I Need Your Help

I need your help this is going to be a Really short video but I want you to Stick with me the whole way through Because I need your advice before that Guys if you want to kick start your Affiliate marketing and you want to get Help directly from me then become a Channel supporter and join the mega Affiliate tier when you become a mega Affiliate you're going to get access to Me and other Mega Affiliates via weekly Live Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group where you can get help From me and other Mega Affiliates to get Your affiliate marketing started and Make money this year and into the next Year all you need to do is become a Channel supporter click the join button Under this video or the first link in The description and become a mega Affiliate today we're looking forward to Seeing you on the inside now getting Back to the help that I need from you Check out the results that I've got on The screen right now at the moment I'm Filtering down to sales for today and as You can see sadly it's zero dollars but What I'm gonna do is I'm going to go to My date picker here and I'm going to Release this filter to all time and look What happens Eighty four thousand nine hundred and Five dollars and fifty two cents now Where did this money come from and why

Do I need your help these results come From selling my own programs through Gumroad now one of my priorities before The end of the year is I wanted to put Together a course for you guys on how to Make money with gumroad how to put Together a gum Road program and how to Sell it now I know that there are other Programs out there that'll show you how To put together your own course and how To sell it on a site like gumroad or ClickBank or some other network and this Was one of the things that was going to Be in my program but as you know whether It's affiliate marketing or selling your Own products the most important thing You can do is generate traffic you can Have the best store the best product the Best offers to promote mode but if you Can't get traffic then nothing else Matters so the second part of this Program that I wanted to put together For you was to actually show you how to Generate the traffic coming to the Product that you want to sell and this Is where I need your help I was in the Middle of creating a program for you That was going to show you how to create Your own product to sell and secondly How to get traffic that actually wants To buy that product I'm not sure if you As an affiliate marketer are going to be Interested in actually putting together Your own products to sell but then I

Also thought well as an affiliate Marketer maybe you would want to put Your own product together to sell Because it will also help you to Generate a responsive email list and What's better for affiliate marketing Than a responsive email list so here is The help that I need from you If you are interested in this kind of Program if you're interested in learning How to create your own products to sell Your own courses to sell and you're also Interested in how to generate the Traffic to buy those courses so that you Can make money and build a responsive Email list then I'd like you to comment Below and let me know this is something You are interested in now of course this Is not a commitment to buying a thing I Just want to know are you interested or Not so if this is something that you are Totally disinterested in that's okay you Can leave a comment and you can say no Not for me not interested that's fine Too that's going to give me some useful Information please leave your comments Below let me know your thoughts on this And if you want to make money with Affiliate marketing and you want to get Your first sale today check out the Video that's on the screen right now Thanks for watching guys don't forget to Click like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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