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Advertising / ">Marketing Parables

Until Business Owners learn to change the laws of physics, there will always be some universal truths that must be adhered to. Advertising correctly has similar laws that need to be adhered to in order to avoid disaster (losing money).

How To Get It Right With Flyer Printing For Your Business

Flyers are among the inexpensive promotional tools a business can use. They are easy to design and even easier to distribute to potential customers. They end up bringing in positive results when they are done carefully. When thinking about creating flyers for your business, you have the option of using free templates available online for different kinds of businesses or you can choose professional services that will take care of all your flyer printing needs. Whichever method you use to print your flyers, you will need to put the most important factors into consideration to get it right.

7 ">Marketing Procurement Trends for 2015

Build Effective Working Relations – Going forward, ">marketing need to view procurement not solely as tactical, but as a strategic partner. 2014 reports suggest that the much maligned relationship between ">marketing and procurement is now seeing improvements. While there are still certainly some notable differences in priorities, the findings suggest much improved levels of trust and relations, with both procurement and ">marketing professionals agreeing that risk mitigation and cost savings are the main benefits that the former brings to the relationship.

The Secret to Defining Your Lucrative Niche

Recently I have talked to many people who are struggling to “figure out” their niche for their businesses. Some of them are just starting out, and some have been in business for a while but feel that “something is missing” in their messages, their target markets and their offerings. These are not “dumb” people – most of them have a pretty good handle on the “">marketing” stuff but seem to be stuck in limbo, unable to find the FIRE to light up their actions.

Are Online Printing Services Right for You?

Would an online printing services company be of benefit to you? See how these services can help you and your business.

Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps – An Upgrade From Self-Inking Stamps

Stamps have an important place in business. Acting as official seals, they are used to authenticate business documents. Of late, they are also used in art and craft. The earliest rubber stamps include those mounted on a piece of wood. They were sold with an ink pad. Thus, one had to press the rubber lettering into the ink pad before pressing it onto the sheet of paper. These traditional stamps were cheap. However, they created blotchy images, some light some dark.

Printing Product Labels – How To Make Your Product Stand Out

When you go shopping at the mall or even a supermarket, your hand automatically reaches out to an item with an alluring label of ">course unless you have your personal favorites. For new items, it is always a product whose label and packaging convinces you to buy it. This sticker is your salesperson and therefore if you get it right, you will manage to earn more customers than you expect. That’s the power of a good label! The label is also important because it gives your customers information about your product.

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