guys and what you will do is you would Create your own board so create a board I'll call this tarot okay so let's just Call this Tarot as an example I'm going to keep This board secret just for now click on To create okay now this pin is being Created once this pin has created so I Hit published once this pin has been Created we'll be able to see exactly What this looks like but there's one

More free traffic source that I'm going To show you in a second guys so make Sure that you find out what that is as Well we can click on to see it now so This is what our pin looks like guys and That is our website tarot get a free Tarot reading today this pin looks Really cool people will see this they Want to get a free tarot card reading They'll click onto this once they click Onto this it's going to bring them Straight over to here and as you can see They're going to see how tarot cards can Help you really scroll down have a look At this and this is where they're going To see that link to get that free tarot Card reading they click onto it they get That reading they obviously in order to Get all their results need to pay and You're going to make money with Affiliate marketing with this amazing Looking website one more place that you Can go to get free traffic guys is on Cora okay if you come on to quora and You type in what is tarot reading you Can very easily see that a lot of people Are typing this in what is tarot reading How is tarot reading useful why do People believe in Tarot cards the good Thing about this is all you need to do When you click onto any one of these Questions click on to answer all you Need to do to answer this question is

Put a very simple spill a little bit What you know but you can say to get all Your answers click onto this link over Here it is a website that I found That'll give you all the answers to what Is tarot reading how it works can it Really help you Etc so put all that in There spend a few minutes it doesn't Have to be a long answer people will see It and they will click onto that website That you have created and potentially They will also click onto your link Where it's going to drive them to an Offer where you stand to make money with Affiliate marketing guys it's super Powerful there's three traffic sources Can definitely get a lot of traffic but On top of that like I said if you want To take this to the next level if you Want to sit there and create this Content yourself then you stand a very Good chance to also getting your website Approved for AdSense not only making Money with affiliate marketing but also Making money by getting AdSense to place Ads on your articles as well so that's How you create a website and make money With affiliate marketing absolutely for Free but if websites are not your thing I want to show you how you can do this Very similar method using videos that You don't even need to create click onto This video right now you can do this Absolutely for free and get a lot of

Traffic and make a lot of money I'll see You on that video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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