How To Make Money With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chat GPT is taking the World by storm And people are starting to realize the True power of AI chat gbt chat GPT it is Blowing my mind literally almost do Anything for you But for someone with a business mind Like myself the first thing I thought is How can I use this tool to make money so In this video what I'm going to do is Give you some great ideas on how you can Use chat GPT a free AI tool to start Making some extra money so that's you And you're looking to make some extra Cash these are some pretty simple ways To do it now I've made over 20 million Dollars in my business Revenue not Profit over the last many years and as Crazy as it may sound that number would Be at least double if I had this tool Along the way it's crazy and with more Access comes more competition right if Everybody has this you need to really up Your ante and be on The Cutting Edge Side because there's going to be a lot More people trying to do this I will Leave a free newsletter it's like one of Four that I'm subscribed to it's the Favorite one I have called synthetic Mind it's just a free newsletter that I Found that goes through AI updates more Practical use case all of that really Cool tool I'll leave a link down below Let's dive in so this is chat gpt's Homepage and this is what the AI looks

Like itself we can ask it anything we Want have a conversation it can scrape The internet for basically all data and Get you accurate answers for just about Anything you want some side hustles I Can start to make some extra money now It's going to give us a lot of Individual ideas freelancing if you have A specific skill renting out a spare Room obviously we didn't specify should These be online side hustles or not the First side hustle number one in this Video that I want to give to you is Actually using chat GPT for freelance Services so this is like a full Workaround the AI will never tell you This but freelancing if you have a Specific skill you no longer need the Skill because you have the AI think About that for a second if you wanted to Write emails it'll do it in a minute if You wanted to write an essay for Sentence everything is immediate and it Is perfect and there's never a spelling Error you want to write sales copy a Video script you could have it script Videos for marketing for YouTube Whatever so post it on platforms like upwork Fiverr all these Things make a bunch of posts for script Writing for product descriptions website Design in terms of AD copy video scripts Emails whatever it is writing essays for School all of that stuff you can do for

Free which is absolutely incredible and You can have immediate delivery so Here's the real strategy if you want the Actual secret you are going to post your Job so cheap on all these platforms Undercut everybody have great Communication deliver it super fast You're going to build your portfolio I Know Freelancers who make 50 000 a month They charge a premium you're gonna be Able to get there if you use this tool But you have a bigger Advantage because You can do it on not just one skill and You're not the one fulfilling it an Automated intelligent spot is doing it For you so you can pretty quickly start Scaling this to five ten fifteen twenty Thousand a month who knows what the Upside is but it's safe to say that Would be a pretty easy side hustle to Get to a few thousand a month just using A tool like chat GPT now there's a lot Of different ideas on here again renting Out a spare room probably not something You're going to want to do let's dive Through the selling products online you Can start an online store and sell Products through platforms like eBay and Etsy and all this stuff okay well it Does Drop Shipping Still work let's go ahead and ask it Starting an online store that's how I Got my start in business done over 20 Million bucks with that and a bunch of

Other money with other businesses now Drop Shipping is going to go ahead and Explain what it is as a result the Merchant never sees or handles the Product which is you right it can be a Viable business model but it's important To do your research and carefully Consider the pros and cons I'm going to Build off for this for you now if you Want to start an online store the Easiest way to do that with the lowest Amount of cost which means the lowest Risk which is what I want you to do you Need to do what's called Tick Tock Organic so as we've all seen Tick Tock Had a meteoric rise to success people's Videos explode left and right all you Really need is a U.S phone number to Create an account with it and you can Then obviously if you're in a different Country I would recommend logging in Through a VPN you're going to have a Us-based account which has a much higher Chance of just absolutely exploding and You're going to start posting two to Five videos every single day about your Product and you're gonna be like well Hayden wait a minute sir that right There is a lot of work welcome to Business my friends okay it's going to Be a lot of work because you can do one Of two approaches in business you can Spend money or you can spend time you Usually don't have to do a lot of both

Okay so if you don't want to spend money Or you have no money great you're gonna Be putting in a crapload of time that's How you do it you're gonna post multiple Videos a day copying what other people Are doing building off of it a little Bit trying to make your product go viral But here's some keys try to sell Something in the range of 20 to 100 on Tick Tock any more than that and you're Gonna struggle to get that impulse Purchase you know people buy it right There on the spot and that's going to be Most to your purchases the second thing You really need to make sure you're not Being too salesy in your video right you Want to make sure it's a native flow a Native integration nice and gentle right Because people will ask about your Product if you make a really cool video Surrounding your product people are Going to want to buy it that's the best Way to get it to go really viral and Then as soon as you have a viral video Then you can spend money and put money Behind it as an ad and I don't want to Get too technical on this because that's Where I geek out I've been in this Industry for a long time we've made Millions and millions off Tick Tock tens Of Millions on Facebook it's been Incredible I have a full course on Tick Tock ads specifically I'll leave a link Down below if that's something that

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Interests you when starting an E-commerce store absolutely incredible Incredible thing and you can copy paste A lot of stuff from chatgpt let me show You write a product description for a Neck massager let's ask it to do that Let's say your product is a neck Massager probably 50 bucks what you're Going to do is you can ask it to write a Description this is what will go on your Shopify store so they're going to have This and you can say make it funnier Make it shorter whatever instructions You want to do you can interact with This bot now I made a full video on how To drop ship with AI you can check that Out because it goes a little bit more in The details with this if you can do this For your ads for your emails for your Store all of that stuff very easy this Will help you build an e-commerce Business lickety-split way faster again You can see how much extra money I would Have made over the years if I had a Simple but yet complicated tool like This if you do want to start an E-commerce store there's a couple Resources down below again the course That's built off our platform Ecom Season almost 3 000 business owners have Gone through and used the products and Tools inside of there we also have a Free resource you can copy my 20 million Dollar ad framework down below and get

Shopify on an extended trial so you can Check that out if you want to do E-commerce now before I dive into the Next one which nobody ever tells you to Do crazy side hustle with a statistical Advantage I want to talk about why we're Focusing on this money is important Everybody's like money's not everything Why are you chasing money money is the First problem that every person on this Planet should knock out as early as Possible in life because it's a dumb Problem to have but we do live on a Financial Planet that's how it works so Get your money in order I'm going to Give you an example with everything Going on it's only getting harder the Barrier to entry is higher like the House that I bought for 900 000 is now Worth almost 2 million couple that with Interest rates that have doubled my four Thousand dollar mortgage if you wanted To go buy that same house would be Probably thirteen thousand dollars a Month absolutely Bonkers it puts you in A different category it just means it's Harder to get in now I could have bought Either home at either price an interest Rate but you get the idea it's going to Take a much different person to purchase That home and the house never changed But the money surrounding it did this is The same with cars with groceries Everything prices go up you need to make

Sure that you are getting your finances Taken care of that's why I'm making this Video I'm a big passion for it because It sucks to be broke I've been there so The third point for us is offering Tutoring or teaching Services if you Have a subject matter expertise or Teaching experience you could consider Offering tutoring this is a very unique One a lot of side hustles don't talk About tutoring or that sort of things There's a few things you could do but Let's ask it for some ideas so how can We start online tutoring what is the Strategy there of course determine what You're going to be teaching first are You good at a language do you have a Good skill okay develop a lesson plan How are you going to teach it set your Rates how much you're going to charge What other people charge and then you Have to Market your services the easiest Way to do this is not going to be word Of mouth or some crap like that it's Going to be social media maybe making Viral tick tocks or this is going to be Using third-party websites which we're Going to ask them for in a second what Websites can I Market my tutoring Services on this is the power right here Of chatgpt instead of having to do all Of the research and every little thing Yourself you're gonna be able to Simply Interact with a bot and that's the whole

Point so now it's given us a bunch of Ideas you know LinkedIn but specific Tutoring websites right they've got all These I've never heard of these I mean of course but why isn't Varsity Tutors all of these that will Just help rank you in their thing right Instead of having to go find the Customers the customers find you you Just have to make the job post and it's The lazy way to do it but it works Really well so there's some great things Social media of course you're on website Again then you got to drive traffic so a Couple different things that's a great Way to make extra money right if too Powerful to say just for teaching Another language right if you speak Spanish French whatever it is you can go Teach and make money teaching that Language if you're fluent now if you Want to use the newest and most trending Platform to make a lot of money which Would be Tick Tock you can ask it for Some different ways to do it I'm going To give you a much better one in a Moment but if you have an audience you Can partner with Brands okay mine is Going to build off this but Collaborating with those Brands they Have big budgets they can do a lot of Stuff selling products again this only Works if you have an audience or or you Know videos that are getting a lot of

Views becoming an influencer some people That's not a good option you got to be The name to face the voice maybe you Don't want to put yourself out there That's fine monetize your videos again That requires you to be the person but I Want to build off with this one right Here okay because what you can do Instead of having to build your own Presence first and sell that ad space You can just be the person who is the Face or involved in making the videos For the brand you don't have to go grow Your own audience they're going to send You a product like this like glasses Case whatever it is you're gonna make The video with it so you don't have to Actually go post it or do anything You're just going to send it back to Them this is something you could have 10 Brands paying you for 20 40 80 bucks a Video you could pretty quickly make an Extra three to five thousand a month Doing that with an hour or two a day It's going to take some time to do Outreach for those Brands but you can Convince them to do it because I can Tell you as a brand owner who spends 15 To 20 grand a month just on new content It's very hard to find those people and If they're reaching out to you all the Better because finding people who can Consistently make quality videos and Understand what a good Tick Tock is

That's a valuable resource and we're Willing to spend money to do it so with That being said I hope you enjoyed the Video if you want to do anything E-commerce related that's kind of my Jams we have a whole company a bunch of Resources it'll help you out with that Linked down below I'll also leave the Link to an AI newsletter one of many That I follow but by far the best one That is called synthetic mind you can Jump on their list see a little bit more About this stuff that's what sparked a Lot of these ideas for me I'm really Excited to see what is going to be new In the next development in the world of AI because it's definitely going to Change a lot of businesses so let me Know your thoughts what do you think About AI leave me a like on this video Make sure to subscribe and I will catch You in the next one peace

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