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Graphics Play a Significant Role in the Look and Feel of Corporate Video

When you’re considering producing a corporate video to market or explain your brand and its services or products, you have a lot of options. Of ">course, you can rely on live-action filming, which will capture actors or representatives of your organization talking about your company and its offerings. Read More

How Much Do Production Companies Charge to Produce a Video

In order to understand the costs associated with hiring a video production company to shoot a corporate video, you’ve got to have a basic understanding of the different elements that go into video production services. Because high-quality recording equipment is so readily available, it can be tempting to think that video production is a simple matter.

How To Use Business Sample Letters Effectively

This article information will help you to choose the correct sample business letter out of all the sample business letters on the internet. And this article will highlight some of the most important points to consider when choosing a sample business letter.

Why You Shouldn’t Always Accommodate Special Requests

Do you get clients who want a special price break, payment plan or a smaller program than you currently offer? Some people ask you to make exceptions and special arrangements for them to meet their needs. How should you respond?

5 Trends to Note in Healthcare Advertising

Recent changes in healthcare ">marketing are a result of the sweeping changes that the healthcare industry has seen in the last few years. Those changes will likely continue to have an impact on the way those affected do business and promotes themselves.

What Makes Your Product or Service Different?

Every business has to have a USP-a unique selling point. That’s true of individual products as well. You have to explain why your widget or service beats all the others like it in the market.

Customer Experience Intelligence Inspires Innovation

The point of customer experience (CX) intelligence is to optimize everyone’s well-being in harmony: customers, employees, shareholders. As such, CX intelligence is holistic. It connects the dots from end-to-end. It connects customers’ views, behaviors, and outcomes with the company’s behaviors and outcomes. And by doing this, customer experience intelligence inspires innovation by everyone company-wide – within the highest-impact context,

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