How To Make Money Online IN Nigeria 2023 (This Made me 737,404 Naira with Zero Investment)

Just like it had to say in today's video I'm going to be showing you guys exactly How I made over 700 000 naira right here In Nigeria with no Capital no investment At all so this video is going to be Showing you basically how to make money Online in Nigeria in 2023 and I'm gonna Be going step by step by showing you Everything that I did actually make the Money but before that let's actually see The money that I made so if you go to my Screen right here and you come here to Walnuts okay let me go to wallet and Show you guys my balance behold this is My balance here I have 725 475 naira Right let's go to wallet and go to see This balance right here 0.4069155 BTC which is equal to 725 475 Ngn and guess what guys this one is well Made with no investment at all I'm going To show you guys exactly what I did to Actually make this money in today's Video so I'm gonna come here right now I come here and go to referral program Right we will see that um gives gives me 40 percent right for everybody that I Get to join the Channel with this Particular link right there so let's Click on copy link and if I give you This link right now you click on this Link sign up for Remy Shadow you know do Your verification as to as smaller Things that you're supposed to do I'm Gonna be getting a commission on every

Deposit that you make or remittance and The trades that you do I'm going to be Getting the commission that's exactly What I did to actually get all of this Money and guess what guys I've actually Made a lot of withdrawal from Remington In the past as a matter of fact let me Tell you it was a matter of fact I Didn't even know that this one is here Right I just done I saw this when I was Like oh wow okay let me show you guys This I think that I promoted the Maternal last like last year or two Years ago right but this is the real Definition of passive income this money Is still coming in even when I am not Promoting romitano again actively right So you just come here and copy your name So watch it what you need to do Basically to set up an account or Remittance it's not it's not just McDonald I'm going to show you what that Platforms I can actually do this kind of Thing on to set up an account come here And copy your your referral link right And give it to your friends once they Sign up you're going to be getting the Commission right but giving it to your Friends will not make you this kind of Money I'm going to show you guys exactly How to make this kind of money in Today's video so it's important that you Stay with me from beginning to the end Of these videos I'm going to be leaving

Those Stone and turn now if you see me For the first time let me chill out What I do is that I try things out the Work I come right here and show you Exactly what I've done and the whole Idea is that you can do the exact same Thing and of course get the exact same Results now that's it guys it's Important for you to smash the like Button on this video subscribe to my Channel and most importantly turn on the Bell notification button if you've not Done that so that when I drop more Amazing video just like what you're Watching right now YouTube is gonna send You a notification instantly let me show You guys from other websites where this Where I actually do this as well so this Is bad beta finish right I promote this Also oh it says expire so I'm going to Remove already login I'm going to click Login here to log into by Bay traffic Light this is your traffic light traffic Light here and here there is verify I Hope this works okay you did so right Here you see my earnings I've earned 53 53 usdt right okay withdraw right now I Actually withdraw this money into Wherever I want it or I will send it Right here on a return sorry on the baby Baby it's one of the best crypto Insurance platforms I can actually let's Change it into naira currency I want Right here into my bank account so what

You need to do is to click on okay I'm Going to be writing the links to all of This website the affiliate links in this Video description so click on it set up An account copy your affiliate link and Once we get to the part where I'm going To be showing you guys exactly how to Promote right you're going to do the Excessive that I'm going to tell you how To do and of course you're going to get They're getting the exact same result so Again it's important that you stay with Me from beginning to the end of this Video do not skip any step because that Step you're trying to skip might Actually be the step that's going to Change in your life right so I'm going To come here right now this is my Offering nothing you know click on copy Right now and anybody you give this link Once they actually set up an account you Click on it set up an account on baby They have entered so what's going to Happen is that once they click once they Continue doing trades you're going to be Getting commissions so um let me show You guys something on on Nintendo you Come here right now go to referral right And they come here right now you see how Much they receive view details the field Number of friends see everyone and tier Two right to login and register for your Affiliate name refer your friends and Get 40 percent this is foreign

So this message registered right this Person right this person registered one Person actually gave me 66.56 usdt while I can select it and go Back in time to actually see all the Other pieces that are actually Registered and what they did and all of That you know and let me show you guys This again almost all the coins right Here that made this money on the hotel I Have never bought those coins so the People that actually click on my link I Set up an account on remittance I buy Those coins and I'm getting Commission In those coins I can easily swap it and Change it to naira and it comes to my Bank account isn't it right so maybe in My next video I'm going to show you guys Exactly how to change this money back Into an error if you want to see that Video let me know in the comment section Of course I don't know actually make That video for you guys so this is by Bit and this is um this is well thin Right this is an affiliate program Invite friends to get five dollars and Thirty percent commission plus cash Commission right this is commission Rules right here invite friends friends Complete their task and you get your Reward basically so how much I've made Here I've made the five dollars here and 86 dollars here right it you can see Ammo with referrals so you see I'm going

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To come here right now this is somebody That completed I actually made this Amount from this person I can go to Reward history And see okay so this is my affiliate Link basically right here like I click Here copy it and if I give you this link Right now you click on it whatever Transaction you make on welfare and I Get a commission and for most of you you Have a binance account this is the same Thing right here on binance right if I Come to the standard referral right here I'm going to be seeing that I've Actually made a few money inside of Buyers as an Avenue so this is basically Free cryptocurrency free Bitcoin free You know free cryptocurrency basically Right because I am not buying crypto but I'm getting crypto right I'm not buying Because I'm getting I'm getting crypto So binance gives a 41 you know I can Click here and copy my affiliate link And once I invite you right now to join Binance I get a commission unfortunately Doing this right So I refer I can see a referrals here so This is how much I've made a total Referral bonus if you're okay for Everybody 11 uh I was afraid they have That I was afraid for a minute that I Have 11 BTC if right doesn't that would Have been amazing right okay so um this Is it this is how much I've gotten in

BTC this is it right here and these are People that are actually referred right This is it right here this guy this guy Referrals and these are sports referrals And all of that actually the shared Commissions and everything right and That's how I'm getting this money is Right here right so this is we actually Have the most most amount of money so Guys see this is what I'm gonna do Almost every major crypto HD platform Has an affiliate program how to find Them is to go to coin market cap right And you're going to be seeing all the Top crypto Asian platforms they all have An affiliate program look at coinbase For instance look at Kraken look at cook Corn look at bitfinex look at the bit Stamp look at Buy beat look at so let's Assume right now that you want to Promote remitano right that's what you Want to promote I'm going to show you Guys exactly how to do that right now so What first thing you need to do is to Set up an accountable Channel and copy Your affiliate link and keep it safe let Me show you how to do that I'm going to Come here copy my affiliate link and put It in a notepad and put it in the Notepad document here right to keep it Safe so let's say you want to promote Binars let's say binance is what you Want to go with I'm going to come here Again copy your affiliate link on

Binance come here to notepad and Actually keep it safe so this is binance Right so let's say you want to go with Uh let's find one but I'm not I'm not Doing it right now let's say you want to Promote Um let's say bit stamp or coin let's go To promote good coin I'm going to click Here open if you come here right now Come here you're going to see referral And Affiliates whichever that mostly Sending the difference is not much maybe One day I should make a video I will Make a video or tell me what you think What's the difference between referral And affiliate program let me know in the Comment section the person that gets it Right I'm gonna be giving you guys Giving you a gift so I'm going to come Here I hit referral right it's where you Add rewards you will pay your friends You know what this is right here So copy your link just like you saw on Binance right so you get commission once People actually sell her separate Account with your link so you're gonna Come here and go to Affiliates arise so This is loading up right now let's give It a while so guys again if I get many Value from this video I want to Encourage you again to smash the like Button on this video if you have not Done that right in order to do that Twice just once subscribe to my channel

And most importantly turn on the Bell Notification button so that when I drop More amazing videos or even follow our Videos on this parallel topic you're Going to be getting a notification from YouTube right so you can jump right in And begin to win immediately so welcome To the world's best scooter affiliate Program invite friends to truth cool Coin and end up to 50 Commission on Their trading fees when your friends Become Coco and infinite right so you Get 50 on your trading fees right so the Trading fees you get 50 on it so highest Industry commission coin and everything And you come here so let's say I've Actually copied my coupon link right and I want to promote coconut now what is The first thing you need to do in my YouTube training training sessions I Always teach this right and but another One is coming up by next month so if you Actually want to be a part of that YouTube training session let me know in The comment section we are going to be Dissecting all of this how to make money On YouTube that says and how to make Money on YouTube with affiliate Marketing and of course seven other ways To actually make money on YouTube right If you're interested in that train let Me know in the comment section so I can Notify you when it's time for that Training so let's say I want to actually

Promote cool and that's what I want to Promote cool coins right so I'm going to Write down the keyword I want to promote Which is cool coin cool coin I'm gonna Put it down that's the keyword I want to Promote I want to go for right now so We're getting to the promotional aspect Right so it's important that you pay Close attention and like I've said Before if you don't have your notepad Please get your notepad and the rights Down I can actually save this video so You can watch it later all right so I'm Going to come here um I'm going to copy My link let's say for instance I have my Affiliate link right next to my Absolutely the school coin uh https or whatever whatever I'm Gonna come here and put it here change This for Google this is imaginary now Cool coin right of course you're going To copy one affiliate link so let's say This is where a good coin affiliate name Of course it's not but let's assume that This is it so I'm going to um so I've Written that down I'm going to come to Your website called vid IQ now that's The second link in this video Description it's going to take you Straight to vid IQ now once you get There you're going to be setting up an Account but before we jump into Promotion the question I'm going to be Asking is what exactly did I do actually

Make this money right I'm going to be Showing you what I did before I show you How to do the exact same thing so you Can get the exact same result so again Stay with me so I'm going to come here Right now and go to my YouTube channel Right here This video was made over a year ago as You can see right here it says 1.9 K one Year ago and this second one all these Videos were promoting remitano right Those videos were amazing were made like I think 2020 2021 most of those videos Right and look at all of them right here Inside is everything right here was Promoting remitano right and I'm gonna Be showing you guys okay most of them Actually this is FBS so this one is a Binance uh this is surmitano this is Right I'm going to be showing you guys Exactly how to do the exact same thing So you can get the exact same result so Let's come right here the first thing You need to do is keyword research right So you've copied your link your Affiliate link from from coin or binance Or remittance or whatever it is that you Want to promote right now what you need To do is to come to this website called Vid IQ like I said the second link in This video is going to take you straight To vid IQ so you're going to come here Right now and actually set up an account So go to sign up as set up an account I

Already have an account so I won't be Doing that I'm going to be going Straight to login so I'm going to click On login put in my email and password I Actually log into my video IQ account so So once we are logged in I'm going to Come here and click on keyword right so I'm going to come here right now and Type coin And hit enter that's the first thing you Need to do cool coin and hit enter so if I come here right now and hit view all Keywords now cook coin has very low Competition but you cannot just go with Google so a coupon tutorial has a Monthly search volume of over 8 000 Persons with very low competition so This is a very good keyword for you to Go for Right I'm going to show you what I mean So good coin tutorials for beginners Another very good keyword for you to Actually gradually attack so Um how to trade on coin a quick review These are all very good keywords and They have very low competition cookware And Google exchange people are actually Interested and ask your questions accept This question somebody that is looking For cook coin tutorial these 8 000 Persons that are searching for Google Tutorial right what are their intentions They don't know about the the developer Coin and they want to join Google right

So your job right now is to get them to Click on your link you know before they Join cocoin that's what you need to do And that's what I did basically right so If you go on YouTube right now and Search for let's go to YouTube I search For Remy tando I hit enter right there's A very high chance that these videos are Made available by a year ago that Showing up on the side okay this is Right here remitano tutorial Right so I'm not telling you something I've told them I'm telling you something That I do on a daily based I've done it For years and I do it on a daily basis Because it works and that's how this Over 700 000 naira was actually made and Guess what if you listen to me and do Exactly what I'm teaching you in today's Video you're going to be getting the Exact same result that is something I Can tell you for free so this is it Right here this is a video I made over a Year ago right if you come down I'm sure You'll see other other videos of men as Well I'm going to be seeing a whole lot Of video this is it how to make okay These are all recent videos that I made Right people actually making money with This particular video and this one so You should actually go ahead and watch These three videos I'm gonna be linking A few videos that I think you should Watch if you are really you're serious

About making money online in 2020 writer In Nigeria in the comments in the um Video description of this particular Video so you can actually go ahead and Watch those videos so this is exactly What I did right so the first thing is For you to do your keywords research so Right now we are focusing on good coin And they say this is cool coin tutorials I'm gonna copy this right I'm going to Click on it come here copy this let's go And analyze our competition on YouTube So I'm going to come here and paste this In and hit enter all right I hit enter And the person ranking number one for This it says his title is how to tweet Cryptocurrency on coin good quiet Asian Tutorial 2021 so by this alone this Video is outdated Right it was made in 2021 so it's Updated so there's an opportunity for You right here on this particular Keyword and this video is training so I'm going to load these things down this Video is my competition uh has a 22 Minutes video 22 minutes video Um he's the the main title is not in his The main keyword is not the beginning of The title so there's an opportunity for Me it actually outrank him isn't it Right so this guy right here did the Same thing that we were supposed to do And you see that he has a lot more views

Cool tutorial for beginners how to trade Or cool coin so this person is going in For this second keyword this one that Has 3900 and guess how many views he has Gotten with this 88 000 views in one Year this could actually be you right And again this video is over a year old So I want to calm down For beginner 25k 6.5 K so you see that This is actually a very good keyword for You to attack so there's no reason why You should not attack this keyword as a Matter of fact I'm going to be attacking This keyword now that I've seen it right And I want you to attack it too there's A very high chance that you will win me Or win you right who knows so Um yeah to do your keyword research so Our title right now let's craft our Title the mistake a lot of persons make Is that people tend to create Um people tend to create content and now Start looking for a title for that Content don't do that right the reverse Should be the case so you get your title And do your keyword research before you Create your content so that when you're Creating your content you're creating Your content around the keyword and the Title so if you look at my new my Notepad right here I have lots and lots And lots of keywords that I have done Research for and I'm looking for Contents on the on the particular on a

Daily basis to tie to that particular Keyword and that is how you should work For you as well so I'm gonna come here Right now and uh of course we got no Attitude our title is a good coin Tutorial that's what we're going for Coin tutorial For beginners Beginners Um beginners I'm gonna put this here How to Trade cryptocurrency Trade click to Uh currency On coin The Exchange And make mad profits I make 100 devices let's say I make Hundred dollars a day I make 100 a day Right you know this is a good keyword Now this shouldn't be here Uh this this is what is this Okay so this is what it should be Right Okay so this is it right here so we have Our title you can actually be a little More creative with your title right so You have your title so our title is here Now the next thing for us it is actually Actually creates this content right so Maybe you don't know how to trade crypto You don't know how to do this so let's Go let's go back here right I'm going to Do other keywords in my head right now

Okay so this is it right here let's come Here So this one says create Google account Has 2 100 Coupon tutorial I can take a controller How to create and verify Google an Account right I can do that so uh I Think that would be an easier video for Us to do good coin tutorial for Beginners how to create How to create and verify Cool coin account Easily Or in five easy steps whatever right so You'd be creative with your title right So what you need to do right now is to Go and use a quick software it is time Now to record your video before you post It on YouTube right so I'm going to come Here and go to a website called OBS Studios that's that's what I'm using to Record my laptop screen right now so you Don't even have to show your face when I Just record your screen throughout the Video so come to UBS right here I'm Going to be linking this software it's Actually free in the video description It's going to record your screen right So download for Windows here download For Mac or download for Linux computer The best or whatever computer they're Using you know there's a it's an Installation file for it so download it And install this software right and use

It to actually record your process so Once it's on you can now say okay you Can now go to critical coin website and Say so guys the first thing you need to Do is to click on the first link in the Video description I want to click on my Name right I'm gonna bring you to the Google interface so on the Google you Need to click on sign up I set up an Account out and do this you actually do It live for video and show people how to Actually set up an account right Uncle Coin it is that easy and that simple Right that easy that simple now the next Thing is for you to actually post your Video edit your video post it on YouTube You know put your link in the Showbox Below write your description and uh of Course all or do your thumbnail Thumbnails are very important because Yeah Facebook called CTR click through Reds right so here's what I'm going to Do I don't want to leave you to actually To very long right this other thing the Ctrl the thumbnail how to push your Videos how to edit everything is what I Teach in my YouTube training it will be Another training next month Right so what you need to do is to click On the first link in the video Description and tell me Gerald add me to The crew to be waiting list for the next Training That's what you need to do right so you

Click on it and you're going to chat me Up on WhatsApp and you're going to say Gerald add me to the waiting list for The next training and I'm gonna be Showing you guys exactly I'm going to be Telling you when and in that training I'm gonna be guiding you on exactly how I was able to make 700 000 naira living Right here in Nigeria with YouTube a Free crypto and affiliate marketing I Referral referral program and all of That right I want to I am actually very Interested in your success that is why I Do these things that I do this channel Actually revolves around you being Successful that is why I'm super Promoted people like you come up to me I Say Gerald I was able to actually Achieve this because you because of why Listen to you and I did what you said I Should do right and I want you to be the Next testimony so until I see in my next Video so go ahead click on that link Right and be a part of that training now This video showing up right here is Going to show you guys exactly how to Make 30 000 naira every single day in Nigeria with an investment of five Thousand naira but this video right here Is going to show you testimonies of People like you who are actually making Money doing exactly what I taught them Until I see my next video keep pulling And don't forget that Gerald does love

You guys bye from here guys

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