I Found The EASIEST Way to Make $1000 with AI

This one thousand dollars here is all Thanks to the AI strategy that I'm going To show you in this video everyone is Talking about AI right now we are in Unprecedented times I have genuinely Never experienced such an opportunity Since the dawn of the internet so this Video is your cue to take this seriously To jump on this trend and make crazy Amounts of money and in this video I'm Going to show you exactly how this three Main ways you can capitalize on this AI Gold Rush this is the hard way which is To build a piece of AI software invest Millions to bring it to market then Maybe hope to sell it in three years for A billion dollar valuation then you Could live the rest of your life on some Desert island somewhere now that is a Great option and I'm not knocking it but It's a lot more difficult than some of The other YouTube gurus would like to Make out the second way which is so much Easier but it's still not my favorite Way is to use the AI tools to create Some kind of service based business or Agency for example you could use chat GPT to run a copywriting agency then When someone orders copywriting services From you you could then get Chachi BT to Do all the hard work and you make the Profit this obviously can work and I did Give some really good ideas for this Type of business in my last video but

The problem with this business model is That yeah you might make a bit of quick Cash but the more that people become Aware of these AI tools the less that Your service is required because Obviously a large portion of your Customers could just go and use those AI Tools themselves and they don't need to Come to you the Third Way which is my Favorite way and it is so much easier But you can still make obscene amounts Of money and fairly quickly and I know This because I've been doing it myself And making literally thousands with very Little effort so in this video I'm going To walk you through the process step by Step now there are a few parts to this Strategy so make sure you watch Until The End plus I'm even gonna reveal my Top secret AI tool that you do not want To miss but before we start if you find This video helpful then please make sure You hit the like button and subscribe Because it really helps me out now let's Dive into it There are hundreds of new AI products And tools coming out every single week And they're all competing with each Other but we can use this to our Advantage to make money with this Strategy but first of all in order to do This we need to know what the latest AI Tools are that are being released and to Do this we're going to head over to this

Website here called Futurepedia.io This is a totally free Website it's my secret weapon for Finding next AI tools that are coming Out the very best AI tools and it's just A Free Directory which gets updated on a Daily basis and they've got any kind of AI tool you can think about and they've Organized by lots of different Categories you can filter them and you Can look at the most popular and you can Scroll through obviously chat gbt is the Most popular here you can also look at Tools added today so you can see the Most freshest tools that have just been Added and you can click through these You can read about them and you can Upvote them and then you can actually Click through to the websites so step One in this strategy what you want to do Is you want to come over to futurepedia And you want to compile a list of around About 10 tools that that you think are Interesting that stand out to you Personally because there's so many to Choose from so just scroll around maybe You want to focus on a specific category But you want to compile a list of 10 and You can actually if you sign up to this For a free account you can favorite them As well and they'll all be saved in your Favorites tab here which is very very Helpful so once you've compiled your List of 10 favorite tools that you found

You want to click on each one of them For example this one here hypotenuse dot AI click on that you want to click Through to the webpage of that tool then You want to scroll down to the bottom of That web page and you're looking for a Section like this here where it says Affiliates or partners because the way That we're going to be making money with These strategies using affiliate Marketing and I'm going to show you a Genius way that you can make money from This totally for free but if you don't Know affiliate marketing is a very Simple business model where you get paid Every time someone signs up to a product With your referral link I've been doing Affiliate marketing for years I've made Millions of dollars from it I've won Award it's been going great and I've Done a lot of videos about affiliate Marketing in the past but I have never Seen an opportunity to make money from Affiliate marketing than what we Currently have with this AI wave because One of the biggest issues with affiliate Marketing is finding new interesting Products to promote and this is solved By this AI wave because companies are Churning out AI products every single Day it's almost impossible to keep up With the new tools that are coming out But that's great news for us as Affiliates because there's no

Competition and we've got so many Products that we can promote and because We're Affiliates we don't have to create The tools we'd have to deal with Customer service we can just sit back And earn passive income and everyone is Happy the products creators are happy Because they're getting traffic to their Tools their customers are happy because They're getting to use these awesome AI Tools themselves and we're happy because We're getting paid passive income in the Process it's win-win-win so once you've Found some products that have got an Affiliate program like this one Hypotenuse which actually pays you 30 Recurring commission for life so if you Get 100 users signed up you're going to Be earning 1 770 Every single month so you can just sign Up to the affiliate program by clicking Sign up as an affiliate you can create Your free account and then you will get A unique referral link but you're not Just going to begin spamming that all Over social media there's a few more Steps in this strategy that will ensure That you're successful with this One of the main People don't succeed with affiliate Marketing is because they don't provide Enough value and I'm going to show you a Genius but super simple way that you can Provide value and get people to go out

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Of their way and actually want to use Your affiliate link I'm also going to Show you a perfect free traffic source As well but first let me show you this So a lot of people that try affiliate Marketing they might find a good Affiliate product but then they'll just Grab their affiliate link they'll post It on social media and they'll expect to Make loads of commissions but if you Want people to use your link you need to Kind of incentivize them and Traditionally Affiliates would offer Like outdated ebooks and courses as a Bonus to try and get someone to sign up With their affiliate link but I have Found an awesome tool that's going to Allow you to provide super valuable Personalized bonuses and it literally Takes seconds to create them and it's Genius and it's going to help your Conversions go through the roof it's This tool here called scribe and I will Leave a link to it in the description Down below and it's a very simple tool Which can turn any process into a Step-by-step PDF guide I'll show you how It works now and how we're going to use It with this strategy so what you want To do is you want to sign up to scribe It's free to join and then you want to Install the Chrome extension The Scribe Chrome extension to your computer and You'll be able to access it up here like

This basically what we're going to do is Create a very simple step-by-step guide On how to do something with that tool so For example with this one this is some Kind of like AI blog post writing Software and we could create some kind Of really simple guide that can show Someone how to use this tool and how to Write a blog post in 30 seconds using This tool and that's what we're going to Use scribe for so all you need to do is Just click on start recording with Scribe and it's not recording a video This is actually a step-by-step PDF Guide It's genius I'll show you how it Works now and then we can just go Through the steps of how to do something So for example I'm just going to come Here click on try for free I'm going to Log in click on create blog post how to Write now I don't really care about what We're doing here I'm just creating a Very simple guide that we can give away To someone if they sign it with our Affiliate link and then we just go Through the steps it's going to create As an outline wow that is actually quite A really good tool so the tools written As a full blog post but obviously we're Just creating a guide to show someone How to do this which I think that's Genius piece of software and then what We can do is click on stop recording Here unscribe and what scribe has done

Now we can actually come in and edit This but it's created as a step-by-step Guide which we can export as a PDF or Lots of different formats so we can edit All these sections here but you can just Have a look how it works so step one Navigate to this website we can actually Change this to our affiliate link so You'd put forward slash affiliate one Two three whatever your affiliate link Is and that will be a hyperlink link When we actually export the PDF as well Click on this and as you can see it's Got created a step-by-step guide with Lots of images zooming on the right Section and we can go in and edit any of This if we want to change it or or Anything like that now this is very Useful if someone doesn't know how to do Something obviously this tool is very Quite self-explanatory but you could Create some kind of step-by-step guide On how to create a website with a Certain tool or how to to do a bit more Of a advanced feature with the tool and You'll have a step-by-step guide here You can just name it that there and then We can click on share click on export And we can actually export this as a PDF With a totally free account you don't Need to pay for this and now we have got A downloadable PDF that's called how to Write a blog post with hypotenuse in 30 Seconds step by step it's got our

Affiliate Link in here so now we've got This really valuable bonus PDF guide Which we can give to people as an Incentive to get them to use our Affiliate link you can also use it as a Lead magnet you can give it to someone Before they use your affiliate link as a Kind of a lead magnet and it'll have Your affiliate Link in here as well Which is another strategy but for this We're actually going to be using it as a Bonus to give to someone after they sign Up with our affiliate link because Someone might find this very valuable if They've never used the tool before so Once you've created your guide just save That for the moment and then we need to Move on to the traffic how we're Actually going to get people coming to Your affiliate links in the first place So there's a few ways that we can get Our link out there and start making Commissions but this method that I'm Going to show you is the best if you've Got no money and you actually want to Get lots of traffic for free and fast so We're going to use this tool here called Vid IQ and I will leave a link to a one Dollar trial to vid IQ in the Description down below now vid IQ is a Super valuable tool which I use all of The time there's lots of different tools Under here but the one we're going to be Actually focusing on in this strategy is

This keyword tool here and what you want To do is whichever tool that you want to Promote as an affiliate so say for Example it's hypotenuse the AI tool or Whatever tool it is you want to come Over to vid IQ click on the keyword Section and then you want to paste in The name of the tool and you want to Click search and read IQ is a YouTube Growth tool and what it's going to show Us is all of the Search terms what People are searching for on YouTube and It's going to show us the competition And I'm going to show you how we can Make money from this it's very very Simple in just a second I've searched Hypotenuse here and it's showing us that The matching keywords of what people are Looking for on YouTube so as you can see There's about 3 000 people looking for This because it's a fairly new tool but There's actually already a bit of Competition but this is where vid IQ Becomes very very useful because you can See what other keywords people are Looking for so for example the keyword Hypotenuse AI versus Jasper AI which is Another AI tool is getting 4 000 Searches but there's not that much Competition because it's been ranked at 68 overall this very low competition so If we go over to YouTube now and just Search this keyword you'll just see the Opportunity here so this video here at

The top is in hypotenuse AI review we Obviously found out that that's a bit More competitive but people are Searching for this 5 000 people almost Searching for hypotenuse versus Ai and No one has created a video for that so If you was to create a very simple YouTube video which is for that keyword So you're comparing two of the AI tools Very simple to do you would probably run Bank here because no one else has done That video and people are looking for That and usually wants to show people What someone is looking for so it's a Good chance that you're going to rank Even with a brand new account and then All you need to do is create a very very Simple YouTube video just like this Person's done here they've all they've Done is a screen recorder so they're not Even showing their face you can just do This on any computer and they're just Looking at the features inside this tool Now you can obviously compare the two Tools create a screen record video you Don't even really need to do any editing And you can upload it and you can start Getting clicks and what you want to say In that video is that if you want to Sign up for a free hypotenuse trial you Can use my affiliate Link in the Description down below and you want to Paste your affiliate link down here but That's not it you've got one step over

All of your Affiliates because you can Say anyone that signs up with my Affiliate link will get my step-by-step Guide on how to create a blog post in 30 Seconds using hypotenuse and that's an Incentive for them to want to use your Link all they need to do is sign up for A free trial and they're gonna get your Guide and then all you need to do is Just say if you sign up then drop me an Email at this email address and you can Even automate that if you want where you Can just have it automating the reply Back to them with the guide on oh you Can manually do it at the start if you Want so there's no chance of running out Of video ideas and there's also no Chance of competition because there's so Many tools and there's so many options And there's so many different ways that You can do this so this is a very very Genius strategy which will work very Well if you actually spend the time to Create these videos and create those Little guides as well and also this is Just one video which could be ranking at The top of Google if we go back over to Vid IQ all of these keywords here that Have got low competition that you could Create individual videos for so Hypotenuse versus right Sonic which is Another AI tool right Sonic vs Hypotenuse Um hypotenuse AI blog AI blog here these

Are all individual videos that you could Create so if you spend a bit of time Smashing out these videos maybe on your Weekend in your spare time you could Create 10 individual videos which could Be ranking on YouTube and getting one to Three thousand searches every single Month now that's just one tool we go Back over to Future pedia we repeat the Process again with another AI tool and Before you know it you're getting so Much free traffic to your affiliate Links and you're making thousands of Thousands of dollars in commissions Every single month and the great thing About this strategy is that loads of People watching this video could not be Bothered to take the action they could Not be bothered to to record the videos Or maybe someone might try recording Their videos but they can't be bothered To create those little step-by-step guys If you do all of these you can make a Lot of money because it'll give you the Edge over everyone else and a little Bonus tip if you want to actually Skyrocket your profits you don't just Want to be relying on this free YouTube Traffic yeah you can make thousands of Thousands of dollars from this and it's Passive and it's free and it's epic but What you should be doing is once you Start making profit from this you want To reinvest those profits into paid

Traffic so a really good strategy is to Actually run Google and Bing ads to your Affiliate links now I did a full super Valuable video all about this a little While ago and you can watch it by Clicking here and don't forget to Subscribe cheers guys

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