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What Should You Sell Online?

Learning the trade in the industry that you’ll venture into will help you a lot in determining the kind of products or services to sell to your customer. Find out more from this article and be a success story yourself!

Apple – Brand iDilution Story!

The post is divided into three sections: – First I will talk about the greatness of Apple that was prevalent at the time Steve was alive (iERA). Then I would bring out the worst thing that Steve Jobs missed out upon and justify why he was a good leader but not a strategic leader (iMiss).

Digitizing Traditional Mediums

We’ve all known for years that traditional advertising such as television, radio, and print has seen a significant decline in viewership and revenue, thanks to the staggering growth of the Internet. From a business owner’s perspective, living in a smartphone-obsessed digital world, should you advertise goods or services through traditional mediums? Or should you abandon these dying promotions and fully embrace the digital age? Good questions to ask. The smart answer is to use both options. Utilize traditional outlets to attract your target audience with stunning ads, and then persuade these potential patrons to engage your business online – via your landing page. Once they’re on your site, sway these customers with exclusive deals and product information, in return, you’ll gain critical data about your customer’s viewing habits and perhaps make a sale in the process.

What’s YOUR Unique Selling Proposition?

Why should prospects do business with you? What makes you different and better than your competition? Defining your unique selling proposition will help answer these questions so that you will clearly be able to convey your competitive edge to anybody who is considering doing business with you.

Hi, I Am Your Competitor And I Am Here To Destroy You – Not Always The Best Strategy

Okay so, over the years, I’ve been a hard-core, take-no-prisoners kick-ass entrepreneur. I’ve always been in it to win it, and don’t take no for an answer, anytime I hear the word “no” all I can do is think to myself, “who are Earth is this person, to tell me it can’t be done?” As I grew my business I not only had to deal with bureaucrats, professionals, lawyers, and naysayers, but I also came up against competition. That was fine by me, I’d never met anyone I couldn’t beat anyway – “I considered a challenge before the whole human race,” dutifully singing “we are the champions!”

Preventing Business Failure From Inbound ">Marketing

There is nothing wrong with going for inbound ">marketing. It is one of the most convenient and easiest way to attract customers. Read on to learn more.

">Marketing Strategy Plan: 4 Paths Your Price Strategy Could Follow

What’s the goal with your price strategy? Do you want to be most expensive or least expensive? Or do you want to take the middle of the road and have a price in between? Pricing is a matter of perception! Customers have a price point in mind of what the perceived value is for a product or service.

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